Selected Obituaries
Chenango and Madison County

The reference numbers are of my own making for my personal files and do not infer anything else.

The latest ones online will be signified by the updated icon in the reference section.

Name Date Died Where Reference Number
Alderman, Merton Chester ? Norwich GHB25
Aldrich, Donald 1920 Smyrna GHB77
Alverson, William 1926 Preston TFR10
Anderson, Eugenia S Apr 1895 Maryville, TN Contributed
Caleb G. Teffeteller
Anthony, Timothy D Oct ? Norwich GHB23
Austin, Charles ? ? GHB24
Ballou, Isaac May 1920 ? GHB75
Bassett, Mrs Delia Sep 1925 Sherburne TFR116
Benedict, Franklin J Jan 1926 Norwich TFR11, 18
Bennett, Mrs Latie J Mar 1919 Smyrna GHB58
Bidwell, Mrs Charles July 1921 Smyrna GHB102
Billings, Charles S 1920 Norwich GHB76
Billings, Priscilla (Willcox) 1926 Norwich TFR10
Blackman, Mrs. James 1926 Beaver Meadow TFR68
Blowers, George W Jan ? TFR68
Bonney, Maria Nov 1919 ? GHB28
Bradley, Alfred Oct 1920 Smyrna GHB39
Brand, N. Jerome Jan 1920 Smyrna GHB7
Bresee, Mrs Esther Oct 1926 Smyrna TFR69, 83
Briggs, Samantha Sophia Jan 1923 Rome GHB232
Brooks, Ernest Sidney Oct 1919 Otselic GHB15
Brown, Mrs Emmet 1925 Beaver Meadow TFR85
Brown, Horace Miner Feb 1920 Otselic GHB4, 34
Burlingame, Charles June 1889 ? Contributed
Carey, John Nov 1926 Georgetown TFR114
Cashman, Frank Nov 1926 Smyrna TFR67
Clapper, Christopher Jun 1926 Norwich TFR66
Clapper, Mrs Duard Apr 1920 Norwich GHB47
Clapper, Emma A Jun 1926 Norwich TFR66
Clark, Clarence H Mar 1920 Smyrna GHB2
Clarke, Whitman Dec 1918 Hamilton GHB60
Close, John D ? Norwich GHB11
Coleman, Mrs Cynthia Oct 1926 Cortland TFR67
Collins, Mrs Loren May 1918 Sherburne GHB26
Collins, W V Feb 1921 Earlville? GHB89
Comstock, Abel Sep 1926 Smyrna TFR94, 114
Comstock, Mrs Abel May 1919 Smyrna GHB44, 66
Comstock, Mrs Ellen M May 1920 Smyrna GHB32, 41
Conant, John J Jan 191? South Hamilton GHB22
Condon, John E 1921? Norwich GHB95
Conley, Mrs Wm. Dec 1921 Smyrna GHB99
Crouch, Rosa Nellie Mar 1921 Binghamton GHB95
Curtis, Dwight Feb 1921 Georgetown GHB91
Daniels, Edward Apr 1926 Sherburne TFR28
Detwyler, Max Martin ? Smyrna TFR77
Deyo, John G Feb 1920 Earlville
Donnelly, Thomas John Mar 1928 Canastota Contributed by
Sharlotte Donnelly
Duncan, Mrs Truman Dec 1926 Otselic Center TFR113
Dunham, Miss Calphurnia Aug 1920 Earlville GHB41
Dye, John 1919 ? GHB43, 58
Ellis, Fillmore D Mar 1921 Syracuse GHB95
Ellis, Mrs Jessie Carpenter 1926 Bouckville TFR76
Enos, David H Apr 1919 Smyrna GHB63
Ferris, Courtney E Aug 1926 Berwick, PA TFR69, 95
Ferris, Warren Mar 1926 Binghamton TFR22
Fessenden, Mrs James A Apr 1920 ? GHB33
Finch, Mrs Mary E Jan 1920 ? GHB11
