1869 - 70 Coventry Business Directory

Directory is arranged as follows: 1. Name of individual or firm. 2. Post office address in parentheses. 3. If a farmer, the lot number indicates his residence. 4. Business or occupation.

  • A star (*) placed before a name, indicates an advertiser in this work. For such advertisement see Index.
  • Figures placed after the occupation of farmers, indicate the number of acres of land owned or leased by the parties.
  • Names set in CAPITALS indicate subscribers to this work.
  • The word Street is implied as regards directory for villages.
    Ackley, Jesse, (Coventry,) farmer 40.
    Adams, John O., (Coventry,) farmer 100.
    Allis, Polly R., (Coventry,) farmer 239.
    Andrews, Anson H., (Coventryville,) farmer 34.
    Baird, Ralph, (Coventry,) farmer leases 240.
    Balis, Abigail, (Coventry,) farmer 100.
    Barstow, Elam, (Coventryville,) farmer 73.
    Barstow, George, (Coventryville,) farmer 119.
    Basset, Alpheus, (Coventryville,) farmer 200.
    Beale, John, (Coventry,) farmer 127.
    Beale, Joshua B., (Coventry,) farmer 166.
    Beardley, Samuel A., (Coventry,) farmer 100.
    Beardsley, B. Frank, (Coventry,) (Marlin & Beardsley,) physician.
    Beardsley, Horace, (Coventryville,) farmer 107.
    Beardsley, Rhoda Mrs., (Coventryville,) farmer 80.
    Beardsley, Samuel, (Coventry,) farmer 378.
    Beardsley, Wm., (Coventry,) physician.
    Beardsley, William, (Coventry,) farmer 90.
    Beebee, John, (Coventryville,) farmer 95.
    Beecher, Daniel, (Coventry,) farmer 110.
    BENEDICT, CHESTER, (Coventryville,) (with Ira,) farmer 147.
    Benedict, Henry H., (Coventryville,) farmer 56..
    BENEDICT, IRA, (Coventryville,) (with Chester,) farmer 147.
    Betts, Merritt, (Coventry,) school teacher.
    BLAKE, ITHUEL, (Coventryville,) farmer 34.
    Blakesley, Hiram H., (Coventryville,) farmer leases 160.
    Brainard, Lyman, (Coventry,) farmer 90.
    Briggs, Horatio, (Coventryville,) farmer 175.
    Brown, John, (Coventryville,) (with Lemuel,) farmer 100.
    Brown, Lemuel, (Coventryville,) (with John,) farmer 100.
    Bruce, Eli P., (Coventry,) farmer 100.
    Bulkley, George, (Coventryville,) farmer 108.
    Bullock, Daniel D. Rev., (Coventry,) Methodist clergyman.
    Burlison, Coriden, (Coventryville,) farmer 85.
    Burrows, John, (Coventryville,) farmer 9.
    Calkins, Henry H., (Coventryville,) carriage maker.
    Carrington, Charles, (Coventryville,) farmer 75.
    Carrington, Henry E., (Coventryville,) farmer 50.
    Carter, Thos. W., (Coventryville,) farmer leases 175.
    Cary, Frank L., (Coventry,) farmer 65.
    Cary, Gershom, (Coventry,) farmer 140.
    Case, Albert, (Coventry,) farmer 54.
    Chandler, Rufus, (Coventry,) drover and farmer 218.
    Church, Malinda, (Coventry,) dress maker.
    Clendenning, John, (Coventry,) farmer leases 90.
    Cohoon, Nelson, (Coventry,) farmer 50.
    Converse, Rufus J., (Coventry,) farmer 204.
    Cook, Charles, (Coventryville,) farmer 80.
    Cornish, Whiting A., (Coventry,) farmer 43.
    Crocker, Amos Rev., (Coventry,) clergyman.
    Crumb, Charles, (Coventryville,) farmer 49.
    Cullen, Lazarus, (Coventryville,) farmer 230.
    Cumber, Charles, (Coventry,) farmer 49.
    Cumber, David, (Coventry,) farmer 164.
    Dailey, Samuel, (Coventryville,) farmer 74.
    Davis, Smith P., (Coventry,) blacksmith.
    Deland, Marcus, (Coventryville,) farmer 50.
    Dibble, George, (Coventryville,) farmer 140.
    Dolyan, M., (Coventryville,) farmer 51.
    Dutcher, Orris T., (Coventry,) farmer 75.
    Edgergan, George W., (Coventry,) farmer 287.
    Ellis, Frank Miss, (Coventry,) teacher and farmer 50.
    Ells, Edward, (Coventry,) tinsmith.
    Fairchild, Joseph, (Coventry,) farmer 106.
