1869 - 70 Oxford Business Directory

(Post Office Addresses in Parentheses.)

ABBREVIATIONS. - S. W. Q., South West Quarter.

Aldrich, Orsmond, (Oxford,) lot 90, dairymand and farmer leases of Jas. Bennett.
Anderson, Oliver, (Oxford,) lot 75, farmer 50.
Antone, David, (Oxford,) farmer leases of Derrick Race.
Austin, Simon, (Oxford,) carpenter and joiner.
Austin, Simeon J., (Oxford,) carpenter and joiner.
AUSTIN, S. P., (Oxford.)
AYRAULT, WALTER, REV., (Oxford,) rector of St. Paul's church.
AYWORTH, BENJAMIN H., (Oxford,) eclectic physician and dentist.
Backus, Henry, (Oxford,) lot 42, farmer 40.
Bacon, Cyrus A., (Oxford,) (Bacon, McNeil & Co.)
Bacon, McNeil & Co., (Oxford,) (Cyrus A. Bacon, George L. McNeil and Millard D. McNeil,) dealers in general merchandise.
BAKER, JOSEPH E., (Oxford,) lot 59, farmer 150.
Balcom, Henry, (Oxford,) retired farmer.
Balcom, William, (Oxford,) grocery and variety store.
Baldwin, John, (Oxford,) eclectic physician.
Baldwin, Louisa & Betsey, (Oxford,) farmer 10.
BALDWIN, THOMAS, (Oxford,) dairyman and farmer 135.
Barber, Benjamin R., (Oxford,) mason.
Barber, David G., (Oxford,) principal of Oxford Academy.
Barr, Alanson, (Oxford,) sawyer.
Barstow, Chauncy, (Oxford,) farmer.
Barstow, Nathaniel, (Bainbridge,) lot 78, leases Herrick's place.
Barstow, Norval W., (Oxford,) lot 13, farmer 100.
Barstrow, Allen, (Oxford,) lot 69, farmer 4.
Barstrow, Wilson, (Oxford,) shoemaker.
Bartle, Alanson F., (Oxford,) dealer in country produce.
Bartle, John W., (South Oxford,) lot 42, farmer 386.
Barto, Jesse, (Oxford,) carriage maker.
Beardsley, George, (Oxford,) dealer in and patentee of window shade fixtures.
Beardsley, John C., (Oxford,) jewelry peddler.
Beardsley, Orlando O., (Oxford,) lot 17, farmer 60.
Beardsley, William L., (Oxford,) dealer in flagging and building stone.
Bennett, Charles A., (Oxford,) stock dealer.
Bennett, Moses, (Oxford,) lot 55, farmer.
Berton, Zelotes, (Oxford,) farmer 120.
Bixby, David H., (Oxford,) farmer 50.
Blackman, Lawson, (Oxford,) lot 3, dairyman and farmer 150.
Booth, Carless, (Oxford,) lot 69, dairyman and farmer 108.
Booth, David, (Bainbridge,) lot 71, farmer 160.
Booth, Lanson, (Bainbridge,) lot 71, farmer works for D. Booth, 160.
Boulls, William, (Oxford,) cooper.
BOWERS, GITHERT, (Oxford,) lot 56, mason and farmer 27 .
Bowers, Henry D., (Oxford,) farmer leases of Mrs. Lamphire, 200.
Bowers, John C., (Oxford,) general canvassing agent.
BOWERS, WORTHINGTON N., (Oxford,) (with Githert,) farmer.
Boyce, Ethel, (East Greene,) lot 57, farmer leases 168.
Bradley, Dwight, (Oxford,) farmer leases of D. Walker.
Brazee, F. W., (Oxford,) lot 91, dairyman and farmer 114.
Brockett, F. R., (Oxford,) lot 77, dairyman, carpenter and joiner and farmer 230.
BROOKS, HENRY O., (Oxford,) lot 64, farmer 86.
Brooks, Horace, (Oxford,) wagon maker.
Brown, Cyrus M., (Oxford,) dealer in hats, caps and furs.
Brown, George P., (Oxford,) carpenter and joiner and farmer 36.
Brown, George T., (Oxford,) carpenter and joiner and farmer 36.
BROWN, JAMES B., (Oxford,) (with C. Tuttle,) merchant.
Brown, James E., (Oxford,) farmer.
Bundy, Edward A., (Oxford,) resident.
BUNDY, SOLOMON, (Oxford,) attorney and counselor at law.
Burlison, Halsey W., (Oxford,) lot 71, farmer 7.
BURLISON, JAMES A., (Oxford,) lot 5, farmer 45.
Burlison, Seth, (Bainbridge,) lot 71, dairyman and farmer 50.
Burlison, William, (Bainbridge,) lot 71, farmer 116.
Burton, Andrew, (Oxford,) (Mowry & Burton.)
Burton, Dorphus, (Oxford,) lot 66, dairyman and farmer 100.
Burton, Lewis, (Oxford,) lot 60, farmer 120.
Bush, Lyman I., (Bainbridge,) lot 62, dairyman and farmer 48.
Bush, Samuel H., (Bainbridge,) lot 62, farmer 100.
CADY, HENRY H., (Oxford,) jeweler, dealer in clocks, watches, &c.
Calhoon, John, (Coventry,) lot 26, farmer leases 50.
Carahart, O. O., (Oxford,) lot 75, dairyman and farmer.
Carey, Anson L., (Oxford,) lot 1, farmer leases of P. C. Carey, 150.
Carey, Palmer C., (Oxford,) lot 1, dairy and farmer 100.
Carhart, Ambrose, (Oxford,) lot 83, dairyman and farmer 190.
Carhart, George, (Oxford,) lot 69, dairyman and farmer 50.
Carpenter, Laertus, (Oxford,) blacksmith.
Cary, Albert G., (Oxford,) retired physician and farmer 18.
