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I am looking for information on the surname MARTIN. I found reference to Chenango Co. wills- file # A1728-1869, and file #A3272-1870, naming Roby [MARTIN] LIVINGSTON-sister, in both references, and file # A1728-1869, James LIVINGSTON, brother-in-law of West Union, Fayette Co. IA. James LIVINGSTON, and wife Roby, lived for a time in Cortland Co., NY, and removed to West Union, Fayette Co. by 1854, They are enumerated with some of their children: Avery, Tracy, Giles, Lafayette, Orin, Horace, and Louisa who m. ? MILLER, and is perhaps a sister to James, and not his child, in the 1856, West Union census. Children all b. NY. James was b. abt. 1799, NY, and Roby, abt. 1801,MA. James and Roby probably had died by 1892, as the children, residing in IA, were named in the will of John LIVINGSTON, of Cortland Co., NY, but no mention of James and Roby. Who were Roby [MARTIN] LIVINGSTON'S parents and siblings.
Anne Townsend Sun Aug 24 05:36:29 1997
Looking for descendants of Mustapha MATHEWSON and Lutheria BEEBE. Lutheria was b. Aug 19, 1821 and married Mustapha on Oct 1, 1843. Lutheria died Feb 25, 1908 Cortland, NY. If you have any info e-mail me or contact me in Lewisville, TX.Thanks!
Ann Onstad Sun Feb 9 15:37:44 1997
MAYNARD family
I am looking for information on the ancestors of DAVID MAYNARD (b 1783/4), MARY TAYLOR MAYNARD (b 1783/4)and ELIZABETH WHITING MAYNARD (b 1813). DAVID MAYNARD and his wife MARY nee TAYLOR were living in Chenango County in 1808 when their first son DAVID T. MAYNARD was born. They are shown on the 1810 census for that county. The family moved to Cayauga County about 1811. They were the parents of five other sons, DERANZIL Z., THOMAS T., JOHN G., IRA, & GEORGE C., born 1812 - 1821. The entire family moved to Huron County, Ohio in the early 1830's. Before moving to Ohio, DAVID T. MAYNARD married ELIZABETH WHITING in Sept. 1833; and DERANZIL Z. MAYNARD married ANNIS J. INGERSOL, the daughter of RALPH & NANCE INGERSOL. Thanks in advance. David C. Maynard
David C. Maynard Mon May 19 11:10:30 1997
McCOY, Andrew Harrison
Request info re Andrew Harrison McCoy. He was b. 10 Apr 1866 & married to Amelia Kleckner, (2nd wife). His location is unknown and his date & palece of death are also unknpown. He was a farmer, and horseshoer. He had one missing eye. She is believed to have been from Allentown, PA area. They both farmed in So. NYS and around Chenango CO. area. His son & my Uncle Lawrence McCoy farmed and worked for Norwich Sewage Disposal plant. He died in Norwich 17 Feb 1973. His wife Irene lived with him and she died 3 Dec 1977. I was born in Smyrna in 1927 and lived in DeRuyter, NY until entry into Mil. Svc in 1945. I am attempting obtain any information about my Grandfather, Andrew. My father was his son Paul McCoy, wh is deceased. Would appreciate any info re our family activities in Smyrna , where we lived. & rented from Kirk & Stella McKee, who operated the local telephone system. Tks
McCoy, Graydon Wed Mar 5 08:25:31 1997
Looking for info on H. Mclean died 1869 Mt Upjohn Chenango Co New York Will share info on this family His wife was Ester Bennett Children were Charles Mclean born1818 Sally born 1820 Catherine born 1822 Adline born 1824 James H born 1826 Madison 1829 Elizabeth 1832 Halsey 1834 John 1836 Helen 1839 Ester 1843
Terri Crockford Sun Feb 16 08:44:42 1997
I am looking for descedents of Isaac MEDBURY b: 13 Oct 1724 Warwick, Rhode Island d: Dec. 11, 1797 New Berlin, N.Y. married to Lydia SPRAGUE b; Feb 20, 1726/27, d: July 8, 1821 New Berlin, daughter of Hezekiah and Sarah (SMITH) SPRAGUE. they moved to New Berlin from Scituate, Rhode Island summer of 1794 with their children.
