Town of Afton

Town of Afton June 1, 1859 - June 1, 1860

Data: Name; Age: Birth Place; Martial Status; Month of Death; Misc

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KIRKLAND, Elias; 40 yrs; b NY; Mar.; d Oct.; Machinist
HERKIMER, Flora A; 6 yrs; b NY; d Dec.
CASS (COSS), Ida A.; 3 yrs; b NY; d May
CORNELL, Anna; 77 yrs. b Conn; widow; Feb
CORNELL, George C B; 43 yrs; b NY; mar.; May
SHIFFEN, William G; 8 yrs; (sore throat); June
SHIFFEN, Franklin K; 5 yrs; (sore throat); June
SHIFFEN, Frederick K; 5 yrs; (sore throat); June
SHIFFEN, Hattie M; 3 yrs; (sore throat); June
CORNISH, Martha A; 40 yrs; Mar.; July; childbed
VINTON, Samuel; 83 yrs; b Mass; Mar; May; farmer
MINOR, William D; 54 yrs; b Conn; Mar; no month; farmer
CABLE, Lyman D; 32 yrs; b NY; Mar; May; farmer
BENEDICT, Delilah; 79 yrs; b Conn; widow; Feb
DELONG, Janette; 55 yrs; b NY; June
CABLE, Almond; 12 yrs; b NY; Jan
SHERMAN, Mary; 1 mo; May
CABLE, Lyman O; 32 yrs; b NY; Mar; Sept; shoemaker
GUTHRIE, Sarah; 84 yrs; b Conn; widow; Dec
EATON, Delight; 86 yrs; b VT; widow; Jan
MEADE, Smith S; 59 yrs; b NY; Mar; Nov; farmer
FREDENBURGH, Caroline; 16 yrs; July
WHEELER, Polly; 77 yrs; Aug
SMITH, Ida; 2 mos; March
CLARK, William; 4 mos; March

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Marriages: Note: Dates before January 1st were in the year 1864;
those following January 1st were in 1865.

HINMAN, John, age 30, was married on Feb. 7, to BUNCE, Charilla, age 29, at Colesville, M.E. Minister
CHRISTIAN, Eli,age 26, was married on Feb. 8 to STEVENS, Sarah J, age 17, at Colesville; M.E. Minister
PHILLIPS, Alonzo, age 25, was married on August 12, to BEATMAN, Laura E, age 22, at Guilford by Justice of Peace.
KNAPP, Ethilbert, age 28, widower was married in August to AYLESWOWRTH, Marilla, age 32, single, married in "Chatauque"
EATON, Uylses, age 45, widower, was married on Jan. 29, to DUTTON, Augusta, age 40, single, Afton, C.S. Pres.
HOUSTON, James A, age 25, was married on Feb. 12, to DUTTON, Augusta, age 18, single, at Afton. Baptist
>>Note: There were two AUGUSTA DUTTONS. The younger was daughter of Warren & Sarah DUTTON.
RICE, George, age 35, widower, was married on Dec. 27, to RUSSEL, Jenny A, age 26, Afton. M.E.
REYNOLDS, Darius, age 38, widower, was married on Oct. 23, to LANDERS, Jane, age 19,Coventry; M.E.
BREDENBRUGH, George H, age 21, was married in Jan. to (Bride's name not given), Virginia. C.S.P.
PECK, Roderick, age 33, was married on June 8, to MORSE, Lucy, age 33, at Barker. Congregational.
OLMSTEAD, William, age 28, was married in May ___, to HICKCOX, Anna, age 25, at Afton. Baptist.


PARSONS, Louis, 18, M; single, Mar. 16, b. in Chenango Co., NY; farmer; cause-Inflamation of lungs.
TYRALL, Phila M; 70 yrs; F; Marr; April 5, b in Broome Co., NY; farmer's wife; cause-Inflamation of lungs.
DICKINSON, Oscar; 35 yrs; M; Marr; Dec 13, b in Chenango Co., NY; Cooper; Typhoid.
DELEMARTER, Wesley; 16 yrs; M; single; April 30, b in Chenango Co., NY; laborer; Heart disease or dropsy
SEWARD, Thomas; no age; M; single; May 28, b in Chenango Co., NY; farmer; Typhoid fever
JOHNSON, Charles H; 19 yrs; M; single; April 6, b in Chenango co., NY; laborer; consumption.
FARNSWORTH, Charles R; 4 yrs 5/12 mos; M; Oct 24, b in Chenango Co., NY; diptheria.
SEELY, Priscilla; 65 yrs; F; widow; Dec 8, b in Vermont; Consumption