CARY, GEO. A., (Oxford,) lot 1, dairyman and farmer 86.
Casey, Michael, (Oxford,) dealer in clothing.
Chapman, Thomas E., (Oxford,) painter.
CHAPMAN, WILLIAM E., (Oxford,) retired farmer 6.
CHENANGO HOTEL, (Oxford,) H. B. Hoyt, proprietor.
Church, Wm. T., (Oxford,) farmer.
Clark, Charles, (Oxford,) lot 3, dairyman, hop raiser and farmer 140.
Clark, E. R. Rev., (Oxford,) lot 82, pastor of Free Will Baptist church and farmer 25.
Clark, James W., (Oxford,) president of First National Bank.
*CLARKE BROS. (Oxford,) (John R. and T. G.,) dealers in general merchandise and country produce, forwarders, and prop. Oxford Woolen Mills.
CLARKE, DWIGHT H., (Oxford,) attorney and counselor at law.
CLARKE, JOHN R., (Oxford,) (Clarke Bros.,) railroad commissioner.
CLARKE, T. G., (Oxford,) (Clarke Bros.)
COATS, LAWRISTON, (Oxford,) house painter.
COE, S. A. MRS., (Oxford,) owns 30 acres.
COLE, CALVIN, (Oxford,) assistant revenue assessor and president of Oxford Academy.
Comstock, Francis W., (Oxford,) commercial agent and dealer in patent rights.
Cone, Tracey S., (Oxford,) lot 93, dairyman and farmer 112.
Cone, Tracey S., (Oxford,) lot 93, dairyman and farmer 290.
Cone Tracy S., (Oxford,) lot 97, dairyman and farmer 160.
Conover, Peter, (Coventry,) lot 100, farmer 200.
Cook, George R., (Oxford,) lot 64, dairyman and farmer 71.
Cook, William, (Oxford,) barber.
Cooke, Horatio H., (Oxford,) justice of the peace and deputy revenue collector.
COOLEY, ELIHU, (Oxford,) architect and builder.
Coughlin, Thomas J., (Oxford,) lot 18, farmer 200.
Covel, Stephen H., (Oxford,) retired farmer.
Coville, Leroy, (Oxford,) jeweler.
Crandal, Robert, (Oxford,) farmer.
Crandall, James F., (Oxford,) carries on Harriet Hovey's place.
Crandall, Robert, (Oxford,) lot 2, S.W.Q., dairyman and farmer leases of R. Davison, 300.
Cummings, Abijah, (Oxford,) lot 94, farmer.
Cummings, John D., (Oxford,) lot 56, dairyman and farmer 52.
CURTIS, OSCAR H., (Oxford,) attorney and counselor at law, justice of the peace and special county judge.
Cyndel, Henry, (South Oxford,) lot47, farmer 22.
Daniels, H. O., (Oxford,) (Daniels & Tanner.)
Daniels & Tanner, (Oxford,) (H. O. Daniels and M. W. Tanner,) blacksmiths.
Davidson, Robert T., (Oxford,) justice of the peace and farmer 400.
Davis, Abram, (Bainbridge,) lot 71, farmer 100.
*DEVERELL, J. C., (Oxford,) merchant tailor and dealer in ready made clothing.
DEWITT, ALLEN, (Oxford,) painter.
Dickinson & Wheeler, (Oxford,) lot 66, dairy and farmer 94.
Dobbin, --- Mrs., (Oxford,) preceptress of Oxford Academy.
DODGE, JAMES O., (Oxford,) lot 72, dairyman and farmer 123.
Doty, William, (Oxford,) lot 73, dairyman and farmer 80.
DOUGLASS, GEORGE, (Oxford,) physician and surgeon.
Dunn, William, (Oxford,) lot 95, farmer 85.
EATON, CHARLES B., (Oxford,) architect and lumber dealer.
EATON, GEORGE P., (Oxford,) (with Warren,) farmer.
EATON, WARREN & SON, (Oxford,) farmer leases of Miss E. H. Butler, 140.
*ECCLESTON, C. H., (Oxford,) dentist and manuf. of porcelain teeth, with Eccleston patent loop pin.
Eccleston, Charles, (Oxford,) carpenter and joiner.
ECCLESTON, ERWIN D., (East Greene,) farmer.
Eccleston, Leroy L., (East Greene,) lot 58, farmer leases 375.
Eccleston, N. B., (Oxford,) deputy collector internal revenue.
EDWARDS, JAMES M., (Oxford,) prop. of Oxford Foundry and Machine Shop and manuf. of agricultural implements.
Ensworth, Hezekiah, (Oxford,) lot 36, dairyman and farmer 82.
ENSWORTH, NATHANIEL, (Guilford,) lot 57, dairyman and farmer 76 .
Farnham & Hamilton, (Oxford,) (S.H. Farnham and J. W. Hamilton,) dealers in drugs and medicines.
Farnham, S. H., (Oxford,) (Farnham & Hamilton.)
Farrell, Edmund, (Oxford,) lot 98, farmer 229.
Finch, William, (Coventry,) lot 32, S. W. Q., farmer 112.
First National Bank, (Oxford,) James W. Clark, president; H. L. Miller, vice president; John R. Van Wagenen, cashier.
FISH, EZRA J., (Oxford,) blacksmith.
Fish, John J., (Oxford,) (Mayes & Fish.)
FISH, SELAH H., (Oxford,) shoemaker and deputy sheriff.
Fisher, ---, (Oxford,) lot 94, farmer.
Fisk, David, (Oxford,) lot 69, farmer.
FISK, HORACE, (Oxford,) lot 69, dairyman and farmer 150.
FLANAGAN, JAMES, (Oxford,) blacksmith and contractor on Midland R. R.
Flynn, Andrew, (Oxford,) lot 60, dairyman and farmer 156.
