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Early settlers in the Town of Norwich (#15) of Original Twenty Towns taken from "History of Chenango & Madison Counties, NY" by James H Smith; pub. 1880. Tried to use year, where stated, person and where they were from.
Norwich was formed from Jericho (Bainbridge), and Union (Broome County), both then in Tioga county, Jan. 19, 1793, and then embraced the towns of Pharsalia, Plymouth, Preston (then embraced McDonough) which were taken off April 2, 1806, New Berlin and a part of Columbus, which were taken off April 3, 1807, and North Norwich, which was taken off April 7, 1849. A part of Preston was annexed in 1808, and a part of the same town taken off in 1820.
Indian title to this section was extinguished by Avery POWER, who came before the title was extinguished and squatted on lands for which he afterwards paid.
David FAIRCHILD, next settler
Silas COLE, third settler, from Conn.

Capt. John HARRIS, born Nantaucket Island, Mass; 1776 Voluntown (now Sterling), Conn, &
William SMILEY, Voluntown, Conn

Jacob and Joseph SKINNER, brothers,Hebron,Conn

1790 - 91
Nicholas PICKETT and
Major thomas BROOKS

about 1791 or '2
Matthew GRAVES, Hatfield Mass,
Martin TAYLOR, Mass,
Colonel William MONROE, Windsor, Conn
Leonard M CUTTING of New York bought the township when it was up for sale. He tried to lease the lands and opposition so violent and great he finally sold township to Dr. John STITES of Elizabeth, N.J., and Anthony LAMB, of New York who finally sold to settlers.

1792 or 1793

about 1793 or 1794
Josiah BROWN, Mass,
Manasseh (Baptist minister) and James FRENCH, brothers,
James GILMORE and
John McNITT., Irish descent,

Hezekiah PELLET, native of Canterbury, Conn. and
Deacon Elisha SMITH, Hatfield, Mass; another source says Conn

1794 or 1795
Josiah BROWN, different man from Josiah who settled in 1793 or '94

about 1796
Alexander McCULLOUGH, New England states,
Capt. Edward GREEN, R.I. and
Jedediah SPRAGUE, R.I.

Joshua Burlingame

1796 - 8
Stephen COLLINS, Conn

John and Daniel SHATTUCK, Farmingdale, Mass.
Judge Stephen STEERE, Chepachet, R.I.
Thomas WOOD, native of Sapataic, R.I.;moved to Thompson, Conn; then Norwich
Amos BOWEN, Gloucester, R.I.; to Conn; then Norwich

Uriah AVERY, from New York,
Stephen HENRY and
Gilbert SALISBURY, father-in-law of Amos Bowen, Killingly,Conn
Rhode Island Settlement settled by ALDRICH, HENRY and PHILLIPS families from R.I.
There were five families of Aldriches, one of Henrys, and three of Phillipses.
Benjamin ALDRICH
Garnder and Noah ALDRICH, brothers, and cousins of Benjamin
Stephen HENRY
Rufus, Nathan and Owen PHILLIPS, brothers

Jacob REYNOLDS, brother to Sullivan Reynolds

about 1800
Nathan PENDLETON, native of Stonington, Conn.,
Chauncey GIBSON, orignally from conn; came from Duanesburgh with father John GIBSON
William GIBSON, brother to Chauncey, came from Ballston, Saratoga Co
Casper M. ROUSE, New England states,
Thomas SHIPPEY, R. I,
Wilmarth PETERS, R.I.,
David MONROE, R.I.,
Sylvanus BALLOU, R.I.,
Gideon & Elijah COOK, brothers, R.I., and
David, Philip, Thomas and Samuel PHETTEPLACE, brothers, R.I.

John RANDALL, born Stonington, Conn. and
Hezekiah BROWN, native of R.I.; came from Sterling, Conn.

after 1800

Other early settlers
Rev. Jedediah RANDALL, bron Stonington, Conn, 1st Baptist minister,
John WELCH, moved west,
Lemuel SOUTHWICK,; moved away,
Lobden JAYNES,
Jonathan COLEGROVE, moved to PA,
Jonathan THORNTON,
Capt. James THOMPSON,
Capt. Anan WINSOR, distanately related to Colonel Stephen WINSOR,
Benjamin SHELDON,
Maj. Samuel MAY and
Gideon MANN.

George KNAPP, R.I.

Asa PELLET, Canterbury,Conn,
Lemuel WELLS, Mass

1805 or '6
Palmer EDMONDS, R.I.

Truman ENOS
James PACKER, native of Groton, Conn

Families from Rhode Island: COOKs, WINSORs, THOMPSONs, AINSWORTH and JENNISONs, who came about 1816 or '18 except Cooks about 1799 and Winsors, about 1800. Cook's Settlement. John, Richard, Daniel and Laban COOK, brothers, R.I.

Olney, Joshua, Ziba and Washington WINSOR, R.I.

about 1810
Elias BREED, Stonington, Conn
Hascall and William RANSFORD, brothers, natives of Voluntown, Conn

Colonel Stephen L and Roswell Avery,brothers, Stonington, Conn

Transcribed and contributed by Sandy Goodspeed, 1999.
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