Apr - Jun 2000
Chenango County, New York Queries

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Karen Mohr Tue Apr 4 18:43:20 2000
Seeking info abt the MUNN and BALLOU families who were living in Plymouth, Chenango Co., NY in the 1820's: Harvey and Marsena MUNN (aka Harry & Marcey, b 1790 & 1796 CT respectively) had 4 known ch: Abel, Genette, Henry & Leaman or Leman MUNN. Nahum BALLOU (b 1800 NH) and his wife Anna PHELPS (b abt 1804 Homer, NY) had these known ch: Nahum E., Hosea Miles, Caroline Janett, Daniel Rollen, & Oren James BALLOU.
Thanks for any info. Karen Mohr, mohr@buffnet.net (invalid address - Jan 2019)


Bob Burns Wed Apr 5 15:08:39 2000
Does anyone have a copy of the 1820 census,who would be willing to do a lookup for me? I am looking for information on Dudley GRISWOLD of Plymouth Township New York. Primarily the ages and gender of his children if listed.
Thank you Bob Burns


Caroline Carter Wed Apr 5 23:46:22 2000
Seeking information on three intertwined families who resided around Oxford, Chenango County. Abijah BROWN (1799-1872) & his wife Maria SHOFF (1807-1867) had a son Ira W. BROWN on 25 Mar 1824 in Oxford. In the same vicinity were Orson LAMSON (1807-1879) & his wife Elizabeth SHOFF (1813-1866) whose daughter, Julia P. LAMSON was born 10 Jan 1831. Ira W. BROWN & Julia P. LAMSON were married in Ohio in 1848. When Orson LAMSON'S 1st wife died, he married her sister, Sarah SHOFF. I believe the SHOFFS & the BROWNS were originally from Chenango County, although ORSON LAMSON was born in Connecticut. Does anyone have any information regarding these families? Especially the SHOFFS, since I think Maria was also a sister to Elizabeth & Sarah. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Blaise Roncagli Thu Apr 6 07:59:08 2000
Looking for information regarding William R CORBETT, who enlisted in the 114th NYSV of the Union Army at Greene, NY in August 1862. He was killed in action in September of 1864 at Winchester, VA. I am trying to determine if he was a native of Chenango County, or my Irish immigrant ancestor of the same name who fought and died in the Civil War. Does anyone have information on him, or on any CORBETT family living in Chenango County? Any assistance or leads would be appreciated.


Mary Thu Apr 6 09:20:26 2000
Maturin GARDNER and his wife Abigail (D) were born in Mass (according to 1850 census) but their sons Marcus D and Henry were born in Symrna, Chenango Co NY in approximately 1828 and 1829. The four of them moved to LaPorte Co IN in 1847 and were recorded there in 1850 census. Would appreciate any information available on these folks. Were there other children of Maturin and Abigail who remained in Chenango Co? Marcus was my g-g-grandfather.


Jack Lyman Eaton Thu Apr 6 14:54:51 2000
Looking for information about parents, siblings, children of William EATON and his brother Willard EATON. They purchased land in the DeRuyter / Lincklaen / German / Pitcher areas of Chenango and Madison Co.s through the Holland Land Co., in the early 1800's. William EATON (1779-1854) marr. Anna STRYKEN (1782-1865) and the following children: Polly, Katy, Betsey, Esther, Joseph, Peter, James, John Lane, Moses DeLos, Rhoda Daniel and Lucy. They are buried in Union Valley Cemetery, Cortland Co., NY. Willard EATON (1771-1847) may have married Polly NICHOLS (1776-1858) and had the following children: Lucinda, Royal, Willard F., Dyer B., John, Ebenezer, Orris, Polly, Nancy, and Minerva. Please contact Jack Lyman EATON, J4777EA@aol.com


Mike Heilman Mon Apr 10 14:35:55 2000
I am searching for the obit or relatives of Agnes (Heilmann) BRAND. My Great-Aunt was born Oct 19, 1896 and died Nov. 1987 at 13815 Norwich, Chenango, NY. Random phone calls to BRANDs living in the area have been unsuccessful.


Bonnie Mead Wed Apr 12 13:44:21 2000
I am the daughter of Hazel Ann KUBECKA and need to find out some information to her parantage. She and my Father Ernest Gregory YOUNGS were married about 1930 in or close to Oxford , NY. If I had a copy of the marriage certifiate perhaps it would give a bit of history for a start to check a family check on my mother. My parents were divorsed when I was very young and I lost contact with the mother at that time.


Paula Pitts Thu Apr 13 13:33:08 2000
I'm researching the Benjamin BLY family of Voluntown, CT / Kent Co. RI. In Chenango Co. NY, one of Jobe BLY 1771 RI- 1852 Norway, Herkimer Co.,NY and his wife, Olive Rathbun's children, Olive BLY 1796-1883 married Northrup Watson YOUNG.
If you know anything about their children please post or email.
1. Mary
2. Nathan Turner YOUNG married Lucy CRANDALL.
3. Olive YOUNG.
4. Hannah YOUNG married Abel EVERETTS.
5. Robard Watson YOUNG married Polly GOULD.
6. Northrup W. YOUNG (2nd) married Maryetta CRANDALL.
7. Sally Champlin YOUNG married ? LEONARD.
8. Hazard Jeffrey C. YOUNG married Samantha OGLE.
9. Nancy YOUNG married Justis LEONARD
10. Deborah YOUNG married James PRESTON.
and 11. Esther YOUNG married Alanson BUCKBEE.
Numbers 8, 9, & 11 went to Tioga Co. PA.
I understood that several of the siblings stayed in Chenango Co. Do you know about any of these?.


Gary Cooke Thu Apr 13 18:21:30 2000
Looking for information on the family of Lucena and Socrates BROOKS, Children, Etc John BROOKS, Jesse BROOKS, Georgoe BROOKS etc. Circa 1800-1850
Thanks Gary Please Email me at walkncro@fls.infi.net (invalid address Jan 2019)


Lawrence H. Bentley Fri Apr 14 08:48:21 2000
Looking for information on Artemas WATERMAN b. abt. 1800 and George S. WATERMAN b. 1837. Believed to have resided in New Berlin. Later Marshall, Oneida Co. Also Joseph WATERMAN born Scituate, RI 1790, married Polly RITTER in New Berlin, died in Marshall, March 6, 1865; particularly daughter Amanda, married James Morgan BENTLEY, 1846 in Augusta, Oneida Co.


