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My Lewis family history started with John LEWIS one of the original settlers of Westerly, RI about 1660. He had 8 children. He died before 1690 in Westerly. His second son John Jr. was born about 1660. His marriage to Anna LANPHERE was about the year 1682. They had 8 children. He died Apr 1735 in Westerly. Their 6 th child John was born 13 Jan 1698. He married Mary BURDICK 12 Mar. 1717. They had 4 children. Their first child John was born 9 Apr. 1719. He married a cousin Thankful LEWIS 23 Nov. 1738. They had 11 children. The 9 th child William was born 24 Jun. 1760. He married Hannah THOMPSON on 22 Dec. 1781 in Westerly. They had 7 children in Westerly. He died 8 Aug. 1835 in Pharsalia, NY.

William LEWIS was a Revolutionary War soldier under file No S22878. He applied for a pension 10/09/1832 when he was living in Pharsalia. Pension No. 24518 issued at NY agency 1/7/1834. He was privet in Capt. Thomson's Co., Col. Barton's Reg't. RI Militia for 10 months. He enlisted Jan. 1778 for one month Capt. B. Lewis's Co. Col. Noyes Jan 1779 enlisted on board the Brig Minerva under Capt. William Jagger, Lt. Wm. Norris. Three months Jun. 1780 enlisted under Capt. Coal LT. Johnson, Col. Green, stationed at Island at Newport; employed in building fort; six months service. Aug. 2 1781 enlisted on board Brig Minerva under Capt. Samuel Champlin: one month service.

William's first child was William Jr. born 26 Oct. 1782 in Westerly. The other children are:

Hannah LEWIS b. 19 Sep. 1784, m. Solomon HARVEY with 8 children; Hannah, Drusilla, Nancy, Louisa, Mary, Uriah, William & Bridget

Chleo LEWIS b. 16 Dec. 1787, m. Isaac LEWIS

Samuel LEWIS b. 14 May. 1791

Jeotha LEWIS b. 20 Feb. 1794,

m 1st Betsey S. SABIN 14 Dec. 1823 with 6 children;

Jeptha M, Betsey F, William E, James, Cornelia A & Ester A.

m. 2nd Abigail GRISWOLD 9 Jan 1842 with 4 children; Edgar S, Chloe E, Ann E, & Lemira A. He died 2 Jan 1849 in Pharsalia.

Pardon LEWIS b. 17 Oct. 1796.

Abel LEWIS b. 26 Oct. 1799, m. Delilah BURDICK about 1826 with 5 children;

Abel L, Martha, Amanda J, Theodore & Hannah. He died 12 Mar 1869 in Pharsalia


The Lewis family traveled from Westerly to Pharsalia a distance of about 300 miles. The trip took about a month. They braved bad weather, walked on paths and through woods with very little to guide the way. Can you imagine what it must have looked like. Forest with no clearings, no roads, no schools, no stores. The land must have been covered with a spectacular forest with virgin hemlock, maple, pine, black cherry and chestnut trees that were four to five feet in diameter. From these forest they built homes, farms and businesses. They cleared the land and planted crops. They used the forest for everything from their homes to their tools, house wares and medicines. They built a town, community, a place to raise a family, a place to own land, a place to feel safe, a place to be independent and a place to prosper.


1803 The Lewis' homesteaded at Pharsalia. The original homestead burned to the ground, another was soon built.

1807 William LEWIS Jr. purchased 50 acres of land on lot 33, Pharsalia, from John RANDALL and his wife Mary for $ 250 on 3 July 1807.

--- William LEWIS Jr. married Rhoda BREED on 3 Dec. 1807. They had 7 children in Pharsalia.

Elias LEWIS b. 16 Nov. 1808, m. 5 Dec. 1830 to Laura Ann WHITE [ b. abt 1815] in Pharsalia. He later moved to Groton NY where his daughter Susan married Ira Scott on 10 Nov. 1868. He died 11 Feb. 1888 in Moravia, NY. and is burried there.

They had 7 children; Lydia, Fannie, Mertilo, Joseph, Elias E & Susan.

