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Chenango County, New York

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Lil Monty Thu Oct 4 21:09:46 2007
Does anyone have any information on Gersham and Lydia DAVIS that live in Oxford, NY in the 1850's? I think he had a son Charles who married Ann Eliza SMITH and they had a son Charles born about 1851 and a son Gorsham born about 1853. Anything on this family would be appreciated. I think they lived around Chenango County and surrounding areas.


Fran Rand Sat Oct 6 13:19:48 2007
I am interested in finding the origin of Davis Crossing in Chenango County.


Donna Gurney Mon Oct 15 07:36:00 2007
Does anyone know where I might find naturalization records for the period 1850-1870 for immigrant family of Adam NIEDECK who settled in Oxford? I have found a census record that states one of the children (Mary) was naturalized in 1865. Thank you in advance for your assistance and sage advice.


Armanda Crandall Mon Oct 15 18:02:43 2007
hi, looking for any Fred WHEELER's in the area, married Emeline REMINGTON from Sidney about 1882 or 83.


Melissa Tue Oct 16 21:48:16 2007
Looking for information on family members related to Edward & Ellen SMULLEN from the following Census records and Boston Pilot advertisment.

Source Bibliography: Harris, Ruth-Ann and B. Emer O'Keeffe. The Search for Missing Friends, Irish Immigrant Advertisements Placed in the Boston Pilot, Volume III: 1854-1856. Boston, MA: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1993. 788p.
Page: 278
Missing friends 1831-1920

Date 17 March 1855 Volume # VOL1-8
Of Edward SMULLEN, co Kildare, who left there in the year '52, and went to Goshen, Orange co, N Y. Resided there about 15 yrs, and left 22d Nov, '52 for Ohio; when last heard from was working in Bloomfield, Jefferson co, O. His age is 50. Information of him will be received by Ellen Smullen, Bainbridge, Chenango co, N Y.
Volume III: 1854 - 1856

1850 Wallkill, Orange Co NY
Smalen, Edward 45 Laborer NEW YORK
Ellen 42, Jane 9, Easter (kathleen?) 7, Ellen & Teresa 4, Edward 2.

1860 Walton, Delaware Co., NY Census.
Ellen, 52, born Ire, Jane 28 NY, Teresa 14 NY, Ellen 14 NY, Edward 12 NY, Wm H 9 NY

Neighboring community
1860 Sidney, Delaware Co.
Edward Smullen living with family of Samuel Hathaway working as a hostler

* Edward most likely had to search for work as we found him living apart from his family in the 1860 Census in a neighboring community working as a hostler on a farm.

By 1870, Owego, Tioga Co., NY Census thier daughter Ellen (Jr) was married to John Krone and had son Franklin 1yr old. Both Ellen, Edward and Edward Jr were living with them.

After Edward died Ellen(Sr) moved with with her other daughter Tersea and husband, Wm K Moran as found in the 1880 Owego , Tioga Co Ny Census. Wm and Teresa had daughters Mamie 11, Nellie 8, and Maggie 3.

Flows From Bleecker Mountain
The source of the Cayadutta is in the town of Johnstown, part way up the side of the Bleecker mountain, on the west side of the highway just above the barn on the Edward Smullen farm. From there it dashes and splashes over rocks down the mountain side along the highway and through Bull Rum. It keeps within sight of the Bleecker road and first appears in Gloversville as it crosses West Eleventh avenue, near the city line. Passing through Gloversville and Johnstown, it leaves Fulton county at Sammonsville and pours into the Mohawk river in the western part of Fonda. The Cayadutta was never deep or big enough to be used by the Indians for transportation but Indian paths ran along its banks and it was highly valuable to them for fishing. On its bank was situated one of the two Indian villages which are known to have existed in Fulton county. This village site was discovered in 1892 and Indian archeologists have determined that it was occupied by Iroquois a little before 1600. It was located on the east bank of the Cayadutta a mile or thereabouts upstream from Sammonsville.