Robert Stumpf Sat Jun 14 09:24:11 1997
Looking for any information regarding MERRELL'S (MERRILL'S)in Oxford New York in 1830. Thomas MERRELL was born in Oxford in 1830 and I am looking for his parents names. Found Caleb MERRILL in Oxford during 1830 but have not been able to link him to Thomas MERRELL. Appreciate any/all information regarding this.
Rich Merrell Wed Apr 23 17:41:06 1997

Searching for information on the Messinger/Messenger family. Some at Otselic, buried Rhode Island Cemetary. Anyone have any info? Also Phipps, anytime, anywhere.
Stephanie Walker Tue Apr 15 22:01:41 1997
MILLER, Catherine Sarah
I am looking for any information on Catherine Sarah MILLER born 1838 in Cayuga Co., NY. Married Chester WENTWORTH in 1861 and lived in Madison and Chenango Cos. NY. She died in 1899 in Chenango Co. Children: Will, Jennie, Edward, Thomas and Charles. Will share any information we have. Thank-you.
Linda Wheat Tue Nov 26 15:58:12 1996
MOLTRUP, James Coulton
An elderly distant cousin has just given me a new lead to search for information. James Coulton MOLTRUP born 1822 in Chanango County, NY. Since this is a very new line to me I am hoping to connect with other researchers from the area. James eventually moved to Ashland County, Ohio and then to Beaver Falls, PA.
Bonnie Fri Oct 18 15:59:00 1996
MORGAN, (Huson) Helen
Seeking information on the family of Clarence & Helen HUSON MORGAN. Had son Frank. Helen was b. Feb 1907, the daughter of Frank L. HUSON & Lizzie AMTHOR. The 1920 Census finds Helen with her father and step mother (Edith JONES) living in Oxford, Chenango Cty, NY. Any assistance appreciated. Kathy.
Kathy Champagne-Ainsworth Sat Jan 18 17:38:18 1997
I am trying to definitely establish whether the Levi MORSE (a/k/a MOSS) who was b. between 1798 and 1807 in Wallingford, CT, son of Street Hall Moss and Martha Bartholomew and who resided at McDonough, Chenango Co., NY, where he died. (per Memorial of the Morses). uwhether this Levi Morse is the same person who is listed in a family Bible as b. 1802 in Conn. and who died 6/1/1859 at McDonough, Chenango Co. and who married Clarissa Peck.
(History of Chenango & Madison Counties, which I reviewed only briefly notes that Clarissa PECK was daughter of Samuel & Betsey Peck who came to Chenango Co. about 1805 and who settled at Greene and had sons Daniel, Philo, & Ashael as well as Clarissa, and that Clarissa was widow of Levi Morse and mother of E.C. & Edward Morse, merchants of Greene.) Any help on this question (as well as information on the Pecks) would be most appreciated.
Ralph Mehler Sun Dec 29 14:04:57 1996
MORSE, Samuel Peck
I am looking for the names of my great-grandfather's siblings. He was born in Tompkins Co., but the family moved to Chenango Co. His name was Samuel Peck MORSE. He married Charlotte DUDLEY of Smithville and they later moved to Chautauqua Co., N.Y. I believe he was one of nine children born to Levi MORSE and Clarissa PECK. I know that one of his sister's was named Martha and he had a brother, Edgar D. Morse who also moved to Chautauqua Co. I would be interested in information on the DUDLEY's and PECKS's also.