Lisa Noetzelmann Fri Apr 14 09:46:29 2000
I am looking for Ralph Julian BROWN and his ancestors. Ralph Julian was born 17 Aug 1903 in Coventryville. He married Mildred Ethel TARBOX in Binghamton, Broome, NY. His parents were Francis Erastus BROWN b. Guilford, NY and Martha Jeannette BATEMAN. I am only able to look online as I am in Iowa and most family members are dead. The family members that are alive can't seem to remember anything about their family.
Thanks :-) Lisa


Roger E. Rice Fri Apr 14 20:10:45 2000
Attention: Chenango county folks: It is with great regret that I post the death of my father Robert William RICE, Sr. on March 16th, 2000. He was the reason that I was trying so desparately to find my ancestors listed in the prior posting. Now I am looking on behalf of my siblings and cousins. If anyone out there knows of anything on Abner or Wright, it would be greatly appreciated.
Please post back here, but send me a prompt at my home email rrice2@mciworld.com
Thanks. Roger Eugene Rice.


Karen Bevard Sat Apr 15 14:49:41 2000
I have a copy from a book or note book that list information on townships and settlers in Chenango Co. the page I am looking at is P. 19, titled - McDONOUGH AND VICINITY - lists the naming of the town and at the bottom list - Early Settlers Continued.- and starts out with Mellen BARROWS. (Originally spelled Barrus)... I need to know the name, date published and publisher of this source. I am preparing my material for the DAR and want to list thsis as a source.
Any help would be appreciated. PS if anyone has sources for the decendents of Mellen BARROWS they would like to share, I would be appreciative. Karen Bevard


Darlene C. Joyce Sun Apr 16 16:58:31 2000
Tracing all NORTONs in Chenango County, NY. My direct line went Spafford, Onondaga County, NY about 1814. But, some of the family stayed in Chenago until at least the mid-1800s. Related surnames showing up in my research are: STILLMAN, MERRY, PURDY, SEELEY, HAIGHT, WELLS, WELTON. Any info on NORTON will be appreciated. My GG-Grandfather was Harvey Stillman NORTON, born Spafford, 1828...believed to be the son of Harvey and Sallie Merry NORTON...grandson of David and Dinah WELTON / Wilton NORTON. Family traces back to Thomas and Grace Wells NORTON, of Guilford, CT, 1639. darlenecjoyce@uswest.net


William Manning Ackroyd Sun Apr 16 17:42:20 2000
Thomas J. MANNING B: 10-14-1878 D: 1943 Married Ruli TABOR. Also John B. MANNING Married Elizabeth TERRANT. Parents of Thomas J. MANNING All buried in Mt. Hope Cemetery south of city of Norwich. Any and all information appreciated. I have nothing so far.


Marsha Lavin Mon Apr 17 10:11:07 2000
gggrandfather Samuel was born in Greene in 1821. Looking for his dad's birthplace, David WEBB b.1781 and wife Lydia BUTLER who may be from Greene BUTLERs. Samuel and brother Stephen were born in Greene, then family moved to Maine, NY. Trying to trace WEBBs back to Egremont, MA or Conn. The WEBBs were basketmakers from England.


Susan M. Scott Mon Apr 17 20:02:42 2000
I am searching for information on John Henry LEMLEY born about 1856 in an unknown place and died in 1921 in Norwich, N.Y. Buried in Mount Hope Cemetery. Also looking for information on a Martin LEMLEY who was listed in the 1869-1870 business directory as living in Kings Settlement- Lot#85---Business was collier, which I understand to be a miner of some kind. Martin LEMLEY may also be burried in Mt. Hope Dates of birth and death are unknown, as is possible relationship to John Henry LEMLEY Any information provided will be gratefully appreciated. Susan M. LEMLEY Scott.


Bill BURNS Tue Apr 18 19:54:52 2000
Trying to locate someone who can help me with information on my Aunt Grace MAIURANO or MARINO. She lived in Norwich N.Y. Chenango county. She had a busness there and had a flower shop in with it. She was born June 1, 1893. Death Feb 1980. Norwich N.Y. Even the smallest bit of information could help open the door for me. In hopes of hearing from someone. Bill.


Lee Johnson Tue Apr 18 21:15:18 2000
Looking for family of John Daniel BURRELL (1856-1937), son of Hiram Cooley BURRELL and Ann Eliza EDWARDS, lived in Norwich abt 1888, md Lillian PLACE (1857-1906). Any info would be appreciated and have much to share also. Lee Johnson: leela826@aol.com


Steve Bennett Thu Apr 20 11:39:49 2000
To Maureen (tried your e-mail address and it was returned) who posted May 17, 1999 re: Moses and Mary BENNETT:
Saw your post in the Chenango County Gen Web site queries.....My Levi BENNETT emigrated from New York (Orange County? Chenango County?) to Gibson, Pennsylvania (Susquehanna County) sometime between 1790 and 1810...(I think). He married Lydia BELCHER... Levi has been a roadblock for me for years...many tips but not proof yet. Is it possible your Moses and Mary BENNETT were his parents? My Levi had a son, William, and a grandson, William. His William grandson was my gr-gr grandfather and served with the 18th Michigan in the Civil War. He lived in the Ionia / Montcalm counties area.....
Is it possible we can graft some family tree branches here? Steve Bennett Ann Arbor, MI dogface1441@yahoo.com


Bonnie Card Thu Apr 20 16:43:37 2000
Looking for information on Joshua CARD and Susan GARDNER, b- 1791. Information on Thomas ELDRED and Mary (Polly) WETHERBY, b- 1790. Arthur CARD and Harriet MYERS b- 1854. Russell CARD and Phoebe OWENS, b- 1825 Any information will be appreciated. Bonnie Card


Charles Foster Sun Apr 23 03:21:18 2000
Looking for familys of Jomn, Jack or Frank McPARTLANDS. My mother is Bernice McPARTLANDS, her father is Stephan McPARTLANDS


RICHARD AXELSEN Sun Apr 23 12:25:30 2000
Hosea MEACHAM - born Jan 1807 in Chenango County, married to Mary NICHOLS. She was born ca.1808 Oneida County. They both died in Wis. Any info appreciated.


