The publication of the proceedings at the celebration of the Centennial of Sherburne, a fitting finale to that notable occasion, was made possible by the liberality of the subscribers to the Monument Fund, an overplus remaining in the hands of the undersigned after all other expenses were provided for, which it was thought could not be better expended than in the way of issuing this volume, a copy of which to be presented to each subscriber to the Forefathers' Monument as a Centennial souvenir, thus preserving in suitable and attractive form the history of that highly interesting event, which would be especially prized by those who were unable to be present, and would in itself be a valuable record of the annals of the town.

    So the work was undertaken, and carried forward to completion, although attended with some unexpected and unavoidable delay. As will be seen, an appendix containing interesting and valuable data connected with the history of Sherburne, has been added to the Centennial proceedings, so that the record may be preserved for future reference.

    With this simple statement this Centennial volume is issued in the hope that it may be of interest to all who shall receive it, and that the appreciation with which it is received will be a sufficient justification for its publication.

    Tarrytown, N.Y., Oct. 1, 1893.



The Sherburne Centennial5 - 7
Address of Welcome8 - 10
Presentation of monument11 - 16
Centennial oration17 - 25
Centennial poem26 - 31
Historical address32 - 61
Evening excercises62 - 63
Centennial letters64 - 69
Centennial monument70 - 71
Congregational Church72 - 75
Old West Hill Meeting House76 - 83
Family sketches84 - 97
Physicians of Sherburne98
Miscellaneous memoranda99
Finis100 - 100
Addenda101 - 111
    Family Sketches102 - 105
    In Memoriam106
    School Roll - 1795-96106a
    Micellaneous Memoranda107
    Assessment roll of Sherburne for 1801108
    Old map of proprietors108a
    Land owners designated on map108b
    Additional memoranda109 - 111

Transcribed by Mary G. Hafler, 2003.
Town of Sherburne
Chenango Co, NY
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