    Foler, Noah W., (Coventry,) farmer 344.
    Foot, Alanson L., (Coventry,) farmer 290.
    Foot, Ezra N., (Coventry,) farmer 575.
    Foot, George B., (Coventry,) farmer 215.
    Foot, Thomas B., (Coventry,) farmer 610.
    Fowler, John, (Coventryville,) farmer 112.
    FRISBIE, J.H.H., (Coventry,) farmer 160.
    Garrison, John, (Coventryville,) farmer 50.
    Gillmore, James Wilson, (Coventry,) farmer 69.
    Gilmore, J. Washington, (Coventry,) farmer 77.
    Gilmore, William, (Coventry,) farmer 200.
    Gould, Silas, (Coventry,) farmer 100.
    Granniss, William S., (Coventry,) blacksmith.
    Green, ------, (Coventry,) (Jones & Green.)
    Griswold, E. & H.V.R., (Coventry,) dairy and farmers 128.
    Griswold, Francis H., (Coventry,) farmer 120.
    Griswold, Juvenal, (Coventry,) farmer 120.
    Griswold, Lucius, (Coventryville,) farmer 100.
    Hart, Chancy, (Coventryville,) farmer 50.
    Hazen, William, (Coventry,) carriage maker.
    Henman, William H., (Coventryville,) farmer 100.
    Herrington, Thomas, (Coventry,) farmer 200.
    Hodge, George, (Coventryville,) prop. of saw mill and farmer 128.
    Hodge, Julia Mrs., (Coventry,) farmer 100.
    Holcomb, Egbert W., (Coventryville,) school teacher.
    Holcomb, Ezra, (Coventryville,) farmer 47.
    Hopkins, Sheldon S., (Coventryville,) farmer 55.
    Horton, Clark, (Coventryville,) (with Frederick Miner and Leonard Horton,) farmer 201.
    Horton, George D. Rev., (Coventryville,) pastor First Congregational Church.
    Horton, Leonard, (Coventryville,) (with Frederick Miner and Clark Horton,) farmer 201.
    Horton, Lewis B., (Coventry,) farmer 290.
    Hotchkiss, Lowell G., (Coventry,) farmer 190.
    Howard, William, (Coventry,) farmer.
    Hoyt, Amasa J., (Coventry,) (Phillips & Hoyt,) post master.
    HOYT, MATTHEW H., (Coventry,) farmer 200.
    Hungerford, Chancy, (Coventry,) farmer 88.
    Hunt, Nelson G., (Coventryville,) justice of the peace and farmer 100.
    Ingersol, David, (Coventryville,) farmer 48.
    Ingraham, William A., (Coventry,) farmer 67.
    IRELAND, WILLIAM H., (Coventryville,) merchant, justice of the peace and post master.
    Ives, Erastus, (Coventryville,) farmer 104.
    Japhet, Charles, (Coventryville,) farmer 40.
    Jewil, Bradford, (Coventryville,) farmer 75.
    Johnson, Joseph C., (Coventry,) farmer 70.
    Johnson, Ralph, (Coventry,) farmer 51.
    Jones, Chester, (Coventryville,) (with Mrs. Lydia Taggart,) farmer leases 144.
    Jones & Green, (Coventry,) boots and shoes.
    Jones, Hixsom, (Coventry,) farmer 73.
    Jones, Horace, (Coventryville,) farmer 106.
    Jones, Sophia, (Coventry,) milliner.
    Jones, Wakeley F., (Coventry,) farmer 140.
    Josslyn, Charles, (Coventry,) farmer 223.
    Judd, Harvey P., (Coventry,) farmer 105.
    Judd, Joel L., (Coventryville,) farmer 30.
    Kales, John, (Coventry,) farmer 242.
    Kales, William, (Coventry,) farmer 285.
    Lally, William, (Coventry,) farmer 200.
    Laman, William, (Coventryville,) cooper.
    Landers, Frederick, (Coventryville,) prop. of grist and saw mills and farmer 40.
    Lindsey, Archibald B., (Coventryville,) carpenter.
    Mandeville, Asahel, (Coventry,) farmer 270.
    Mandeville, Harry, (Coventry,) farmer 126.
    Manning, Ira D., (Coventry,) farmer 166.
    Manning, Isaiah, (Coventryville,) farmer 150.
    Manning, John W., (Coventry,) farmer 120.
    Manwaring, Lucius, (Coventry,) farmer 98.
    Marcy, John C., (Coventry,) farmer 190.
    Martin & Beardsley, (Coventry,) (----- Martin and B. Frank Beardsley,) druggists and grocers.
    Martin, Charles, (Coventry,) farmer 47.
