Town of Norwich

BIRTHS reported in the year 1847

TRUNBULL, Abigail R, May 18 to John & Deantry Turnbull
WALES, Lucretia, June 4 to William & Lucy Wales
CORNWELL, Edgar, July 15 to John & Amy Cornwell
ELIOTT, Laura E, July 20 to James & Ruby Eliott
SHEPARD, Francis J (fem), Sept. 10 to Edward P & Eliza Shepard
SCISSON, John D, Oct. 19 to Frederick & Harriet Scisson
RANDALL, Catharine, Apr. 1 to Benjamin & Jenette Randall
BAKER, Mary Elizabeth, Apr. 23 to Andrew & Ruth R Baker
PRICE, Thomas N, Apr. 28 to Henry & Mary Price
BACON, C Edgar, June 25 to Charles & Alfreda Bacon
CLOGSTONE, David, June 7 to Lorimer (?) & Sarah Clogstone
RANDALL, William H, June 28 to Roswell A & Lurancy Randall
ANDREWS, Mary Isabell, July 5, B B & Lovinia Andrews
BLIVIN, Milo, July 24 to Ira & Mary G Blivin
HALE, Mary E, Aug. 2 to Ebenezer B & Phileta Hale
MERRILL, Dewitt, Aug. 10 to Dwight & Eliza Merrill
THOMAS, Scott & Taylor (twin), Sept. 10 to Abram & Amantha Thomas
RINDGE, female, Sept. 15 to Alonzo & Malinda Rindge
DURHAM, Amos Durham, Dec. 19 to Champion & Elizabeth Durham
BOWEN, Amelia, Dec. 27 to Devillo & Clarissa Bowen

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STREET, Eliza Ann, Feb. 1 to Abram & Elizabeth Street
STONE, Robert, Feb. 4 to Marcena & M C Stone
JOHNSON, Cornelia E, Feb. 5 to Thomas & Mary Ann Johnson
WAIT, Mary J, Feb. 25 to John & Mary K Wait
GRIGGS, Hellin Rosana, Feb. 22 to Ebenezer & Mercy Griggs
PECK, Caroline Muriah, May 27 to Lewis & Lucy Peck
CORNWELL, John Hector, July 10 to John & Amy Cornwell
CARPENTER, Lydia Eugene, Aug. 19 to Andrew & Mary Carpenter
FOX, Sarah, Aug. 19 to Charles & Jane Fox
SACKET, Adelaide, Sept. 26 to William & Julianna Sacket
PALMER, Celia Hunt, June 27 to Daniel & Philena Palmer
CROSSMAN, Annetta, Aug. 25 to Bradford & Clarinda Crossman
WELLS, Louisa, Aug. 24 to Lemuel, Jr. & Esther Wells
CRANDALL, Silus, Aug. 27 to Joseph & Prudence Crandall
HALL, Warren, Jr., Sept. 26 to Warren & Thursa Hall
PHILLIPS, Mary, Sept. 24 to Truxton & Ruth Phillips
STREET, Sarah Ellen, Apr. 24 to Thomas & Ellin Street
SNOW, Charles F, Apr. 23 to Alvie & Lorina Snow
LEWIS, Harris, Mar. 23 to Lorenzo & Mary Osile Lewis
PIERCE, Lucy Anne, May 11 to Samuel & Lois Pierce
THORNTON, Samuel & Marrian (twin), May 27 to David N & Abbey N. Thornton
FRENCH, Albert C, July 19 to James & Cynthia French
THOMPSON, Nathan Lee, Apr. 6 to Charles T & Louisa Thompson
SALSBERRY, George, Apr. 9 to Oley & Sally Salsberrry
WISWELL, Thaddeus S, Apr. 9 to Thomas & Alzina Wiswell
RANSFORD, Fanny, Mar. 1 to William & Laura Ransford
WINSOR, Olive Adelia, May 21 to Samuel & Harriett Winsor
SHIPPEY, Amy Ursula, July 15 to Daniel & Sally Shippey
FOLLET, Willard or Wallace, July 26 to Samuel & Mary Ann Fottet
GRANT, Francis D, Feb. 6 to Francis & Lydia Grant
THORNTON, Murray, June 21 to Alonzo & Nancy Thornton
MONROE, male, July 5 to John, Jr. & Lelana Monroe
BENNETT, Fanny Rebecca, Aug. 19 to Lyman & Fanny Bennett
LAMB, Anthony, Jr., June 19 to Anthony & Fanny Lamb
RANSFORD, Fanny, Mar. 1 to William & Laury Ransford
THOMPSON, Mary Jane, Mar. 30 to James & Almira Thompson
ABBOTT, Frances (fem), Apr. 26 to Asa & Almeda Abbott
GROSS, Lucy, Mary 21 to Alphonso & Philena Gross

