1869 - 70 Lincklaen Business Directory

Directory is arranged as follows: 1. Name of individual or firm. 2. Post office address in parentheses. 3. If a farmer, the lot number indicates his residence. 4. Business or occupation.

  • A star (*) placed before a name, indicates an advertiser in this work. For such advertisement see Index.
  • Figures placed after the occupation of farmers, indicate the number of acres of land owned or leased by the parties.
  • Names set in CAPITALS indicate subscribers to this work.
  • The word Street is implied as regards directory for villages.
    Adams, John W., (DeRuyter, Madison Co.,) lot 123, blacksmith.
    ALLEN, ALFRED, (North Pitcher,) lot 23, farmer 48.
    Allen, Samuel F., (DeRuyter, Madison Co.,) lot 96, farmer 408.
    Austin, Darwin L., (South Otselic,) lots 98 and 101, farmer 52.
    Austin, Elias, (DeRuyter, Madison Co.,) lot 98, farmer.
    BAKER, FAYETTE, (Lincklaen,) lot 141, mason and farmer 100.
    *BALDWIN, A.J. & W., (Lincklaen,) (Albert J. and William,) general merchants.
    BALDWIN, ALBERT J., (Lincklaen,) (A.J. & W. Baldwin.)
    BALDWIN, HENRY L., (South Otselic,) lot 133, farmer leases 80.
    Baldwin, John, (North Pitcher,) lot 43, carpenter and joiner and farmer 125.
    BALDWIN, JOSEPH, (Lincklaen,) lot 12, saw mill and farmer 125.
    BALDWIN, RODGER, (Lincklaen,) lot 7, farmer 285.
    BALDWIN, THOMAS, (South Otselic,) lot 137, farmer 129.
    BALDWIN, WILLIAM, (Lincklaen,) (A.J. & W. Baldwin.)
    Barber, George F., (North Pitcher,) lot 32, farmer 50.
    Beach, Henry E., (South Otselic,) lot 117, farmer 127.
    Beebe, Samuel L., (Union Valley, Cortland Co.,) lot 53, deputy collector of internal revenue and farmer.
    Benjamin, Darius, (Lincklaen,) lot 1, farmer 100.
    Bennett, Alfred D., (Lincklaen,) lot 128, farmer 112.
    BENTLEY, CALEB, (South Otselic,) lot 136, farmer 100.
    Bentley, Gardner C., (South Otselic,) lot 136, farmer 113.
    Birdlebough, John W., (Lincklaen,) lot 127, carpenter and joiner and farmer 70.
    Breed, Ezariah, (Lincklaen,) lot 127, blacksmith and farmer.
    BREED, SAMUEL, (Lincklaen,) lot 144, farmer 52.
    Brown, Edward P., (Lincklaen,) (with Amos Woodruff,) farmer 333.
    Brown, Job, (Lincklaen,) lot 124, farmer 1.
    BROWN, MATTHEW L., (Lincklaen,) lot 109, farmer 4.
    Burdick, Andrew C., (South Otselic,) lot 100, farmer 300.
    BURDICK, BENJAMIN S., (Lincklaen,) lot 112, farmer 21.
    Burdick, Clark C., (North Pitcher,) (with Nathaniel,) lot 42, farmer 100.
    Burdick, Daniel C., (Lincklaen,) lot 113, farmer 90.
    Burdick, George L., (DeRuyter, Madison Co.,) lot 113, shoe maker.
    Burdick, Henry C., (Lincklaen,) lot 5, farmer leases 50.
    BURDICK, JOEL, (DeRuyter, Madison Co.,) lot 140, farmer 100.
    BURDICK, LEWIS J., (DeRuyter, Madison Co.,) lot 141, farmer 75.
    BURDICK, LUKE C., (DeRuyter, Madison Co.,) lot 14, farmer 55.
    Burdick, Nathaniel, (North Pitcher,) lot 5, farmer 50 and (with Clark C. Burdick,) farmer 100.
    Burdick, N. Gillett, (Lincklaen,) lot 112, farmer 270.
    Burdick, Phineas, (DeRuyter, Madison Co.,) lot 5, farmer 75.
    BURDICK, WELCOME, (DeRuyter, Madison Co.,) lot 5, farmer 50.
    Carpenter, Johnathan G., (DeRuyter, Madison Co.,) lot 113, farmer 195.
