1869 - 70 Pitcher Business Directory

(Post Office Addresses in Parentheses.)

Adams, C. Quincey, (Pitcher,) tailor.
Alexander, Asa, (Pitcher), lot 109, farmer 30.
ALEXANDER, JOSEPH, (Pitcher,) lot 71, farmer 170.
ALLEN, ERWIN W. Rev., (Pitcher) Congregational minister and general merchant.
Allen, Isaac B., (Pitcher,) lot 124, owns grist mill and saw mill and farmer 30.
ANDERSON, LOREN B., (Pitcher,) lot 123, farmer 100.
Anderson, Theodosia, (Pitcher,) lot 111, farmer 50.
BABCOCK, EDWIN M., (Pitcher,) lot 57, (with Pamilla Nichols,) farmer 144.
Babcock, Jessie, (Pitcher,) blacksmith and prop. of stage route from Pitcher to Norwich; leaves Pitcher Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 3 p.m.; returns, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
Baker, James, (Union Valley, Cortland Co.,) lot 55, carpenter and joiner, cooper and farmer 1.
Baldwin, Arthur P., (Pitcher,) lot 125, farmer 150.
Baldwin, Asa, (Pitcher,) lot 88, farmer.
Baldwin, Elisha, (Pitcher,) lot 88 farmer 87.
Baldwin, Elisha E., (Pitcher,) lot 106 farmer 100.
Baldwin, Fanny, (Cincinnatus, Cortland Co.,) lot 15, farmer 27.
BALDWIN, JOHN S., (Pitcher,) lot 124, farmer 132.
Baldwin, Martha M., (Cincinnatus, Cortland Co.,) lot 15, farmer 27.
Baldwin, Orin, (Cincinnatus, Cortland Co.,) lot 15, farmer 200.
BARRETT, THOMAS, (North Pitcher,) lot 85, machinist and farmer 60.
Bemis, Solomon, (Pitcher,) merchant.
Benedict, Levi E., (Union Valley, Cortland Co.,) lot 55, saw mill, grist mill and farmer 3 .
BENNETT, ALBERT, (Pitcher,) lot 111, produce dealer, butcher and farmer 9.
Bennett, Ezra Jr., (Pitcher,) lot 107, stock dealer and farmer 248.
Bennett, Ezra Sen., (Pitcher,) lot 111, farmer.
Bentley, Samantha, (Pitcher,) tailoress.
Bicknell, Dwight H., (Pitcher,) lot 105, farmer 100.
Bicknell, Ebenezer, (Pitcher,) lot 105, farmer 55.
Birdlebough, Joseph, (Pitcher,) farmer 37 .
BIRDLEBOUGH, LEVERETT T., (Pitcher,) tanner and currier and farmer 10.
BLACKMAN, BERDET, (North Pitcher,) lot 66, (L. & B. Blackman,) farmer.
Blackman, Charles, (Pitcher,) lot 144, farmer 2.
Blackman, John S., (North Pitcher,) lot 79, (with Beardsley Sanford,) prop. of fork factory and farmer 30.
Blackman, J.S. & Co., (North Pitcher,) (John S. Blackman and B. Sanford,) fork and edge tool factory.
BLACKMAN, L. & B., (North Pitcher,) (Lucian B. and Berdet,) props. of grist mill and saw mill, farmers 96 and leases 62 .
BLACKMAN, LUCIAN B., (North Pitcher,) lot 79, (L. & B. Blackman.)
BLACKMAN, NORTON L., (North Pitcher,) (Dickerson & Blackman,) farmer 2.
Blackman, Roswell, (North Pitcher,) lot 79, farmer 62 .
Blackman, Theron, (Pitcher,) lot 127, farmer leases 100.
Bolster, Alanson, (Cincinnatus, Cortland Co.,) lot 22, farmer 40.
Bolster, Charles, (Cincinnatus, Cortland Co.,) lot 19, farmer.
Bolster, Isaac G., (Cincinnatus, Cortland Co.,) lot 19, mason.
Bolster, Joseph, (Cincinnatus, Cortland Co.,) lot 19, farmer 125.
Bowen, Morell D., (Pitcher,) stock dealer.