Mary Hafler Thu Apr 27 05:58:32 2000
In area of Greene, Chenango Co. looking for information on: BARNES, Adelbert D. b. 1855 married 1875 to Mary Elizabeth FITCH b. 1853. Also David BARNES b. 1819 and Mason FITCH b.1815 married to Mary E. SKILLEN b. 1819.
E-mail please to Mghafler@aol.com


Janet Bennett Haulton Fri Apr 28 16:10:02 2000
Searching for any info on Levi BENNETT, son of James BENNETT of Orange Co and Levi migrated to Chenango Co about 1811. Levi married Lydia BELCHER. Searching for decendants as well as ancestors...think that James and Levi might be sons of Benjamin BENNETT
...willing to share research. Thanks Janet


Barbara Mon May 1 09:04:04 2000
Looking for information concerning the homestead known as "SMITH's Place" near Preston. Particularly interested in Anna, wife of John SMITH, died 1712 who is buried there. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Smith Family Descendants - http://www.uhpage.com/barb


Brian Campbell Mon May 1 19:30:21 2000
Seeking info on my great, great grandmother, Catharine / Catherine KENNEDY, born Jan. 24, 1817 in Chenango Co., NY. Is there a birth record? Also seeking marriage record for her parents, Issac KENNEDY and Catherine (maiden name unknown). Any help will be appreciated.


David Rogers Tue May 2 10:47:36 2000
I am looking for information on the life & family of Abijah CADY and his wife Sabra KNAPP who lived in the Bainbridge area of Chenango County from about 1820 - 1850. Abijah CADY was the son of Elias CADY & Keziah DOTY of Canaan, Columbia County, NY. He was born c 1780, lived in Montgomery County, Charleston / Florida area for a few years c 1800-1810 where he married, then moved to Chenango County. Information on the names, birthdates, etc. of Abijah's children would be very much appreciated. Thank you.


Jean Larson Tue May 2 15:53:04 2000
Need help on family of Amasa HOLMES born 1823, NY Lived in Chenango 1850-1870 at least. May have lived in Cortland 1840. Wife Susana, Chil: Alsop, Bertrand, Vernon, Abigail, Permelia, Luke, Julius, Amasa, Linsey. Was Amasa the son of John Alsop HOLMES? Jean Larson


Lee Johnson Tue May 2 17:34:10 2000
Searching for Caroline Artemicia BURRELL, b 1841 to Caleb and Diadamia (Turner) BURRELL, who may have married a PECK and lived in or around Norwich, Chenango Co. NY. Any info would be appreciated and have lots to share also. Lee Johnson: leela826@aol.com


Susan M. Lemley Scott Fri May 5 04:31:15 2000
I am trying to find out if there was a family connection (possibly trough marriage), among the following people. They were all listed in the 1869-70 Chenango County business directory for North Norwich, as living in Kings Settlement in North Norwich at lot #85. Martin A. LEMLEY; Abraham EICHLER; John TONEY. the first was a collier by trade, the other two farmers. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


Ruth Seibert Fri May 5 12:09:15 2000
Looking for information on Dyer C. SALISBURY. All I know of him is that he is listed in the 1840 as resident of Chenango Co. Would also appreciate a lookup of this census item.


Betty Fri May 5 18:26:40 2000
Tracing all HOPKINS families in Chenango County


Betty Sat May 6 04:58:17 2000
Looking for info on Jason HOPKINS, married July 4, 1846 in Chenango, New York....married Eunice Elizabeth ELLSWORTH. She was the daughter of Amasa and Elmira Lawton ELLSWORTH.


Ruth Case Sat May 6 15:06:26 2000
I am searching for information on Ann CHURCH (could be Nancy) who is the sister of Rodney Smith CHURCH, born 1794, Bainbridge, Chenango County, N.Y. I suppose Ann was born there too, abt. 1815. She married someone SPALDING and died in Mobile Ala. Also I am searching for information on Mary A. Clark nee CHURCH married to William CLARK. Mary died in 1911, Brooklyn, N. Y. These are distant relatives and I have no proof of parents or anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Cynthia Dickinson Sun May 7 03:43:35 2000
Looking for relatives of Deacon Israel SMITH b 1739 Granby, CT and his son Deacon Israel SMITH b c 1765 CT. Families of both located in Brattleboro VT previous to 1789 when they located in Jericho and later Bainbridge. They came with the families of Hezekiah STOWELL and Samuel BIXBY also EVANS and DICKINSON.
Will exchange info I have. Thanks Cynthia Dickinson


PATTY HAYES Tue May 9 08:47:38 2000
Does anybody know anything about a Melvin SMITH born 1-13-1826 in Smyrna, New York?


Betty Shampang Tue May 9 14:18:17 2000
Seaarching for descendants of Emanuel Joseph SHAMPANG (1839-1913) and Irene BUSH (from Boylston, Oswego Co.) who lived in White Store / Norwich area and had nine children, Charles W. (moved to Vermont), Ida, Henry, Mary, Jessie (F), Frank, George, Fred and Archie. Archie SHAMPANG married Luella HENDRICKSON, Pearl ? (Oxford) and Sarah WISEMAN. Looking for NICHOLS - WILD families of Chenango ans Otesego Counties.


Ken Box Tue May 9 14:28:56 2000
I am searching for information on James JACOBUS, born 1808, who was married to Sophia (?) at Oxford, Chenango, NY on 27 Feb. 1828, by Rev. Bush, an Episcopal clergyman. I would like to know Sophia's maiden name, date of birth, place of birth, and names of their parents. If anyone has this information, or can direct me to possible sources, please contact me. Thank you.


Val Barney Thu May 11 14:29:02 2000
I have just heard of a family momento belonging to a "cousin". It is a newspaper article in the Courtland Standard Evening News, dated Mar 15, 1920. I believe this is from Chenango County somewhere. Possibly Norwich or McGraw?
Article is about Otis NEWELL, titled "From Missouri to Pacific". There is a reference to May 4, 1860 as his starting date from Kansas with a partner, Mr Chase, to California in a wagon train beginning with about 7 wagons and ending up with about 40. It also mentions he is from Norwich with many relatives in McGraw(sp?).
I will pay or whatever to have a copy of this as well as find out any info on this Otis NEWELL as I believe he will be the missing link I have to my GGGrandfather, Orrin W NEWELL.
Thanks to everyone, Val Barney - dignity@cet.com


Marie Shreeves Thu May 11 22:37:12 2000
The following is an exerpt that was sent to me from the History of Chenango and Madison Counties, New York. I am trying to follow up on this Clarissa who married Azor WOOD. I believe she was my great great grandmother:

Page 350
who married a man named Cox, a brother of Isaac Cox. Savage, Nash and Robbins, who were then young men, came in company from Ballston, Saratoga county, from Unadilla by a foot-path indicated by blazed trees, and settled near what has since been known as the old four corners. Savage located on a part of the farm now occupied by Lucius Shelton, near where the widow Orrin Gridley now lives, about two miles north of Guilford. Nash, on the top of the hill, near Van Buren Corners, on the site of the residence of the widow Brant; and Robbins, where Philo Shelton now lives. Robbins was taken sick with the small-pox, and when sufficiently recovered he and Nash went back to Ballston, leaving Savage to toil alone in the wilderness for seven months, till their return. They came in the spring and the following February Savage brought in his family. There was then but one house in Guilford Center. It stood where John Young now lives and was occupied by a man named Carney, who soon after died, and was buried in the woods on the creek, near the Hiram Burlison place.(*) Savage died where he settled in 1846. He had three children, Almira, who married Charles Cobb, who,

(*) Discourse by Rev. S. N. Robinson, A. M., on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the First Congregational Church of Guilford, of which he was pastor, to which we are indebted for other facts.