Foote, Leonard, (Coventryville,) lot 83, farmer 75.
Foote, R. E., (Coventryville,) lot 83, dairyman and farmer 50.
Ford, Norman, (Oxford,) carpenter and joiner.
Fosbury, Conant, (Bainbridge,) works saw mill for H. Loomis.
Fox, Sylvia S. Mrs., (Oxford,) teacher of instrumental music.
Francisco, Reed, (Oxford,) lot 61, farmer 100.
FRASER, WILLIAM, (Oxford,) prop. of cabinet ware and undertaking rooms.
Frazier, Charles, (Oxford,) cabinet maker.
Frost, L. A., (Oxford,) lot 35, dairyman and farmer 313 .
Galpin, Henry J., (Oxford,) news depot.
*GALPIN, JUDSON B., (Oxford,) editor of Oxford Times and dealer in books, stationery and paper hangings.
GATES, AARON D., (Oxford,) carpenter and joiner.
GIBSON, JOSEPH, (Oxford,) lot 57, dairyman and farmer leases 350.
Gibson, Robert, (Oxford,) lot 69, farmer 220.
Gifford, James M., (Oxford,) lot 94, farmer 90.
Gifford, Jesse H., (Oxford,) lot 94, farmer 90.
Gifford, S. A., (Oxford,) lot 85, farmer 240.
Gilbert, Henry, (Oxford,) lot 76, farmer 4.
Gilbert, Orlando, (Oxford,) mason.
GILBERT, WM. H., (Oxford,) lot 74, prop. of custom saw mill, grist mill and turning shop, and farmer 13.
Gillett, M. J., (Oxford,) carpenter and joiner.
Gillman, William, (Oxford,) saloon proprietor.
Gleason, J. R., (Oxford,) retired farmer.
Glover, J. A., (Oxford,) retired farmer.
GLOVER, JAMES W., (Oxford,) attorney and counselor at law, post master and secretary of Oxford Academy.
Gordon, Charles, (Oxford,) (with David,) lot 80, dairyman and farmer leases of John Gordon, 96.
Gordon, David, (Oxford,) (with Charles,) lot 80, dairyman and farmer leases of John Gordon, 96.
Gordon, Erastus, (Oxford,) lot 91, farmer 24.
Gordon, John, (Oxford,) lot 96, dairyman and farmer 85.
Gordon, W. A., (Oxford,) lot 76 dairyman and farmer 217.
Graves, P. S., (Oxford,) (with Amos Miner,) lot 2, dairyman 34 cows and farmer 230.
Gray, Cyrus M., (Oxford,) merchant.
Green, Bradford, (Oxford,) dentist.
Green, Henry, (Coventry,) lot 100, farmer leases of Joel Parker.
Greene, Harvey M., (Oxford,) physician and surgeon.
Greene, John M., (Oxford,) lot 94, farmer 80.
Griswold, R. B., (Oxford,) teacher of common and higher English, Oxford Academy.
Guinana, Daniel, (Oxford,) dairyman 20 cows, and farmer leases of Luman McNeil.
HACKETT, HENRY, (Oxford,) farmer, works 80 acres for Roxie Hall.
Hackett, James H., (Oxford,) (with Geo. E. Lawton,) lot 95, farmer 150.
Hall, Benj., (Oxford,) lot 91, farmer 7.
HALL, EDWIN, (Oxford,) manuf. of carriages, sleighs, &c., and repairer.
Hall, John, (Coventryville,) lot 36, farmer leases of J. H. Padget, 100.
Hall, Lyman, (Oxford,) lot 90, farmer leases of Jas. Bennett.
Hall, Roxie Mrs., (Oxford,) lot 96, farmer 80.
Hall, ---, (Oxford,) lot 97, dairyman and farmer 300.
Halleday, John, (Oxford,) lot 36, farmer 62.
Halsey, Lewis, (Oxford,) clasical teacher, Oxford Academy.
Halstead, Thomas Rev., (Oxford,) pastor of M.E. church.
HAMILTON, AUSTIN, (Oxford,) lot 10, farmer 4.
HAMILTON, AUSTIN, (Oxford,) lots 19 and 15, farmer 195.
Hamilton, J. W., (Oxford,) (Farnham & Hamilton.)
Hammond, Sophrona, (Guilford,) lot 61, dairyman and farmer 124.
HANDY, JAMES H., (Oxford,) cooper.
Harrington, Albert W., (Oxford,) dairyman and farmer 117.
HARRIS, SOLOMON, (Coventryville,) lot 83, farmer 16.
Hartwell, James, (Oxford,) lot 64, dairyman and farmer 55.
Harvey, Charles, (Oxford,) lot 100, farmer 8.
Havens, George N., (Oxford,) lot 65, farmer 117.
Haynes, C. B., (East Greene,) lot 5, S.W.Q., dairyman, hop raiser and farmer 300.
Haynes, C. C., (East Greene,) lot 5, S. W. Q., hop grower, dairyman and farmer leases of C. B. Haynes, 300.
Haynes, Chancy C., (Oxford,) lot 95, farmer 300.
Haynes, Edwin, (Oxford,) lot 90, farmer 12.
HAYNES, EDWIN M., (Oxford,) lot 90, dairyman and farmer 240.
HEBBARD, J. B., (Oxford,) journeyman in Mead's carriage shop.
Herbert, Sylvester, (Oxford,) farmer leases 60.
Hicks, Frances Miss, (Oxford,) teacher of primary department, Oxford Academy.
Higgins, Michael, (Oxford,) cooper.
HILL, ERASTUS, (Oxford,) farmer.
HILL, JAMES T., (Oxford,) works in woolen mill, farmer 1 .
HITCHCOCK, A. A. Mrs., (Oxford,) prop. of Washington Square Hotel.
Hoadly, G. W., (Oxford,) blacksmith.
