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Chenango County, New York

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J. Winzinger Thu Jan 4 14:08:10 2007
Re: Levi M. PATCHEN, shown as Testator, Residence Guilford, Volume and Page: Vol. O, P. 89 in the Index to Testators, 1868-1869.

Could someone find out for me whether this was a member of the same PATCHEN family that had many members in Geauga County, OH and in Morgan County, Illinois? I know we had "Levi PATCHENs"; however, I don't know middle names for most.

Help is much appreciated.


Andrea D. V. Hyde (Rogers) Sat Jan 6 22:33:26 2007
They were all my father, Mark De Elton HYDE's ancestors, and I want to know more about them, especially more about Sarah Irene RANDALL (wife #1 of Charles Philetus HYDE)--- they were from the Pitcher, NY area...also, Asa ADAMS and his wife, Elizabeth (b: NY, moved to Illinois) who's daughter, Sarah (b:Illinois in 1849) was married to Chauncey De Elton HYDE of Pitcher, NY== who was in the 76th Reg. His brother Charles Addison HYDE is buried at Gettysburg, where he died on July 4th 1863 of his wounds he recieved on July 1, 1863.

Samuel PIERCE and Charles HYDE (grandfather of the one at Gettysburg and father of Charles Philetus HYDE---Yes, there were a lot of Charles HYDEs in a row!!) were deacons along with Joanna Pierce HYDE (Samuel's daughter and Charles's wife) at the Pitcher Congregational Church during the war of 1812 and they moved to Pitcher from Connecticut. (Joanna Pierce HYDE was a direct descendant of Gov. Wm. BRADFORD of the Mayflower Colony). I want to find out how to get copies of their sermons or something that can tell me that they were Patriots for the War of 1812, so I can join the Daughters of 1812---right now I am a prospective member and we go around NY State and mark the graves of proven 1812 Patriots. I am already a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution and a prospective member of the Mayflower Association for CT., where most of my ancestors came to NY from and a lot of them were founders of CT.

Sarah ADAMS' father, Asa and her mother Elizabeth are of particular interest to me, and I'm wondering what Elizabeth's maiden name was...also the given name of Asa's father...and why did they move to Winnebago County, Ill. from NY in the mid 1800's?

Andrew Jackson COOPER of Tioga County is another person of interest to me and also his wife, Sarah PALMER (Yes, ther were a lot of Sarah's in my father's family!!) I would like to know who their parents were...Sarah and A.J. COOPER were my grandmother, Maude L. COOPER's parents and my father's maternal grandparents....

My father was Mark De Elton HYDE, b:8/05/1915 in Cortland, NY, and his wife's name (my mother's name) is Melba...she was born in St. Louis, MO.

I put some of this information on here in case it helps someone else out in the Central NY area, and also in case someone knows more about the above ancestors of my father, who died in an auto accident on May 1, 1969---I still miss him to this day. He attended Cortland State Teacher's College in the 1930's---he was a history major, and was the son of farmers in McLean, NY. He removed us to Syracuse, NY in 1944, where he worked downtown in sales after being honorably discharged from the Army Air Corps. He and my mother moved back to James St in the late 1950's and also had an " 'A & W' Root Beer" stand on Route 281 in Prebble, NY for a long time, and he bought his western style clothes, etc. at "Buck and Bum's"...

Thanks for your time...and possible interest....Happy 2007.


THOMAS TEFFT Mon Jan 15 14:35:14 2007
John G. TEFFT was born in Smyrna, NY in 1850 What did the G stand for?


gen Thu Jan 18 07:47:28 2007
Seeking information on Benjamin ALCOTT b. 1826 and Polly PAGE b. 1835, married 1852.
Children who were born in this county
Anything about this couple would be appreciated.


roger holmes Thu Jan 18 08:18:16 2007
Interested in Benjamin HOLMES family of Chenango, New York, who settled there in early 1800's.


omega tyner Sat Jan 20 17:47:34 2007
Would like to see a picture of Peter TYNER.


carolyn chandler Sun Jan 21 09:46:21 2007
I am looking for any relatives of a Wilbur BROOKS, had a son Ellis BROOKS, Ellis born 1927. . Lived in Chenango, N. Y. Last address of Wilbur, Chenango.