Breed, John R., (North Pitcher,) lot 79, farmer 87.
Brown, David, (North Pitcher,) lot 82, farmer 150.
Brown, Israel P., (Pitcher Springs,) lot 103, farmer 80.
Brown, Ledyard, (Pharsalia,) lot 99, farmer 200.
Brown, Randall, (North Pitcher,) lot 81, farmer 300.
Brown, Rufus P., (North Pitcher,) lot 96, farmer 96.
Burdick, Ezra, (Pharsalia,) lot 27, farmer 70.
Burdick, Sanford B., (Pitcher,) lot 57, farmer 163.
Burdick, William H., (Pharsalia,) lot 10, farmer 140.
Burgess, De Witt, (North Pitcher,) lot 86, farmer.
Burgess, Elizabeth, (Pitcher Springs,) farmer 11.
Burgess, Thomas, (Pitcher,) lot 72, farmer 40.
CARPENTER, GEORGE W., (Pitcher,) lot 23, farmer 112 and occupies 40 of N. Carpenter's estate.
CARTER, A. LYMAN, (Pitcher,) assistant post master.
Chandler, Hiram, (Pitcher,) lot 124, miller and farmer 95.
Chandler, William R., (Pitcher,) farmer.
CHAPEL, DANIEL M., (Pitcher,) lot 125, farmer 4.
Chapel, Francis, (Pitcher,) retired.
Chapman, Russell O., (Pitcher,) lot 128, harness maker and farmer 69.
Chase, Benjamin, (Pitcher,) lot 14, farmer 25.
Christley, Philip, (Pitcher,) lot 111, farmer.
Cline, Walter, (Pitcher,) lot 89, farmer 136.
COOK, ISAAC, (Pitcher,) lot 144, farmer 183.
COOPER, ROBERT, (Pitcher,) lot 132, farmer 185.
Copeland, Henry, (North Pitcher,) lot 79, blacksmith.
Corning, Almira J., (Cincinnatus, Cortland Co.,) lot 16, farmer 50.
Corning, Berdet R., (Cincinnatus, Cortland Co.,) lot 16, farmer 250.
CORNING, CHARLES G., (Pitcher,) lot 14, farmer 230.
Crandall, Caleb, (Pharsalia,) lot 8, farmer 113.
Crandall, George L., (Pitcher,) (Crandall & Newton.)
CRANDALL, GILES N., (Pharsalia,) lot 137, farmer 137.
Crandall & Newton, (Pitcher,) (George L. Crandall and Morell M. Newton,) props. of Farmer's Exchange Woolen Mill.
Cross, George W., (North Pitcher,) lot 66, farmer.
Crozier, Edwin T., (North Pitcher,) lot 85, farmer leases 20.
Crozier, James A., (North Pitcher,) lot 96, farmer.
Crozier, John, (North Pitcher,) lot 76, farmer 125.
CROZIER, JOHN M., (North Pitcher,) lot 79, farmer 2.
Curtis, Fanny A. Mrs., (Pitcher,) lot 6, farmer 60.
Darling, Lewis E., (Pitcher,) hardware, tin ware &c.
Davis, Hudson, (Pitcher,) lot 14, farmer 25.
Davis, Jonathan K., (Pitcher,) lot 71, farmer 80.
Day, Patterson, (Cincinnatus, Cortland Co.,) lot 21, farmer 187.
Dickerson, Andrew M., (North Pitcher,) lot 70, farmer 50 and leases 25.
Dickerson & Blackman, (North Pitcher,) (William W. Dickerson and Norton L. Blackman,) props. of hame factory.
Dickerson, Epenetus W., (Pitcher,) lot 88, farmer leases 88.
Dickerson, William W., (North Pitcher,) lot 79, (Dickerson & Blackman.)
Dickerson, Zebulon, (North Pitcher,) lot 70, farmer 25.
Dimmick, Matthew, (North Pitcher,) lot 85, farmer.
Dodge, Ira, (Cincinnatus, Cortland Co.,) lot 22, carpenter, joiner and farmer 4 .
DORAN, EMERY, (North Pitcher,) lot 95, farmer 44.
Doyle, John R., (Cincinnatus, Cortland Co., ) lot 15, farmer.