Page 226
after her death, at the Center, removed to the North River; Giles, who married Keziah, daughter of James Phelps, and settled at Guilford Center, where his wife died Dec. 31, 1864, aged 73; and Clarissa, who married Azor Wood and lived and died near Guilford Center. Giles was a soldier in the war of 1812. He was killed on the railroad in Michigan some years previous to the death of his second wife, having become slightly deranged. One of his daughters who is living in Kansas is the only one of the family left.


Carol Schiraldi Sun May 14 11:34:36 2000
Would like to know if there is a James BUTTON (1802?-183??) buried in any of the cemeteries in/near Columbus, Chen Co. I have checked all many other cemeteries listed on-line (and thanks to all those who spent many hours creating the lists!)


J. Lee Nichols Sun May 14 15:24:41 2000
Seeking any information on my cousin Margaret HANNON, who lived in Norwich in the 1940s and '50s. She also is related to the O'NEIL and REEL families of Pittsburgh, PA..


shirley wood Sun May 14 19:54:25 2000
A marriage between A.B. MERCHANT and Alice E IRLAND. I need exact date, might be 1874-5. Believed to be married in Bainbridge. If at all possible, I would like to know the cemetery buried in. Thank you so much for your time.


Debra Mills Mon May 15 19:38:16 2000
Looking for information on the COLT family in Ostelic Township in the mid-1800's. Daughter Mary Jane, 1828-1901, married Thomas FORBES in Ostelic in 1848. Mary Jane's parents may have been Truman & Anna. Thomas was from Onondaga Co, NY, moved to Wisconsin in about 1847, but returned to NY to marry Mary Jane. Thomas and Mary Jane then moved to Wisconsin sometime in the mid-1850's.
Debbie Mills


Bernie McDowell Wed May 17 13:57:07 2000
In the 1840 NY Census--Chenango County, Page 153 Division of Arnold Field is listed Develle HARRIS. There is also a Thomas HARRIS listed 6 spaces below Develle. Develle V. HARRIS married Amanda CARRIER on September 18, 1836, apparently at her fathers home or town in Otsego County, NY. Her father was John Lyman CARRIER. According to the census, there is a male child under 5 (which would be David R. HARRIS, b1839), a male under 10, another male under 20 and Develle himself, between 20 and 30. The female between 20 and 30 would be Amanda. This marriage is documented in the CARRIER family bible but no other entry exists for Develle. No death, military or divorce is mentioned, although most other family members have their deaths listed. I have also not seen a document, other than the Bible for the marriage. Develle just disapears after the census listing. The Thomas HARRIS listed below Develle is between 50 and 60 with a woman between 60 and 70. These could be the parents of Develle. I would love to hear from anyone who has any information on this Develle. It is such an unusual name, one would think it would not be so hard to find something on him. Their first son was named David Russell HARRIS, the Russell comes from the mother's side. There is something printed on the side of the census page, right next to the listing for Develle (12th line) but I cannot read it.
I have been looking for Develle for at least 14 years.....anyone????? PS This man is my husband's 2nd great grandfather.


Pam Young Thu May 18 13:11:06 2000
Looking for info on Elijah GRISWOLD, born 1832, in Chenango County. His father was Elias W. GRISWOLD, and his mother was Almira A. Wilbur GRISWOLD. Elias then married Almira's sister, Betsey when Almira died. Elijah had one brother, Oliver (killed in Civil War), and one sister, Almira (who married Garrett Constable). He also had two half brothers through his father's marriage to Betsey, Frank W. GRISWOLD and William Wilbur GRISWOLD. Elias W. GRISWOLD was also a cigar manufacturer in Hudson, NY. Can anyone help? Thank you


Adine Wakefield Thu May 18 23:56:42 2000
I am looking for a GAZLAY Cemetery in Chenango County, New York. Can anyone tell me where? I am looking for a David M. GAZLAY who was a printer, author, publisher in 1860s in New York; he would have been about 25-30 years old then. Was wondering if he was buried there. Thank you for any help or suggestions.


Neal Thompson Fri May 19 14:21:38 2000
Am looking for information on Julia MERICLE / MERIKLE. She was born abt 1830. She married James PERSONIUS and lived in Tompkins County NY. She was said to have signed an affidavit for Elias B MARICLE so he could get his pension. They are listed in 1892 census for Tompkins Co but have leads they were in Chenango Co before that time period. Any information is greatly appreciated.


Jennie Castle Sat May 20 09:18:27 2000
I am searching for the parents of Charles INGRAHAM b.10/15/1867 d. 8/14/1906 m. Jennie Bell WELLS. Could it be Ira W. INGRAHAM b. 5/7/1842, Mary M. INGRAHAM b. 5/16/1843, Catherine A. INGRAHAM b. 12/29/1819? Around the Oxford area. Any information regarding a Lyman INGRAHAM m. Julia Thompson parents are Mr and Mrs. Guiles THOMPSON. Julia was born 3/10/1848 and died 10/3/1935 buried in Corbin cementary, East Mcdonough, any info on Lyman would be appreciated. I have some info on Phidela STEERE m. John G. THOMPSON on 2/20/1838. Can anyone tell me information on William STEERE b. 1782 d. 1860. is her father, whom is mother? I have a letter written(1950) from the STEERE Assoc. written by Frank Kenyon from Greene, NY. Stating 4 different William STEERE's from 1671-1822, plus John STEERE 1634, but have no wives names and info? Any info would be of great help.


debra mills Sat May 20 22:02:00 2000
Looking for information or to share information on either FORBES or COLTs in Chenango Co, Ostelic Township. Mary Jane COLT, 12/28/1828 - 5/10/1901, married Thomas FORBES in Ostelic on 6/22/1848. Thomas had moved to Wisconsin around 1847, but came back to NY to marry Mary Jane, then returned to WI with their family between 1852 and 1854. Believe Thomas' father was John, who died in Onandaga Co in 1844. Uncertain of Mary Jane's family. Please email me.
Debra mills


