1869 - 70 Bainbridge Business Directory

Directory is arranged as follows: 1. Name of individual or firm. 2. Post office address in parentheses. 3. If a farmer, the lot number indicates his residence. 4. Business or occupation.

  • A star (*) placed before a name, indicates an advertiser in this work. For such advertisement see Index.
  • Figures placed after the occupation of farmers, indicate the number of acres of land owned or leased by the parties.
  • Names set in CAPITALS indicate subscribers to this work.
  • The word Street is implied as regards directory for villages.
    Ackley, Ransom, (Bainbridge,) carpenter and joiner.
    ALLISON, MARTIN O., (Bainbridge,) lot 70, farmer 117.
    ANDERSON, ALFRED, (Bainbridge,) lot 82, farmer 86.
    Arnold, Chester, (Bainbridge,) lot 76, farmer.
    Atwater, Edwin, (Bainbridge,) lot 73, dealer in hides, pelts and fur.
    *ATWATER, ORIN, (Bainbridge,) lot 73, prop. of Atwater House.
    AVERY, LEONARD, (Bainbridge,) lot 66, prop. of saw mill and farmer 75.
    Aylsworth, Emery, (Bainbridge,) lot 44, farmer 113.
    Aylsworth, Henry, (Bainbridge,) lot 46, farmer 50.
    Aylsworth, Mary Mrs., (Bainbridge,) lot 44, owns 136.
    BACON, DENNIS, (Bainbridge,) (Bacon & Palmer.)
    BACON & PALMER, (Bainbridge,) (Dennis Bacon and Abel S. Palmer,) lot 73, carriage and sleigh maker.
    *BAINBRIDGE LEDGER, (Bainbridge,) G.A. Dodge, editor and proprietor.
    BAKER, ERASTUS, (Bainbridge,) (Payne & Baker.)
    Baker, Harvey, (Bainbridge,) lot 49, farmer 39.
    Baker, James, (Bainbridge,) lot 73, attorney at law.
    Banks, John, (Bainbridge,) lot 77, farmer 150.
    Banner, William C., (Bainbridge,) lot 67, farmer 50.
    Barber, Geo. J., (Bainbridge,) lot 43, farmer leases 65.
    Barber, George J., (Bainbridge,) lot 73, shoemaker.
    BARLOW, JAMES B., (Bainbridge,) lot 73, retired farmer.
    Bartlett, Abel, (Bainbridge,) lot 73, carpenter and joiner.
    BEAL, DAVID, (Bainbridge,) lot 76, farmer 116.
    BEALE, JAMES W., (Bainbridge,) lot 73, wagon maker.
    Benedict, Addison, (Bennettsville,) lot 83, shoemaker and farmer 10.
    Benedict, Isaac, (Bennettsville,) lot 83, shoemaker.
    Bennett, Arnold, (Bennettsville,) (with Hiram,) lot 87, farmer 200.
    Bennett & Cudworth, (Bainbridge,) (Nathaniel Bennett and John W. Cudworth,) dealers in jewelry, clocks, watches and painted ware.
    Bennett, Elisha, (Bennettsville,) lot 73, retired farmer.
    Bennett, Henry R., (Bennettsville,) lot 87, farmer 118.
    Bennett, Hiram, (Bennettsville,) (with Arnold,) lot 87, farmer 200.
    Bennett, James W., (Bennettsville,) lot 87, farmer 894.
    Bennett, Marvin, (Bainbridge,) lot 78, farmer 125.
    Bennett, Nathaniel, (Bainbridge,) (Bennett & Cudworth.)
    Bennett, Phineas M., (Bennettsville,) lot 87, farmer 32.
    Bennett, Rufus, (Bennettsville,) lot 87, dealer in lumber and shingles.
    Bennett, Samuel H., (Bainbridge,) lot 73, boot and shoe manuf. and dealer.
    Benton, James, (Bainbridge,) lot 43, farmer 50.
    Benton, Orange, (Bainbridge,) lot 87, retired farmer.
    Beverly, Perlee B., (Bainbridge,) lot 72, farmer 145.
    BILL, J. WARREN, (Bainbridge,) lot 73, farmer 45.
    BISHOP, ELISHA, (Bainbridge,) lot 73, retired merchant.
    BIXBY, CHARLES, (Bainbridge,) lot 73, farmer 230.
    BIXBY, DINAH, (Bainbridge,) lot 75, farmer 150.
    Bixby, Ephraim, (Bainbridge,) lot 74, farmer 70.
    BIXBY, IRA W., (Bainbridge,) (Gilbert & Bixby.)
    Bixby, Jacob, (Bainbridge,) lot 73, speculator.
    Bixby, Samuel, (Bainbridge,) lot 75, farmer.
    Bixby, Sophronia A. Mrs., (Bainbridge,) lot 73.
    Blanchard, George, (Bainbridge,) lot 43, farmer 137.
