Rockwell's Mills,

Chenango County, NY

A station on the New Berlin Branch of the New York, Ontario and Western Railroad, distant 213 miles from New York and 8 miles from Sidney. C W Rockwell & Co.'s woolen mills are located at this station.

Benjamin, Sullivan F - emp woolen mill
Brownell, Isaac N - bee culturer and mason
Coburn, Leonard N - notary public
Crippin, John - watchman, woolen mill
Cuffman, Howard - farmer
Finch, Oran - boarding house
Hoag, Delos - farmer
Latham, Charles - emp woolen mill
Leonard, Benjamin - emp woolen mill
Morse, Stephen - farmer
Murdock, Frederick - emp woolen mill
Reynolds, Hiram - farmer
Rockwell, Allen - (C W Rockwell & Co.)
Rockwell, Chester - (C W Rockwell & Co.)
Rockwell, C W & Co. proprs. Rockwell Woolen Mills
Rockwell, George B - retired farmer
Rockwell, Howard C - station agent, store and postmaster
Rockwell, Charles S - emp woolen mill
Rockwell Woolen Mills, C W Rockwell & Co. proprs
Smith, David - emp woolen mill
Snyder, Luther - emp woolen mill
Van Cise, Eugene - meat market
Wallace, Homer - farmer
Wheeler, Silas - farmer

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