    Cartwright, Lucy A., (Lincklaen,) lot 105, farmer 7.
    Catlin, Clarissa, (Lincklaen,) farmer 2.
    Catlin, John H., (Lincklaen,) lot 1, carpenter and joiner and farmer 70.
    Champion, Robert D., (North Pitcher,) lot 42, farmer.
    Clark, Hiram S., (Lincklaen,) lot 126, farmer 75.
    Clark, Oliver, (South Otselic,) lot 9, farmer 30.
    Cone, Daniel N., (South Otselic,) lot 138, farmer 125.
    Cook, Alvin, (South Otselic,) lot 26, farmer 70.
    Cook, Ledyard D., (South Otselic,) lot 29, farmer 50.
    COOK, LORIN, (South Otselic,) lot 46, farmer 70.
    Coon, Allen, (Lincklaen,) lot 1, farmer 40.
    Coon, Amos W. Rev., (DeRuyter, Madison Co.,) lot 112, Seventh Day Baptist clergyman.
    Coon, Clark, (North Pitcher,) lot 24, farmer 154.
    Coon, David C., (DeRuyter, Madison Co.,) lot 140, farmer 73.
    COON, JEREMIAH G., (Lincklaen,) lot 141, farmer.
    COON, KINYON B., (DeRuyter, Madison Co.,) lot 95, carpenter and farmer 30.
    Coon, Nancy H., (Lincklaen,) lot 141, farmer 50.
    COON, SOLOMON S., (Lincklaen,) lot 3, farmer 150.
    COON, THOMAS B., (Lincklaen,) lot 15, farmer 75.
    Coon, Vernum W., (Lincklaen,) lot 141, farmer.
    Corker, Frederick, (Lincklaen,) lot 18, farmer 61.
    COYE, AMASA, (Lincklaen,) lot 22, boot and shoe maker and farmer 160.
    Coye, Eli N., (Lincklaen,) lot 32, farmer leases 120.
    Coye, George B., (Lincklaen,) lot 22, boot and shoe maker and farmer.
    Craft, DeWitt, (DeRuyter, Madison Co.,) lot 140, farmer leases 100.
    Crandall, William G., (DeRuyter, Madison Co.,) lot 122, farmer 261/3.
    Cross, David R., (South Otselic,) lot 121, farmer 108.
    CROSS, HIRAM, (DeRuyter, Madison Co.,) lot 95, farmer 120.
    Curtis, Ansel, (South Otselic,) lot 8, farmer 135.
    CURTIS, DANIEL, (South Otselic,) lot 13, farmer 123.
    Curtis, William, (South Otselic,) lot 11, farmer 65.
    Darling, Charles D., (Lincklaen,) lot 125, farmer 75.
    Darling, Elijah, (Lincklaen,) lot 125, farmer.
    DAVIS, DAVID R.M., (DeRuyter, Madison Co.,) lot 114, farmer 30.
    Davis, Ethan, (South Otselic,) lot 118, farmer 170.
    DAVIS, GEORGE H., (Lincklaen,) lot 103, town collector.
    Davis, Leroy, (South Otselic,) lot 135, farmer.
    Davis, Luman L, (Lincklaen,) lot 113, carpenter and joiner.
    DAVIS, SILAS, (DeRuyter, Madison Co.,) lot 103, farmer 81.
    Davis, William F., (Lincklaen,) lot 123, millwright, carpenter and joiner, blacksmith and farmer 31.
    Donelly, Michael, (Lincklaen,) lot 126, farmer 25.
    Eaton, Benjamin F., (Lincklaen,) lot 1, carpenter and joiner.
    Edwards, George, (North Pitcher,) lot 31, farmer 149.
    ELDREDGE, LYMAN R., (North Pitcher,) lot 41, farmer 155.
    Eldridge, Charles F., (North Pitcher,) lot 48, farmer leases 240.
    Eldridge, L. Morell, (North Pitcher,) lot 50, farmer 80.
    Ellis, Allen C., (DeRuyter, Madison Co.,) lot 91, farmer 163.
    FARGO, HEZEKIAH M., (South Otselic,) lot 136, farmer 11.
    Fuller, Chauncey R., (Lincklaen,) lot 143, school teacher and farmer 355.
    Fuller, Isaac, (Lincklaen,) lot 144, farmer 35.