Paul M. Shipman Sun May 21 05:23:37 2000
Looking for Information on Abner SHIPMAN found in the minutes book of the Congregational church book of German, N.Y. Abner SHIPMAN d. Sept 6, 1832 an aged man
Thanks----- Paul


Emy Hannon Sun May 21 06:08:35 2000
Looking for any info for William F. BENJAMIN b. 4-18-1820 in De Ruyter, Madison Co NY. He was supposed to have studied medicine and located to Lincoln, Chenango Co NY. He later practiced in Madison and Cortland Counties NY. Eventually moved to Dushore, Sullivan Co PA, where he do. 8-10-1869. He served as an examining surgeon during the Civil War. He m. Elizabeh H. SULLIVAN b. 5-30-1827 in Fayette Co. PA. Any leads or suggestions would be appreciated.
Reply to mehannon@kih.net Emy


Mary Ann Cady Sun May 21 11:59:44 2000
Information requested on Catherine C. HASTING(S) born in Smithville to Dianna and William HASTING(S). Or any information on siblings and/or parents siblings, parents.


Jack Decker Tue May 23 08:52:46 2000
I am trying to find information on the Eastern Light Lodge, No. 126, F&AM, organized Oct. 1, 1811 in Geneganselet, Chenango Co., NY. Geneganselet is 2 miles from the Village of Greene. Has anyone researched a lodge this old? Does anyone know the best source for obtaining information on this lodge.
Thanks for any help. Jack Decker


Marie Hurd Tue May 23 18:37:58 2000
I just found out today that I have an interest in Chenango Co. I had a note around here for some time now, telling about Seth DAVIS & his brother being awarded a lifetime of employment in the Enicott Shoe Co. of Pitcher NY. Only found out today that it is in Chenango Co. This is all I have but, would love to know more about this notice. I got this info from the Internet, but I don't have a date or anything else, except what I have printed above.
Thanks Marie Hurd


PAUL Wed May 24 08:13:07 2000
Nicholas LARKIN was in Chenango Co. for the 1800 Federal Census. He had at least 8 children from 1792-1820. These were Bradford, Dennis, Elias, Nicolas, Rufus, Ridley, Sanford (Sandford), and Phoebe. I am looking for specific info. on them, and have much info. to share. Please email any response, as I may not get back here. Paul


Dan Glover Wed May 24 12:19:19 2000
I've heard stories as to how and where Elijah BLACKMAN died. I would like to know the true story, if possible, about his death. Thank you.


Deborah Nye Wed May 24 19:07:25 2000
How are these families related if at all. I have a letters from Freeman WEDGE in the Civil War with his brother Robert. It was sent to my great grandmother, Frankie (Lydia Frances) PADDLEFORD. The greeting reads "My dear cousin". I have little information on the PADDLEFORDs and would be pleased to learn more. Thanks


Ann McReynolds Thu May 25 18:26:11 2000
I have a strong hunch that my husband's ever so great gf was Joseph POOL(E), who reportedly was b. 1767 in Jericho, Chenango County NY. (I believe his father may also have been named Joseph.) Hopefully, there is someone out there who can connect this man with Immigrant Edward POOLE of MA and his numerous descendants....of course, it would be wonderful to know something specific about the POOLE family life in Chenango County, and as long as I'm wishing, what was Joseph's first wife's maiden name?


Robin Thu May 25 19:41:12 2000
Seeking info on the family of Levi and Rosannah CASTLE BARTHOLOMEW, born ca 1776/CT, who moved to Coventry, Chenango Co. between 1805-1819 from Chittenden Co., VT. They are listed in the 1810 census of Chenango; by 1820 they had gone to Clermont Co. OH. They had at least three sons, Bradley born 1804/Chittenden Co. VT; Benjamin born 1810/Chenango; William born 1821/Clermont Co. OH.


Dave Mathewson Sun May 28 16:40:43 2000
Looking for information on family line Grandfather George W. MATHEWSON, born Sep 1877, died 1919. On Dec 3, 1899 he married Catherine (HARRIS) MATHEWSON and they had 3 sons, Randal, Hubert, and Robert). George had 3 Sisters:
Bertha (MATHEWSON) KING of N Norwich Husband Unknown to me
Della (MATHEWSON) MAINE of N Norwich Husband Unknown to me
Ada (MATHEWSON) BROOKER of Chenango Lake Husband Unknown to me
****All sisters were living in 1919 when George died.
George's dad was Willis C MATHEWSON and mom was Mary MATHEWSON Need info on Mary and George's 3 sisters and their family.
I am USAF retired in Kansas and would appreciate any help. Sincerely, Dave Mathewson, wings@midusa.net


Ethel Gaspar Mon May 29 09:16:00 2000
Am looking for my grgrgrandmother, Mary GALLAGHER, born RI 1850 or 51. Father was Wm GALLAGHER. All I have is her marriage certificate 1868 in IL stating that her father, Wm who lived in NY state gave authority to a David Murphy to give permission for her to marry. She had one son 1869 and is on 1870 IL census. By 1880 census she no longer lives there but son (11yo) does. Later found out that the son was raised by one of his aunts and that Mary died (not sure where) early on and was buried back east. Maybe NY? Back then could they ship a body from IL to NY? Maybe she died in NY and husband brought son back to IL before 1880 census. What a mystery! Can anyone help? Thanks.


Sheila Gonzales Mon May 29 14:09:36 2000
Hi need help in finding information about Abel Nelson ADAMS born Aug 4, 1814 Pittsfield, Otsego, New York married Orrilla TUCKER, Abel Nelson ADAMS died May 19, 1890 New Berlin Chenango New York. They had 10 children. His father Azor ADAMS and wife Hannah LAFLIN, his parents Abel ADAMS and Lucretia CRANE his father Abraham ADAMS and wife Elizabeth WILLIAMS. This families descendents. Edwin ADAMS married Susan Ann MITCHELL there issue Arlina ADAMS who married James Franklin BIGGS his father Allen BIGGS who's third wife was Catherine THOMAS his father was James BIGGS and Mary GWIN. Donald R. SWANSON of Lincoln, Nebraska his a direct descendent. Hope to hear from someone will share all I have. thanks Sheila


Linda Dufek Mon May 29 14:09:45 2000
I am looking for the family of Henry B. SMITH who was born in Green, Chenango County, NY in about 1820. He moved to Van Buren County, Iowa, then to Cooke County in Texas. He was killed by Indians near Laredo, Texas in May, 1866. His children were Elvira, Chastina, Adaline, Edward, and Henry.