    Martin, Charles D., (Coventry,) farmer 205.
    Martin, Samuel, (Coventry,) farmer 240.
    Martin, Samuel A., (Coventry,) dairy and farmer 280.
    May, William S., (Coventryville,) farmer 50.
    Mayhew, Adaline Mrs., (Coventry,) farmer 29.
    McDonald, John, (Coventryville,) farmer 160.
    McLaim, Jairus, (Coventry,) farmer 138.
    Merrill, Frederick, (Coventry,) farmer 7.
    MILES, LEROY B., (Coventryville,) (with Luman,) prop. of hotel and farmer 165.
    MILES, LUMAN, (Coventry,) prop. of hotel and farmer 281.
    MILES, LUMAN, (Coventryville,) (with Leroy B.,) prop. of hotel and farmer 165.
    Miles, Luman F., (Coventry,) leases hotel.
    Miller & Perkins, (Oxford,) farmers 165.
    Miner, Frederick, (Coventryville,) (with Leonard and Clark Horton,) farmer 201.
    Miner, Jesse, (Coventryville,) farmer 54.
    Minor, Clark P. & Son, (Coventryville,) prop. of steam saw mill and farmer 150.
    Minor, George, (Coventryville,) farmer 2.
    Minor, James, (Coventry,) farmer 50.
    MINOR, WARREN, (Coventryville,) farmer 94.
    Montgomery, John, (Coventry,) farmer 53.
    Moon, John W.D.F., (Coventry,) drover and farmer 78.
    Moon, John W.D.F., (Coventry,) farmer 65.
    Morgan, Thomas B., (Coventryville,) farmer 83.
    Newton, Elijah D., (Coventryville,) farmer 76.
    Niven, John, (Coventryville,) farmer 175.
    Odell, Robert C., (Coventry,) farmer 150.
    Ogden, Edward, (Coventryville,) farmer 154.
    Ogden, Joseph, (Coventryville,) (with Walter,) farmer 125.
    Ogden, Walter, (Coventryville,) (with Joseph,) farmer 125.
    Oliver, Thomas, (Coventryville,) farmer 61.
    Packard, Charles H., (Coventry,) farmer 155.
    Packard, Chester A., (Coventry,) farmer 80.
    Palmer, Reuben, (Coventryville,) farmer 15.
    Parker, Duncan C., (Coventryville,) (with Horace S.,) farmer 125.
    Parker, Gaius L., (Coventryville,) farmer 120.
    Parker, Henry, (Coventry,) wagon maker.
    Parker, Hiram & Son, (Coventryville,) farmer 110.
    Parker Horace S., (Coventryville,) (with Duncan C.,) farmer 125.
    Parker, James S., (Coventry,) farmer 156.
    Parker, Joel & Sons, (Coventryville,) farmer 236.
    PEARSALL, CHARLES, (Coventryville,) member of assembly and farmer 150.
    PEARSALL, EDGAR A., (Coventryville,) (with Reuben,) farmer 127.
    PEARSALL, REUBEN, (Coventryville,) (with Edgar A.,) farmer 127.
    Perkins, -----, (Oxford,) (Miller & Perkins.)
    Phillips & Hoyt, (Coventry,) (----- Phillips and and Amasa J. Hoyt,) general merchants and produce dealers.
    Pitsley, Charles, (Coventryville,) farmer 10.
    Porter, Lorain B. & Son, (Coventry,) farmer 273.
    Porter, Loren B., (Coventryville,) farmer 160.
    Porter, Norman, (Coventry,) farmer 150.
    Porter, Samuel E., (Coventryville,) farmer 3.
    Porter, Timothy D., (Coventry,) farmer 200.
    Post, John H., (Coventryville,) farmer 118.
    Post, Martin, (Coventryville,) farmer 144.
    Quinn, Francis, (Oxford,) farmer leases 165.
    Riley, John S., (Coventryville,) farmer 120.
    ROBERTS, C.G., (Coventryville,) homeop. physician.
    Roe, Alanson, (Coventryville,) farmer 78.
    Rogers, Charles C., (Coventryville,) farmer 124.
    Rolph, Reuben, (Coventry,) farmer 400.
    Sage, Richard, (Coventryville,) farmer 200.
    Sanders, John, (Coventry,) owns saw mill, cooper and farmer 12.
    Sawyer, Sarah Miss, (Coventry,) farmer 30.
    Scott, James H., (Coventry,) farmer 87.
    Seely, William, (Coventryville,) farmer 64.
    Seymour, Henry B., (Coventry,) farmer 186.
    Shaw, Lucy A. Mrs., (Coventryville,) dress maker.