Bonnie Lundberg Sat Jan 4 11:56:23 1997
NEWTON family
Seeking any information on the following members of the Newton family. The 1800 census shows those below in Chenango County: Amasa, Charles, Joshua, Levy, Obediah, Shaddeus (Thaddeus and William W. By 1803 Obediah and Joshua moved on to Niagara County (now Erie Co.). The others, and Elin NEWTON, remained in Chenango Co. in 1810. By 1840, Amasa and Charles were living in Oxford. Thaddeus and William were in Bainbridge. Joshua and Obediah were born in CT and both were married prior to their move west.
Mary Ann Hanson Mon Dec 2 23:46:50 1996
NEWTON, Thaddeus
I am looking for information regardign Thaddeus NEWTON, b. abt 1750. Thaddeus removed to Bainbridge from Dummerston, Vermont. His father was Phineas NEWTON. Thaddeus first married Jenny SMITH, then Lydia (Bump)
Carl Washburn Sun Jan 26 10:12:00 1997
NICHOLS family Sandra Ball Wed Mar 19 19:28:18 1997
I am doing research on the NICHOLS family in Chenango County. James Nichols and Jemina (Morris) Nichols moved to Bainbridge in late 1790's from Dummerston, Vermont. One of their sons is Samuel Nichols (b 1766), who had about 13 children, most born in the Bainbridge area. Several are buried in North Afton Cemetery. Seek information on any Nichols in Bainbridge area, most are related to James and Jemina.
NICHOLS family
John Nichols was reported to have been born in Chenango Co. around 1820 and then moved with family to Chautaugua Co around 1834/38. We believe his father was Peleg Nichols b. 1788 d. 1861 and mother was Elizabeth Palmer. They migrated from Danby, Vermont. My connection is to Merritt Nichols b. 1825 d. 1915, a hatbox manufacturer from Chautaugua and Buffalo NY. (wife: Amelia Samantha Chittendon. Daughter Clara Elizabeth Nichols (b. 1851 d. 1910) married Lyman Merritt Baker of Buffalo NY. Their daughter Nellie Elizabeth Baker (1872 - 1950) married James Bryden Mason (b. 1869 d. 1935) of Bradford PA. Any connections to the Nichols, Burch, Clark, Mason families would be appreciated. The Clarks and Burches are so far connected to Watkins Glen, Schuler Co. NY only.
Janita Mason Ponze Wed Mar 19 17:05:00 1997
NICHOLS family
Peleg Nichols b. 1788 Danby, VT (hatter and tanner) may have lived in Chenango Co. en route to Chataugua Co. where he settled with his wife Elizabeth Palmer Nichols in 1834 and died in 1861. He had 8 sons and daughters.
According to obits in Chatagua Co. an Elizabeth Nichols died in 1855 in Charlotte, Chatagua Co NY. Her son John Nichols was born in Chenango Co in 1830. Another son, Merritt Nichols b. 1825 Danby VT was a hat box manufacturer and holder of Buffalo real estate. He married Amelia Samantha Chittendon and he died in 1915.
So I do not know if John is the brother of Merritt and who are the other brothers and sisters. But if Elizabeth is a connection, it's a possibility.
Janita Louise Mason Ponze Tue Mar 4 19:07:28 1997
NILES family
I am searching any information on the Niles family. In particular an Ebenezer, Caleb, Thomas or Frank Niles family which lived in Delaware county through the 1800's and/or early 1900. Frank was a farmer who eventually relocated to Chenango county around the Depression Era.
Stanley J. Niles Fri Feb 14 04:03:16 1997
NILES family
NILES - Looking for early ancestors of the NILES families who lived in Chanango County, New York during the first part of the 1800's and last part of the 1700's. I do not know first names. However, my information is that at one time there was in Chanango County a place called Niles Pond and the Niles families settled in this area. Later moved to Wayne County, PA., and migrated to eastern Iowa around 1850. Later names were Henry and Catherine NILES; William Franklin NILES and Adinijah NILES. Adinijah served as a Union Soldier during the Civil War and died on the battle field in Virginia. I have a great deal of information to share regarding this family, but am lacking the early information. It is my understanding that one of the NILES ancestors fought in the Revolutionary War, although on the losing side. (Oops>) Any information would be greatly appreciated and I would be happy to fill you in on later-day Niles'.