Hobern, William, (Oxford,) lot 29, farmer 116.
HOGAN, WILLIAM Jr., (Oxford,) lot 93, dairyman and farmer 88.
Hollenbeck, John, (Oxford,) lot 95, farmer 200.
Hollenbeck, John, (East Greene,) lot 6, S.W.Q., dairyman and farmer 195.
Holmes, M. M., (Oxford,) lot 76, dairyman and farmer 233.
Hopkins, Allison P., (Oxford,) lot 80, stock raiser and farmer 80.
Hopkins, Augustus R., (Oxford,) lot 80, dairy and farmer 120.
Hopkins, John F., (Oxford,) farmer 10.
Hovey, A. C., (Oxford,) lot 73, dairyman 40 cows and farmer 130.
Hovey, Harriet, (Oxford,) lot 76, dairy and farmer 251.
HOYT, H. B., (Oxford,) prop. of Chenango Hotel.
HUBBARD, NANCY Mrs., (Oxford,) tailoress.
Hull, Alanson, (Oxford,) lot 99, farmer 140.
Hull, Andrew J., (Oxford,) farmer 80.
Hull, Ebenezer, (Oxford,) (with James H.,) lot 94, dairyman and farmer 160.
Hull, Eliasaph, (Oxford,) mechanic.
Hull, James, (Oxford,) (with Ebenezer,) lot 94, dairyman and farmer 160.
Hull, James, (Oxford,) lot 81, dairyman and farmer 140.
Hull, James H., (Oxford,) (with Ebenezer,) lot 94, dairy and farmer 160.
Hull, Joseph J., (Oxford,) carpenter and joiner.
Hunt, Chandler P., (Oxford,) prop. of St. Nicholas Restaurant.
Hunt, Charles L., (Oxford,) farmer 6 .
Hurlburt, Betsey Mrs., (Oxford,) lot 96, farmer 21.
HYDE, WILLIAM H., (Oxford,) attorney and counselor at law.
Ingersol, Orlando, (Bainbridge,) lot 78, farmer 78.
Ingersol, Theodore G., (Oxford,) lot 59, dairyman and farmer 150.
Ingersoll, Frederick W., (Oxford,) boarding house.
Ingraham, Catharine, (Oxford,) lot 36, farmer 99.
INGRAHAM, GEORGE W., (Oxford,) hoe trimmer and brazes ferrules in Martin & Co's hoe factory.
Ingraham, Job, (Oxford,) lot 85, farmer 27 .
Ingraham, John, (Oxford,) lot 95, farmer 7.
Ingraham, Joseph, (Oxford,) lot 29, farmer 60.
Ingraham, Lyman H., (Oxford,) lot 85, farmer 80.
Ireland, Stephen, (Bainbridge,) lot 78, dairyman and farmer 140.
Ireland, Winfield, (Oxford,) lot 68, farmer leases of W. A. Justice.
JACKSON, HENRY, (Oxford,) laborer.
Jacobs, A. S., (Oxford,) lot 98, dairyman and farmer 144.
Jacobs, D., (Coventry,) lot 20, farmer leases of S. H. Robinson, 100.
Jacobs, Daniel, (Oxford,) lot 98, farmer 48.
Jacobs, Daniel B., (Oxford,) lot 94, farmer 48.
Jacobs, J. E., (Oxford,) lot 85, farmer.
Jacobs, J. H., (Oxford,) lot 98, farmer 69.
JACOBS, WILLIAM L., (Oxford,) lot 96, farmer 66.
Jafett, Charles, (Oxford,) carries on farm of W. West, 125.
Jeffers, Huldah Mrs., (Oxford,) lot 91, farmer 13.
Jones, Eaton, (East Greene,) lot 3, S.W.Q., farmer 210.
JONES, WILLIAM E., (East Greene,) lot 3, S.W.Q., dairyman, farmer works E. Jones' farm.
JUDSON, CORDELIA MISS, (Oxford,) resident.
JUDSON, MELINDA MRS., (Oxford,) resident.
June, Ira W., (Oxford,) carpenter and joiner.
Justice, W. A., (Oxford,) lot 68, dairyman and farmer 160.
Justus, William A., (Oxford,) retired farmer.
Kating, James, (Oxford,) lot 91, farmer 89.
Kennedy, Edmond, (Oxford,) cooper.
KEYES, ANDREW J., (Oxford,) lot 74, dairyman and farmer 105.
KEYES JAMES M., (Oxford,) lot 73, farmer leases of C. O. Dodge, 123.
Keys, James, (Oxford,) lot 72, farmer 6.
KEYS, JOHN, (Oxford,) lot 56, dairyman and farmer 100.
KING, CORNELIUS O., (Oxford,) constable and collector.
KINNEY, SAMUEL W., (Oxford,) lot 96, dairyman and farmer 114.
Knapp, George T., (Oxford,) lot 55, prop. of grist and saw mill and farmer 27.
KNOTT, LUKE W., (Oxford,) prop. of harness shop, dealer in trunks and harness trimmings.
LAMPHERE, JULIA Mrs., (Oxford,) lot 58, dairy and farmer 200.
Lawton, George E., (Oxford,) (with James H. Hackett,) lot 95, farmer 150.
Leach, Daniel, (Coventry,) lot 99, farmer 161, and leases of Mrs. Hinman 160.
LEE, D. M., (Oxford,) physician and surgeon.
LEE, D. M. Mrs., (Oxford,) teacher of music, Oxford Academy.
LEWIS, CLARK & SON, (Oxford,) prop. grist mill, plaster mill and planing mill.
LEWIS, H. E., (Oxford,) miller with C. Lewis.
Lewis, Hiram E., (Oxford,) prop. of livery.
Lindsey, Caleb, (Oxford,) wagon maker and repairer.
LINDSEY, LEONARD G., (Oxford,) prop. of Oxford lime kiln.