Maria Davis-Johnson Mon May 29 14:51:36 2000
Looking for any information to validate the family of Joshua DAVIS (1775-1840) and his wife Amy (Angelina) STRAIGHT (1779-1839), married 1795. They both were born in Hopkinton, Washington Co., RI and migrated before 1800 to the Chenango area. I also would like to know where they died. These families were members of the Seventh Day Baptist Church. The following is a brief view of the line:

Rev. William DAVIS (1663-1745) m. Elizabeth BRISLEY (1670-1700) & Elizabeth PAVIOR (1663-1760)
Rev. Jonathan DAVIS (1692-1750) m. Elizabeth MAXSON (1695-1751)
Rev. Jonathan DAVIS, II (1723-1792) m. Bethiah ROGERS (1725-1772) & Mary SAUNDERS-STILLMAN (1731- )
Rev. David Rogers DAVIS (Abt. 1744-) m. Lydia CARTWRIGHT (1746- 1820) & Anna SATTERLEE-LANPHERE (Aft. 1742- )
Joshua DAVIS (1775-1840) m. Amy STRAIGHT (1779-1837)
Job Greene DAVIS (1799-1869) m. Susan MONEY (1803-1871)
Jerome A. DAVIS (1843-1918)

If anyone has info concerning Joshua DAVIS and Amy STRAIGHT I would appreciate hearing from you.


Bob Archibald Wed May 31 01:20:59 2000
Found an obit on Abigail WILCOX b. Aug. 2 1828 in New Berlin, Chenango County NY. Her parents are Benjamin and Mary M. Is there anyone who can confrim this of help find information. please contact me at bonez@execpc.com


Karen Bevard Wed May 31 15:10:04 2000
Looking for information on the parents of John Milton HARVEY, b. 1825/6, Pitcher, Ch., NY, m. Oct 31, 1847, to Polly Ester BREED, in Pitcher, NY. He was a team master. d. about 1870. Their dau. Caroline E. HARVEY m. Charles BACON. This couple adoupted (we believe) Hattie Louise BACON. (She is suppose to be a full blooded Indian, we need information on her too).


Karen Bevard Wed May 31 15:29:47 2000
Looking for information on Carpenter BENNETT m. Harriet GRUSS. Son was William H. BENNETT, b. Dec. 30, 1863 in Bainbridge, Ch., NY. m. Mertie BUSH. We found the father and mother names on William's birth record, but that is all we got. May have lived across the river in Bennettsville. any clues would be appreciated.


Theresa Pilz Thu Jun 1 13:31:49 2000
Looking for info. on my gggrandparents, Polly JANES (b. ~1802) of Plymouth who married David PELLET(T) (b. 1787) of Norwich at Christ Episcopal Church in Sherburne in 1837. Their son Morgan PELLETT was born in Norwich in 1838. The family later went to Illinois, where Polly and David PELLETT died. Polly's father was Oliver JANES, and her brother Marenus JANES. Any leads on these families appreciated.


Sandra Mullins Thu Jun 1 14:02:05 2000
I am looking for information on a William B. TILLOTSON who was married to Vashti MUNSON in Oxford Chenango NY in 1808. She was the daughter of Wilmot and Patience (Cooper) MUNSON. Children born to this marriage: Harriet 1810 Samuel 9-28-1811 William 1814 Rober Ransom 2-29-1816 Sally 1818 Caroline 1820 Maria 1822.
I have tired several sources and cannot find out who he was or where he came from. Any help at all will be appreciated.


June Kingston Thu Jun 1 16:26:37 2000
I am looking for information on the Abraham RALYEA who lived in Smithville, Chenango Co. from 1810 to abt 1832. He had 12 children Bem -- Abigail -- Elizabeth -- Esack -- Gertrude -- Ichabod -- Almira - John - Polly - Byron - Ami Myron - Sally. Will share what info I have. Thanks in advance June Kingston june1008@aol.com


Rea Ann Trotter Tue Jun 6 17:19:23 2000
Searching for family of John HALL, b. 1781 and Hannah WEED, b. 1791; both reportedly from Chenango county, NY. Possible children include: Joseph, James, Joel. Family moved to IL by 1832. Please e-mail me if you have any information on these families!


John Crandall Tue Jun 6 20:58:24 2000
Seeking info on Henry Clinton CRANDALL


Elaine Scantlebury Wed Jun 7 15:12:59 2000
I am looking for any and all information on Nathan James GREEK, Sr., b. ca 1793; and Rozilla, b. ca 1793. Rozilla is supposedly a Creek Indian. Nathan James was a U.S. Gov't Scout. They were in Chenango County, in the 1850 Census for Green, NY. They had three children; John, James, Nathan James Jr.
Any information would be greatly appreciated. I have reached a dead end on Rozilla. I have no last name or any other info on her. Please e-mail me, if you can help. Thank you, Elaine


Joann O'Heron Fri Jun 9 19:15:39 2000
Searching for the death date of Eunice CRANDALL, b.1832, daughter of Elias and Betsey Smith CRANDALL.


Steven Bush Fri Jun 9 21:35:01 2000
I search of my family roots. My G.G.Grandparents were Jay H. NEWTON 1852-1890 and Ellen A. GRANT buried in E. Pharsalia. G.Grandparents were Fred NEWTON 1887-1964 and Lula YEAW 1886-1967 Grandparents Ralph BUSH and Grace NEWTON of Norwich. Also looking for G.Grandparents Leroy W. BUSH and Lydia G. BACON who's sons were Ralph, Clyde, Leveer, Carl and daughters Gladys (Monroe), Eunice (Smith) and Leah (Valentine). Any information would be very helpful. I'm from Massachusetts and willing to help anyone in this area!


Connie Wise Mon Jun 12 13:21:34 2000
I am researching the family of Aaron WALTON, Jr. born 5/20/1800, in Columbus, Chenango, NY. Any information would be helpful.


Barbara Harris Tue Jun 13 09:12:03 2000
Searching for information on these three HARRIS families. There is a book prepared by Gale Ion HARRIS in 1981 titled, "Families of Elisha, Joseph and Woodruff HARRIS of Chenango County, New York and Geauga and Portage Counties, Ohio". Elisha HARRIS, ca 1772-1841, Joseph HARRIS, ca 1775-1838, Woodruff HARRIS 1790-1837. In the "History of Chenango & Madison Counties, NY" by James H. Smith, published in 1880, Elisha and Woodruff HARRIS are listed as having arrived in Smithville in 1808. Are these three brothers? Did they come from Connecticut?
My ancestor, Elisha HARRIS was born in Chenango County July 19, 1817. Is he the son of one of these three listed above? Any ideas on how I can obtain a copy of either of the books mentioned or get further information from the contents? There is an Elisha HARRIS listed on the 1810 Federal Population Census. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Mary Tue Jun 13 12:29:52 2000
Researching FLANAGAN ancestors in Chenango. My GGGM was born Ellen Louise FLANAGAN in Smithville in 1872 or 73. Her siblings married into DUNN, McCORMACK, McNAMARA and NABAR families, most stayed in the area. Ellen married Jeremiah A. SULLIVAN and lived in Buffalo til her death in 1921.
Please email if familiar.


