Dunkin Plot (Duncan)

Dunkin Plot (Duncan)

North Norwich Township

Cemetery records gathered and filed in 1933 include the following record from the only stone standing and readable at that time:

"Son of Thomas and Lucretia Dunkin" with no dates.

This stone is still standing on a slight rise of ground about 100 ft. west of the Sherburne-North Norwich highway, about 2 mi. south of Sherburne village, on the farm until recently in possession of the Benedict family. A very large elm stood here, and old residents recall that there were a few other inscribed stone here at the turn of the century.

An old Family Bible record gives:
Solomon Dunkin Family

Solomon Dunkin was born Sept. 7, 1758
Lavina Dunkin was born Sept. 12, 1769


Levinah Wheeler was born Sept. 23, 1789 (m. Isaac U. Wheeler)
Sally Cook was born Feb. 3, 1792 (m. Job T. Cook)
Mary Titus was born June 16, 1794
Thomas Dunkin was born Apr. 9, 1796 (m. Lucretia __)
Betsy Ann Dunkin was born Apr. 11, 1798
Rebecca Elsburrey was born Apr. 6, 1800 (m. Eli Elsbre)
William Dunkin was born Mar. 9, 1802 (m. Irena ___)
Abigail Dunkin was born Nov. 1, 1807 (m. Willard Stebbins)
Ellinor Dunkin was born Nov. 9, 1809 (m. Calvin Lock)
John Dunkin was born Aug. 14, 1813 (m. Eliza ___)
Sally Ann Dunkin was born Apr. 3, 1822

Note: Betsey Ann Duncan's will, dated Aug. 14, 1833, and proved in 1834, mentions daughter Sally Ann Duncan.

Chenango County Court records, Book UU, page 158, show the following deed: Dated 2 Jan. 1832

Thomas S. Duncan and wife Lucretia; Betsy Ann Duncan; Willard Stebbins and wife Abigail; Calvin Lock and wife Eleanor; Isaac U. Wheeler and wife Lovina; Eli Elsbre and wife Rebecca, all of Chenango County; and Job T. Cook and wife Sarah, of Virginia, by Atty. Isaac U. Wheeler, sold and quit-claimed to William Duncan...land in the 10th Township, generally called North Norwich...120 A....

In Book 68, page 425; Dated 25 Apr. 1837; William Duncan and wife Irena....sold to Oliver P. Benedict....138 A., being the same farm formerly owned and occupied by Solomon Dunca, now deceased....

The Benedict family mentioned above are descendants of Oliver P. Benedict; thus the conclusion can be drawn that the other burials in this plot were likely to have been members or close relatives of the family of Solomon Dunkin (Duncan).

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