The Town of Pharsalia

1797 - The first settlement was made by Col. John RANDALL from Stonington, Conn. He located in the west part of the town on lot 48, He built the first frame house in the town in 1799 or 1800. His son Charles RANDALL purchased the first load of boards used in the town from the saw-mill in Norwich, that was built in 1798. Others of the first settlers were Daniel and Joseph DENISON, Joseph and Caleb BREED, Nehemial BROWN, the WEAVER's, Sanford MORGAN and David DAVIS, all from Stonington, Conn.

--- The DENISON brothers settled in the south east part of town, Daniel on lot 70, on the stage road, and Joseph on lot 59. They became large land holders and men of some prominence. Daniel at one time owned the whole of lots 70, 54, 43 and 38 besides other lands. Daniel died in Norwich March 17, 1818

--- The BREED brothers settled in the west part of the town, Joseph on lot 49 and Caleb on lot 50. Coleb died Sept. 14,1828 and his wife Rhody died Dec. 9, 1827 at age 60.

--- Nehemiah BROWN settled on lot 30. He died Dec. 15, 1824 at age 84 and his wife Rebecca died Dec. 5,1831 at age 84.

1798 - The WEAVER brothers John, Lodowick, Joshua, Jonathan and their sister Betsey came from Stonington, Conn. in the winter of 1798 with an ox sled. Lodowick settled on lot 32 and Joshua settled on lot 69.

--- Sanford MORGAN settled at the Center. He kept the first store and post office as well as a tavern as late as 1827.

--- The first settler to die in North Pharsalia was Mrs. Nehemiah (McGINNIS)LEWIS

--- David DAVIS settled on lot 69.

--- A saw mill was built by Joseph LORD on Brakel Creek about 1/2 mile south of the Village of Pharsalia. The property remained in the hands of the Lord family for many years.

1800 - Col. John RANDALL moved his family to Norwich leaving his son, Col. Denison, to run the farm. Col. Denison lived there until his death Oct. 18, 1824. The first settlers were soon followed by Joseph LORD, Jabish and Benjamin BROWN, Lewis BROWN, Asa WEAVER, John COATES, Winlock ECCLESTON, Jeffrey LAMPHERE, Noah GRANT, Jairus Frink, Luke BABCOCK, Prentice FRINK, Stephen FRISBEE, Philoman FRISBEE, Nathaniel PRICE, Vine STAR, the pioneer blacksmith, Gurdon WILLIAMS, Nathaniel WALDRON, Augustus and Edwin WHITING, Daniel KINNEY, Russel STEWART, Timothy BOSWORTH, Joshua FARGO, Ephraim MINER, Able NEWTON, William LEWIS, Elijah POWELL, Benjamin HAMMOND, Nathaniel, Avery and Russell BROWN, Joel CRANE, Ezra BURDICK, and others.

--- Joseph LORD settled on lot 49 about 1800. He died Aug. 10, 1839 age 82. His wife Caroline died Jan. 17 1861 age 96.

--- Luke BABCOCK, from Westerly, RI., settled on lot 26 after 1800.

1802 - Major Jabish BROWN, from Stonington, Conn., settled on lot 48 about 1802. His marriage to Kitturah BROWN was the first contracted in the town.

--- Benjamin BROWN, from Stonington, Conn., settled on lot 48 about 1802. He died Feb. 1, 1857 age 78 and his wife Phebe BROWN died Jan. 26, 1856 age 79.

--- Noah GRANT, from Stoningtos, Conn., settled on lot 73 in 1802. He built the first saw and grist-mill in the town

--- Augustus and Edward WHITING, from Stonington, Conn., settled in 1802. Augustus on lot 38 and Edward on lot 27. They established a distillery there.

--- Able NEWTON settled on lot 22 about 1802.

--- Major Timothy BOSWORTH, from Bristol, RI., settled on lot 53 in 1804.

1805 - Nathaniel WALDRON, from Newport, RI., settled on lot 60 about 1805. He died Apr. 29, 1831 age 63. His wife was Ruth BOWEN of Bristol, RI.,

1806 - April 7, They formed the town of Stonington from Norwich.

1807 - March 3, The first town meeting was held at the house of Capt. Sanford MORGAN and the following named officers were elected: Lewis BROWN, Supervisor; Augustus WHITING, Clerk; Asa WEAVER, Elijiah POWELL, Nathaniel BROWN, Assessors; Henry WHITING, Collector; Joseph LORD, Timothy BOSWORTH, Overseers of the poor; Daniel KINNEY, Nathaniel WALDRON, Commissioners of Highways; Joshua RANDALL, Constable; Jeoffray LAMPHERE, Sanford MORGAN, Fence Viewers; Elijah WEAVER, Sealer of Weights and Measures.