Lobdell, Abijah, heirs of, (Oxford,) lot 93, farmers 200.
Loomis, Henry, (Bainbridge,) lot 78, prop. of saw mill and farmer 600.
Loomis, Jeremiah T., (East Greene,) lot 58, owns cider mill and farmer 50.
Loomis, Jerome, (Bainbridge,) (with Henry,) farmer.
Loomis, Richard, (Coventryville,) lot 77, dairyman and farmer 160.
Loomis, Wheaton W., (East Greene,) lot 58, farmer 375.
Lord, John, (Oxford,) boots and shoes, leather and findings.
Magraff, G. B., (Oxford,) lot 60, dairyman and farmer 33 .
MAIN, AARON B., (Oxford,) lot 93, farmer 50.
MALLORY, GEO. A., (Oxford,) builder, carpenter and joiner.
MARDEN, I. S., (Oxford,) (Smith, Wilcox & Co.)
Marshman, Jacob, (Oxford,) lot 95, farmer 50.
MARTIN & CO., (Oxford,) (William A. Martin and John Y. Washburn,) manufs. of socket and solid shank hoes, hay forks and butcher knives.
MARTIN, WILLIAM A., (Oxford,) (Martin & Co.)
Mayes & Fish, (Oxford,) (Josiah Mayes and John J. Fish) merchant tailors.
Mayes, Josiah, (Oxford,) (Mayes & Fish.)
McAdams, James, (Coventry,) lot 21, farmer 100.
McCall, Dyer, (Oxford,) retired farmer 11.
McCall, E. D. Mrs., (Oxford,) dress making.
McCalpin, William, (Oxford,) retired farmer.
McFarland, Chas. A., (South Oxford,) lot 44, farmer 140.
McFarland, Henry A., (Oxford,) surgeon dentist.
McFarland, S. F., (Oxford,) physician and surgeon.
McGeorge, D. D., (Oxford,) prop. of Gentlemen's Hall.
McNeil, Chas. A., (Oxford,) pedler.
McNEIL, FREDERICK B., (Oxford,) supervisor and canal collector.
McNeil, George L., (Oxford,) (Bacon, McNeil & Co.)
McNEIL, LUMAN, (Oxford,) lot 94, farmer 200.
McNeil, Millard D., (Oxford,) (Bacon, McNeil & Co.,) town clerk.
McNulty, Patrick Rev., (Oxford,) pastor of St. Thomas' church.
Mead, Henry, (Oxford,) lot 96, dairyman and farmer 130.
*MEAD, HENRY D., (Oxford,) prop. of Oxford Carriage Factory and Blacksmith Shop.
Mead, Sylvenus, (Oxford,) lot 96, dairyman and farmer 118.
Mead, Underhill, (Oxford,) lot 82, dairyman and farmer 250.
Merrel, Ira, (Oxford,) lot 36, dairyman and farmer 80.
MERRILL, MARY J., (Oxford,) farmer 3.
Midge, David D., (Guilford,) lot 61, dairy and farmer 160.
Miles, Henry, (Oxford,) blacksmith and farmer 25.
Miles, Samuel, (Coventryville,) lot 83, farmer 125.
Miles, ---, (Oxford,) lot 56, farmer 24.
Millard, Stephen H., (Oxford,) carpenter and joiner.
MILLER, AMOS, (Oxford,) lot 2, farmer 4.
Miller, Andrew, (Oxford,) lot 98, farmer leases of A. Hull.
Miller, Andrew, (Oxford,) (with Wm.,) lot 93, farmer 160.
MILLER, H. L., (Oxford,) (Miller, Perkins & Co.,) vice president of First National Bank.
Miller, Ira, (Oxford,) (with John,) lot 98, farmer 150.
Miller, John, (Oxford,) (Raymond & Miller.)
Miller, John, (Oxford,) (with Ira,) lot 98, farmer 150.
Miller, Leonard L., (Oxford,) lot 96, farmer 129.
MILLER, LORIN, (East Greene,) lot 57, farmer leases 230.
MILLER, PERKINS & CO., (Oxford,) (H. L. Miller, Gerrit H. Perkins and Wm. M. Miller,) general merchants.
MILLER ROBERT E., (Oxford,) homeopathic physician.
Miller, Wm., (Oxford,) (with Andrew,) lot 93, farmer 160.
MILLER, WM. M., (Oxford,) (Miller, Perkins & Co.)
Miner, Amos, (Oxford,) (with P. S. Graves,) lot 2, dairyman 34 cows and farmer 230.
Miner, O. P., (Oxford,) (Shepherd & Miner.)
Mitchell, Benjamin T., (Oxford,) lot 9, farmer 8 .
MOORE, CHARLES B., (Oxford,) lot 74, dairyman and farmer 108.
Moore, James, (Oxford,) lot 65, farmer 150.
MOORE, JOHN, (Oxford,) lot 74, railroad commissioner, dairyman and farmer 111.
MOORE, THOMAS L., (Oxford,) cooper.
MOORE, T. L. Mrs., (Oxford,) milliner and dress maker.
MORLEY, DWIGHT D., (Oxford,) (Tower & Morley.)
Morse, Hezekiah B., (Oxford,) lot 6, farmer 200.
Moulton, Jered C., (Oxford,) merchant.
Mowrey, Andrew, (Oxford,) lot 72, farmer 165.
Mowry & Burton, (Oxford,) (F.A. Mowry and Andrew Burton,) props. of saw mill.
Mowry, Charles, (Oxford,) lot 65, (with Solomon C.,) farmer.
Mowry, F. A., (Oxford,) (Mowry & Burton.)
Mowry, George, (Oxford,) lot 72, dairyman and farmer 240.
Mowry, Henry, (Oxford,) lot 94, (with George,) lot 72, farmer.