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BROWN, Charles, June 14 to James & Almeda Brown
BROWN, Harriet, Sept. 12 to Paul & Harriet Brown
DRAKE, Charles M, Jan. 5 to Roswell A & Eliza Drake
LAMPHERE, Esther, Feb. 25 to George W & Aseneth Lamphere
BARBER, male, Nov. 26 to Benjamin & Eliza Barber
PARKER, Mary Virginia, Feb. 26 to Reuben W & Rosina E Parker
PHETTIPLACE, Marrion Delancy (male) Arp. 22 to Philip & Hannah Phettiplace
BRUSHELL, William (colored), July 10 to Amos & Margaret Brushell
FRANKLIN, Frances A (fem), Sept. 15 to William B & Eunice E Franklin
BREED, George D, Sept. 19 to William R & Mariah C Breed
BLIVIN, Frank Edwin, Apr. 12 to Isaac & Clarisa Bliven
CARTER, Ella Brooks, May 2 to C H & Elizabeth Carter
HALE, Ellin Augusta, July 6, N B & Mary Hale
PRENTISS, Ralph Herry (sic), Aug. 17 to Thomas H & Susan Prentiss
BURLINGAME, Dania Oviatt, Sept. 19 to Sidney & Clarinda Burlingame
HAIGHT, Marry E (fem), June 18 to Deloss & Lucy M Haight
PAUL, Hollis B, Aug. 11 to Benjamin & Navina Paul
PIKE, male, Sept. 23 to Samuel & Lucy Pike
PURDY, Georgiana C, Nov. 28 to Lewis & Louisa A Purdy
BURRELL, Allice Esther, Jan. 26 to Allen & Almeda Burrell
KING, Charles Anthony, Apr. 8 to John W & Adelia King
ELSWORTH, Charles Henry, Apr. 21 to Samuel & Pamelia Elsworth
ROE, George Henry, Apr. 23 to Elisah & Almira A Roe
HOLLISTER, Mary Augusta, May 25 to David S & Charlotte B Hollister
BACON, Charles, June 13 to Joseph & Betsey Bacon
BUEL, Andrew Augustus, Sept. 4 to Simon & Julia F Buel
MERRIHEW, Nancy Ann, Oct. 8 to Cyrus B Aberene Merrihew
McNITT, male, Dec. 23 to Morgan & Frances McNitt
DAVIS, Willard, July 1 to Darwin & Margaret Davis
WEED, George Clinton, June 1 to Rozelle & Orilla Weed
BARNES, Ida Justine, Feb. 16 to Samuel H & Harriett Barnes
ROBINS, Lucy Ann (colored), Mar. 19 to Sylvanus & Catharine Robins
SMITH, Albert, Apr. 6 to Joseph & Lydia Smith
BROOKS, Edwin W, June 30 to Edwin C & Helllin Brooks
KERSHAW, John R, July 6 to James Fanny M Kershaw
BLIVIN, Irene, July 8 to John & Caroline Blivin
SHERMAN, Arabella Jenette, Sept. 1 to Henry & Susanna Sherman

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WOOD, female, Sept. 9 to John & Sally Wood
SENNICK, John W, Sept. 13 to Nicholas & Rebecca Sennick
BARTLE, Margaret, Sept. 28 to Levi & Mary L Bartle
WILLCOX, Frank Marrion, Oct. 17 to Eli & Sophia Willcox
BENEDICT, Alice M, Oct. 29 to Edwin & Eliza Benedict
LEE, female, Nov. 21 to William H & Susan B Lee
WHITMARSH, Sarah, Nov. 24 to Uriah & Jane Whitmarsh
MARSH, Sarah Albina, Jan. 31 to Hamilton & Julia M Marsh
WILLIAMS, George William, Feb. 28 to James & Harriett Williams
SLATER, Samuel Henry, Apr. 19 to Benjamin & Jerusha Slater
BARNARD, Frederick, July 14 to Thaddeus W & Caroline Barnard
WILLIAMS, Amana (fam), Nov. 12 to Samuel W & Polly Williams
LYON, Amelia, Nov. 14 to Reuben & Caroline Lyon
WATTS, Charles Henry, Feb. 7 to Charles & Gloriann Watts
NEY, Laura E, Apr. 14 to Leander & Ann Ney
SLAWSON, Edward M, May 5 to Charles & Margaret Slawson
WILLARD, female, June 21 to Marcus R & Ann Willard
LANE, Edwin, Sept. 23 to Smith & Olive Lane
SHERMAN, Emily Jane, Sept. 30 to Harvey & Athlinda Sherman
McDONALD, female, Dec. 30 to John & Martha McDonald
ANDERSON, James Albert, May 15 to Erastus & Angeline Anderson
RICHARDS, Arphelia (fem), Jan. 10 to Lucius & Amy Richards
FIELDS, Alice Georgiana, Jan. 30 to David & Sophia Fields
SHUMWAY, Charles, June 10 to Sylvanus & Mariah Shumway