Karen Akens Tue Jun 13 20:26:39 2000
Looking for ancestors of Aruba Prudence DOBSON, b. 1819 Chenango County, NY m. Oliver Perry HAZARD.


Garry Foster Tue Jun 13 20:31:13 2000
I am looking for information on the Elijah FOSTER family. Elijah moved to Sherburne in 1793. The last date I have for him being in Sherburne was 1835. He does not show up in the 1840 census, so he may have died between 1835 and 1840. Elijah was married to Sarah (Sally) THOMPSON 1801? until her death in 1805. (Elijah may have had a wife previous to Sarah and one after Sarah's death). One son I know of was Lyman (my ggg-grandfather) born in 1802. The 1810 census indicates that Elijah's family consisted of about 7 sons and 2 daughters. Other sons may be Asa, Christopher, Industry. Any help with this family would be greatly appreciated. Garry Foster FosterG@mail.vetmed.ufl.edu


Karen Akens Tue Jun 13 21:10:22 2000
Dr. Alvin Conkling HAZARD was born June 21, 1838 in Great Bend, PA, and died April 19, 1897 in New Berlin, NY. He married (1) Angeline D. SAGE March 10, 1858 in New York. She was born November 11, 1840, and died April 11, 1872. He married (2) Adelaide H. BRIGGS January 08, 1873. She was born September 14, 1848.
Children of Alvin HAZARD and Angeline SAGE are:
    i. Ella J. HAZARD, b. December 02, 1858; m. Herman A. HILLS, October 17, 1876.
    ii. Ransom E. HAZARD, b. September 06, 1861; d. May 13, 1869.
Children of Alvin HAZARD and Adelaide BRIGGS are:
    iii. Oliver P. HAZARD, b. August 19, 1874.
    2. iv. Henry Harold HAZARD, b. January 17, 1879, New Berlin, Chenango County, NY; d. October 16, 1941, DeKalb, Illinois.
Am seeking information on Angeline SAGE and Adelaide BRIGGS - parents, siblings, etc. Also would like to know burial info on A.C. HAZARD and his wives.
I have several pictures of Dr. HAZARD and people whom I assume to be his family as well as pictures of a beautiful home - unfortunately none are labeled and I can only identify Dr. HAZARD from a newspaper article picture. If you are a descendant of this family I would love to share info.


Ed Brown Wed Jun 14 16:29:48 2000
From the 1810 Census of Smyrna, Chenango co, NY Seeking any info on the following families. Desiring spouse names, children and orgins.
1810 Census of Smyrna, NY.page or sheet # 985 and 986 list:
Pelic BROWN with 1-0-0-1-0 m / 2-0-0-1-0 f
Elihu WELTON with 4-0-0-1-0 m / 1-0-1-0-0 f
I have a gggrandfather Charles Douglas BROWN born in NY on July 24 1806/7 his 1st wife was Lucia WELTON born March 30 1809.. They were in Hinckley, Medina co, OH prior to 1st sons birth in 1833. Please give an Email to : brownel99@hotmail.com


Bob Carpenter Wed Jun 14 17:03:46 2000
While searching the Chenango County web site I found the graves for Hazard and Ester BURDICK in the Old Bulingame Burying Ground. I am wondering if anyone has pictures of their headstones. They can either be downloaded to me or actual photographs sent to me. I am willing to pay a reasonable fee and postage. Thank you in advance for any help.
Bob Carpenter


Pat(Gridley) Jorgensen Sat Jun 17 20:54:08 2000
Wanda PRENTICE who was a foster child of my grandmother Mabel GRIDLEY betweeen 1943 and 1946 or 1947. I have 20 to 30 photos for you which I found when my father, Earl F. GRIDLEY, died recently. The last photo was one you sent to Grandma when you were 19. I hope all is well with you and that you would like the photos which I will be happy to pass on to you. One photo shows you and I playing together.
Patricia (Gridley) Jorgensen


Maggie Miller Laurenz Wed Jun 21 00:04:08 2000
Seeking information about my great great grandparents Polly SPALDING and Clark UTTER. Polly was b. 5/23/1814 & m Clark UTTER 1838. Their children:

Acenith UTTER AKA Samantha BRIGGS b. 6/18/1843, Columbus, Chenango Co., NY m. Lucien Walter MILLER 2/9/1860.[my great grandparents]
Millicent UTTER AKA Millie b. 9/15/1849, Allegany Co., NY, m. Fred STRONG 9/11/1872.
Charles UTTER AKA Charles DYE b. 1/14/1843.
Polly d. May 1856 Columbus, Chenango Co., NY.

It is believed that all the children with the exception of the oldest, Betsy were adopted or raised by other families. Acenith was adopted or raised by a BRIGGS family, Millie adopted family unknown, and Charles or Charlie by family named DYE.
In 1880 Acenith & Lucien, sons Lewis & Walter Clark MILLER,[my grandfather] along with Lucien's father Lewis Drake MILLER, brother Henry MILLER and Millie & Fred STRONG moved to Dakota Territory to what is now Brown County, South Dakota. All are buried in the Oakwood Cemetery, Brown Co., SD. Charles moved to Madison, Minnesota and is buried there.

I have the family information for Polly SPALDING but know nothing about Clark UTTER and his parents. I would love to correspond with anyone having information about any of these families. What happened to Clark after Polly's death? What happened to Betsy?


Bev Price Wed Jun 21 03:09:14 2000
I'm looking for any details re Willett BALCH (d. Oct. 21, 1974) of Sherburne. He ran a store in that area. Thanks.