Dwight, Mason M., (Cincinnatus, Cortland Co.,) lot 19, farmer 112.
Dye, Amos, (Pharsalia,) lot 119, farmer 250.
Dye, Martha Mrs., (Pitcher Springs,) lot 116, farmer 140.
Dye, Samuel B., (Pitcher Springs,) lot 119, farmer 100.
Dye, T. Eugene, (Pitcher,) lot 15, farmer 206.
Dye, William, (Pitcher Springs,) lot 116, farmer 51.
Eaton, Charles L., (Pitcher,) lot 90, farmer.
EATON, JOHN L., (Pitcher,) lot 90, farmer 160.
Edgerton, Leander, (Pitcher Springs,) blacksmith.
Edwards, Mary, (Pitcher,) lot 141, farmer 100.
EDWARDS, PHEBE, (Pitcher,) lot 140, farmer 115.
ELDREDGE, GEORGE S., (North Pitcher,) lots 60 and 61, farmer 110.
Eldridge, Alvin C., (North Pitcher,) lot 77, farmer.
Eldridge, David P., (North Pitcher,) lot 77, farmer 140.
Eldridge, E. Edson, (North Pitcher,) (with John M.,) lots 65 and 66, farmer 150.
Eldridge, Eli E., (North Pitcher,) lot 84, farmer 55.
Eldridge, Enos S., (North Pitcher,) lot 61, carpenter and joiner and farmer 50.
Eldridge, Frederick F., (North Pitcher,) lot 78, farmer 290.
Eldridge, John M., (North Pitcher,) (with E.Edson,) lots 65 and 66, farmer 150.
Eldridge, Luman I., (Pitcher,) lot 73, farmer 90.
Eldridge, Samuel S., (North Pitcher,) lot 61, farmer.
Ellsworth, William G., (Pitcher,) lot 17, farmer 49 .
Fairchild, Douglas B., (Pitcher,) lot 92, farmer 100.
Fairchild, Zalmon, (Pitcher,) retired merchant.
Fairfield, Benjamin, (Pitcher,) cattle broker and farmer 101.
Fenton, Eneas, (Pitcher,) claim agent.
Ferguson, S.U. Mrs., (Pitcher Springs,) (with Mrs. Sophia Russell,) farmer 2.
Fertig, Valentine, (Pitcher,) lot 108, cabinet maker.
Finch, George, (North Pitcher,) lot 95, farmer.
Finch, Jefferson, (North Pitcher,) lot 85, farmer.
Finch, John, (Pitcher,) lot 124, farmer.
Finch, Nathaniel, (North Pitcher,) lot 68, farmer 140.
FINCH, SUSAN E., (North Pitcher,) lot 85, farmer 38.
Follett, G. Oscar, (Pitcher,) lot 76, farmer 50.
FOLLETT, HIRAM, (North Pitcher,) lot 65, farmer 36.
Follett, Robert, (Pitcher,) lot 69, farmer 75.
Fox, Edson, (North Pitcher,) notary public and post master.
Fox, Lewis H., (Pitcher,) lot 69, farmer 100.
Fuller, Irvin, (Pitcher,) farmer.
Fuller, R., (Union Valley, Cortland Co.,) lot 55, farmer.
Gates, George M., (North Pitcher,) lot 86, farmer 104.
Gilbert, Joseph T., (Union Valley, Cortland Co.,) lot 55, farmer 165.
Grank, Joseph R., (Cincinnatus, Cortland Co.,) lot 26, farmer 60.
GRANT, RUSSELL 2nd, (Cincinnatus, Cortland Co.,) lot 20, farmer 82.
Hakes, Dennison R., (Pitcher Springs,) lot 101, farmer 425.
Hakes, Elisha B., (Pitcher,) lot 131, farmer 250.
Hakes, George, (Pitcher,) lot 112, farmer 160.
Hakes, Rugus B., (Pitcher,) lot 105, carpenter and joiner and farmer 4 .
Hakes, Solomon, (Pitcher Springs,) lot 102, farmer 208.
HALBERT, HORACE, (Pitcher,) allop. physician and surgeon.
Hall, Benjamin P., (Pitcher,) boot and shoe maker.
