Bolster-Edwards Cemetery

(a.k.a. Edwards Cemetery)
(a.k.a. Edwards-Mory Plot)
(a.k.a. Brackel Cemetery)


In 1809, Lot Bolster purchased land on Lot #19 in the Brackel Township (later German, now Pitcher) from Jon Lincklaen, principle agent of the Holland Land Company's "Cazenovia Establishment". Lot died in 1819 and was buried on this property, probably becoming the first internment in what became the "Bolster-Edwards Cemetery". The cemetery was in use from about 1819 until about 1890.(4)

In the Spring of 1981 the State of New York widened Route 42 (known as Brackel Road) and in the process was forced to remove and rebury the remains of the abandoned Bolster-Edwards Cemetery. At this time they were able to identify 10 burials by existing stones, but also uncovered some 62 burials where the gravestones were missing. The 10 original gravestones were repaired and placed at the reinterment sites in the North Pitcher Cemetery. New gravestones, baring the inscription 'Bolster-Edwards' were placed in North Pitcher on the 62 unknown interments. (1)

In addition to the burial survey done by the N.Y.S. Dept. of Transportation, Thomas Lloyd (2) and members of the D.A.R. (3) recorded burials for this burial plot.

The original location of the Cemetery before relocation was N42 degrees 32 minutes 40 seconds; W 75 degrees 52 minutes 28 seconds; on the South side of highway 42 (Brackel Road) near the border with Cortland. (1)(2)

Identified Burials

Name Location Age Date of Death Marker Type Comments
Bolster, Issac G. 1822 71 1893
Bolster, Joseph 1801 85yr18d 26 Jan 1886 Marble (1)(3)
Bolster, Judith 1800

Bolster, Nancy 1821 31 8 Jan 1852 Marble (1)(3) w/o Isaac G. Bolster
Edwards, Mary
62yr7mo27d 26 Oct 1886 Marble (1)(2)(3)
Edwards, Patty
44 4 May 1837 Schist (1)(2)(3) w/o Thomas H. Edwards
Edwards, Phebe
85 10 Dec 1885 Marble (1)(2)(3) (Mother)Double Stone
Edwards, Rachel
69 8 Sep 1890 Marble (1)(2)(3)
Edwards, Saxton P.
32 6 Jul 1832 Marble (1)(2)(3) (Father)Double Stone
Mory, Polly
75 22 Feb 1832 Marble (1)(2)(3) w/o Asa Mory


(3) [Louisa A. Swan 1839-1840 (5)]


(3) [Rebecca J. Swan 1835-1840 (5)]

(3) [Esther E. Swan 1837-1840 (5)]

(1) Identified in: N.Y.S. Dept. of Transporation report on the reinterment of family plots due to reconstruction of County Road 42 known as Brackel Road.
(2) Identified in Thomas Lloyd's booklet Gone But Not Forgotten.
(3) Identified in Addendum to the Unpublished CEMETERY, CHURCH and TOWN RECORDS together with GENEALOGICAL NOTES and OTHER UNPUBLISHED DATA compiled by (Mrs Henry) Alice Payne Garden Chairman Genealogical Research Committee, NEW YORK STATE CONFERENCE of the NATIONAL SOCIETY, DAUGHTERS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION, 1931-1932, Vol 2.
(4) Identified by Sally J. Holcombe, descendant of Lot Bolster
(5) Identified by Roger L. Swan, Descendant of Samuel Swan
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