Chenango County Photos

Nancy Jean Hodge, Smyrna, NY - 1952, age 6.

Florence Savage Eddy - 1930

Israel and Almira Mudge

This picture of the Franklin Isreal Mudge family was taken in Greene in 1872. Left to right is; Jennie (Jane) Waters age 19 b 7/31/1853, Rosetta Amelia age 17 b 9/7/1855, Stella R age 10 1/15/1862, Franklin Isreal Mudge age 39 b 5/20/1833, Anna Mae age 5 b 4/9/1867, Devillo Edwin age 13b 4/6/1859, Almira (Waters) Mudge age 36 b 1/23/1836, Merton Franklin age 2 b 7/23/1870. Not shown (as not born yet) Louis Vernon b 1/28/1879, and Ernest Jesse b 4/14/1874.

Jennie married Elman Legrand Andrews. Rosetta married Harvey H. Sanders. Stella married Edward L. Wilkins. Anna married L. D. Goodnough. Devillo married Cora Smith. Merton married Emma Jane Root. Louis married Angie May Rozelle. Ernest married Edith Saunders. All of these had at least one child each.

German Brown

German Brown and wife Ester Gale, married at age 22, in 1848 in Pharsalia.

Delevan Daniel Burlingame who was born and died in Chenango Co. B. 1845, D. 1856 and was buried in Holmesville Cemetery.

Delevan served in the 119th Regt. NY Cav. In a paper my ggrandmother wrote, he died due to his treatment at Libby Prison.

Delevan was the ggrandson of Silas Burlingame listed as a early settler of the county. Silas Burlingame 1, Daniel Burlingame 2, James Ludlow Burlingame 3 and Delevan Daniel Burlingame.

Hunting Party

This picture was taken at Beaver Meadow in Chenango County in October, 1904. They were deer hunting and the tent behind them is where they stayed. On one morning they killed 10 deer. The one on the far right is my Grandfather, William Ezra Decker, and I do not know who the others are. It would be interesting to know who the others are. William, or Ezra, as he was called was a Contractor in New Berlin and built some of the bridges. His wife was Mabel Sophia Aylesworth Decker.


My mother wrote on this, Meyers Boys. Taken about 1930s in New Berlin. The dog, Rinte, belonged to my father, but everyone in town thought they owned him.

Info below provided by Barb Avery, New Berlin Historian

Merritt (Doc), John, Edward, Vincent, George, Leonard

They are all deceased now. Edward Meyers ran the Rooster Tail Restuarant at one time which was located just south of New Berlin. He may have been the owner when it burned. Can't remember the year.

Merritt (Doc) Meyers was a prominent businessman in New Berlin and very well liked.

Irving Adams

Irvin Adams, my Great Uncle and brother of Mary Adams Decker, my He was b. 1854 and d. 1933. Picture taken late 1800s in New Berlin. He is buried in the family plot in the Greenwood Cemetery on Cushman/Maple Street. in N.B.

Walter? Thorn

Walter? Thorn - Greene, NY - The photo was taken about 1870 and the man in it is about 60 or 70 years old. If anyone is related to this person, please contact me -

Barrow girl and others

Harriett (Hattie) Moria Barrows, married John B. Casey in 1885 & Charles E. Gardner in 1927. She is the daughter of Calvin E. Barrows & Arvilla F. Page-Barrows of McDonough. She is the pretty one in the dark blouse & larger bonnet and had bright red hair.

The other girls in the picture are unknown.

Upper Geneganslet, Chenango County, NY

Upper Geneganslet, Chenango County, NY

Date unknown

South New Berlin Citizens Band

South New Berlin Citizens Band

Date unknown
Man on brass drum - Ernest Tillapaugh (1878-1955)
Remainder unknown

Root Family

Root Family

First row: Dorothy and Madeline ROOT (daughters of James J. Root of Oxford NY)
Elizabeth and Marion BARTLETT daughters of Lena Root and DeMott Bartlett of Oxford NY)

Remainder unknown

Can anyone identify the other people in the photo? Reply to "

If you know the identity of any of these people, please let me know.
Unknown Photos

Please Help ID Us!

Photographer's Inscriptions - Row 2, Photo 3 - A W Warner, Greene, NY
Row 3, Photo 2 - Ruggles, 300 Ca?ol Street, New York, Bronx?
Row 3, Photo 3 - Hotchkiss, Norwich
GAR - New Berlin

Lewis E. Tew GAR - New Berlin - before 1897

First Row - left to right: Caleb Sweet, William Canfield, Lansing L. Steere, Denby Place, Charles White, Henry J. Halstead, Joseph Brown, George Throop, William Shaw, James Robinson, Charles Hoad

Second Row - left to right: Alvin Peck, Davis McIntyre, Charles Bresun, Edwin G. Walker, William Mumbulo, E. George Hall, Lewis Haight, Abram Chappell, Charles D. Johnson, James Canavan, John O'Connor, Edward Johnson

Third Row - left to right: LaFayette Marenus, Edwin Waters, Unknown, Freeman Ellis, Charles Bowen, Man with flag - Philip Decker - (1840-1897), Unknown, Joseph Gardner, Simeon Forbush, Nelson Button

Names contributed by Barbara Avery, New Berlin Historian

Burlingame House

Burlingame House - Norwich

Fire Engine

Fire Engine - Norwich - circa 1900

East Pharsalia Baptist Church

East Pharsalia Baptist Church

Goff - Skinner - Greene photos

Unknown photos

Chenango County Schools

1905 Oxford Scrapbook
& other photos of Chenango County


Eddy, Hodge - Tim Stowell - Mar 2011
Isreal and Almira Mudge - Dave Seely - Jan 2003
German Brown - GGGrandaughter:Linda Fox - Aug 2000
Delevan Daniel Burlingame - Dan Potter - Mar 2001
William Ezra Decker & hunting party - Elaine Decker - Nov 2000
Rinte and Irv Adams - Jan 2001 - Elaine Decker
Thorn photo - Dec 2002 - Debby Shaffer Bell - found in grandmother's diary
Barrow's photo - Jun 2002 - Sue Panetta - her great grandmother
Upper Geneganslet, Chenango County, NY - Feb. 2002 - Belinda Hall
Root family - Mar. 2001 - Pat Jorgensen
South New Berlin Citizens Band - Feb. 2001 - Frank Wessels - wife's grandfather on brass drum
GAR picture - Nov, 2000 - Elaine Decker great-granddaughter of Philip Deckter.
Burlingame Home - Dec, 2000 - Donna Burlingame
Fire Engine - May, 2000 - Betty Shampang
East Pharsalia Baptist Church - Bob Elliott, 1998

If you have materials that you would like to share, please let me know, Tim Stowell / Chattanooga, TN.
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