Please anyone with information on this family please email @ MyRootz2@aol.com


Ann Hanford Wed Oct 17 11:54:13 2007
Looking for Mary M BROWN born 1854 and her sister Betsey A. BROWN born 1844 believe to be born in Chenango Co.NY Their parents were Lawrence BROWN and Sally (SMITH) BROWN, who lived in Otselic township in 1860 census. The girls are not listed in 1870 census both parents are now living with sons Frederick H. BROWN and Edgar BROWN (my line) in Pharsalia township with a S.Otselic P.O.
Any help or info is greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Philip Walls Thu Oct 18 11:42:56 2007
I am looking for information on Rose (WILDS) Hellem PELLOW who was married to Joe PELLOW and lived in Greene in approximately 1945. Rose was my wife's great grandmother. While orignally from Ohio, her daughter Gladys SHOWALTER lived in Bainbridge. Her grandaughter Joyce SCROTH lived in Bainbridge for many years and presently resides in Afton. Rose worked in Preston when younger - her name was HELLEM at tht time. She later married Joe PELLOW and resided in Greene. I know of no other residences. I would be extremely interested in any obit data as I have not located her mother and don't know her date of death.


Jon Harvey Thu Oct 18 13:34:03 2007
In particular Cleora PERCIVAL 1828-1917. Married TR HaRVEY. b. Chenago County, NY. d. Cobourg, ON.
Any information on Cleora or other PERCIVAL family would be appreciated.


Mary Tue Oct 23 17:47:11 2007
I am looking for additional information regarding FLANAGANs in the smithville area and a possible SULLIVAN connection. I am looking for SULLIVAN's related to Jeremiah Anthony SULLIVAN who married into the FLANAGAN family around 1898. They subsequently moved to Buffalo.


Al Thu Oct 25 13:04:47 2007
Any guidance, or information as to where info may be found on this family entry for Guilford...

Names of the Inhabitants of the Township of Guilford, 1772
GUILFORD was formed from Oxford April 3, 1813, as Eastern. Its name was changed March 21, 1817.
- 1772 Family in Guilford. Census of Guilford NY shows Nathanial SMITH, wife and 5 children.
Contact me directly at b1caez02[at]cogeco.ca


Lindy Wise Thu Oct 25 18:09:05 2007
Searching for information on Hezekiah BROAD, believed to have been given land in Chenango County after the Revolunary War, probably around the Afton area. Any information would be appreciated.


Pat Goodman Sat Oct 27 11:37:18 2007
Searching for any information on Mary CRANDALL b. abt. 1818 in Chenango County. She married, location unknown, abt. 1838, William GOODMAN. 1855 census of Cattarugus County indicates children James A b. 1834 Greene County, step-son of Mary. Dillivan b. 1839, Otsego County, Mary b. 1840, Greene County, William b. 1843, Wyoming County, Caroline b. 1846, Penn. Permcilia b. 1848 Catt. County, Florence b. 1849 Catt. County. The GOODMANs removed to Dallas twp, Harrison County, Missouri before 1860.


No Email address given - please contact host with email address / name Wed Oct 31 01:46:01 2007
I am seeking information on Stephen Ledbetter GILE, (?)b. 1868 in Bainbridge, New York. His father was Charles GILE and his mother was a LEDBETTER.
Stephen's daughter Alice says he was born a little North and East of Bing Hampton's. He was a Mason.
He married Frances Isabelle FOUTS, b. 28 July 1888. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


Mike Tue Nov 20 17:55:03 2007
I am searching for any information on the MILLER family. What information I have is: John F. MILLER b.1782 Westchester Co.,NY. Hurd MILLER b.1825 Broome Co., NY. Louis MILLER b. 1850 Chenango Co., NY., his sons; Harry A. MILLER b. 1878 Chenango Co., NY and, Earl L. MILLER (my grandfather) b. 1884 Chenango Co., NY. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


Pat Seguare Fri Nov 23 11:12:17 2007
Names of Barbara (WILKERSON) LITTLEFIELD's siblings (born about 1935, graduated from Cazenovia in 1953, Oneonta State in 1957). Trying to locate by phone.


Philip Sturges Mon Nov 26 15:41:48 2007
I am researching the STURGES family of Chenango County, known to have been residents from ca 1800 on. Any information would be appreciated and shared, thank you, Philip Sturges


Deb Rittmeyer Tue Nov 27 12:54:59 2007
Seeking burial place, parents, and obituary of William S. ALLEN who died in Afton, Chenango County on 1 September 1886. Any assistance gratefully received. Thank you.