Finch, Mrs Jay Apr 1919 Leonardsville GHB65
Foote, George L Mar 1911 Madison Contributed
Foster, Asa Jan 1919 Beaver Meadow GHB66
Fradenburg, Dewitt 1922 ? GHB98
Fradenburg, Mrs Harriet Aug 1921 Smyrna GHB99
Franklin, Charles A Oct 1926 Norwich TFR41
Franklin, Mrs Margaret Avery Jan 1926 South New Berlin TFR9
Gardner, Bernice Foster Mar 1926 Norwich TFR22
Gardner, Grace Emily Feb 1920 Smyrna GHB5
Gardner, Mrs Mary C Smith Apr 1917 Sherburne Hill GHB54
Gates, Solomon 1918 ? GHB13
Gaylord, Mrs Karl Sep 1918 Earlville GHB26
Goodrich, Cora Ella May 1920 Utica GHB43
Grey, Jirah Dec 1926 Smyrna TFR91
Griffith, George 1926 Georgetown TFR71
Gustin, Lucius A Dec 1921 Norwich GHB103
Haley, Austin Mar 1927 Oxford TFR76
Hall, Mrs Ella Elizabeth Feb 1935 Rutherford, NJ Contributed
Kathryn Hall
Hancock, Mrs Fanny Guy Sep 1926 Smyrna TFR48
Harper, James Nov 1920 Smyrna GHB78
Hatch, Bethiah (Root) Mar 1870 Eaton Contributed
Douglas Clark
Hay, Mrs Louisa Dec 1926 South Lebanon TFR91
Hazard, Mrs Frank Oct 1920 ? GHB70B, 79, 83
Head, William Sanford Jan 1918 Oakland, CA GHB23
Honsinger, Henry J Nov 1920 ? GHB76
Humphrey, Mrs Solon Aug 19? Smyrna GHB12
Jenks, Orthello Perry ? ? TFR49
Jones, Luther G Oct 1920 Hinckley GHB76
Judd, Clarence B 1920 Columbus GHB5
Judd, Mrs James Feb 1919 Smyrna GHB7
Judd, Ora Feb 1920 Columbus GHB5
Kenyon, Benjamin C 1926 Syracuse TFR23
Kenyon, Lawrence Ray Nov 1919 ? GHB57
Launt, Henry Oct 1920 Beaver Meadow GHB82
Lazalere, Rev Aulder 1920 North Sanford GHB1, 30
Lewis, Mrs LaVerne B May 1926 Earlville TFR96
Littlefield, Frances 1921 ? GHB29
Lloyd, Miss Mary Nov 1918 Binghamton GHB63
Loftus, Mrs James 1920 Norwich GHB71
Matthews, Lewis Dec 1920 Quaker Basin GHB76
Messenger, Nathan Lee Feb 1926 Smyrna TFR12
Moore, Esther D ? 19? Smyrna GHB63
Morey, Alanson Aug 1917 South Lebanon GHB24
Morey, Andrew J Jun 1920 Otselic Center GHB70B
Morey, Mabel Rose Nov 1918 New York, NY GHB52
Newell, Horace J ? 19? Cortland GHB63
Niles, Mrs Anna Jul 1926 Lebanon TFR112
Northup, Miss Addie R Mar 1926 Smyrna TFR19
Northup, Martha Aug 1919 Smyrna GHB13
Nower, Mrs Lafayette May 1921 Pine Woods GHB96
Osborne, Mrs Jennie Dec 1921 Georgetown GHB99
Packer, Mrs Thurston G Nov 1919? Smyrna GHB50
Parker, Dora S Sep 1918 South Hamilton GHB27
Parks, Lula Willcox Feb 1920 North Bay GHB5
Partridge, Mrs Clara J Dec 1926 Randallsville TFR92
Peckham, Phoebe W Dec 1925 Smyrna TFR115
Perkins, Dr Archibald T 1920 South Otselic GHB77
Perry, Private Millard Jan 1919 Camp Holabird, MD GHB46
Pfeiffer, Mrs Katherine Jan 1921 Smyrna? GHB86
Phillips, Mrs Carrie L Jan 1921 ? GHB83
Preston, Mrs Rose 1920 ? GHB77
Priest, Harvey E Nov 1920 Georgetown GHB39