    Blenco, John, (Bainbridge,) lot 66, farmer 61.
    *BOALT & FLETCHER, (Bainbridge,) (Francis B. Boalt and William S. Fletcher,) lot 73, props. of Marsh House.
    BOALT, FRANCIS B., (Bainbridge,) (Boalt & Fletcher.)
    Booth, Aaron, (Bainbridge,) lot 41, retired farmer.
    Bottsford, Gideon, (Bainbridge,) lot 73, retired farmer.
    Bradshaw, Hiram, (Bennettsville,) lot 87, tin peddler.
    Bradstreet, Edward L., (Bennettsville,) lot 87, retired farmer and agent for Buckeye Reaper and Mower.
    BRISTOL, DANIEL S., (Bainbridge,) lot 70, farmer 90.
    BROWN, AMBROSE A., (Bainbridge,) lot 73, dealer in feed, meal, salt, lime and coal.
    BROWN, CHARLES D., (Bainbridge,) lot 78, farmer 60.
    BULLOCK, DANIEL S., (Bainbridge,) lot 73, carriage maker.
    Bullock, W.D., (Bainbridge,) lot 73, retired merchant.
    BURGIN, LEVI C., (Bainbridge,) (Peeso & Burgin.)
    Burlison, Coridon, (Bainbridge,) lot 41, farmer 85.
    BURTON, GEORGE W., (Bainbridge,) lot 65, farmer 35.
    BUSH, JOSEPH, (Bainbridge,) lot 74, capitalist and farmer 215.
    Butler, E.G., (Bainbridge,) lot 73, hunter and farmer.
    Butts, Clark, (Bainbridge,) (Butts & Wetmore.)
    Butts & Wetmore, (Bainbridge,) (Clark Butts and James K. Wetmore,) general merchants.
    Campbell, David W., (Bainbridge,) lot 64, farmer 120.
    Cannon, Curtis C., (Bainbridge,) lot 73, shoemaker.
    Cannon, William, (Bainbridge,) lot 73, stone and brick mason.
    CARTLEDGE, WILLIAM, (Bainbridge,) lot 67, farmer 50.
    CHANDLER, LOCKWOOD, (Bainbridge,) lot 73, retired farmer.
    Christman, Jacob, (Bainbridge,) lot 73, stone mason.
    CHURCH, EZRA B., (Bennettsville,) lot 82, prop. of carding and cloth dressing mill, post master, justice of the peace and farmer 60.
    CLARK, AMOS B., (Sidney Plains, Delaware Co.,) lot 80, farmer 44.
    CLARK, HENRY A., (Bainbridge,) lot 73, attorney and counselor at law and notary public.
    CLARK, OLIVER M., (Bainbridge,) lot 52, farmer 86.
    Clark, Susan, (Bennettsville,) lot 83, farmer 3.
    Clark, Sylvester, (Bainbridge,) lot 52, farmer 100.
    Clark, Truman, (Bainbridge,) lot 73, hop raiser and farmer leases 5.
    Clark, William, (Bainbridge,) lot 73, cooper.
    Cole, Samuel, (Bainbridge,) lot 41, carpenter and joiner.
    Collins, D.P. Rev., (Bainbridge,) lot 73, Baptist minister.
    CONVERSE, ALVIN, (Bainbridge,) lot 73, prop. of marble works.
    COPLEY, NATHAN E., (Bainbridge,) lot 73, prop. livery stable, deputy sheriff and constable.
    Copley, Seeley N., (Bainbridge,) lot 73, music teacher.
    CORBIN, GEORGE R., (Bainbridge,) lot 78, farmer 102.
    Corbin, Squire W., (Bainbridge,) lot 78, physician.
    Corbin, Wm. H., (Bainbridge,) lot 82, farmer 70.
    Corey, Daniel, (Bennettsville,) lot 83, farmer 70.
    Crandall, Wm., (Bennettsville,) lot 87, tanner and currier.
    Crawford, Hugh, (Bennettsville,) lot 82, carpenter and joiner.
    Crumb, Jesse, (Bennettsville,) lot 87, sawyer.
    Cudworth, John W., (Bainbridge,) (Bennett & Cudworth.)
    Curtis, Charles, (Bainbridge,) lot 75, retired hatter.
    DAVIS, CHARLES M., (Bainbridge,) lot 80, farmer 88.
    DAVIS, GEO. W., (Bainbridge,) lot 75, farmer 85.
    Davis, Henry, (Bainbridge,) lot 65, farmer 100.
    DAVIS, HIRAM, (Bainbridge,) lot 65, farmer 81.
    Davis, John, (Bainbridge,) lot 42, farmer 180.
    *DAVIS & SHERWOOD, (Bainbridge,) (Wm. W. Davis and Gilbert Sherwood,) general merchants.
    DAVIS, WM. W., (Bainbridge,) (Davis & Sherwood.)
    Dean, Milton, (Bainbridge,) lot 76, farmer leases 80.