Ryan Beach Wed Nov 28 10:29:00 2007
Hi List, My name is Ryan BEACH, I traced my BEACH family back to Henry BEACH born Canada about 1800.married Polly COOK some of their children Obit, states they where born in Chenango county New York, three of them where born 1828, 1830, 1831. Enos, Clarinda, Sophia, then another child Joseph Cyrus BEACH was born in Chautauqua county New York 1836 Town of Clymer.
Enos married Sarah Jane BEAN.
Clarinda married William Henry KING.
Sophia married Peter BIGLER.
Joseph Cyrus married Mary Ellen OVAITTE
by census two daughters I can't account for.

The last I find my Henry BEACH is in the 1835 census of Chautauqua county New York, then nothing till his wife shows up in Crawford county Pa town of Titusville in 1850.

Im trying to find when he came to Chenango county, I believe but not sure that James Kerr BEACH in Parsalia is his brother. My Henry is in the 1830 census of Chenango county town of Pharsalia. I was wondering if anyone has access to the 1825 state census to see if my Henry BEACH is listed or any new BEACH families that may have popped up that where not in the 1820 census, if so this may give me a lead as to Henry's father.

Did any one else have ancestors from Chenango who came from Canada ??. Was their a little Migration in the early 1800s people coming from Canada,?? What could have brought them there ?? Family ?, Jobs,? what's in Chenango in 1800-1830??.

I have been looking into Jonathan BEACH, who had a daughter Mary BEACH, who married a Dr Norman FORD. Anyone on the list have info on this family?? Where came from when he showed up in Chenango county NY.

My line comes in with Enos BEACH, 1828 Chenango, died 1907 Titusville Crawford county Pa, married Sarah Jane BEAN, children.
Matilda 1851.
Henry 1853.
Nancy 1857.
John 1859.
Joseph Cyrus 1862.-1938 (my line)
Charles Enos.1866.
Arthur 1872.
George Frederick.1875

At a brick wall here, any leads would be appreciated, I belong to the BEACH family list and have had my DNA tested, but nothing closer then 1200 years to a possible match.and that was a different last name, and I believe he was from Scotland.


Kerry Sun Dec 9 14:22:37 2007
I am trying to locate the bural place or where abouts of my father: John Edward MURRAY born Oct 2nd 1935 in Norwich, NY. He was the son of Leah & Ray POOLE. He left Chenango County in approx. 1961. There has been no word from him since. Rumors are he died in 1983 in Virgina. ANY info would be greatly appreciated.


Kerry Sun Dec 9 14:22:37 2007
I am trying to locate the bural place or where abouts of my father: John Edward MURRAY born Oct 2nd 1935 in Norwich, NY. He was the son of Leah & Ray POOLE. He left Chenango County in approx. 1961. There has been no word from him since. Rumors are he died in 1983 in Virgina. Any info would be greatly appreciated.


Kate W Sat Dec 22 17:41:59 2007
Searching for information on Emma Lunette HOAG, especially records that provide proof of date of birth, birthplace, parents, etc.

She was born May 14 1848 (or May 14 1849) in Chenango County NY. Daughter of Altana BARBER(aka Alta BARBER) 1824-1887 and William HOAG 1820-1889.
Granddaughter of Esther TERRY ca 1787-1865 and Joseph Maxson BARBER ca 1788-1869; and Mary GOODSELL 1797-1835 and Zina HOAG 1794-1851.
Great granddaughter of Mary KENYON 1768-1858 and Elnathan TERRY 1758-1840; Sarah TEFFT 1768-? and Benjamin BARBER 1756-1797; Desire POTTER 1755-? and Daniel GOODSELL 1754-1813; and Margaret BAKER 1772-1828 and Daniel HOAG 1772-1848.

Many of those ancestors lived in Chenango Co. NY at some time.


Kelly Jane O'Hara Sun Dec 23 05:02:31 2007
Looking for an obituary for Marvin Storms SMITH who died in Chenango County 06 Feb 2007. He was born in Rockland County, NY on 24 Mar 1923 to Jacob STORMS and Wilhemina "Lena" Schultz SMITH.
Any help would be most appreciated.
Kelly Jane Moon O'Hara, Greer, SC

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