J.A. Cooper Fri Jun 20 20:37:42 1997
NORTHUP family
Seeking information on NORTHRUP ancestors. Willie J. Northrup b 1848 m Ulyssa (Laura) Eggleston 1867 in German, NY. Believe Willie J. Northrup's father to be: Oliver W. Northrup b 1823 in Conn. If you have information on ancestors or descendants of Willie J. Northrup or Oliver W. Northrup - please contact:
Peggy Gamma Thu Aug 7 02:21:56 1997
OLIN, Amillison or Millicent
Looking for the parents of Amillison (poss Millicent) Olin m. Asahel Redfield abt 1816 Bainbridge, had 13 children 1817-1841.
Jessie K. Powell Thu May 8 05:55:39 1997
PADGET(T), James
Looking for info on a James Padget(t), who was supposedly living in Harpersville as of June, 1909. Would like to know if he is buried in your County and what the listing says about his birth and death dates. Would like to know if James had any descendants. Family lived in Montgomery County in 1821 and moved to Chenango Co. in about 1842. He had a sister Elizabeth Padget Lingenfelter, b. 1828 d. 8-1909 in Jefferson County, N. Y. James and Elizabeth were ch. of James & Sarah Van Buren Padget, possibly of Montgomery County, N. Y. Also, advise the availability of a newspaper obit of the time. I would like to correspond with anyone doing research on the PADGET family who lived in Harpersville, Chenango Co. in 1909. Have much 1855 State census info on PADGETTS of ChenangoCo. which I will share.
Shirley C. Farone Mon Oct 21 17:42:06 1996
PADGETT family
While we're making a little progress on the PADGETT families of Chenango County, there is much more to be done. I would like to hear from anyone having PADGETT ancestry. What we're trying to do is to establish a relationship between the many PADGETT families who moved to this county in the early 1800's from Montgomery and Albany counties. Will be most grateful for each and every piece of info on this family. Thanks a whole bunch. Shirley Farone
Shirley Farone Wed Jul 2 17:54:09 1997
PARKER, Daniel H.
Daniel H. PARKER was born in Groton, NY on 19 Aug 1824, but according to his obituary, Groton was in Allegany County at that time. I have sent queries and had a person who grew up in Groton who have done lookups, and have not found Daniel. According to his obituary, the family moved from Groton to Meadville, PA when Daniel was a "small boy". I believe his brother was named Michael and their father might have been in the brick/pottery business. I am desperate as I have no other info on these people. Thanks for taking time to read this.
Roger Michels Sun May 4 12:50:36 1997
PARKS, Calvin E.
Searching for info of JAMES PARKS b.1780 CT. md. Elizabeth ? b.1785 NY. Their son JAMES A. PARKS b.c.1808 NY md. LAURA SOPHRONIA FOX b.1811 Pitcher, Chenango Co., NY. Son of James A. and Laura was CALVIN E. PARKS b.1843 Pitcher, Chenango Co. md. CAROLINE M. FULLER b. 1840 NY. d.1889 Union Valley, NY. Need middle name of Calvin. Believe Elson or Emerson. Any information greatly appreciated.