Ken Thompson Sun Jan 21 19:46:18 2007
Looking for a Randolph or Randolf (may be first or middle name) THOMPSON, living in Chenango county late 1700s-early1800s. Son James R(andolph) born Dec. 1818. Other names probable: James, Charles, Thaddeus.
Kenneth Thompson
Moline Acres (north St Louis County) MO


Cathy Walla Mon Jan 22 11:14:01 2007
Looking for burial location of my grandfather, Frank WALLA, who lived in Binghamton, Broome, NY from 1928 until 1947. He was a member of St. Anne's Slovak RC Church, and his wife, Filomena (KUPECZ) WALLA is buried in St. Anne's Slovak RC Cemetery. Her funeral was handled through Greskovic Funeral home in 1939. Frank died in New York City in 1953, however, I cannot locate his burial place. He may have been buried near his wife, Filomena.
If you have any information, please contact me at ORADELLNJ07649@AOL.COM


Ann Rowe Bradshaw Mon Jan 22 14:45:15 2007
Seeking death date and burial site for Sarah Arabella BROWN, probably in a Smyrna cemetery. She was born November 1862 and I find her in the census in Smyrna in 1900, 1910, and 1920 as being single. I don't have access to anything after 1920 so I don't know when she died. Anyone in the area that could help, I would be most appreciative as I live in Indiana...Ann


JUDY Mon Jan 22 19:18:21 2007
If anyone thinks they may be related, please contact me. I'm researching my family history. I have more information on the BALDWIN family. I am looking for more info in the GREEN Family.
BALDWIN (My Great, Great Grandfather & Grandmother) - Daniel and Ellen - I do not know birth/death dates as of yet.

BALDWIN (Great Grandfather & Grandmother) George D. 1864 - 1955 (Pitcher, Chenango County, NY) - one of 10 children Hattie G. 1867 - 1957 (Parents were Mr. & Mrs. Elisha GAGE, Grandma GAGE was born in Orleans County, NY. George BALDWIN and Hattie GAGE married May 13, 1885. In 1911 they purchased a farm in South Hannibal. In 1948, they moved to Hannibal.

Jay BALDWIN family of Chicago - 1950's?

(My Grandfather)** GREEN, William Horace 1885 - 1934 (Born in Canada?) married Rose Luella BALDWIN - Born in Albion, NY in 1892 - died 1986 (Later remarried George CHURCH)


Judy Blackman Mon Jan 22 20:07:06 2007
I am looking for information on Perry BUTTON who was born about 1830 in Chenango County. He then goes to Chemung County where he married Annice ELLIOTT the daughter of William and Naomi ELLIOTT.


William Brackett Wed Jan 24 13:09:53 2007
John and Patience WOOLDRIDGE lived in Smyrna as early as 1830. In 1850 they have one son William WOOLDRIDGE. In 1860 Willam is living with Patience but John must have died. There is a J. W. WOOLDRIDGE buried in the East Smyrna Cemtery who died in 1858. William WOOLDRIDGE married Jane Jennette ELWELL about 1865 and they are found in the 1870 census of Plymouth. I would like to know if there are marriage records or death records from this time period. It appears John and Patience WOOLDRIDGE were from Vermont. I would like to find someone who knows of this family group. William and Jennette moved on to Michigna by 1874 and then to Nebraska by 1880. I believe William WOOLDRIDGE died in Nebraska about 1880-85 when Jennette returned to Michigan with their children.


Bob Brewer Sun Jan 28 10:20:34 2007
Leroy Amaziah, b 1828 Bainbridge
John Wesley, m 1826 Bainbridge
William [Jr], d 1854 Bainbridge

This is my direct line, and my mo, a CLEVELAND, massaged it pretty well decades ago; however, the ? of who Wm [Sr]'s fa is has existed for over 100 years. Everything on the Inet accepts the conjecture of the 1899 CLEVELAND genealogy book. My mo questioned that conjecture 50 years ago, and after studying it I question it even more. I've written up my thinking, or lack of it, and would like other opinions. In relation to that I have ?s:
1. Does anyone have the will of Wm [Sr]'s poss fa, Curtice, b 1701 Plainfield / Canterbury CT, d 1758 prob Norwich CT?
2. Does anyone have anything on his poss fa, Josiah, b 1706-9 prob N Kingston, RI, d prob aft 1752 prob Kennilworth / Killingsworth CT?

Sally, b 1804 Bainbridge
Samuel, d 1855 Bainbridge

Again, this is my direct line; John Wesley, above, m Sally 1826 Bainbridge. Of course, I'm always willing to learn more, but I mainly need a photo:
Samuel LYON & wif Charlotte BRIGGS, 1860 Bainbridge, are buried in W Bainbridge Cemetery, so, would anyone be willing to get me a photo of that gravesite?
Apparently that cemetery hasn't been transcribed yet, and of course it's possible the marker(s) are missing or can't be read.
Thanks, Bob Brewer


carol esterhai Mon Jan 29 12:20:03 2007
Looking for any leads as to the family of the wife of Thomas ELLIOTT b. 1766 in Ct. They lived in Coventry and Greene she is said to be "Kaussiah DURY", thought to be maybe Keziah Desire DRURY or DEWEY.