--- William LEWIS Jr., from Westerly, RI., settled on lot 33 purchased 50 acres from John RANDALL and his wife Mary, for $ 250, on July 3, 1807. He died Nov. 1, 1853 age 71. His wife Rhoda BREED from Conn. died Nov. 13, 1878 age 89.

--- Joel CRANE, from Weathersfield, Ver. settled on lot 48 with 60 acres of John RANDALL's farm in May, 1807 at "the Hook" as it was called. In 1811 he commenced keeping tavern. He died Jan. 14, 1835. His wife Sally GRAVES was born Feb. 17, 1777 in Worcester, Mass, . She died Aug. 22, 1852.

--- Elijah POWELL, from Sherburne, settled on lot 61. He died June 17, 1869 age 97. His wife Jane died Mar. 28, 1846 age 74.

1808 - April 6, The town of Stonington was renamed to Pharsalia.

--- Captain Nathan BROWN, from Belchertown, Mass, settled on lot 33 in Feb. 1808. He died June 2, 1847 age 82. His wife died Sept. 28, 1826 age 59.

1809 - Benjamin and John HAMMOND, from Newport, RI., settled on lot 44 in Sept. 1809. The land bought from Judge Nathaniel WALDRON for $ 6.00 an acre. Benjamin died in 1858 age 87. His wife died in 1862 age 84.

--- Avery BROWN, a younger brother of Capt. Nathan, was from Stonington. He settled on lot 2 a few years after Nathan.

--- Russel BROWN, from Stonington, settled on lot 63. His wife Polly was the sister of Nathan BROWN.

--- The BROWN's were numerous and comprised several distinct families, all of whom were from Stonington, Conn. They are said to have numbered at one time 1/3 of the entire population of the town of Pharsalia.

--- The first merchant in the Village of Pharsalia is believed to have been Walter GERMAN, son of General Obadiah GERMAND, of North Norwick. He was doing business in the south room of the tavern. He enlisted during the war of 1812, and for some misdemeanor was hanged.

1810 - Ezra BURDICK, from Stonington, Conn., settled on lot 47 in 1810. He died July 3, 1859 age 75. His first wife Martha FISH died April 11, 1827 age 41. His second wife Mary HART died May 17, 1858 age 69.

1811 - Elijiah BURDICK father of Ezra settled on lot 33 about 1811. He died Dec. 17, 1833 age 75. His wife Avis ROBINSON died Feb. 18, 1836 age 75.

1814 - Oct. 25, The First Congregational Church of Pharsalia was organized in East Pharsalia by Rev. Oliver Hitchcock, of Truxton, and Rev. Abner Benedict of Paris. Rev John PECK was the first settled minister.

1817 - Isaiah WHITE and his wife Wealthy COOK moved from Stonington, Ct. and purchased a part of Lot # 72.

1825 - Justus GRANT became the first postmaster in East Pharsalia. The post office was established when the stage route which formerly ran through the Centre was changed.

--- Roswell RANDALL was probably the first postmaster in the Village of Pharsalia. Mail was carried on horseback for several years by Judah BEMENT of Plymouth.

1827 - John BECKER opened the first store in East Pharsalia.

1828 - William LEWIS Jr. purchased 50 acres of land from John Davenport in lot 47 for $ 86.

1836 - The KINNEY brothers opened a store in East Pharsalia.

1838 - Aug. 6, The First Presbyterian Society of East Pharsalia Church was organized. Rev. H. DYER was appointed moderator and Deacon Jonas HERRICK clerk.

1841 - Pride & Smith opened a store in East Pharsalia.

1842 - July, The Baptist Church of East Pharsalia was organized.

1842 - Henry BAKER became postmaster in East Pharsalia. Henry was succeeded by his brother George I. BAKER, who held the job till about 1857.

1845 - Henry BAKER from Marlboro, Mass. opened a store in East Pharsalia.

1850 - Nov. 1, The Free Congregational Church of God in East Pharsalia was organized.

1855 - Ichabod CRITTENDEN was the first postmaster in North Pharsalia.

--- see List of Names taken from a Map of Pharaslia for 1855

1856 - Erasmus D. BROWN was appointed postmaster in North Pharsalia

1857 - H. R. POWELL was appointed postmaster in East Pharsalia.