KIMBERLY PARKS Thu Mar 13 18:54:10 1997
PARK/PARKS, Henry Earl
I am looking for the family/ancestors of Henry Earl PARK/PARKS (b. Nov 1869 NY m. May 1892 NY d. Nov 1907 Cortland, NY) and his wife Adalaide WAGNER (b. Apr 1878 Scott, Cortland, NY d. Jun 1919 Amber, Onondaga, NY). I am also looking for information on Henry's father John F. Park (b. 1819/1821 m. Jun 1864 d. Mar 1870) and his second wife Jereshua WHEELOCK (b. 1829 d. Aug 1896). His first wife was Lucy CHANDLER. RE WAGNER: I believe the Wagners originally came from Leyden, MA. The earliest one I have is Cornelius WAGNER (b. Feb 1780 Leyden, MA m. Mar 1804d. abt 1857 Scott, NY) and his wife Temperence BROWN (b. Jul 1786 N. Groton, CT d. Dec 1867 Scott, NY). Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Leslie Lienert Tue Jun 17 07:05:19 1997
PAUL family
I am seeking information on the PAUL family of Afton, Chenango county, NY. My grandfather Francis PAUL, who married and lived in Stowe VT, had a sister who lived in Afton, as I understand, and he may himself have been from there. Francis's father's name was Victor PAUL. Thanks for all help.
Michele Stepto Sun Feb 23 14:50:08 1997
PECK, Harriet
William POYER married Harriet PECK in Ohio in 1840's. Both from Chenango County. Polly PECK was Harriet's mother. Both died in Ohio. Who are her ancestors ?
LaRue F. Poyer Fri May 30 12:10:05 1997
PERRY, Charles Nelson
My ggf, Charles Nelson Perry, born between 1818 & 1823 "in Binghamton, NY" always made a mystery of himself. Most often, the conflicting stories he told about himself contained 1) statement that his parents both died young, and he was left an orphan "with a fortune of $80M, which was stolen by two wicked uncles." Connection with "Commodore" Perry and "Lord Nelson" also claimed! His first wife was Ellen Kelly; they married in 1845 in Sherburne, NY; moved to Ohio; by 1858 in Cordova, MN; she died 1862 in childbirth, 1862; left 4 children. That same year he married Sabra Roundy Granger Bowen, a widow. They had 3 children. He raised horses; was cabinetmaker & surveyor. He died in Minneapolis VIII-19-1910 "at age of 90?" Recently has emerged another family legend, that "his father's name was Burch/Birch." 1880 census (St Peter) has his father as born in England. Does anyone know of a Burch/Birch (not named Charles) in or near Binghamton 181-1823?
Lisabeth M. Holloway Sat May 3 15:04:36 1997
Need To Locate Deeds of James Phelps 1790 census in Harpersfield, Montogemery Co., NY. He is in Oxford, Chenango Co., NY 1800 census. Has son Alexander who abt 1795 married Catherine Haven daughter of Asa and Mary Mellen Haven. Trying to Identify James by name of wife on the deeds. She is not on Chenango Co. deed. He sold that property to one of his other sons Rufus, Rufus moved to Erie Co., PA with wife Honor, Resided with son Luman in 1850 census. would like to prove his wife is Rebecca Curtis. Have more of Alex's Children info Cyrus of Killawog Broome Co., Ny. Chauncy Of Cincinatus Cortland Co., NY, Looking For spouse For Their Sisters including Rebecca Phelps
Phil Nixon Tue Feb 18 20:35:30 1997
PHELPS, Oliver J.
My g/g/grandfather Oliver J. PHELPS born Oxford, 9-15-1818, son of Joel PHELPS and Susannah HOLCOMB. Oliver married Sarah SEYDELL in Iowa 11-1846. Bible states he was born in Oxford - but I have found no records so far. Any info would be great.
Patt Izydorek Thu Aug 21 13:09:50 1997
PIER, Thomas, JR.
Searching for death and burial places and dates of Thomas PIER Jr. born 1730 and of Guilford. Also his wife Rachel (TREMAIN) PIER born 1726. Douglas V. Smith, Box 65, Sharon, VT 05065 or e-mail to (Invalid email address Jan 2019
Douglas V. Smith Thu Feb 6 10:46:49 1997
PITTSLEY, Benjamin
PITTSLEY, Benjamin: I would like to know the names of Benjamin's children. Is Oris Jay Pittsley one of them? Benjamin's wife is named Angela on the 1900 census for Afton, NY. If you are able to find Benjamin on an earlier census (1870-1890), please contact me.
