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    OTSELIC was formed from German, March 28, 1817. It lies upon the north border of the County, west of the center. Its surface is hilly, and consists of high ridges, from 500 to 800 feet above the valley of Otselic Creek. These ridges are broken by the ravines of the streams. Otselic Creek is the principal stream and flows south-west through the central part of the town. Several small streams are tributaries of the Otselic. The soil upon the hills is a shaly loam and in the valleys alluvium.

    Otselic, (p. v.) situated in the north-east part, on Otselic Creek, contains one church, a hotel, a store and about one hundred inhabitants.

    South Otselic, (p. v.) in the south-west part, on Otselic Creek, contains two churches, viz., Methodist and Baptist, two hotels, three stores, a grist mill, a saw mill and about two hundred inhabitants.

    The settlement of this town was commenced in 1800, by Ebenezer Hill, who located on section 1, erected a log house and afterwards kept a tavern. David Stodard came in the next year and located on section 2. Other early settlers were Reuben Buckingham, William Fish, Jonah Wolcott, William Cross, William Hurlbut and William Smith, all of whom settled in the northern part of the town. In the south part the early settlers were Elias Benjamin, Buell Warner, and his sons, Oliver, Abner and Buell, Jr., Benoni Parce, Lewis Cook, Æneas Thompson, John and James Warner, Abraham Fairchild and William Greene.

    Hannah Warner taught the first school. Ebenezer Hill kept the first inn, in 1810, and built the first grist mill, in 1820. George Coles kept the first store, in 1812. James Rush built the first saw mill. The first preacher was Stephen C. Nichols. Rev. Luther Clark was appointed a missionary to labor one-fourth of the time in this place, in 1809, and under the patronage of the Home Missionary Society his labors were continued five years.

    In July, 1833, a terrific hurricane passed over the town, sweeping the country from west to east, a distance of one mile in width.

    The population of Otselic in 1865 was 1,468, and its area 23,605 acres.

    The number of school districts is twelve; the number of children of school age, 505; the number attending school, 434; the average attendance, 220, and the amount expended for school purposes during the year was $2,525.69.

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