Mowry, Henry A., (Oxford,) lot 94, (with George,) lot 72, farmer.
Mowry, Solomon C., (Oxford,) lot 65, farmer 204.
Mowry, Whitman R., (Oxford,) (with Solomon C.,) farmer.
Mudge, Schuyler, (Oxford,) mason.
MYGATT, HENRY R., (Oxford,) lawyer.
NEWKIRK, FREDERICK P., (Oxford,) (Newkirk & Vanderlyn.)
Newkirk, Thomas G., (Oxford,) merchant.
NEWKIRK & VANDERLYN, (Oxford,) (Frederick P. Newkirk and Ward Vanderlyn,) dealers in general merchandise.
Nickerson, John, (Oxford,) lot 94, farmer 100.
Nickerson, John, (Oxford,) lot 36, dairyman and farmer 102.
Noble, Ira R., (Oxford,) farmer.
Norris, William W., (Oxford,) farmer 185.
Norris, William W., (Oxford,) farmer 156.
Old, Erastus, (Oxford,) farmer.
OLDS, ABEL & SONS, (Oxford,) (Andrew B. and Frederick E.,) lot 96, farmer 100.
OLDS, ANDREW B., (Oxford,) (Abel Olds & Sons.)
OLDS, FREDERICK E., (Oxford,) (Abel Olds & Sons.)
Oxford Academy and Collegiate Institute, (Oxford,) Calvin Cole, president; James W. Glover, secretary, Wm. H. Van Wagenen, treasurer; Faculty:-- David G. Barber, principal; Lewis Halsey, clasical teacher; R.B.Griswold, teacher of common and higher English; Mrs. Dobbin, preceptress; Miss Frances Hicks, teacher primary department; Mrs. D. M. Lee, teacher of music.
*OXFORD TIMES, (Oxford,) Judson B. Galpin, editor.
Oxford Woolen Mills, (Oxford,) Clark Bros., props.
PACKER, HORACE, (Oxford,) attorney and counselor at law, prop. of Deer Spring and Deer Lake butter and cheese factories, also farmer 1,035, office 1 State St., Oxford.
Padget, Charles, (Oxford,) lot 80, farmer 40.
Padget, James, (Oxford,) lot 74, dairyman and farmer 160.
Padget, Lewis, (Oxford,) lot 69, dairyman and farmer 50.
Padget, Richard, (Oxford,) leases farm.
Pagett, Peter B., (Oxford,) lot 140, dairyman and farmer 150.
Palmer, John Randolph, (Oxford,) (with S. M.,) hotel keeper.
Palmer, N. D., (Coventry,) lot 100, dairyman and farmer 150.
Palmer, S. M., (Oxford,) (with John R.,) hotel keeper.
*PARKER, ABIJAH S., (Oxford,) dealer in pianos and sewing machines.
Parmer, James C., (Oxford,) lot 96, farmer 2.
PAYSON, ELLIOT H. Rev., (Oxford,) pastor of Congregational church.
PEARNE, BENJAMIN M., (Oxford,) manufacturer and repairer of carriages, sleighs, &c.
PECK, F. B. Rev., (Oxford,) pastor of Universalist church.
Pendleton, Nathan, (Oxford,) lot 93, farmer 156.
Pendleton, Stanton, (Oxford,) lot 90, dairyman 40 cows, farmer 180.
PERKINS, GERRITT H., (Oxford,) (Miller, Perkins & Co.,) insurance agent and farmer 350.
Petis, Geo., (Oxford,) lot 93, farmer 7.
Pettis, Thomas C., (Oxford,) hotel proprietor.
PHELPS, JOHN H., (Oxford,) farmer 150.
PHETTEPLACE, EASIC, (Oxford,) lot 19, dairyman 40 cows and farmer leases of S. Pendleton, 180.
Phetterplace, Alonzo, (Oxford,) lot 90, dairyman 50 cows and farmer leases of S. A. Sheldon, 330.
Pierce, T. L., (Oxford,) dealer in groceries.
PIERPONT, MARRIT S., (Oxford,) carpenter and joiner and farmer 9.
Pixby, William, (Oxford,) lot 83, shoemaker and farmer 9.
Pointer, William T., (Oxford,) lot 65, farmer 71.
Porter, Milo, (Oxford,) lot 91, dairyman and farmer 113.
Potter, Benjamin, (Oxford,) carpenter and joiner.
POTTER, ISAAC F., (Oxford,) mechanic, blacksmith and farmer 17.
Potter, Rosell, (Oxford,) carpenter and joiner.
POTTER, WALTER F., (Oxford,) photograph artist.
Powers, Alanson W., (South Oxford,) (Powers & Willoughby.)
Powers, Myron, (Oxford,) lot 97, farmer 45.
Powers, Oren D., (Oxford,) lot 20, farmer 170.
Powers & Willoughby, (South Oxford,) (Alanson W. Powers and John B. Willoughby,) props. of hoe factory.
*PUFFER, STEPHEN, (Oxford,) architect and builder, patentee of water draw, car coupling, invalid bedstead, and farm gate.
RACE, DERICK, (Oxford,) lot 97, farmer 55.
Race, Joseph, (Oxford,) lot 97, farmer 100.
Race, Wheaton, (East Greene,) lot 53, farmer 50.
Race, Wheaton, (Oxford,) lot 98, farmer 140.
Race, William B., (Oxford,) lot 96, farmer 41.
Race, Wm. B., Jr., (Oxford,) dealer in butter and cheese.
Randall, S. S., (Coventry,) lot 23, S.W.Q., farmer leases of I. Lonard, 119.
Ransom, J. C. Rev., (Oxford,) clergyman.
RAPER, H. E., (Oxford,) blacksmith.
Raymond & Miller, (Oxford,) (W. A. Raymond and John Miller,) tin and hardware dealers.
Raymond, W. A., (Oxford,) (Raymond & Miller.)