Reed, William Oct 1921 Smyrna GHB103
Reese, Mrs Caroline Jul 1920 Earlville GHB71, 74
Reilly, John J Nov 1920 Providence, RI GHB35
Rexford, Harry Feb 1920 Hamilton GHB91
Rice, Stephen 1926 Binghamton TFR36
Rugg, Mrs Mary Jun 1920 Georgetown GHB71
Russell, Mrs David B Apr 1919 ? GHB55
Savage, William E Jan 1926 Eaton TFR17
Scarritt, Nelson J Aug 1919 Smyrna GHB67
Seymour, Mrs Amelia ? Syracuse GHB24
Seymour, Mrs Frank D Apr 1920 Earlville GHB49
Sharp, Mrs Mable Buckingham 1926 Cortland TFR66
Shaw, Mrs Flora 1920 ? GHB82
Shelley, Mrs D J Sept 1920 Syracuse GHB85
Shepardson, John W Apr ? New York TFR27
Shepardson, Walter A Apr 1926 Smyrna TFR6
Sholes, Harvey 1926 ? TFR11
Shumway, Elmer 1920 Smyrna GHB70B
Smith, Martha A 1919 ? GHB13
Soule, Leroy Dec 1926 North Otselic TFR48
Sprague, Thomas C Oct 1920 Endicott GHB70B, 83
Stanton, Mrs. Maggie ? ? TFR35
Stearns, Harvey Apr 1926 South Otselic TFR35
Stearns, Mrs Harvey Dec 1920 ? GHB29
Sternberg, Fanny Hartwell 1919 Sherburne GHB69
Stilson, Mrs. George 1920 North Sanford GHB30
Stoddard, Noyes Jul 1926 Georgetown TFR68
Stone, James Jan 1921 Beaver Meadow GHB85
Stringer, William H. Sep 1893 Munnsville Contributed
Michael Kellogg
Swan, Julius A. Feb 1913 Lincklaen Contributed
Thompson, Miss Almira Oct 1919 Hubbardsville GHB70A
Thompson, Myria 1919 Brookfield GHB2
Thorington, Mrs Sarah 1928 ? TFR26
Thornton, Thomas Jun 1926 Beaver Meadow TFR48, 78
Thornton, Will Apr 1919 Texas GHB52
Thorpe, Mrs Mary 1920 ? GHB73
Tinker, Mrs Mary A Apr 1926 Earlville TFR34
Towner, Mary Crandall Mar 1920 Smyrna GHB2, 7
Tripp, Mrs. Sarah J ? ? GHB16
Tuttle, Frank J 1926 Pitcher TFR66
Upham, Marcena Sep 1920 Georgetown GHB77
Upham, Scoville J Dec 1919 Lebanon GHB4, 33
Van de Bogart, Mrs. Lucinda 1919 ? GHB31
Van Hovenburg, James ? 19? ? GHB61
Volmer, Adella Wilcox Nov 1919 Utica GHB46
Ward, Mrs Hannah Jul 1916 Smyrna GHB59
Wattles, William 1919 Sherburne GHB7
Weaver, Charles Feb 1920 Binghamton GHB9
Weaver, Elbert Mar 1920 ? GHB91
Welch, Mrs Sarah C Jan 1919 Smyrna GHB52
Whaley, Mrs Almond Aug 1921 DeRuyter GHB99
Whaley, Erford Dec 1918 North Norwich GHB53
Whaley, Mrs Washington Apr 1926 McDonough TFR22
Whitmore, Seth 1921 Bouckville GHB32
Wilcox, Mrs Russell N Sep 1920 ? GHB72, 83
Wilcox, Samantha Sophia Jan 1923 Rome GHB232
Wilcox, Samuel May 1921 Binghamton GHB96
Willcox, Abel Comstock Oct 1918 Smyrna GHB57
Willcox, Mrs Delphine R May 1926 Smyrna TFR79
Willcox, Gardner N. Apr 1920 Smryna GHB51, 61
Willcox, Mrs Genora E Nov 1919 Cortland GHB51
Willcox, Melvin Apr 1920 Smyrna GHB48
Wood, Lynn May 1926 Norwich TFR79
Younglove, Mrs J Arthur Jan 1921 Hamilton GHB90

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