1861 - Halbert GRANT was appointed postmaster in East Pharsalia.

C. H. BROWNING was appointed postmaster in the Village of Pharsalia in 1861.

1864 - Jan. 13, at a special town meeting of the Board of Auditors to consider the matter of bounties to volunteers enlisting for the War of the Rebellion. The bounty was about $323 each.

--- July 9, the Board of Auditors authorized to pay a bounty of not more than $450 each.

1867 - Halbert GRANT built a saw mill on the stream in East Pharsalia. It contained one circular saw.

--- Isaiah WHITE opened the store in North Pharsalia

--- Horace PACKER, of Oxford, built the Deer Lake Creamery at Pharsalia Centre. In 1880 it receives an average milk from 200 cows. The creamery owned by Henry T. ROBBINS located about 1/2 mile east of North Pharsalia receives milk from 300 cows.

1868 - Eli NICHOLS built the East Pharsalia Creamery. In 1879 it received the milk of 250 cows.

1869 - Directory for Pharsalia in Chenango Co. NY list 240 names, lot#, and post office.

1870 - The Free Methodist Church, at North Pharsalia was organized by Rev. Mr. Ferrin. The church edifice was built in the spring of 1872 at a cost of $ 1,000.

1871 - The Christian Church of North Pharsalia was organized by Elder Henry C. Wilbur. The church was built in the summer of 1872 and was dedicated in December of that year.

1874 - Erasmus D. BROWN and his son Leland D. BROWN, from Otselic, started the steam saw mill. It contained 2 circular saws, which were propelled by a 45 horse power engine.

--- Morris D. BROWN was appointed postmaster in the Village of Pharsalia in Feb. 1874

--- The Free Will Baptist Church at Pharsalia Centre was disbanded. The church is still there and is used for meetings of various denominations.

1875 - The population of the town was 1,103 of whom 1,081 were native, 22 foreign, all white, 503 males and 540 females. Its area was 23,458 acres; of which 15,730 acres were improved, 7,651 woodland, and 77 otherwise unimproved.

1877 - Isaiah WHITE built the grist mill at North Pharsalia on the Canasawacta. It contained only one run of stones and the fall of eight feet for water power.

1880 - The officers of the town of Pharsalia were;

Supervisor - John LUTHER

Town Clerk - M. H. FRANKLIN

Justices - Horace L. BARNES, William H. BUTTONS, Charles H. BEASLEY, Berthier J. MATTHEWSON, H. R. POWELL

Assessors - Luther GRANT, Lewis GATES, Otis GARDNER

Commissioner of Highways - Isaac SCHWARTZ

Overseer of the poor - Noves E. BROWN

Constables - A. E. HERRICK, N. H. THOMPSON, John WHITE, Edwin E. LAMB

Collector - Lucius L. CRUMB

Inspectors of Elections - James L. McMILLEN, N. H. THOMPSON, Wesson NEWTON

Town Auditors - Rodolphus BROWN, James S. LORD

Sealer of Weights and Measures - David D. WHITE

Game Constable - J. Francis BUTTON

Excise Commissioners - Nathan H. RHODES, William R. BROWN, D. S. RATHBUN

--- East Pharsalia with a population of 137 contains two churches, (Baptist & Congregational) a district school, one hotel kept by Halbert GRANT, two general stores, a grocery, a grist mill a saw mill, a creamery, two blacksmith shops kept by Ephraim BROWN & James COLDWELL, two wagon shops kept by Rodney A. HARBOR & Albert HERRICK, two shoe shops kept by Charles BRAZEE & Noyes FRINK.

--- North Pharsalia with a population of 93 contains two churches, (Free Methodist & Christian) a newspaper office (the Quill and Press) a district school, a hotel kept by Elmer BOSWORTH, one store kept by Isaiah WHITE, a stream saw mill, a grist mill, a wagon shop kept by George CHAPMAN, a blacksmith shop kept by William R. WHITE.

--- Village of Pharsalia with a population of 46 contains a district school, one hotel kept by E. T. POTTER, one store, two blacksmith shops kept by H. R. BROWN & L. D. VAN TASSEL, one shoe shop kept by William S. BROWN, one wagon shop kept by H. R. BROWN, The place was early known as Crane's Corners, from Joel CRANE. It is also known as "the Hook".

1900 - The Free Will Baptist Church was torn down by Rily PADGETT. The land is now part of the Centre Cemetery.

Pharsalia is often refered to as the "Hook"

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