Harrington, James H., (Pitcher,) lot 105, carriage maker and farmer 15.
Harrington, Richard A., (Pitcher,) lot 105, carriage maker.
Harrington, Seneca B., (Pitcher Springs,) pedler and farmer 1.
HARVEY, CRANSTON P., (Pitcher,) lot 24, farmer 225.
Harvey, Carrington, (Pitcher,) lot 17, farmer 180.
HARVEY, JAMES, (Pitcher,) lot 17, farmer.
Hayes, John S., (Cincinnatus, Cortland Co.,) lot 21, school teacher and farmer.
Hinman, Edward, (Pitcher,) lot 112, farmer leases 83.
Hinman, John, (Pitcher,) lot 112, farmer 83.
Hinman, Robert N., (Pitcher,) lot 113, farmer.
Hitchcock, Norman P., (Pitcher,) lot 105, lightning rod agent and farmer 16.
Hoyer, George, (Union Valley, Cortland Co.,) lot 55, farmer 1.
Hulbert, Andrew B., (Union Valley, Cortland Co.,) lot 55, farmer 260.
HYDE, CHARLES P., (Pitcher,) lot 108, undertaker and farmer 8.
Hyde, Ira C., (Pitcher,) lot 124, blacksmith and farmer 45.
Hymes, Heman, (Pitcher Springs,) lot 103, farmer 25.
Hymes, Hiram, (Pitcher,) lot 124, farmer leases 17 .
Johnson, John J., (South Otselic,) lot 64, farmer 206.
JOHNSON, JOSEPH, (North Pitcher,) lot 86, farmer.
JOHNSON, JULIUS, (South Otselic,) lot 64, farmer.
JUSTICE, GEORGE, (Pitcher,) lot 113, saw mill and farmer 162.
Kenyon, Aaron, (Pharsalia,) lot 135, farmer 140.
Kenyon, Joseph L., (Pitcher,) lot 139, farmer 190.
Kenyon, Leland S., (Pitcher,) lot 134, farmer 200.
Kenyon, Samuel B., (Pharsalia,) lot 136, owns saw mill, carpenter and joiner and farmer 4 .
Kenyon, Solomon, (Pitcher,) lot 6, farmer 100.
Kies, Elisha, (Pitcher,) lot 75, farmer 150.
Knowles, Leonard, (North Pitcher,) lot 78, blacksmith.
Knowles, Wilber F., (North Pitcher,) lot 78, blacksmith and farmer 1.
Lewis, Augusta M., (Pitcher,) milliner.
Lewis, Cyrus V., (Pitcher Springs,) harness maker and farmer 1 .
Lewis, J. W., (Pitcher Springs,) farmer.
Lewis, Laura, (Pitcher Springs,) farmer 14.
Lincoln, Almira, (Union Valley, Cortland Co.,) lot 55, farmer 4.
Locke, James A., (Pitcher,) lot 1, farmer 135.
Lord, Isaiah, (Pitcher,) lot 124, farmer 4.
LUTHER, DELOSS, (North Pitcher,) lot 82, farmer 40.
Lyons, E. Clark, (Pitcher,) assistant revenue assessor and sewing machine agent.
Main, Rodolphus, (Pitcher,) lot 71, farmer.
McCall, Arthur, (Pitcher,) lot 72, farmer 140.
McELROY, THOMAS, (Pitcher,) post master.
McLane Peter, (Pharsalia,) lot 11, farmer 130.
Mericle, Michael A., (Pitcher,) boot and shoe maker.
Miner, Frederick A., (North Pitcher,) lot 78, farmer 1.
MINER, GEORGE B., (North Pitcher,) lot 78, farmer.
Morgan, Ira, (North Pitcher,) lot 59, farmer.
Nash, Henry K., (Pitcher,) lot 108, carpenter and joiner and cabinet maker.
Neal, Sally, (North Pitcher,) lot 62, tailoress.
NEAL, WILLIAM, (North Pitcher,) lot 62, farmer 250.
Newton, Abel A., (Pitcher,) lot 109, mechanic and farmer.
Newton, Morell M., (Pitcher,) (Crandall & Newton.)
Nichols, Pamilia Mrs., (Pitcher,) lot 57, (with Edwin M. Babcock,) farmer 144.