Read, H. S., (Oxford,) retired merchant.
Redmond, Daniel W., (Oxford,) lot 72, dairyman and farmer 146.
Redmond, Walter J., (Oxford,) lot 94, dairyman and farmer 114.
Reed, H. S., (Oxford,) retired merchant.
RHEINWALD, J., (Oxford,) cooper.
Rhodes, Oliver, (Oxford,) lot 90, farmer 139.
RIESBERG, E. L., (Oxford,) prop. Stage House.
Robinson, Ann, (Oxford,) lot 1, S.W.Q., part owner of John Robinson's estate.
Robinson, Dan. H., (South Oxford,) lot 53, farmer 100.
Robinson, Samuel N., (Oxford,) lot 1, S.W.Q., owns shares in grist and saw mill and farmer 120.
Rogers, John C., (Oxford,) lot 72, carpenter and joiner and farmer 20.
Rogers, Samuel, (Oxford,) carpenter.
Root, Alton D., (Oxford,) ornamental and carriage painter.
ROOT, ANDREW D., (Oxford,) lot 73, farmer 120.
Root, G. W., (Oxford,) lot 79, dairyman and farmer 230.
ROOT, JAMES H., (Oxford,) lot 56, dairyman and farmer 64.
Root, James J., (Oxford,) lot 79, dairyman and farmer 114.
ROOT, JOHN B., (Oxford,) lot 67, dairyman and farmer 100.
Root, Joshua, (Oxford,) retired merchant.
Root, Lyman, (Oxford,) lot 64, prop. of saw mill and farmer 30.
ROOT, SYLVENUS, (Oxford,) lot 56, dairy and farmer 56.
Rounds, Joseph, (Oxford,) lot 75, dairyman and farmer 241.
Rowley, Reuben, (Guilford,) lot 61, farmer 67.
Rowley, R. F., (Guilford) lot 61, dairyman and farmer 101.
Royce, Loyal, (Oxford,) lot 81, farmer 136.
Royce, Samuel N. & B. F., (Oxford,) farmers, work 147 acres for L. Royce.
Russell, Wallace, (Guilford,) lot 61, farmer leases of Mrs. Hammond, 125 and of Frank Robinson, 30.
SALISBURY, AMBROSE, (Coventry,) lot 24, S.W.Q., dairyman and farmer 150.
Saunders, Herbert, (Coventryville, lot 72 farmer leases 100 of J. Starkey.
Sands, W. G., (Oxford,) retired physician and capitalist.
Scallon, Nicholas, (Oxford,) lot 72, farmer 65.
Scott, Eliza W., (Coventryville,) lot 84, farmer 3.
Scott, Ira, (Coventry,) lot 100 dairyman and farmer 112 .
Scaley, Silas, (Oxford,) constable.
Seeley, F. T., (Oxford,) lot 91, dairyman and farmer 156.
Seeley, Hector, (Oxford,) farmer 12.
SEELEY, HENRY, (Oxford,) lot 65, prop. of custom saw mill and farmer 58.
Seeley, Ichabod, (Coventry,) lot 25, dairyman and farmer 100.
Senneck, Augustus, (Oxford,) lot 97, farmer 50.
Shapley, John, (Oxford,) lot 67, farmer 187.
Shapley, John, (Oxford,) lot 82, farmer leases of J. Shapley, 200.
Sheldon, Stephen A., (Oxford,) farmer 22.
Shepherd, D. D., (Oxford,) (Shepherd & Miner.)
Shepherd & Miner, (Oxford,) (D. D. Shepherd and O. P. Miner,) props. of meat market.
Sherwood, David L., (Oxford,) architect and builder.
Sherwood, Isaac S., (Oxford,) lot 91, auctioneer and farmer 76.
Sherwood, Nancy Mrs., (Oxford,) lots 13 and 14, farmer 175.
Shipley, David, (Oxford,) lot 62.
Shorty, Mary Mrs., (Oxford,) lot 91, farmer 13.
Smith, Daniel B., (Oxford,) dealer in groceries and provisions.
Smith, David C., (Oxford,) lot 60, dairyman and farmer 145.
SMITH, ELEAZER, Jr., (East Greene,) farmer.
SMITH, LESTER, (Oxford,) (Smith, Willcox & Co.)
SMTIH, LESTER, Mrs., (Oxford,) dress maker.
SMITH, MUNSON, (Oxford,) lot 75, dairyman and farmer 190.
Smith, Nehemiah, (Oxford,) carpenter and joiner, painter and farmer 2.
Smith, Pardon, (Oxford,) farmer 16.
SMITH, WILLCOX & CO., (Oxford,) (L. Smith, L. Willcox and I. S. Marden,) props. of meat market.
Smith, William, (Oxford,) lot 60, dairyman and farmer 207.
SPAFFORD, LYSANDER E., (Oxford,) pastor of Baptist Church.
Sperring, Thomas J., (Oxford,) manuf. and repairer of carriages, sleighs, & c.
Stanley, Elizabeth, (Oxford,) milliner and dress maker.
Stone, J. B. Mrs., (Oxford,) lot 76, dairy and farmer 197.
Stratton, Albert G., (South Oxford,) lot 52, farmer 300.
Stratton, George, (South Oxford,) lots 55 and 56, farmer 300.
Stratton, Isaac J., (Oxford,) retired farmer.
Stratton, John, (Oxford,) lot 52, carpenter and joiner and farmer 130.
Symonds, George, (South Oxford,) lot 49, farmer 60.
Tanner, M. W., (Oxford,) (Daniels & Tanner.)
Tenbroeck, Ira, (East Greene,) lot 57, farmer 230.
Terriel, James A., (Oxford,) butcher.
Thurber, Caleb, (Oxford,) shoe maker.
Tillotson, Jeremiah, (Oxford,) retired farmer.
