Sherburne Hill West Cemetery


In 1936, the New York State Education Department placed a marker at the west entrance to this cemetery reading as follows:

"WEST HILL - 1802"
"Colonel W. S. Smith, Aide to Washington, owned 150,000 acres hereabout in 1791; married Abigail Adams. Buried at rear, due north."

This cemetery was started in connection with the church used by the Second Congregational Society of Sherburne which flourished until about 1820 when the church disbanded and its members transferred to the Congregational Churches in Smyrna and Sherburne. This location, on fairly high ground, furnishes a wide view of the surrounding countryside.

In 1897 the Cemetery Association purchased over three acres of additional land adjoining on the east , and later added a plot on the west. It is the most widely used Protestant cemetery in Sherburne and is kept in excellant condition.

Sherburne West Hill

Beginning at the southwest corner:
Going to the northwest corner, the oldest part of the cemetery. Here the stones are considerably spread out, and it seems quite certain that many stones are missing.
Going to the outer edge (north side) at the back of the cemetery, just east of the oldest stones:
Continuing section next to the back fence, starting into the newer (south) part of the cemetery

Howard Cemetery

Beginning the circle west and north of the chapel; starting at the east side

Old Part:
West drive - starting at the highway and including all graves within this west circle
East circle - extends to the edge of the new part

New Part (first used about 1900)
Sqaure section bounded on east by drive from highway to chapel, on north by drive from chapel to old part - read from nearest chapel
Circle to the Southeast of chapel
Right of east drive

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