    Shaw, Martin, (Coventryville,) farmer 8.
    *SHAW, OLIVER T., (Coventryville,) blacksmith, carriage ironer, horse shoer, repairs reapers and mowers, edge tools, &c.
    Smith, Clark W., (Coventryville,) farmer 186.
    Smith, Cyrus, (Coventry,) farmer 148.
    Smith, Edward C., (Coventry,) farmer 243.
    Smith, John H., (Coventryville,) farmer 163.
    Smith, Matthew B., (Coventry,) farmer 86.
    Smith, Russel M., (Coventry,) farmer 200.
    Southworth, John T., (Coventry,) farmer 102.
    Spafford, Marchall E., (Coventry,) saw mill.
    Spencer, William, (Coventry,) farmer 169.
    Spencer, William H., (Coventryville,) farmer 162.
    Spicer, John, (Coventryville,) farmer 80.
    Stewart, Robert, (Coventryville,) farmer 112.
    Stockwell, Warren, (Coventryville,) farmer 63.
    Stoddard, Henry E., (Coventryville,) farmer 50.
    STODDARD, LEWIS G., (Coventryville,) farmer 116.
    Stoddard, William A., (Coventryville,) blacksmith and farmer 63.
    Stork, John R., (Coventryville,) farmer 90.
    Stork, Russell, (Coventryville,) farmer 50.
    Stork, Ethen, (Coventryville,) farmer 50.
    Storks, Laurisom, (Coventryville,) farmer 200.
    Stratton, Ross E., (Coventry,) farmer 207.
    Sweet, Carlos R., (Coventryville,) farmer 189.
    Sweet, Cyrus, (Coventryville,) farmer 174.
    Sweet, Nelson, (Coventryville,) farmer 109.
    Taggart, Calvin R., (Coventryville,) farmer 115.
    Taggart, Lydia Mrs., (Coventryville,) (with Chester L. Jones,) farmer leases 144.
    Tallman, Adelbert V., (Coventry,) farmer 175.
    Taylor, George, (Coventryville,) farmer 128.
    Teachout, Ira, (Coventryville,) farmer 111.
    Teachout, Sewell, (Coventryville,) farmer 100.
    Teurberty, Moty, (Coventryville,) farmer 51.
    THORP, JOHN P., (Coventry,) dealer in boots and shoes, justice of the peace and town clerk.
    Tifts, Thomas, (Coventryville,) farmer 202.
    Tombs, Daniel, (Coventryville,) (with Jonas,) farmer 70.
    Tombs, Jonas, (Coventryville,) (with Daniel,) farmer 70.
    Toombs, William, (Coventryville,) farmer 100.
    Tracy, John, (Coventryville,) farmer 175.
    Treadway, James M., (Coventry,) farmer 97.
    Tuckey, Amos, (Coventry,) farmer 100.
    Tuckey, William, (Coventry,) farmer 100.
    Turnbull, George P. Rev., (Coventry,) Baptist clergyman.
    Tyler, Eunice Mrs., (Coventry,) farmer 73.
    Warner, William, (Coventryville,) carpenter and farmer 50.
    Warren, Edward R., (Coventry,) farmer 185.
    Warren, Lewis, (Coventry,) farmer 7.
    Warren, Mary, (Coventry,) prop. select school and farmer 18.
    WATERS, CHARLES, (Coventry,) farmer 54.
    Watrous, Uri, (Coventry,) farmer 150.
    Weeks, Charles, (Coventry,) farmer 50.
    Weeks, Passy P., (Coventry,) farmer 53.
    Weeks, William, (Coventry,) farmer 140.
    Weld, Luther, (Coventry,) farmer 225.
    West, William, (Coventry,) farmer 195.
    White, Vincent, (Coventry,) harness maker.
    Wilkins, Charles, (Coventryville,) (with Lyman,) farmer 81.
    Wilkins, Harvey G., (Coventryville,) farmer 82.
    Wilkins, Joshua L., (Coventryville,) farmer 95.
    Wilkins, Lyman, (Coventryville,) (with Charles,) farmer 81.
    Williams, Daniel, (Coventryville,) farmer 14.
    Williams, Morris, (Coventryville,) farmer 100.
    Woodard, Darius, (Coventryville,) farmer 68.
    Woodard, Devilo, (Coventryville,) farmer 92.
    Woods, David, (Coventryville,) farmer 60.
    Wylie, Erastus, (Coventry,) farmer 185.
    Wylie, George, (Coventry,) farmer 130.
    Wylie, Hubbard H., (Coventryville,) farmer 50.
    Wylie, John, (Coventry,) farmer 311.
    Yale, Sarah A., (Coventryville,) farmer 194.
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