    Gibson, Zachariah, (DeRuyter, Madison Co.,) lot 91, farmer 10.
    Gifford, Edwin, (DeRuyter, Madison Co.,) lot 98, farmer 130.
    Gifford, Eliza A., (DeRuyter, Madison Co.,) lot 98, farmer 33.
    Gifford, Joseph, (DeRuyter, Madison Co.,) lot 98, farmer 80.
    Gifford, Townsend M., (DeRuyter, Madison Co.,) lot 98, farmer 169.
    Gilbert, Brown S., (Lincklaen,) lot 38, farmer 100.
    Gillispie, David, (Lincklaen,) lot 123, farmer 139.
    Green, George R., (DeRuyter, Madison Co.,) lot 112, farmer 50.
    Green, Mary, (DeRuyter, Madison Co.,) lot 112, farmer 50.
    Harris, Lorenzo B., (Lincklaen,) lot 144, farmer 84.
    HATHAWAY, LUCIUS, (Lincklaen,) lot 128, farmer 60.
    HEALEY, BENJAMIN N., (South Otselic,) lot 9, butcher and farmer 3.
    Hendee, Alpheus, (Lincklaen,) lot 120, farmer 102
    Holl, James R., (Lincklaen,) lot 1, farmer 7.
    Holl, Thomas, (Lincklaen,) lot 17, farmer 200.
    HOLMES, AMASA, (Lincklaen,) lot 33, farmer 230.
    Hopkins, Margaret, (DeRuyter, Madison Co.,) lot 99, farmer 10.
    Hopkins, Orin, (DeRuyter, Madison Co.,) lot 99, farmer.
    Hurlburt, Henry, (Lincklaen,) lot 1, farmer 54.
    Huttleston, Jesse, (DeRuyter, Madison Co.,) lot 116, farmer 25.
    Huttlestone, William, (South Otselic,) lot 10, farmer 75.
    Ingmire, William Rev., (Lincklaen,) lot 18, Second Advent minister.
    Jaquins, Albert, (Lincklaen,) lot 1, farmer.
    Jaquins, Lansing, (Lincklaen,) lot 1, owns saw mill and cider mill, also farmer.
    Johnson, Eugene, (DeRuyter, Madison Co.,) lot 112, shoe maker.
    JONES, THOMAS W., (Lincklaen,) lot 130, owns Lincklaen House, dealer in boots, shoes, flour and feed, farming tools, &c., and farmer 50.
    JUSTICE, AMOS, (Lincklaen,) lot 121, farmer leases 195.
    Justice, Henry, (North Pitcher,) lot 52, farmer 120.
    Justice, Luther, (Lincklaen,) lot 19, farmer 99.
    Justice, Samuel, (Lincklaen,) lot 124, farmer 17.
    KELLY, JOHN, (DeRuyter, Madison Co.,) lot 97, farmer 200.
    Kingsbury, John, (Union Valley, Cortland Co.,) lot 54, farmer.
    Lane, Daniel W., (Lincklaen,) lot 20, farmer 14.
    Lane, Victory L., (Lincklaen,) lot 20, farmer 420.
    Lansing, Isaac H., (South Otselic,) lot 27, farmer 185.
    Layton, John, (Lincklaen,) lot 100, farmer.
    Locke, Benjamin, (South Otselic,) lot 11, farmer 30.
    LOCKE, CHARLES A., (South Otselic,) lot 10, farmer 14.
    LOCKE, ELIZABETH, (South Otselic,) lot 11, tailoress.
    Lord, Keziah E. Mrs., (Lincklaen,) milliner and dress maker.
    Lord, Samuel S., (Lincklaen,) lot 1, farmer 70.
    MAINE, JOHN L., (DeRuyter, Madison Co.,) lot 140, farmer 50.
    Maine, William O., (DeRuyter, Madison Co.,) lot 24, blacksmith and farmer 50.
    Marble, Horatio G., (North Pitcher,) lot 24, farmer.
    MARSHALL, SIDNEY, (South Otselic,) lot 119, farmer 177.
    Martin, Lorinda, (North Pitcher,) lot 29, farmer 25.
    Mathewson, Amos W., (Lincklaen,) prop. of the Lincklaen House, dealer in dry goods and groceries.
    McDonald, William, (Lincklaen,) blacksmith and farmer.
    MESSENGER, MOSES S., (South Otselic,) lot 116, farmer 16.
