Annals of Oxford, New York

H. J. Galpin
Oxford, NY - 1906

Annals of Oxford, New York with illustrations & biographical sketches of some of its prominent men and early pioneers. Compiled, edited and published by Henry J. Galpin. Oxford, N. Y. Times Book and Job Printing House, 1906.
Copyright 1906 by Henry J. Galpin. All rights reserved.

The Village of Oxford.
Elijah Blackman.
Pioneer Life.
Balcom Family.
Loomis Family.
General Benjamin Hovey.
Indian Antiquities.
Tracy Family.
McNeil Family.
Mail Service in Early Days.
Bartle Family.
Solomon Dodge.
Peter Burghardt.
Town Meetings.
Lyon Family.
Bennett Family.
Samuel Miles Hopkins.
Anson Cary.
Jonathan Baldwin.
Joseph Dickinson.
John Buckley.
Eber Williams
Josiah Hackett.
William Gile.
Early Traveling and Mail Routes.
River Bridge Bee.
In Rafting Days.
Oxford Academy.
Hull Family.
Old Tavern Days.
Captain Samuel Farnham.
Joseph Walker.
Erastus Perkins.
Theodore Burr.
John Rathbone.
Free Will Baptist Church.
"Aunt Patty" Dailey.
Abijah Lobdell, Jr.
"Aunt Phillis" Williams.
Rueben Doty
Man in Homespun.
Hezekiah Brockett.
Husking and Paring Bees.
Methodist Episcopal Church.
Memorial Verses.
Selah H. Fish.
Edward A. Roome.
George Douglas, M. D.
Judson B. Galpin.
Nelson C. Chapman.
Capt. Joseph Hawley Dwight.
Rev. Jared C. Ransom.
Addison Dudley Adams.
Horace Packer.
Frederick A. Sands.
Rev. Jabez S. Swan.
Fourth of July Bill.
Court of Common Pleas.
Extracts from a Journal.
Congregational Church.
Charles Eccleston.
St. Paul's Church.
Bernard Farrell.
Chenango Canal Ball.
Thomas Gibson.
River Bridge and Fort Hill in 1840.
Levi Breed.
Charles B. Haynes.
Mead Family.
Andrew Miller.
Independence Day, 1865.
Horatio H. Cooke.
Davidson Family.
James A. Glover.
Flood of 1865.
Westover Family.

Cyrus A. Bacon.
Joseph Gifford.
John Webb.
Epaphras Miller.
George C. Rector.
Indian Stories.
Cork Island Duel.
Stephen Weeks.
John Y. Washburn.
Alamanzar Watson.
George D. Avery.
Gen. Peter Skenendoah Smith.
Stephen Turner.
Dr. Perez Packer.
Joel Smith.
Joseph Mason.
Cyrus Tuttle.
Cornelius Conover.
Judson Family.
Denison Family.
Peter and John Dodge.
Job Willoughby.
John Perry.
Hon. John Tracy.
William G. Sands, M. D.
Daniel Dudley.
Mexican War Volunteers.
Dr. Casper Bruchhausen.
Elijah B. McCall.
Gordon Family.
Redmond Family.
Nelson Purdy.
Elihu Cooley.
Rev. Henry Callahan.
St. Joseph's Church.
Adolphus B. Bennett.
Lewis Ketchum.
Benjamin Cannon.
Mowry Family.
Ray Clarke.
Amos A. Franklin.
Sherwood Family.
Andrew Achorn.
Wheeler Family.
The Chenango Foundry.
Jacobs Family.
Bliss Willoughby.
Ira Willcox.
Village By-Laws in 1810.
David G. Barber.
Benjamin Moore.
Assessment Roll.
Town Meeting, 1811.
The Village Bell Ringer.
Levi P. Wagner, M. D.
Albert C. Hovey.
A Wolf Hunt.
Independence Day, 1824.
Samuel Baldwin, M. D.
Milo Porter.
Nathaniel Locke.
Samuel Ray Clarke, M. D.
Edward York, M. D.
Thomas Brown.
Hatch Family.
William Lett.
William E. Chapman.
Independence Day, 1852.
George Stone.
Visited by Indians.
Early Exhibitions.
Grand Ball.
Samuel Ross.
Henry VanDerLyn, Esq.
Austin Hyde.
Practical Jokes.
Havens Family.
Journals of Oxford.
Severe Storms.
William Dunne.
Myron Powers.
Robinson Family.
James Flanagan.
Cyrus M. Gray.
Benjamin Butler.
James Walker.
Throop Family.
Henry Mygatt.
Whittenhall Family.
Freshet of 1842.
Death of a Burglar.
David Fiske.
Pendleton Family.
Rev. Horatio T. McGeorge.
Austin Rouse, M. D.
Ephraim Fitch.
Hezekiah Morse.
Jeremiah York.
William Mygatt.
John C. Bowers.
Samuel A. Gifford.
McFarland Family.
Ishmael Nichols.
Universalist Church.
General Ransom Rathbone.
Major O. H. Curtis.
Jesse Brown.
Cole Family.
Baptist Church.
Thomas G. Newkirk.
Myron Robbins.
Captain Frederick Hopkins.
Solomon Bundy.
Isaac Sherwood.
D. M. Lee, M. D.
The Town Clock.
Nehemiah Smith.
Frederick Greene.
Van Wagenen Family.
Kinney Family.
In Military Days.
Lewis Family.
Isaac J. Stratton.
An Old Murder Trial.
Joseph G. Thorp.
Warren Eaton.
Independence Day, 1859
Clarke Family.
Price & Clapp.
Gerardus VanDerLyn
Andrew J. Hull.
Isaac Leonard.
Samuel Guernsey.
Hunt Family.
Salmon W. Owen.
Stratton Family.
Samuel Wheeler.
Ezekial Olds.
Samuel S. Stafford.
Aaron B. Main.
John Padgett.
Ebenezer Root.
Capt. John Backus.
Hoe Factory.
Ladies Village Improvement.
Killed the Wrong Man.
First National Bank.
Stephen H. Millard.
Note: Not part of the original book. Created to point directly to the highlighted items in the book. The index contains detail on subtopics.
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