BIRTHS reported in the year 1848

SANDERS, Washington, Jan. 9 to Henry J & Olive Sanders
BURLINGAME, Sarah A, Mar. 23 to Rheuben & Sarah Burlingame
SNOW, Julia Ann, Oct. 23 to John & Lucinda Snow
EDMONDS, Manerva, Mar. 9 to Stephen & Jane Edmonds
TOLLS(?), Susan Augusta, June 20 to William N & Hannah C Tolls (?)
BOWEN, Mary Elizabeth, Feb. 12 to George & Clarissa Bowen
HOLMES, Franklin, May 25 to Aanson & Esther Holmes
CHENEY, O D (fem), Sept. 5 to Ebenezer W & Marinda Cheney
CURTIS, Jane L, Dec. 10 to Henry & Sally Curtis
WINSOR, female, Dec. 17 to Olney & Salanah Winsor
PURDY, Ella M, Feb. 18 to Charles & Mary Purdy

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PRENTICE, Albert M, July 2 to Roswell & Harriett Prentice
JONES, Lucerne, Apr. 27 to William & Hannah Jones
AYLESWORTH, male, Oct. 8 to Leonard & Harriet Aylesworth
JANES, Ruth Elizabeth, Jan. 15 to John & Mary E Janes
BISSELL, Dewit, Jan. 25 to Daniel & Jane Bissell
FORD, Florence E, Sept. 1 to Eliab G & Lorinda Ford
BROWN, Alice N, Sept. 2 to Eleazer & Betsey A Brown
DAY, Allen E, Oct. 10 to Jahazal & Betsey Day
SISSON, Marana (fem), Oct. 16 to Thomas & Parley Sisson
JONES, male, Dec. 20 to William & Eliza Jones
HICKS, Charles Ransford, Jan. 7 to Gurdon & Ruth Hicks
PACKER, Harriet Betsey, Mar. 7 to Amos B & Sally Packer
NEWTON, Mary, June 10 to Jeduthan Jr. & Hannah Newton
BABCOCK, Henry E, Apr. 15 to John E & Catharine Babcock
STURGES, Charles F, July 15 to Francis & Catharine Sturges
YORK, Theon, July 13 to Charles & Mary M York
ROCKWELL, male, Feb. 13 to E L & Manerva Rockwell
TIFFANY, Mary E, Mar. 9 to Albert & Sally B Tiffany
GATES, Julia E, Apr. 11 to John L & Sophiah Gates
BUEL, Lewis T, May 9 to Elijah K & Susan B Buel
GILE, John D, Sept. 9 to Davis & Martha W Gile
HUNT, Perry, Nov. 16 to Randall & Phebe Hunt
JOHNSON, Harriet Ann, June 23 to Homer & Roxana Johnson
BARR, Hellen L, Oct. 23 to Alanson & Malinda Barr
WICKOFF, Benjamin F (colored), Sept. 30 to Thomas A & Emily F Wickoff
GREENLAND, Henry E., Aug. 30 to Benjamin F & Eliza A Greeland
BARLOW, Esther, Apr. 25 to David N & Mariah Barlow
ECCLESTON, John Jay, June 4 to Hosea & Elizabeth Eccleston
PECK, George H, Jan. 23 to Abraham & Ann Peck
GOODRICH, Hiriam C, Oct. 23 to Hiram & Clymelia Goodrich
CHURCH, Harriet E, Aug. 31 to William & Harriet Church
DURHAM, Emily J, Apr. 20 to James & Almyra Durham
HOLMES, John T, July 9 to John T & Clarrissa Holmes
DIBBLE, Sarry E, Feb. 28 to Charles & Lovina Dibble
BOWEN, Annie, Oct. 7 to Devillo & Clarissa Bowen
McPARLIN, Emma M, July 9 to Joseph D & Mariah McParlin
LAMB, Elizabeth Ann, Apr. 10 to Corrington & Darkis Lamb
SISSON, Harriet E, Apr. 19 to Humphrey & Harriet Sisson