Caron Mosey Tue Dec 24 10:41:51 1996
Father of Oris Jay Pittsley, my GGGrandfather, who (Oris)died in 1935 in Castle Shannon, PA (south of Pittsburgh). I just got his death certificate today (Merry Christmas to ME!!!) and it lists his parents as being Kasper Pittsley and Helen Ferguson, both born in New York. Oris was born on Sept. 27, 1869 in Chenango County, and his daughter Edna was born in 1904 Afton. I would like to hear from anyone who has information about this family, also the names of Oris' siblings.
Caron Mosey Fri Dec 27 11:21:34 1996
Pittsley, Oris Jay Born Sept 29, 1868 in Chenango Co., NY, married Frances Engle in Pittsburgh in August 1902, d. in Castle Shannon, PA (Pittsburgh area) in early 1920's. Looking for his parents and siblings.
Caron Mosey Wed Nov 20 16:28:07 1996
POYER, William
William POYER married Harriet PECK in Ohio in 1840's. Both from Chenango County. Polly PECK was Harriet's mother. Both died in Ohio. Who are his ancestors?
LaRue F. Poyer Fri May 30 12:10:05 1997
PURDY, Josiah
Am looking for parents of Josiah PURDY (b. abt 1760, poss. Rye, Westchester Co., NY). His wife was Phoebe [or PHEBY] CONKLING(?) (b. abt 1763/d. 1839; bur. in Georgetown, NY). They had 3 children: LUCRETIA (b abt. 1792), PHEBE MATILDA (b. 1803/d. 6 June 1852, in Otselic, NY, bur. in Georgetown, NY), and ISAAC (b. ??/ d. ??). Would like any info on this family, especially Josiah, who was supposed to be in Rev. War. Contact via e-Mail or @ 509 Colchester Road, Layton, UT.
Ted Steinhorst Fri Nov 29 13:00:31 1996
Seek info. family of Hascall & Fanny (Graves) Ransford of Norwich. 1850 Census shows possible children Hascall (b.1800), Josiah (b.1801), Matthew (b. 1802), James (b.1806), William (b.1806), Charles (b.1817).
Tony Rasmussen Thu Jul 17 12:50:49 1997
I will help with research on the family of Rathbone/Rathbun. Many were in the county. Would like to exchange. Robert Rathbun
Robert Rathbun Fri Feb 7 16:47:42 1997
REDFIELD/OLIN: Looking for the parents of Asahel Redfield and Amillison (poss Millicent) Olin m. abt 1816 Bainbridge, had 13 children 1817-1841.
Jessie K. Powell Thu May 8 05:55:39 1997
The parents of Alvah REDFIELD and Mary SMITH who were married 28 May 1824 in Bainbridge, Chenango Co., NY. Their children: Emma b. abt 1829, Helen b. 11 May 1834, Harriet Amelia b. 11 Jun 1836, Electa Elizabeth b. 6 Mar 1837, Clara b. abt 1839 all in Bainbridge. Is Alva the brother of Asahel REDFIELD who m. Amillison Olin in 1817, Bainbridge? They had Arthur Benjamin, Charles Allison, Elihu Chandler, Elizabeth Ann, Jared Smith, Joel Chandler, John Henry, and Martin Augustus. I do not have Asahel's and Amillison's parents either.
Jessie Kingston Powell Thu Apr 24 04:47:14 1997
REYNOLDS, Almira Foote
I am presently typing the diaries of Almira Foote Reynolds (1868-1882) and would appreciate any information concerning the following people. I would like to select all categories below.