William (Billdad) LEWIS b. 21 Oct. 1810, m. 25 Jan. 1835 to Caroline WHITE, They had 4 children; Emerline, Noyes, Nelson J & Rhoda A. He died. in West Union, IA

Rhoda LEWIS b. 20 Aug. 1810, married Christopher GREEN.

Joseph Breed LEWIS b. 18 Nov. 1814, m. 17 Apr. 1851 to Melissa FERRAR.

Hannah LEWIS b. 18 June 1818, m. 9 Oct. 1839 to Samuel Nelson TOWER.

Isaiah LEWIS b. 9 June 1821, m. 17 Mar. 1845 to Ann Elizabeth DORAN, d. 5 Feb. 1884.

They had 4 children; Isaiah G, John O, Ann E & Charles W.

Sally Marilla LEWIS b. 22 Apr. 1823, m. 12 May 1851 to Charles CAMP,

1828 William LEWIS Jr. purchased 50 acres of land on lot 47, Pharsalia, from John Davenport and his wife Mary for $ 86 on 5 Feb. 1828. This land bounded on the north by land sold to J. BROWN, on the east by land sold to Abel LEWIS, on the south & west by the lines of lot 47.

1850 Lewis' listed in the 1850 Census for Pharsalia, Chenango Co. NY.

LEWIS, William age 40 M birth NY
LEWIS, Caroline age 41 F birth NY
LEWIS, Emaline age 14 F birth NY
LEWIS, Noyes age 13 M birth NY
LEWIS, Nelson age 9 M birth NY


LEWIS, Isaac age 59 M Miller birth NY
LEWIS, Abigail age 45 F birth NY
LEWIS, Flayilla age 22 F birth NY
LEWIS, Amanda age 16 F birth NY
LEWIS, Cloa age 13 F birth NY


LEWIS, William age 68 M Farm birth RI
LEWIS, Rhoda age 61 F birth Conn
LEWIS, Sally age 26 F birth NY
LEWIS, Joseph age 35 M Farm birth NY


LEWIS, Isaih age 29 M Farm birth NY
LEWIS, Ann E. age 23 F birth NY
LEWIS, Isaih G. age 3 M birth NY
LEWIS, John O. age 2 M birth NY


LEWIS, Abel age 50 M Farm birth NY
LEWIS, Delila age 44 F birth Conn
LEWIS, Abel age 22 M Farm birth NY
LEWIS, Martha age 20 F birth NY
LEWIS, Genett age 14 F birth NY
LEWIS, Theodore age 11 M birth NY
LEWIS, Uphrasia age 6 F birth NY


LEWIS, Abigal age 41 F birth VM
LEWIS, Edger S. age 7 M birth NY
LEWIS, Cloa E. age 5 F birth NY
LEWIS, Ann E. age 3 F birth NY
LEWIS, Adilade L. age 1 F birth NY
LEWIS, James age 19 M Farm birth NY


LEWIS, Nathaniel age 65 M Farm birth RI
LEWIS, Sabrina age 59 F birth RI
LEWIS, Anna M. age 28 F birth NY
LEWIS, Jason age 17 M Farm birth NY


LEWIS, Nathaniel age 31 M Farm birth NY
LEWIS, Julia age 27 F birth NY
LEWIS, Fayett age 4 F birth NY


1855 Lewis' listed in the 1855 Census Pharsalia, Chenango Co. NY

Name Age Sex Rel. From in town

LEWIS, Naploli 33 M Chenango 3 mo. Farmer
LEWIS, Hanah M. 31 F wife " 3 mo.
LEWIS, William H. 7 M child " 3 mo.
LEWIS, James S. 4 M child " 3 mo.
LEWIS, Eva G. 1 F child " 3 mo.
BOWERS, Joaney 63 F mother Conn 3 mo.