    Miller, Stephen, (DeRuyter, Madison Co.,) lot 99, farmer 75.
    MURRAY, CHARLES, (Lincklaen,) lot 35, farmer 1.
    MURRAY, LAURA MRS., (Lincklaen,) lot 15, farmer 41.
    MURRAY, NICHOLAS, (Lincklaen,) lot 21, farmer 35.
    Murray, William, (Lincklaen,) lot 1, farmer.
    NEWCOMB, CATHARINE J., (North Pitcher,) lot 50, farmer 95.
    Nichols, Erastus, (Lincklaen,) lot 123, farmer 90.
    Olin, Schuyler, (DeRuyter, Madison Co.,) lot 112, carpenter and farmer 13.
    Oltz, Julia, (South Otselic,) lot 118, tailoress and farmer 27.
    Palmer, Welcome A., (DeRuyter, Madison Co.,) lot 94, farmer 30.
    PARCE, ZIRA S., (North Pitcher,) lot 49, prop. of Parce's Creamery and Cheese Factory, and farmer 150.
    PARKER, EDWARD D., (Lincklaen,) lot 34, farmer leases 300.
    PHETTEPLACE, LAGRAND, (Lincklaen,) lot 109, farmer 150.
    PHETTEPLACE, SAMUEL, (Lincklaen,) lot 110, farmer 75.
    PIERCE, CHARLES S., (Lincklaen,) lot 21, farmer.
    Pitts, Oren N., (South Otselic,) lot 10, saw mill and farmer 36.
    POOLE, A. ORLANDO, (DeRuyter, Madison Co.,) lot 94, farmer 130.
    Poole, Ezra A., (Lincklaen,) lot 129, supervisor, Advent minister and farmer 150.
    POOLE, H. LLEWELLYN, (Lincklaen,) lot 129, farmer.
    POOLE, HORACE, (Lincklaen,) post master, harness maker, mason, carpenter and joiner.
    Potter, Elory, (South Otselic,) lot 118, cooper and farmer 37.
    Powers, Eben, (Lincklaen,) wagon maker and farmer 9.
    Preston, Corydon A., (North Pitcher,) lot 43, farmer 50.
    PRESTON, GIDEON, (DeRuyter, Madison Co.,) lot 120, farmer 182.
    Preston, Hiram, (DeRuyter, Madison Co.,) lot 105, farmer 97.
    PRESTON, RILEY, (DeRuyter, Madison Co.,) lot 113, carpenter and joiner and (with Roswell,) farmer 125.
    PRESTON, ROSWELL, (DeRuyter, Madison Co.,) carpenter and joiner and (with Riley,) farmer 125.
    PRESTON, WILLIAM, (South Otselic,) lot 135, carpenter and joiner and farmer 75.
    Roger, Joseph S., (Lincklaen,) lot 113, farmer 15.
    Sabin, Oliver, (South Otselic,) lot 9, farmer 100.
    Saunders, Abel, (Lincklaen,) lot 13, farmer 75.
    Saunders, Albert C., (DeRuyter, Madison Co.,) lot 131, farmer 50.
    Saunders, George, (DeRuyter, Madison Co.,) lot 132, farmer 75.
    Saunders, Joshua, (DeRuyter, Madison Co.,) lot 131, farmer 50.
    Saunders, Nathan, (DeRuyter, Madison Co.,) lot 131, farmer 50.
    Saunders, Osborne, (DeRuyter, Madison Co.,) lot 139, farmer 50.
    Saunders, Samuel E., (DeRuyter, Madison Co.,) lot 108, farmer 70.
    SHERMAN, JOHN E., (DeRuyter, Madison Co.,) lot 100, farmer 63.
    Sherman, Sanford W., (DeRuyter, Madison Co.,) lot 99, farmer 50.
    SMITH, A. EMMETT, (North Pitcher,) lot 51, farmer 100.
    SMITH, ISAAC H., (Lincklaen,) lot 141, farmer 50.
    Smith, Lucian, (Lincklaen,) lot 35, farmer leases 300.
    Smith, Norman P., (Union Valley, Cortland Co.,) lot 54, farmer 119.
    Smith, Richard P., (Lincklaen,) lot 20, farmer 319.
    Smith, William, (Lincklaen,) lot 38, prop. of Union Valley Tannery and farmer 300.