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VANVALKENBURG, Nelson, 38 yrs; M; single; Sept. 29, b in Chenango Co., NY; farmer; Typhoid.
LANDERS, Emily; 55 yrs; F; widow; Oct. 13; b in Mass; weaver; Liver complications
ROMANS, Polly; 28 yrs; F; marr; Sept. 3; b in Broome Co; Cosumption.
CORNELL, John; 9 mos; M; Aug. 18; b in Chenango Co., Whooping cough.
FOX, Whitcomb; 23 yrs; single; Oct. 10, b in Chenango Co., NY; no cause of death.
VANDERHULE, Rosaltha M; 18 yrs; F; single; June 4; b in Chenango Co., Teacher; Typhoid.
STOWELL, Mary; 72 yrs; F; widow; June 11; b in Broome Co., NY; Apoplexy.
LANDERS, Bert A; 10 mos; M; Dec. 5; b in Chenango Co., NY; Croup.
FREDENBURGH, Gideon; 82 yrs; M; marr; Dec. 8; b in Rensalaer Co., NY; farmer, cancer & palsy.
MORE, Hannah; 56; F; marr; Oct. 18; b in Dutchess Co., NY; Inflamation of lungs.

DEATHS reported in 1870 census:

MILLER, Margaret, 78 yrs; widow; b in NY; d Mar. 1870
HUNT, Minnie; 4 yrs; b in NY; d Nov. 1869.
(-------), Jennie; 1 yrs; b in NY; d Nov. 1869
CASWELL, Abigail; 74 yrs; marr; b in New Hampshire; d Aug. 1869
SMITH, Samuel; 52 yrs; marr; b in NY; d June 1869
FISHER, Eleazer; 83 yrs; widower; b in VT; d June 1869, farmer
BROAD, Velette; 2 yrs; F; b NY; d July 1869
MERRIT, Peter; 47 yrs; marr; b NY; d Aug. 1869; farmer
KELLY, Bathshe; 88 yrs; widow; b VT; d Mar. 1870
LITTLE, Mary; 28 yrs; marr; b Ireland; d Nov. 1869
GILBERT, Betsey; 82 yrs; widow; b Conn; d Feb. 1870
HARRIS (-------); 13 days; M; b NY; d Feb. 1870
THORNTON, (------); no age; M; b NY; d Feb. 1870
BUNCE, (--------); no age; M; b NY; d June 1869

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STOWELL, Arad; 85 yrs; M; married; b VT; d Aug. 1869; farmer
OLENDORF, Henry; 87 yrs; widower; b NY; d Nov. 1869; farmer
LANDERS, Sophia; 66 yrs; marr; b VT; d May 1870
HART, Mabel; 57 yrs; marr; b NY; d Nov. 1869
HALSETT (?), Melissa; 39 yrs; marr; b NY; d Sept. 1869
POLLARD, Sarah; 23 yrs; no status; b NY; d Feb. 1870
HALLET, Eleanor; 89 yrs; widow; b Conn; d Aug. 1869
HUFCOT, Inez; 3 yrs; b NY; d July 1869
(-------), William; 8 mos; b NY; d Aug. 1869
JOHNSTON, Henry; 1 yr; b NY; d Mar. 1870
DALTON, William; 47 yrs; marr; b NY; d Sept. 1869; farmer

Marriages reported in 1875 census:

ANGELL, George; age 23, was married on Oct. 14, 1874 to HUFCUT, Mary, 18, at Harpursville, Broome Co., Methodist
BEATMAN, Henry A, 21, was married on Aug. 9, 1874 to McDONALD, Martha A, 22, at Unadilla, Otsego Co., Methodist
CHASE, James, 40, widower, married on Feb. 26, 1875 to MACUMBER, Mary E, 35, at Brooklyn, Prot. Episcopal
BLY, A. J., 22, was married on Dec. 12, 1874 to LANDERS, Minnie, 16, at Afton, NY Baptist
CHURCH, Richard B, 23, was married on Feb. 4, 1875 to DARROW, Eva C, 19, at Afton; Baptist
RUSS, James N, 42, widower, married on Nov. 28,1874 to PRATT, Ellen E, 28, at Afton, NY Presbyterian
WALKER, Frank, 28, ws married on Oct. 18,1874 to KELLEY, Effie, 17, at Lanesboro, Penn; Justice of Peace
PRATT, Buell, 29, was married Feb. 7, 1875 to THORNINGTON, Mary E, 19, at Nineveh, Broome Co., Presbyterian
SUTTLES, George, 22, was married on Dec. 24, 1874 to PEARSALL, Sarah M, 22, at Afton, Baptist
TERY, John O, 37, widower, married Dec. 24, 1874 to COWES, Mary, 16, at Afton, Methodist
O'BRIEN, James, 24, was married on July 4, 1874 to TERY, Betsey J, 22, at Nineveh, Broome Co., NY, Pres.
MEDBURY, Arnold, 23, was married on Dec. 25, 1874 to MAYHEW, 24, at Sidney, Delaware Co., NY, Pres.