Rose Sheldon Newton Wed Jun 21 10:03:38 2000
Seeking family of Caroline O. SHELDON who married Caleb G. FERRIS 6 Jan 1847 at Sherburne, Chenango, Co. NY by Rev. Lemuel POMEROY.
The SHELDON Family Association is looking for these descendants. The marriage record has been found in an old record. Also the military record of Caleb. Love to hear from you if you are descendant of this SHELDON lady. We know there were lots of SHELDONs in the settlement of the Hudson Valley.
Send a copy of this message please--since I answer lots of queries! Thanks!
Rose Sheldon Newton, Past President Sheldon Family Assoc. 1985-1997
Visit Sheldon Family association at http:\\sheldonfamily.org


Dawn Meehan Wed Jun 21 15:36:58 2000
I am looking for info on Charles LEYH who married Nancy BENEDICT. Charles was married before and lived in ohio. He then married Nancy and moved to Chenago Fork. He died around 1950-1960s. Nancy died two years after he did. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Dawn Meehan aa397@acorn.net.


sherry daggett hayes Wed Jun 21 19:44:06 2000
Looking for any information about a Samuel (John) or John (Samuel) DAGGETT, reportedly born in Chenango county in 1809. Specifically seeking leads to siblings / parentage. Thanks.


John Crandall Wed Jun 21 23:46:37 2000
Seeking information on Henry Clinton CRANDALL, born May 25, 1854 in Sherburne. He was married to Helen JOHNSON and to Emily DIAMOND. He died in 1943. Any information regarding either Henry Clinton, his wives or sons would be greatly appreciated.


Marilyn Bobseine Thu Jun 22 10:19:09 2000
Thomas HUDSON and his wife Cynthia (BRIGGS) were in Sherburne in 1810 census. Her brother, Duty BRIGGS was there also. In 1820 Thomas and family were in Augusta, Oneida Co. Does anyone have any info on any of the above?


Shirley Lee Thu Jun 22 13:41:39 2000
Looking for information on Jesse SKINNER. b. 1771 RI. d. February 21, 1839 Chenango Co., NY. Bur: MT. Upton. Married Marha LEE abt. 1800. Martha LEE b. January 28, 1779. NY or MA. d. April 16, 1854. Bur: MT. Upton, Chenango Co., NY. Daughter of Philemon LEE and Priscilla SPRAGUE.
Children of Jesse SKINNER and Martha LEE:
1. Sarah E. ROGERS FLINT SKINNER b. March 22, 1827 Mt. Upton, Chenango Co., NY m. Eber Jr. ROGERS 1851
2. Cyprian SKINNER b. 1808 Ellias
3. Stanly J. SKINNER b. 1820 Otsego Co., NY m. Caroline BABCOCK
4. Levi SKINNER b. 1834 m. Mary HUTCHINSON
5. Almarian SKINNER b. 1810 NY.
Any information will be appreciated. Thank you.


Glenys Rasmussen Thu Jun 22 15:18:48 2000
I am looking for information on the David (or other) UTTER family of Georgetown, Chenango Co. NY. He married ca 1848. I am also needing help looking in the 1860 Chenango Co. NY census, p. 206 for Rachael SEARLES in Linklaen Twp. Thank you for any assistance. Glenys


James Butts Thu Jun 22 19:45:13 2000
My BUTTS line lived in the New Berlin area in the early 1800's John BUTTS B. 7 May 1795. Conn. D. 12/10/1861 in Langford's Creek. The father and mother of John where; Daniel BUTTS and Elizebth (Last name unknown). The children of Daniel and Elizebth where:
Major Elihu BUTTS b. Sept 17 1792.W. New Berlin NY. Wife Sarah BANKS. Aaron and Abby b. Conn. who married a John SPAULDING. Daniel died when Elihu was young. Daniel is on record in the milita rolls of the state, as lieutenant in a regiment in 1811. His widow married again a Rev. Mr. WATTLES, a Baptist clergyman. She died in 1851 age 84. I need help finding Daniel's parents and Elizebth's maiden name. Where is Langford's Creek?


Judith Dolpp Fri Jun 23 06:39:40 2000
I am seeking any info possible on Noah or Ichobod CHAPMAN. Ichobod was born in Chenango Co in 1806. Noah is his father, so I'm told. All help will be deeply appreciated.


James Butts Sat Jun 24 14:12:14 2000
Daniel BUTTS. B. ca. 1775. His children John BUTTS b. 1795, died 1861 in Langford's Creek NY. Major Elihu BUTTS, Abby BUTTS and Aaron BUTTS. At one time around 1818 Elihu lived in New Berlin. The family moved to Spencer NY.


Robert Kemp Sun Jun 25 17:08:07 2000
Looking for Info on Levi Blakesley SWAN who was born in Chenango Co., C. 1813. He moved to Dearborn Co., IN early 1830's and bought land in Miller Township. His wife was Ellen Maria ( ? ).


Ann McReynolds Sun Jun 25 17:56:00 2000
I'm looking for any information about the family of David ROBERTS, my husband's 3rd g-gf, b. 1760, probably in West Hoosic Fort, Berkshire County MA. He probably left MA before 1800, as his son, Also David ROBERTS, was reportedly b.1801 in Jericho, Chenango County NY; the family may have moved into VT first, then going on to Chenango County at the time it was settled by the "Vermont Sufferers" about 1791. Any information or hot leads would be greatly appreciated!


Donna J. Landry Wed Jun 28 11:42:45 2000
Hello! I am researching a company that my family was ownership of but does not exist anymore. The company was B.F. Gladding, they were located in South Otselic, (Chenango County), NY. My grandfather Murray B. ANGELL, was the president of this company, and I am looking for any material, information someone may have regarding him or the company.
Thank You, Donna J Landry


Linda Wed Jun 28 14:25:35 2000
As quoted on this site from History of Madison and Chenango Co., by Smith--"Capt. John CHANDLER" as being an early settler in Pitcher. I was sent copies years ago from the library in your county, and what was sent to me makes no mention of Capt. John CHANDLER. Perhaps I am missing some pertinent pages. I would appreciate it if someone could clarify this for me.

I do see one place in my papers where he is referred to as "Col". Jonathan CHANDLER, Sr. b. 1762 is who I believe they are referring to. He married Sarah EASTON. I would love to contact anyone who descends from this couple. They had several sons, among them: Samuel, Oliver E., Jonathan, Jr., Walter, Horace, Loel, Abel, Harry, and Hiram. The only daughter I know of is Sally. Several of these men appear in the 1850 census of Chenango.
Thank you. Linda - ljdt1947@yahoo.com


Scott Clark Wed Jun 28 23:09:56 2000
I'm researching Oliver & Sallie NEWCOMBE in Chenango County, Greene, around 1820. Any connections? Any help would be appreciated. Please e-mail me directly.


John Stark Fri Jun 30 23:03:48 2000
On the photo page there is a photo or a Mr ROBERTS, a teacher. Anyone know his first name? Also the same photo there is a Boyce ROBERTS, anyone know who his parents are? So far I have found connections to all of the ROBERTS that I have seen in Chenango Co.
Thanks John

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