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HOPKINS, female, Mar. 17 to George & Fliveta Hopkins
COPELAND, Francis Rebecca, July 4 to Jonathan & Cerepta C Copeland
CASE, John W, July 4 to John W & Jane Case

BIRTHS reported in the year 1849

BURDICT, Charles A, Jan. 1 to J H & Emeline Burdict
NEWTON, Harriet A, Jan. 1 to Joseph & Harriet Newton
HOLCOMB, Valeria (fem), Feb. 4 to Henry & Polly Holcomb
GARTSY, Hannah, Feb. 9 to J W & Sally Gartsy
LEE, Harriet, Mar. 23 to Samuel & Mary Per Lee
MITCHELL, John W, Apr. 11 to John & Caroline Mitchell
GIBSON, Catharine, May 16 to Arington & Catherine Gibson
HEMINGWAY, Laura Ann, June 26 to Decalvin & Mariah W Hemingway
WAIT, Mary A, July 12 to Arnold & Mary L Wait
CHAMBERLIN, Henry A, July 12 to Henry W & Catherine M Chamberlin
BROOKS, Mary S, July 20 to William & Caroline Brooks
LEACH, Harriet R, Aug. 7 to W H & Harriet L Leach
SHERWOOD, Charles W, Oct. 5 to David & Susan C Sherwood
EATON, V S (male), Oct. 7 to William & Amantha E T Eaton
RANDALL, Julia E, Oct. 12 to William D & Francis L Randall
WILLCOX, George W, Oct. 22 to John M & Mary Willcox
STREET, Delia (colored), Oct. 26 to Thomas & Elizabeth Street
SHERMAN, Sypon or Syhon W (male), Nov. 4 to Anson & Laura Sherman
HUNTINGTON, male, Nov. 8 to W M & Susan M Huntington
SLAWSON, William, Nov. 20 to William & Matilda Slawson
HEWIT, William Snow, Dec. 6 to Ezra & Harriet Hewit
STREET, female, colored, Dec. 11 to Abraham & Elizabeth Street
BREED, male, no date to Stephen & Jane Breed
SMITH, Julia Eliza, Mar. 9 to John & Lucinda Smith
WALKER, William, Jan. 8 to William & Sally M Walker
CARPENTER, Jane, Mar. 9 to Lewis & Laura Carpenter
PRATT, Sarah Ann, July 8 to Erastus & Mary Pratt
BROWN, Adalaid, July 8 to William & Miranda Brown
PRATT, Thomas, Nov. 25 to Alfred & Lovina Ann Pratt
THURSTON, Melona (fem), Feb. 21 to William & Olive Thurston
EVENS, Randall B, Jan. 20 to Benjamin & Sarah Evens