Larry Tue Jan 30 18:12:38 2007
Looking for the parents of Joseph POOL, born: 1767 Jericho, Chenango County, N. Y., Died: Sept. 30, 1820 in Franklin Co. Ohio. Wife: Sally 1781 to Sept. 26, 1818. Thank you for any information.


JAMES COREY Thu Feb 1 19:07:42 2007
Looking for info on COLWELL FUNERAL HOME in Bainbridge.Can anyone help me find their records for the year 1927? Also looking for records for the Bennetsville cemetery. Any help finding these records would be appreciated.-------James Corey


Connie Fox Fri Feb 2 15:30:09 2007
Looking for any information on Coetta (HANNER) TOWNSEND, b. 1912 in Illinois or Iowa, daughter of Leona and Oliver HANNER, sister to James, Dellwood, Derwood. It is said she married Oliver TOWNSEND and lived in Norwich, NY.
Connie Fox


Karen Hoy Fri Feb 2 18:16:49 2007
John THOMPSON m. Catharine SHOCK (she, of German descent.) John THOMPSON was one of the early settlers of Bainbridge, NY Chenango, County NY, (earlier known as "Jericho". I'm not certain of his age, but in 1797 gave birth to four children. The second child Henry THOMPSON, b. March 12, 1792 -- German descent? m. Patty PAGE (Scotch descent--b. April 15,1793) Any information greatly welcomed.


Crystal Bischoff Wed Feb 7 13:21:12 2007
I am looking for several maiden names to women who married into the ROUNDS family. Peter ROUNDS (born 1853/53) married Lydia (born 1859) before 1879 in Oxford? I think. She died after 1882 sometime. I would like to find a death date for her and her maiden name if possible.

James K. ROUNDS (born 1873) married Minnie (born 1879) before 1898 around Oxford, I think. I would like to find her maiden name and death date.

Reuben ROUNDS(born 1849) married Elizabeth (born 1855)before 1876? I think. In Oxford. I would like to find her maiden name and death date.
Thank you.


kevin hathaway Fri Feb 9 05:52:59 2007
My older brother died as an infant between 1963-1966 I am trying to get his vital informatin birth day death day so I can put a stone on his plot. Everyone needs to be marked when we pass so others know where to mourn.


Jean Kanter Sat Feb 10 16:00:47 2007
Would like help in looking up Chenango County NY Wills for SMITH, Ichiel Dec 24,1825 B 107. Trying to determine if this is the father of Fitch SMITH of Broome County, and husband of Rachel (HINE) SMITH who died in McDonough in 1849


Barb Flynn Sun Feb 11 16:07:31 2007
We are looking for any information on FLYNNs who lived in Chenango Co. around 1820-1840. According to military records, Peter FLYNN was born in the county on March 17, 1827. He was married to Elizabeth GOBLE in Michigan in 1855. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


Rosie Lundquist Wed Feb 14 21:57:17 2007
I am interested in information about John BEECHER (born in NY) and his father Daniel. According to John's marriage license, his father Daniel is from Coventry.

John married Maria WHITTINGTON who was born in Maryland. They later went to Illinois where John died prior to 1860.

John and Maria's son, also John, married Henrietta BILSLAND in Illinois in the 1890s.

Any help would be appreciated.


Linda Wilkinson Sun Feb 18 16:39:36 2007
Wish to establish the birth records or birth place of my great-great grandfather Peter FLYNN, born 3/17/1827 (or thereabout) in Chenango Co., New York. Wish to establish his parentage..emigration from Ireland, or anything!


Kellie Evens Wed Feb 21 21:59:42 2007
I have information that my Great great great grandmother was born October 27 1816 in Chenago County New York I can't seem to find out where her parents were. Can anyone help me please?


Claudia Thu Feb 22 06:05:27 2007
Arthur BIGELOW, born 1874 in Otsego County, married Grace LATHROP, born ca. 1878, in 1899. They lived in South New Berlin, Chenango County. Grace LATHROP allegedly was the adopted daughter of Abbott LATHROP and Diadama CONGDON of Richfield Springs, Otsego County. Looking to find any other information on Grace (LATHROP) BIGELOW (obituary, burial place, names of children).


Kellie Evens Thu Mar 1 18:57:20 2007
I am looking for any information I can get on my great great great grandmother and father here is what I have.:
William Bayard CAMPBELL born Feb 15 1812 New York
Maria CROSS born May 11 1816 Chenago New York

I found a tree that said that Maria's mom name was Deborah BUTLER and that she married a man with the last name CROSS.

Please help me I am most interested in finding William and Maria's parents. Any information will be a treasure no matter how big or small it is. Thank you.

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