Parce, Nathan, (North Pitcher,) lot 66, farmer 10.
Parce, Ransom, (North Pitcher,) lot 66, farmer 30.
Parce, Sarah, (North Pitcher,) lot 66, seamstress.
Park, Albert D., (Pitcher,) lot 93, farmer 86.
Park, John F., (Pitcher,) lot 93, farmer 50.
Parks, James A., (Pitcher,) lot 108, farmer 3 .
Parse, Joseph, (Pitcher,) lot 105, farmer 15.
Parse, Royal, (Pitcher,) lot 105, cooper.
Peck, Andrew E., (Norwich,) lot 14, carpenter and joiner.
Peck Dorcas Mrs., (Pitcher,) lot 23, farmer 27.
Peck, Elias B., (Pitcher,) lots 6 and 7, farmer 15.
Peck, Luther H. Rev., (Pitcher,) lot 23, Methodist minister and farmer.
PHILLIPS, JOHN W., (Pitcher,) lot 22, owns saw mill and cider mill and farmer 5.
Pierce, Lucius E., (North Pitcher,) lot 84, farmer 50.
POOLE, GILBERT S., (Pitcher,) blacksmith.
Post, Levi, (Pitcher,) lot 57, farmer.
Randall, Henry R., (North Pitcher,) lot 86, farmer 150.
RANDALL, JOHN C., (Pitcher,) prop. of Randall House.
Randall, Ralph, (Pitcher,) lot 126, farmer 85.
RIDDELL, SANFORD S., (Cincinnatus, Cortland Co.,) lot 2, allop. physician and surgeon and farmer 288 .
Rockwell, Joseph T., (Union Valley, Cortland Co.,) lot 55, furniture finisher and painter.
Root, Delay, (North Pitcher,) lot 65, farmer 65.
Root, Maryette, (North Pitcher,) lot 65, farmer 26.
Ruddock, Samuel A., (Pitcher,) lot 105, farmer 40.
Russell, Sophia Mrs., (Pitcher Springs,) (with Mrs. S. U. Ferguson,) farmer 2.
SANDERSON, ALPHEUS, (North Pitcher,) lot 85, blacksmith.
SANFORD, ANSON D., (North Pitcher,) lot 85, blacksmith and farmer 20.
Sanford, Beardsley, (North Pitcher,) lot 85 (J. S. Blackman & Co.,) saw mill and farmer 22.
SANFORD, MITCHELL, (North Pitcher,) lot 79, sawyer.
Sawyer, Joel W., (Pharsalia,) lot 12, sawyer and farmer leases 8.
Sawyer, Joseph J., (Pharsalia,) lot 12, owns saw mill and farmer 8.
Scriven, Lot, (North Pitcher,) lot 86, farmer 28.
Silvernail, Abram, (Pitcher,) lot 144, carpenter and joiner and farmer.
Silvernier, Joseph, (Pitcher,) lot 12, carpenter and joiner and farmer 15 .
Sines, John, (Pitcher,) lot 124, farmer.
Smith, Charles C., (North Pitcher,) lot 85, shoemaker, tanner and currier and farmer 8.
Smith, David, (North Pitcher,) lot 66, farmer 310.
SMITH, ELIAS A., (North Pitcher,) lot 85, farmer 110.
Smith, Harry, (North Pitcher,) lot 78, farmer 133.
Smith, H. Berton Rev., (North Pitcher,) lot 85, Methodist clergyman.
Smith, Isaac, (North Pitcher,) lot 85, farmer 20.
Smith, John L., (Pitcher,) lots 104 and 105, farmer 140.
Smith, Lucius P., (North Pitcher,) lot 59, farmer 169.
Smith, Newton D., (North Pitcher,) lot 68, farmer.
Smith, William N., (Cincinnatus, Cortland Co.,) lot 22, farmer leases 100.
Spaulding, Daniel, (Pitcher,) lot 88, farmer 75.
STILLMAN, SAMUEL R., (Pitcher,) general merchant.
Sturges, Austin, (North Pitcher,) lot 65, carpenter and joiner and farmer.
TAYLOR, ABIAL, (Pitcher Springs,) lot 97, farmer 113.