TOWER, EDWIN M., (Oxford,) (Tower & Morley.)
TOWER & MORLEY, (Oxford,) (Edwin M. Tower and Dwight D. Morley,) dealers in general merchandise and ready made clothing.
Tremain, Chas. H., (Coventry,) lot 85, dairyman and farmer 140.
Troy, Patrick, (Oxford,) farmer 9.
TUCKER, EDWARD, (Oxford,) lot 3, dairy and farmer 50.
Turner, Joseph P., (Oxford,) lot 76, dairyman, fruit raiser and farmer 200.
TURNER, NELSON J., (Oxford,) lot 58, dairyman and farmer 158.
Turner, Richard M., (Oxford,) lot 76, dairyman, cattle dealer and farmer 90.
TURNER, SIMEON A., (Oxford,) lot 76, dairyman and farmer 112.
Turner, S. P., (Oxford,) lot 76, farmer.
TURNER, S. P. & SON, (Oxford,) lot 76, dairyman and farmer 85.
Tuttle, Cyrus, (Oxford,) dealer in groceries and provisions, storage and forwarding.
UTTER, ORLANDO, (Oxford,) lot 72, dairyman and farmer 210.
VANDERLYN, WARD, (Oxford,) (Newkirk & Vanderlyn.)
VAN WAGENEN, JAMES G., (Oxford,) lot 58, farmer 60.
VAN WAGENEN, JNO. R., (Oxford,) cashier of First National Bank.
VAN WAGENEN, W. M., (Oxford.)
VAN WAGENEN, W. M. Miss, (Oxford.)
Van Wagenen, William H., (Oxford,) dealer in drugs and groceries and treasurer of Oxford Academy.
Wagner, John, (Oxford,) writing master.
WALKER, CHARLES, (Oxford,) shoe maker.
Walker, Charles B., (Oxford,) carpenter and painter.
Walker, Joseph, (Oxford,) retired shoe maker.
Walker, Nicholas, (Oxford,) lot 66, dairy and farmer 115.
Walker, Phebe & Sons, (Oxford,) (Frederick and Loyal,) dairy 20 cows, and farmer 170.
Walker, Willard, (Oxford,) lot 66, dairy and farmer 173.
Walker, William, (Oxford,) lot 80, dairyman and farmer 100.
Walsworth, Hiram, (Oxford,) painter.
WARNE, CHARLES, (East Greene,) lot 57, farmer 168.
WASHBURN, JOHN Y., (Oxford,) (Martin & Co.)
Washburn, Westley, (Oxford,) painter.
WASHINGTON SQUARE HOTEL, (Oxford,) Mrs. A. A. Hitchcock, prop.
Watson, A., (Oxford,) resident.
Webb, A. J., (Oxford,) carpenter.
WEBB, FREDERICK A., (Oxford,) prop. of livery stable, and general insurance agent.
WEED, WALTER, (Oxford,) lot 57, farmer 45.
Welles, Daniel, (Oxford,) miller.
Wells, Albert, (Oxford,) farmer 3.
Wells, George, (Oxford,) lot 28, farmer 145.
Wells, Willard, (Coventry,) (with D. Leach,) farmer.
Wescott, James F., (Oxford,) lot 18, farmer 40.
Westover, Miles R., (Oxford,) lot 12, farmer 117.
Wheeler, Charles H., (Oxford,) painter.
Wheeler, John B., (Oxford,) carriage and blacksmith shop.
Wheeler, John G., (Oxford,) lot 91, farmer leases of I. S. Sherwood, 76.
Wheeler, Julius, (Oxford,) lot 79, dairyman and farmer 160.
Wheeler, Phillip, (Oxford,) lot 58, dairyman and farmer 200.
Wheeler, Rufus, (Oxford,) lot 72, farmer 100.
Wheeler, ---, (Oxford,) (Dickinson & Wheeler.)
WHITTEMORE, LUCIUS O., (Oxford,) lot 56, dairyman and farmer 70.
WIDGER, WILLIAM D., (Coventryville,) lot 83, dairyman and farmer 95.
Wilcox, Charles F., (South Oxford,) lot 47, farmer 60.
Wilcox, Harrington Jr., (South Oxford,) lot 47, farmer 26.
Willcox, Tyler D., (Oxford,) lot 44, farmer 10.
WILLCOX, IRA, (Oxford,) (with Lorin,) lot 1, dairy 40 cows, stock raiser and farmer 430.
WILLCOX, LORIN, (Oxford,) (with Ira,) lot 1, dairy 40 cows, stock raiser and farmer 430.
WILLCOX, LORIN, (Oxford,) (Smith, Willcox & Co.,) dealer in cattle and farmer 630.
WILLIAMS, GEORGE W., (Oxford,) agent for Security Life Insurance Co., and carriage trimmer with H. D. Mead.
Willoughby, John B., (South Oxford,) (Powers & Willoughby.)
WILLOUGHBY, JOHN B., (Oxford,) lot 73, farmer 244.
Willoughby, Russell W., (Oxford,) carpenter and joiner.
Willoughby, William D., (Oxford,) (with John B.,) farmer.
Winchester, George, (Oxford,) blacksmith.
Wood, James, (Oxford,) resident.
Wood, Sprague K., (Oxford,) manuf. and dealer in tinware and stoves.
Woods, William, (Oxford,) lot 62, farmer 30, and leases of H. Woods, 76.
Wright, Henry J., (Oxford,) farmer leases of M. M. Holmes, 50.
Yeomans, Rufus, (Oxford,) farmer.
York, Jeremiah, (Oxford,) lot 91, dairyman and farmer 56.
Youngs, Daniel, (Oxford,) lot 91, dairyman and farmer 40.
Youngs, Rachel J., (Oxford,) milliner.
Youngs, William H. Mrs., (Oxford,) milliner and dress making.
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