    Smith, Zira, (North Pitcher,) lot 51, farmer.
    Sperry, Nathan W., (Lincklaen,) lot 23, farmer leases 80.
    Spicer, Abel P., (South Otselic,) lot 137, farmer 45.
    Spicer, Park, (South Otselic,) lot 134, farmer 37.
    Stanton, Daniel E., (Lincklaen,) lot 23, farmer 80.
    STANTON, LEROY, (South Otselic,) lot 138, farmer 50.
    Stanton, Robert, (Lincklaen,) lot 4, farmer 75.
    Stearns, Harvey, (South Otselic,) lot 11, farmer 65.
    Steele, Cornelius, (DeRuyter, Madison Co.,) lot 94, farmer 90.
    Stewart, Allen P., (DeRuyter, Madison Co.,) lot 103, shoemaker and farmer 10.
    STEWART ANN MRS., (South Otselic,) lot 116, farmer 150.
    Stillman, Avery C., (DeRuyter, Madison Co.,) lot 113, town clerk and farmer 175.
    STILLMAN, DANIEL E., (Lincklaen,) (D.E. & S.R. Stillman.)
    STILLMAN, D.E. & S.R., (Lincklaen,) (Daniel E. and Samuel R.,) lot 20, prop. of Lincklaen Cheese Factory and Creamery, and farmers 86.
    STILLMAN, SAMUEL R., (Lincklaen,) (D.E & S.R. Stillman.)
    Stillman, Sanford B., (DeRuyter, Madison Co.,) lot 94, carpenter and farmer 5.
    Sutton, Alonzo B., (North Pitcher,) lot 42, farmer 15.
    Sutton, Lorenzo, (North Pitcher,) lot 49, farmer leases 25.
    Swan, Asa R., (Lincklaen,) lot 129, farmer 165.
    Swan, Julius A., (Lincklaen,) lot 104, carpenter and joiner.
    Swan, William W., (Lincklaen,) lot 143, mason and farmer 50.
    Sweet, Waity J., (DeRuyter, Madison Co.,) lot 98, farmer 25.
    Thompson, Aaron, (North Pitcher,) lot 32, farmer 120.
    Thompson, Charles A., (North Pitcher,) lot 42, farmer.
    Tobin, John, (DeRuyter, Madison Co.,) lot 103, farmer 210.
    TRIPP, JOSEPH G., (DeRuyter, Madison Co.,) lot 107, farmer 475.
    Truman, Nathan, (North Pitcher,) lot 41, farmer 100.
    Tuthill, Leonard J., (Lincklaen,) lot 144, farmer.
    Ufford, Charles K., (South Otselic,) lot 45, farmer 180.
    UFFORD, IRA, (South Otselic,) lot 26, farmer 230.
    Warner, Charles L., (Lincklaen,) lot 144, carpenter and joiner and farmer 4.
    Warner, Seth H., (Lincklaen,) lot 53, carpenter and joiner and farmer 1.
    Webster, Daniel M., (Lincklaen,) lot 100, farmer 155.
    WELLS, JOHN R., (Lincklaen,) lot 131, farmer 75.
    West, John, (Lincklaen,) lot 1, farmer 112.
    WHEELER, JEROME P., (Lincklaen,) lot 112, justice of the peace and cheese maker.
    Wilcox, Andrew J., (Lincklaen,) lot 124, farmer 52.
    Wilcox, Betsey Mrs., (Lincklaen,) lot 124, farmer 2.
    WILCOX, W.D. & W.A., (Lincklaen,) (William D. and William A.,) lot 128 and 143, own grist mill, saw mill, carding machine and farmers 4.
    WILCOX, WILLIAM A., (Lincklaen,) (W.D. & W.A. Wilcox.)
    WILCOX, WILLARD D., (Lincklaen,) (W.D. & W.A. Wilcox.)
    Wing, George, (Lincklaen,) lot 127, farmer.
    Wing, Mary A. Mrs., (Lincklaen,) lot 127, farmer 12.
    Wolcott, Martin P., (DeRuyter, Madison Co.,) lot 101, farmer 19.
    Woodruff, Amos, (Lincklaen,) (with Edward P. Brown,) farmer 333.
    Woodruff, Aralza C., (Lincklaen,) lot 1, farmer 15.
    Wright, Thurber, (Lincklaen,) lot 112, wagon maker and farmer 7.
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