Annals of Oxford, New York

H. J. Galpin
Oxford, NY - 1906

How Index learning turns no student pale
Yet holds the eel of science by the tail.
- Pope.


Page 565
Academy, Oxford125Buckley, John95
Achorn, Andrew333Burr, Theodore151
Adams, A. D.189Business firms in 1835420
Adams, John77Bush, Jonathan195
Allis, Jere317Butler, Benj.422
Assessment Roll355Bundy, Solomon477
Avery, Geo. D.277Burning of Chenango House546
Backus, Capt. John541Burning of Fort Hill House409
Bacon, Cyrus A.250Cannon, Benj.322
Barber, D. G.352Callahan, Rev. Henry316
Balcom family23Canal ball222
Bartle family68Cary, Anson88
Bancroft, Dr. Reuben211Census396, 418
Baldwin, Jonathan90Church, Bradford65
Baldwin, Dr. Samuel365Church, Baptist471
Bank, First National551Church, Free Will Baptist154
Betts, Zopher548Church, Methodist168
Beardsley, Wm243Church, Congregational204
Bennett, Adolphus B.319Church, St. Paul's215
Bennett, Moses80Church, St. Joseph's317
Birth, first white22Church, Universalist460
Blackman, Elijah11Chapman, Wm. E.376
Bowers, John C.452Chapman, Nelson C.185
Breed, Levi226Chapin, Joel549
Brush, Platt193Celebration, Whig50
Brown, Jesse467Clapp, James516
Brown, Thos.372Clarke, Ray328
Bruchbausen, Dr. Caspar307Clarke, Dr. S. R.369
Bridge bee117Clarke family509
Bridge, river224Conover, Cornelius288
Brooksbank, Robert232Conference339
Brockett, Hezakiah165Cook, Joseph50
Burghardt, Peter73Cooke, H. H.235
Page 566
Cooley, Elihu314Greene, Frederick486
Cole family468Guernsey, Samuel523
Court of Common Pleas197Hackett, Josiah100
Cork Island duel268Hatch family373
County5Haynes, Chas. B.221
Curtis, Major O. H.465Havens, Amos195
Death of a burglar436Havens family403
Death from lightning544Hitchcock, A. A.232
Dailey, Aunt Patty156Hinckley, Jared544
Davidson family237Hovey, A. C.360
Denison family290Hovey, Gen. Benj.47
Dickinson, Joseph93Hopkins, Capt. Frederick476
Distillery143Hopkins, Samuel Miles82
Dodge, Solomon70Hollenbeck, Wm.238
Dodge, Peter and John292Hoe factory545
Douglas, Geo. M. D.179Holmes, John188
Doty, Reuben162Hull, Andrew J.521
Dunne, Wm.411Hull family133
Dudley, Daniel301Hunt family525
Dwight, Capt. J. H.186Husking bee166
Eaton, Warren506Hyde, Austin397
Eccleston, Charles212Illumination121, 165
Edwards, J. M.549Indian antiquities51
Exhibitions385Indian stories262, 384
Farnham, Capt. Samuel144Independence day233, 363
378, 508
Farrell, Bernard220
Fenton, Capt. Solomon72Ingersoll, Lambert214
Fish, Selah H.175Jacobs family340
Fiske, David438Jewell, Elisha203
Fitch, Ephraim445Joslyn, Dr. Chas.9
Flanagan, James419Journal, Miss Hopkins198
Flood of 1865241Journals of Oxford406
Foundary338Judson family289
Fourth of July expenses196Kellogg, Nathaniel240
Franklin, A. A.329Ketchum, Lewis320
Freshet of 1842434Killed the wrong man550
Galpin, Judson B.181Kinney family491
Garnsey, Peter B.150Ladies Village Improvement
Gibson, Thomas223
Gifford, Joseph252Lee, Dr. D. M.482
Gifford, Samuel A.453Leonard, Isaac522
Gile, Wm.105Lett, Wm.375
Glover, James A.239Lewis family496
Gordon family310Lobdell, Abihah, Jr.159
Greek ball388Locke, Nathaniel367
Page 567
Loomis family44Price, Wm. M.514
Lyon family78Purdy, Nelson313
Mail service66, 107Rafting122
Main, A. B.538Rathbone, Gen. Ransom463
Main, Randall251Rathbone, John152
Man in Homespun163Ransom, Rev. J. C.187
Mason, Joseph285Redmond family311
Mead, Dr.243Rector, Geo. C.261
Mead family228Read, Horace S.150
Memorial verses173Rhodes, Oliver191
Mexican War volunteers305Robbins, Myron475
Millard, Stephen H.553Roome, Edward A.176
Miller, Andrew230Root, Ebenezer540
Miller, Epaphras255Ross, Samuel390
Military days492Robinson family414
Moore, Benj.354Rouse, Dr. Austin444
Morse, Hezekiah447Runyan, Stephen O.143
Mowry family323Sands, Frederick A.192
Murder trial503Sands, Dr. Wm. G.300
Mygatt, Henry429Sannicks, Aunt Sally234
Mygatt, William450Sheldon, Stephen A.548
McCall, E. B.308Sherwood family331
McCalpin, Wm.236Sherwood, Isaac480
McFarland family454Sherwood, Levi538
McGeorge, Rev. H. T.441Shapley, David178
McNeil family62Shumway, Daniel225
Newkirk, Thos. G.473Sill, Daniel270
Nichols, Ishmael459Smith, Joel283
Old letters249Smith, Munson211
Olds, Ezekiel534Smith, Gen. Peter Skenendoah278
Owen, Salmon W.528Smith, Nehemiah484
Oxford village10State5
Paring bee166Stone, George383
Packer, Horace190Stow, Samuel546
Packer, Dr. Perez282Stafford, S. S.536
Padgett, John539Stevens, Judge Henry203
Pendleton family439Storm, severe410
Perkins, Erastus147Stratton family529
Perry, John296Stratton, Isaac J.500
Physician, first61Swan, Rev. Jabez194
Pigeons, wild229Tavern days137
Pioneer life14TenBroeck, John72
Powers, Myron413Thorp, Joseph G.504
Porter, Milo367Thurber, Caleb236
Practical jokes399Tillotson, Jeremiah193
Page 568
Town clock483Washburn, John Y.273
Town expenses9Watson, Alamanzar275
Town meetings7, 75, 178, 356Walker, Joseph146
Town of Oxford5Westover family244
Tracy, Hon. John298Weeks, Stephen271
Tracy, Uri54Webb, John253
Traveling, early107Wheeler family334
Tucker, Daniel547Wheeler, Samuel532
Turner, Stephen280Whittenhall family432
Tuttle, Cyrus287Williams, Eber97
VanDerLyn, Gerardus520Williams, Aunt Phillis160
VanDerLyn, Henry393Willoughby, Bliss346
VanGaasbeck, Thomas203Willoughby, Job294
Van Wagenen family488Wright, Enos158
Village bell ringer357Willcox, Ira348
Village by-laws350Wolf hunt361
Wagner, Dr. L. P.358York, Jeremiah448
Warne, Dacre65York, Dr. Edward371

Transcribed by Sandy Goodspeed - 2002.

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