Deanne Toye Fri Oct 4 19:11:08 1996
Seeking information on the Richardson family who purportedly lived in Chenango Cty (probably German Twp) until about 1814 when they moved to Mayfield Township, Cuyahoga Cty, Ohio. Many children were supposedly born there. I have information that I am willing to share.
Larry C. Richardson Wed May 7 18:11:08 1997
RILEY, Isaiah Hendryx
RILEY, Isaiah Hendryx, b. 1797 Burlington, Otsego, NY p. Josiah RILEY/Susannah HENDRYX; m. Experience ?INGRAHAM, b. ca 1801 Chenango County. Ch Betsy b. 1820 Oxford, Erastus b. 1825, Harriet b. 1828; others b. Caton, Steuben County. Isaiah d. 31 Dec 1855, Caton; Experience d. ca 1880 in Caton. Need info Experience's family; was she dau of Job INGRAHAM of Chenango County?
Ellen Oliver Fri Jun 6 12:42:59 1997
RILEY, Josiah
RILEY, Josiah b. ca. 1773, prob Wethersfield, CT, m.1) Susannah HENDRYX b. 5 Oct 1779 New Concord, Columbia, NY, d. 5 Dec 1810 Bennington, VT.; m.2) Susannah BEARDSLEY in VT, went to Coventry area ca. 1812. Josiah d. 22 Jun 1850, bur. Coventry Cemetery. Desperately need any info on RILEYs or kin of his age who settled Chenango County area ca 1800-1820. Names of his sons, all RILEYs: Isaiah Hendryx, J. Simeon, Josiah Beardsley, William Beardsley, John Stillman, Thomas Edwin, Horace Wiltshire. Father Josiah may have had sister Betsy.
Ellen Oliver Fri Jun 6 12:28:34 1997
ROBERTS, Mathew b. April 11, 1783, d.Jan 22,1826, m. ? Chenango Co., NY m. to WOOD, Jane (date unknown) b. July 20, 1788. Parents unknown. children:
Samuel b. Dec 4, 1808
Caleb b. Feb. 8, 1811
Hannah b. Aug 16, 1816
Morgan b. Nov. 28, 1817, d. 1817
Jane b. Oct. 3, 1819
Catherine b. Jan. 25, 1822
Any information other than the 1820 U.S. Census would be appreciated.
James H. Roberts Tue Sep 2 21:53:37 1997
ROBINSON, Sarah E. (Smith)
Searching for information on SARAH E. SMITH ROBINSON, who was living with daughter Fanny Robinson, who was unmarried at the time of mothers death on Feb. 20, 1864 in Afton. Nearby was another daughter Mary E. Robinson SLUSSER, wife of Wesley. This latteer couple moved to Iowa in the spring of 1864. Have never found Sarah Robinson on 1855 census because she moved around to children a lot after husband ALFRED ROBINSON'S death in the spring of 1855. Likewise cannot find Sarah on 1860 census. Have information on this Robinson line to share. Any newspapers covering Afton in Feb of 1864 that might have obits? Any church records that might mention Sarah or daughters Mary or Fanny. They were conscientous church-goers. Thank-you BOB
Robert Taylor Wed Jan 22 17:46:24 1997
ROCK, John William
ROCK, John William born July 31, 1871 in Plymouth. Father was ROCK, Samuel. Mother died giving birth to John. Samuel married KELLER, Adelia from Norwich. These are my grandfather and g-grandfather. For some reason my family wouldn't and the one other decendant won't talk. Any information would be gratefully received.
Mary McGinnis Sun Feb 9 18:22:28 1997
ROOT, Nicholas
Nicholas ROOT and wife Eunice CRIPPEN settled in Coventry, Chenango Co, about 1795 along with his brothers Joshua and Ebenezer, some Root cousins, and brother-in-law Zenas KEYES. I'd be glad to exchange information with the many descendants of this family who are now scattered all over the country.
Charles Tieman Fri May 16 11:02:37 1997
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