LEWIS, William 44 M Chenango 44 yr Farmer
LEWIS, Caroline 45 F wife " 20 yr
LEWIS, Noyes 18 M child " 18 yr Farmer
LEWIS, Nelson G. 13 M child " 33 yr
LEWIS, Rhoda 65 F mother Conn 57 yr


LEWIS, Abel 55 M RI 50 yr Farner
LEWIS, Delila 49 F wife Conn 45 yr
LEWIS, Theodore 16 M son Chenango 16 yr
LEWIS, Hannah 11 F daughter " 11 yr


LEWIS, Nathaniel Jr 36 M " 36 yr Farmer
LEWIS, Julia 32 F wife Madison 32 yr
LEWIS, Fayett 8 M son Chenango 8 yr
LEWIS, Ella 1 F daughter " 1 yr


LEWIS, Nathaniel 70 M RI 38 yr Farmer
LEWIS, Anna M. 33 F daughter Chenango 33 yr


1867 Abel LEWIS last will and testament was signed 18 June 1867. He leaves his son Theodore LEWIS of Pharsalia 1/4 of all property. The rest he gives to his son Abel Leroy LEWIS of Appleton Wis. and his daughter Martha BALL, wife of Thaddeus T. BALL of St. Louis, Missouri to share and share alike. The executor of the will was his friend William R. BURDICK of Mc Donough. Abel on 19 Apr. 1868 changed his will due to the death of his son Theodore LEWIS. He leaves his daughter Amanda Jeanette, wife of E. R. MORGAN,

The Lewis' buried in Pharsalia Center Cemetery

LEWIS, Delilah, wife of Abel, d. Aug. 22, 1867 age 61 yr. 3 mo. 15 da.
LEWIS, Abel d. Mar. 12, 1869 age 69 yr. 4 mo. 16 da.

LEWIS, Theodore d. Jan. 22,1808 are 29 yr.
LEWIS, F. E. wife of Theodore d. --- no stone ---
LEWIS, Theodore son of Theodore & F. E. d. Mar 11, 1868 age 11 mo.

LEWIS, ----- wife of Fayette d. --- no stone ---
LEWIS, Fayette C. 1846 - 1918 ---

LEWIS, Anna daughter of Nathaniel & Julia d. Nov. 26,1864 age 1 yr.

LEWIS, Bridget Mrs. wife of William d. Dec. 14, 1843 age 76 yr. 3 mo. 14 da.
LEWIS, Hannah wife of William d. Mar. 31, 1806 age 41 yr.
LEWIS, William Soldier A.R.W. d. May 8, 1835 age 75 yr. 1 mo. 14 da.

LEWIS, William d. Nov. 1, 1853 age 71 yr.
LEWIS, Rhoda (BREED) wife of William d. Nov. 10, 1878 age 89 yr.

LEWIS, Jason L. 1833 - 1917 age 84 yr.
LEWIS, Anna Marie wife of Jason L. 1821 - 1899 age 78 yr.

LEWIS, Lydiann daughter of Nathaniel & Sabrina d. Feb. 26, 1817 age 3 yr. 4 mo. 8 da.
LEWIS, Sabrina wife of Nathaniel d. Apr. 22, 1855 age 64 yr. 5 mo. 20 da.
LEWIS, Nathaniel d. Feb. 10, 1857 age 71 yr. 10 mo. 22 da.

LEWIS, Caroline wife of William d. Jun. 11, 1862 ---
LEWIS, Rhoda dau. of W. Jr. & Caroline d. Jul. 7, 1849 age 2 yr. 2 mo.

LEWIS, Lydia dau. of Elias & Laura d. Nov. 8, 1838 age 4 yr. 8 mo. 10 da.

LEWIS, Betsey S. wife of Jepthah d. May. 22, 1841 age 37 yr.
LEWIS, Jepthah MR. d. Jan 2, 1849 age 54 yr.
LEWIS, Cornelia A. dau. of Jepthah & Betsey S. d. Feb. 6, 1840 age 1 yr.
LEWIS, William E. son of Jepthah & Betsey S. d. Jan. 15, 1835 age 5 yr.
LEWIS, Esther dau. of Jepthah & Betsey S. d. Dec. 14, 1840 age 2 yr.

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