South New Berlin,

Chenango County, NY

A station on the New Berlin Branch of the New York, Ontario & Western Railroad, distant 220 miles from New York and 17 miles from Sidney.

Babcock, Chauncey C - supt. poor and justice of the peace, h E. Main
Babcock, Hobart - gen'l merchandise and postmaster, h Main
Bailey, Stephen L - clerk, h. E. Main
Bassett, W., Mrs. - millinery, Main, h do
Belding, Wayne - carpenter, h W. Main
Berry, Lewis - clerk, h N. Main
Bowers, William - lab, h W. Main
Brown, William M - h N. Main
Carpenter, Mrs. - wid, h N. Main
Chapin, William - market, S. Main, h. N. do
Cole, Henry D - station agt. and coal merchant, at Depot
Cole, Isaac E - asst. station agt. and coal dealer
Comercial House, Theodore White, prop., W. Main
Cotton, Benjamin - lab, h Main
Darroch, James - harness maker, h Main
Dexter, Joseph - carman, h W. Main
Deyo, Frank E - forman, creamery, h Main
Dixon, Dr. E D - physician, h S. Main
Dixon, Elijah - h N. Main
Dixon, Robert - pianos and organs, N. Main
Dixon, Mrs. Robert - N. Main
Dye, Thomas - undertaker, N. Main
Gage, Albert - blacksmith, h N. Main
Gage, Luther C - barber, h S. Main
Gage, William M - blacksmith, N. Main
Garner, James - farmer, N. Main
Gibson, Dr. Stanford C - physician and surgeon, h Main
Green, Arthur - farmer, h W. Main
Hamilton, William - emp creamery, h S. Main
Hawley, George - druggist, N. Main
Hill, Addison - millwright , h W. Main
Hill, Andrew - carpenter, h N. Main
Isbel, Ray - mang. Bassett's store
Jacox, Mrs. W W - bakery, W. Main
Jaynes, Lorin - shoemaker, h Main
Johnson, Clark - painter, h W. Main
Jones, Rev. C N - pastor, Baptist Church
Lamb, George C - tinner, h Main
Lewis, Scott B - general merchandise, S. Main
Mitchell, Orson C - carpenter, h S. Main
Morton, Alfred - lab, W. Main
Morton, Mrs. - wid, h N. Main
Parker, C Mrs. - wid, W. Main
Pound, H S & Co. - creamery
Robinson, Herbert - stock drover, S. Main
Rowlstone, George - lab, h N. Main
Sage, Amos - meat market, W. Main
Sergeant, Mrs. Charles - millinery, Main
Sherburne, Wallace - farmer, W. Main
Smeader, Otto - hardware, N. Main
Smith, Rev. H A - retired Baptist clergyman, W. Main
Smith, Prof. James M - professor, Waterbury, Conn. h W. Main
Sotell, Edwin J - page, N. Main
Sterling, Daniel - section foreman, h W. Main
Thompson, Mrs. Mattie - wid, h W. Main
Thornton, Dr. F E - physician and surgeon, W. Main
Tyler, Deloss - blacksmith, N. Main
Tyler, George - farmer, N. Main
Van Volkenburgh, M C - painter, h N. Main
White, Theodore - propr. Commercial House
Wightman, Edward - farmer, S. Main
Wightman, Sidney - farmer, h W. Main
Williams, John - farmer, h W. Main
Windsor, Mrs. S - wid, h W. Main
Wood, C P & R E - gardeners
Wood, Henry - h W. Main

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