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    GUILFORD. --- Since the preceding was in type we have received some additional items from this town.

    Guilford (p. v.) contains two churches, a hotel, a foundry and machine shop, a tannery, a furniture and bedstead factory, a grist mill, a saw mill, a photograph gallery and jeweler's shop, and several stores of various kinds.

    Mount Upton (p. v.) contains two churches, a hotel, three stores, a grist mill, a saw mill, a harness shop, a cooper's shop, two blacksmith shops, a carriage shop and about 250 inhabitants.

    East Guilford (p. v.) contains a church, a hotel, a grist mill, a saw mill, a blacksmith shop and about 100 inhabitants.

    Rockdale (p. v.) contains a church, a hotel, a store, a grist mill, a saw mill and about 100 inhabitants.

    Rockwell's Mills, about a mile north of Mount Upton, contains a church, a saw mill and the extensive woolen factory of Chester W. Rockwell. About 75,000 pounds of wool are worked up in this establishment annually.

    Among the early settlers not already mentioned were Lemuel Cornell, on lot No. 14, in 1791; Daniel Johnson, on lot 24; Dr. Knapp, Roger Williams, Samuel A. Smith, Thomas H. Ingersoll, Seth Richmond and John Dibble, all of whom came in previous to 1803. Mr. Dibble kept a hotel in 1798, where the Guilford Hotel now stands; he died in 1801 and his widow kept the hotel for several years after. Samuel Mills and five sons settled on lot 33, in 1798; Uri Yale on lot 53, in 1796; Benj. Yale in 1799, on the same lot. Benj. Yale died a few years since at the age of 102 years and eight months. Daniel Cornell, now living on lot No.1, is one of the oldest settlers in town, and Mrs. A. Wood, daughter of Daniel Savage, is another one. Ira Hays settled on lot 1, in 1795, and his son David, born in 1798, is probably the oldest person in the town who was born there. Samuel Ives, Joel and William Hendricks settled in the town in 1802. The academy at the center was built in 1805; Daniel Mills was the first teacher. The Congregational Church at Guilford Center was organized in 1812, with twelve members. Present number 160; John L. Jones, pastor.

    The following persons died in the service of their country during the Rebellion:

    Albert D. Wood, at the battle of Cedar Creek, Oct. 19, 1864; Luman Bentley, battle of Pleasant Hill; James Nevil, at Brasher City, April 5, 1863; Wm. H. Chamberlain, Cedar Creek, Oct. 19, 1864; David W. Place, New Orleans, Feb. 12, 1863; Franklin Boyce, Camp Hubbard, August, 1863; Levi L. Secor, Donaldson, La., July 15, 1863; Watson Sliter, Baton Rouge, July 18, 1863; Orman Potter, New Orleans, Nov. 6, 1863; George E. Beckwith, Port Hudson, June 14, 1863; John F. Mathewson, June, 1863. John C. Durphy, Riley Foot, Albert Birdsall, Robert Johnson, Lawton Bush, Emory Smith, Edwin Gilbert, Oscar Root, Solon Bush, Oscar Bennett, ___ Sheldon and ___ Avery, all yielded up their lives in the service of their county.

    OXFORD. --- The following persons from this town died in the service of their country during the Rebellion:

    Waterman Ensworth, at New Orleans, June 15, 1863; George Lamphire, July, 1864; Leroy N. Havens, at Cedar Creek, Oct. 19, 1864; Wm. A. Newton, Nov. 20, 1864; Oscar F. Root, Sept. 3, 1863; Delos L. Merrill, Sept. 19, 1864; Perry Powers, Oct. 28, 1863; Alexander Leach, Nov. 16, 1863; Freeborn S. Youngs, Aug. 25, 1862; Charles F. Greene, Oct., 1864; Sheldon Bowles, 1863; Geo. W. Eaton, died Jan. 3, 1865, in Salisbury prison; Wm. Martindale also died in prison, Jan. 12, 1854. Frank Gomes, Nehemiah Carpenter, Adam Neidick, John Wood, Clark Wood, George Booth, Percival Derrick, Abner Randall and Frederick Dalison, all died in the service.

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