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FISHER, William, 25, was married on Nov. 19, 1874 to COVEY, Josephine, 18, at Bennettsville, Chen. Co., Baptist
PARTRIDGE, W.S., 25, was married on May 5, 1875 to HUMPHREY, Frank (?), 21, at Afton, Universalist (might be Frances)
STILSON, Edwin, 22, was married on Nov. 24, 1874 to BENEDICT, Julia, 22, at Bainbridge, Chenango Co., Baptist
WILLEY, Joseph L, 22, was married on Feb. 7, 1875 to TANNER, Celestia, 22, at Afton, Methodist
CASS, Add, 30, was married on April 4, 1875 to WOOD, Nettie, 21, at Afton, Universalist
WOOD, Harvey, 71, widower, married on Nov. 10, 1874 to FRENCH, Hester, 34, widow, at Bainbridge, Methodist
STICKLE, Charles, 25, was married on Mar. 31, 1875 to POST, Addie, 24, widow, at Afton, Methodist

Deaths-Town of Afton Reported in 1875 census

MORE, Francis, wife of Oscar, 25; marr; b in Chenango Co., housekeeper; d Feb 23, 1875; child-birth
COSS (sic) Mary, widow of Add (See Marriages), 22, marr; b in Penna.; housekeeper; d Dec 2, 1874
JOHNSON, Isaac; 92; widower; b Washington Co., NY; laborer; d Dec. 2, 1874
BURDITT, Ruth, wife of W. T., 36, marr, b Broome Co., NY; housekeeper; d Mar 22, 1875
LYON, Margaret, 83; widow; b Weschester Co., NY; housekeeper, d Feb 4, 1875
CAMP, Adelia O, 51; widow; b in Chenango Co., NY; housekeeper; d Mar 2, 1875
CHASE, Ada, 4, daughter of James, b in Chenango Co., NY; d Mar. 12, 1875; scarlet fever
ROBB, Emma, 2 yr, 11mo, daughter of John; b in Chenango Co., NY; d Mar 10, 1875; scarlet fever
JONES, Jennie, 30, wife of James, b Delaware Co., NY; d Mar. 23, 1875
HOUSTON, Charles, 3, son of James, b Chenango Co., NY; d April 2, 1875; scarlet fever
BRONK, James, 35; widower; color-black; a hostler; b in Schoharie Co., NY; d Sep. 10, 1874; no cause

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MERRITT, Jesse, 78, married, b Conn, farmer; d Dec. 29,1874
McCOLOUGH, Lillian, 69, widow; b Conn; housewife; d Mar. 24, 1874
YALE, Agnes A, 88; widow; b in Scotland; d Mar. 8,1875
VINTON, Ferris L, 24; married; b Chenango Co., NY; farmer; d April 19, 1875
SEXSMITH, Jane, wife of Michal, 49, b Delaware Co., NY; d Mar. 25, 1875; measles
GRIDLEY, Hobert, 22, married; b Chenango Co., NY; carpenter; d Mar. 25, 1875
JONES, Sylvia M, 63; widow; b Conn; housewife; d Feb. 16, 1875
CONOVER, Levi, 20; b Chenango Co., NY; farmer; d Mar. 7,1875
PECK, John B, 73; widower; b Conn; farmer; d May 3, 1875
MILLER, Eliza, 55; widow; b Dutchess Co., NY; housekeeper; d April 18,1875
KIRKBOUGH, Sarah M, 27; married; b Chenango Co., NY; housekeeper; d April 26, 1875
JOHNSON, Henry, 76; widower; b Ontario Co., NY; lumberman; d Feb 9, 1875
McDonald, William; 79; married; b Columbia Co., NY; farmer; d Dec. 22, 1874
HYDE, Howard; 18; born in Ohio; d April 11, 1875
GROVES, Grant, 9; b Chenango Co., NY; d June 29, 1874; drowned
LANDERS, Charles L, 21; b Chenango Co., NY; student; d Nov. 2, 1874
CORBIN, W. W., 72; married; farmer; b Chenango Co., NY; d Mar. 24, 1875; found dead
WILLEY, James A, 19; farmer; b Chenango Co., NY; d Mar 15, 1875; measles
FOX, Alta M, 26; b Chenango Co., NY;milliner; d Oct. 29, 1874
LAMPHERE, Matthew, 73; b Rhode Island; farmer; d May 14, 1875

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Note: Births for Town of Bainbridge included Afton

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