Finch Burial Ground

(a.k.a. Burying Ground at Sawmill)
(a.k.a. Sawmill Road Burial Ground)


This Cemetery has been identified by several names including location and ownership. The Finch Burial Ground is located in Pitcher on the West side of County Road 26, just North of its junction with Pitcher Springs Road . It is a Cemetery of roughly square shape, approximately 20x20 feet. The burial ground was in use between 1825 and 1891.

The data presented for this cemetery is extracted from the booklet Gone But Not Forgotten, by Thomas Lloyd and used with the kind permission of the City of Norwich, which had authorized the work. The survey was published in 1981. Since the survey was that of markers and stones only, Lloyd did not attempt to verify or research the burials. Hence, there is one burial he recorded as "unknown" where the headstone was missing or unreadable. As the Cemetery is an old one there may, of course, be additional unidentified burials.

Name Location Age Date of Death Marker Type Comments
Finch, Jacob 2 47 23 Mar 1825 Schist
Finch, Sally 3 34 28 Apr 1821 Schist w/o Jacob Finch
Finch, Sally 1 40 24 Jul 1847 Marble w/o Jonas Finch

Unknown 4


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