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ALDRICH, Marium, Jan. 1 to Abben (?) A & Almeda Aldrich
CRANDALL, John, Mar. 9 to William & Julia Crandall
BROOKINS, Lucenta (fem), June 5 to Frederick & Polly Brookins
CRANDALL, Elnory, Aug. 27 to Elisha & Anna Crandall
ALDRICH, Henry, Dec. 6 to Sylvenus & Betsy Aldrich
HOLCOMB, Henry A, Dec. 24 to Henry A & Polly Holcomb
COMSTOCK, Emeline Lovisa, July 7 to Abel & Esther Comstock
BROOKS, Carline Adelia, Sept. 13 to Lysander & Fanny Brooks
JOHNSON, Frederick Wagner, Feb. 1 to Thomas & Mary Ann Johnson
BLIVEN, Charles, June 24 to Ira & Mercy G Bliven
WARNER, Mary M, Feb. 13 to William & Mary Warner
SHERMAN, Albert A, Aug. 21 to Harry & Athalinda Sherman
RINGE, Charles, Sept. 1, to Alonzo & Malinda Ringe
RANDALL, Julia M, Sept. 24, to Roswell A & Florence Randall
MORRIS, Sarah E, Aug. 8 to Thomas A & Hannah Morris
MERRILL, Frederick, Aug. 7 to Dwight & Eliza Merrill
BAKER, Charles O, June 9 to Andrew & Ruth V Baker
HINSDALE, Mary C, May 19 to Chester A & Abby Hinsdale
EDMONDS, Eliza T, Mar. 8 to Stephen & Jane Edmonds
LEWIS, Stephen, Apr. 9 to Lorenzo & Polly Lewis
SAILSBURY, Edwin, May 14 to Oley & Sally Sailsbury
WISWELL, Pulaski, June 10 to Thomas & Alzina Wiswell
GRANT, Mary Esther, Aug. 22 to Francis & Lydia Grant
PELLETT, Francis Janette, Apr. 24 to John W & Mercy Ann Pellett
ALLEN, Frances A (fem), Feb. 20 to Lewis J & Selinda W Allen
WILLCOX, Josephine, July 4 to William & Altazira Willcox
WHEELER, Ellen A, Feb. 8 to William H & Jane R Wheeler
RATHBONE, male, July 26 to Gideon & Charity Rathbone
HAYNES, Franklin, Aug. 13 to Charles C & Harriet M Haynes
WHEELER, male, Dec. 30 to Jere------ & Almira Wheeler
PACKER, James A, Nov. 17 to Amos B & Sally Packer
BRUSHELL, Ida Rosina (colored), Dec. 11 to Amos & Margaret Brushell
CLARK, John Samuel, May 2 to John L & Lucy Clark
TRACY, Lois Avis, Nov. 8 to George & Rhoda Ann Tracy
PRENTICE, Adelia E, July 8 to Thomas E & Susan B Prentice
SCOTT, Thomas, July 13 to A C & Mary A Scott
HALE, female, Aug, 23 to N B & Mary W Hale
RANDALL, Emma Louise, Mar. 31 to John A & Delia Randall

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WHEELER, female, Aug. 20 to J R Jr. & Theresa Wheeler
SNOW, female, Oct. 7 to Alvan & Lovina Snow
TRACY, Charles, June 16 to Samuel Jr. & Almina Tracy
BARR, male, Oct. 20 to Joseph P & Betsey Barr
HUNT, Franklin A, Nov. 5 to Warren & Esther Hunt
WEST, William Albert, Feb. 24 to James L & Sophia W West
BURDICK, Josephine, Nov. 9 to Joseph H & Emeline Burdick
MORSE, George H, Feb. 14 to Henry L & Mary A Morse
UNDERWOOD, L Dewitt, Sept. 9 to Lavern C & Mary D Underwood
DELEVAN, Helen D, Sept. 3 to George E & Rhoda Delevan
MOORE, John J, Nov. 19 to Palmer C & Elizabeth Moore
KERSHAW, Sarah L, June 13 to James & Fanny Kershaw
BARNES, Henry Titus, Mar. 31 to Samuel H & Harriet P Barnes
WILLCOX, Henry, June 17 to Eli H & Sophia Willcox
TEAL, Bradley S, Apr. 1 to Daniel E & Catherine Teal
FRENCH, Gilbert J, May 18 to Gillman & Serepta French
ROBBINS, Charles S (colored), July 29 to Sylvenus & Catherine Robbins
THOMPSON, Edwin B, Oct. 1 to Harvey & Elizabeth Thompson
BOWEN, Alice G, Dec. 1 to James & Martha M Bowen
HAYES, Charles, Sept. 9 to Edward T & Parmelia Hayes
PURDY, female, Nov. 12 to Charles M & Mary Purdy
WILLIAMS, Harriet & Mary L E-twins, Mar. 3 to James & Harriet Williams
WALKER, A E (fem), Aug. 31 to John & Emeline Walker
WATTS, George W, Oct. 4 to Charles & Glory Ann Watts
WATERS, Mary, Mar. 12 to Henry & Mary Waters
MARSH, Cyrus, Sept. -- to Hamilton & Julia Ann Marsh
MOAK, Mary E, June 3 to Ephraim & Catherine Moak
WILBUR, Asa P, July 11 to Jeremiah P & Amanda L Wilbur
THOMPSON, Ellen L, Feb. 7 to William C & Sally P Thompson
ARNOLD, Adelia, Oct. 3 to Edward G & Selina L Arnold
SHERMAN, Henry J, Apr. 1 to William H & Susannah Sherman
GARDNER, Mary E, June 21 to Andrew J & Maryette Gardner
WELLS, male, Oct. 20 to B F & Annis M Wells

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