TAYLOR, ADDISON, (Pitcher,) (W. & A. Taylor.)
Taylor, Albert Z., (Pitcher,) lot 130, farmer 61 .
Taylor, George, (Pitcher,) lot 111, farmer 222 .
Taylor, Jason, (North Pitcher,) lot 85, farmer.
Taylor, Ralph, (Pitcher,) farmer 90.
Taylor, Samuel, (North Pitcher,) lot 78, carpenter and joiner, hub manuf. and farmer 2.
TAYLOR, W. & A., (Pitcher,) (William and Addison,) general merchants, (sold to Samuel R. Stillman, since our canvass.)
TAYLOR, WILLIAM, (Pitcher,) (W. & A. Taylor.)
Terrel, Eugene W., (Pitcher,) lot 143, painter, carpenter and joiner.
Terrel, Shelby, W., (Pitcher,) lot 143, farmer 50.
Thompson, James O., (North Pitcher,) lot 79, store keeper and farmer 1.
Tinker, Lester, (Pitcher,) carpenter and builder.
Turner, Joseph, (North Pitcher,) lot 79, farmer 10.
Tuttle, Frank, (North Pitcher,) lot 85, blacksmith.
Ufford, Beach, (North Pitcher,) lot 65, farmer 9.
UFFORD, ELLIOT, (North Pitcher,) lot 65, farmer 260.
Vanvliet, Sidney, (Union Valley, Cortland Co.,) lot 71, farmer 63.
Wakeley, David B., (Pitcher,) produce dealer and farmer 75.
Wakeley, Theron D., (Pitcher,) painter.
Wansey, Henry, (North Pitcher,) lot 78, blacksmith and farmer 1.
WANSEY, MARY E. MRS., (North Pitcher,) lot 78, tailoress.
Warner, Adna, (Pitcher,) retired farmer.
Warner, Asel, (Pharsalia,) lot 137, farmer 200.
WARNER, HIRAM H., (Pitcher,) lot 105, carpenter and joiner and farmer 1.
Warner, James N., (Pitcher,) lot 16, farmer 90.
Warner, Levi, (Pitcher,) farmer 3.
Warriner, Johnson, (Pitcher,) lot 104, farmer 65.
WATKINS, HENRY W., (North Pitcher,) lot 77, farmer 1.
WAY, SAMUEL P. REV., (Pitcher,) Baptist clergyman.
WEAVER, ADDIE MRS., (Pitcher,) dressmaker.
Weaver, George M., (Pitcher,) farmer 14.
Weaver, Jashub B., (North Pitcher,) lot 78, farmer.
Weaver, John, (Pitcher Springs,) lot 97, farmer 76 .
Weaver, Jonathan C., (Pharsalia,) lot 158, farmer 220.
WEAVER, LAURA E., (Pitcher,) lot 124, weaver and farmer 17 .
WEAVER, LUCIUS J., (Pitcher,) lot 144, prop. of saw mill and grist mill, and farmer 311.
Wells, Lynde G., (Pitcher,) farmer 35.
Wells, Wait, (Pitcher,) lot 127, farmer 100.
West, Joseph P., (Cincinnatus, Cortland Co.,) lot 20, farmer 80.
Wheeler, Phebe, (Pharsalia,) lot 7, farmer 246.
Wheelock, Melancthon, (Pitcher,) lot 91, farmer 100.
White, Charles M., (Pitcher Springs,) eclectic physician and postmaster.
White, George, (Pharsalia,) lot 136, farmer 53.
Willmarth, James D., (Pitcher,) lot 128, painter and harness maker.
WILSON, WILLIAM H., (Pitcher,) lot 91, owns saw mill, planing mill, cabinet shop and farmer 126.
Wildman, Eli R., (Pitcher Springs,) lot 98, farmer 150.
Wildman, John, (Pitcher Springs,) lot 84, farmer 131.
Woodworth, Charles R., (Pitcher,) lot 74, farmer 10.
Yeaw, George W., (Pharsalia,) lot 27, farmer 100 and leases 50.
YORK, DAVID, (North Pitcher,) lot 85, carpenter and joiner and farmer 16.
Young, Gardner, (Pitcher,) lot 143, farmer 100.
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