    Devol, David, (Bennettsville,) lot 87, shoemaker.
    DILLENBECK, ALONZO, (Bainbridge,) lot 73, billiard saloon keeper.
    Dimmock, Brown, (Bainbridge,) lot 73, retired farmer.
    Dingman, John, (Bainbridge,) lot 67, farmer 107.
    *DODGE, G .A., (Bainbridge,) lot 73, editor and prop. of Bainbridge Ledger, Unadilla Times and Susquehanna Independent.
    DOUGLASS, JAMES C., (Bainbridge,) (with William H.,) lot 72, farmer 197.
    DOUGLASS, WILLIAM H., (Bainbridge,) (with James C.,) lot 72, farmer 197.
    Douglas, Wm., (Bainbridge,) lot 78, millwright and farmer 56.
    Drake, Abraham, (Bennettsville,) lot 82, farmer.
    DYER, LORENZO D., (Bainbridge,) lot 49, farmer 275.
    Evans, Ansel, (Bainbridge,) lot 75, farmer 300.
    Evans, Charles, (Bainbridge,) lot 73, miller.
    Evans, C. Mrs., (Bainbridge,) lot 73, dress maker.
    Evans, Edward D., (Bainbridge,) lot 74, shoemaker and farmer 14.
    EVANS, GEO. W., (Bainbridge,) lot 75, farmer leases 300.
    Evans, Jehial, (Bainbridge,) lot 73, millwright, owns 50.
    Evans, Robert D., (Bainbridge,) lot 73, physician and surgeon.
    EVANS, THEODORE, (Bainbridge,) lot 73, prop. of grist and planing mills and farmer 32.
    Everhart, Peter, (Bainbridge,) lot 46, farmer leases 96.
    Ferris, Peleg, (Bainbridge,) lot 38, cooper.
    Fisher, Caroline Mrs., (Bennettsville,) lot 92, owns 120.
    FLETCHER, WILLIAM S., (Bainbridge,) (Boalt & Fletcher.)
    FONDA, S.F., (Bainbridge,) lot 73, physician and surgeon.
    Fosbury, Abel C., (Bainbridge,) lot 41, farmer.
    Fosbury, Reuben C., (Bainbridge,) lot 41, farmer 130.
    Freer, Wm., (Bainbridge,) lot 44, farmer 80.
    Frelot, John W., (Bainbridge,) lot 73, farmer.
    Frelot, Joseph W., (Bainbridge,) lot 73, retired physician and surgeon and owns 600.
    French, Myron H., (Bennettsville,) lot 87, blacksmith.
    Gafney, Hugh, (Bainbridge,) lot 73, stone mason.
    Gifford, Aaron, (Bainbridge,) lot 66, farmer 50.
    GIFFORD, EUNICE A. Mrs., (Bainbridge,) lot 66, farmer 106.
    *GILBERT & BIXBY, (Bainbridge,) (D.A. Gilbert and Ira W. Bixby,) props. planing mill, foundry and saw mill.
    GILBERT, D.A., (Bainbridge,) (Gilbert & Bixby.)
    Gilmore, Samuel, (Bainbridge,) lot 41, stone mason.
    GRAVES, GAYLORD E., (Bainbridge,) lot 73, manuf. and dealer in cabinet ware.
    Green, George F., (Bainbridge,) lot 41, farmer 187.
    Green, Hamilton, (Bainbridge,) lot 41, farmer 50.
    Green, Jerome, (Bainbridge,) lot 38, farmer 4.
    Hand, Nathan, (Bennettsville,) lot 87, shoemaker.
    HARD, GEO. F., (Bainbridge,) lot 44, assessor and (with D.H. Hyde,) farmer 112.
    HAYES, GILES, (Bainbridge,) lot 73, dealer in groceries and provisions, and town clerk.
    Herrick, Henry, (Bainbridge,) lot 41, farmer 107.
    Herrick, Joseph, (Bainbridge,) lot 38, farmer 275.
    HICKOK, CYRUS, (Bainbridge,) lot 70, farmer 150.
    HICKOK, W.J., (Bainbridge,) lot 70, farmer.
    Higley, Truman, (Bainbridge,) (with Walter,) lot 81, farmer 115.
    Higley, Walter, (Bainbridge,) (with Truman) lot 81, farmer 115.
    HILL, SAMUEL P., (Sidney Plains, Delaware Co.,) lot 76, farmer 70.
    HOAG, PHILO, (Bainbridge,) lot 73, speculator and dealer in cattle.
    Holcomb, Wm. W.N., (Bainbridge,) lot 73, carpenter and joiner.
    Hollister, T.R., (Bainbridge,) lot 73, insurance agent.
    Houghtailing, Chauncey, (Bainbridge,) lot 80, farmer 75.
    Houghton, John, (Bainbridge,) lot 39, farmer.
    Houshaw, Frederick, (Bainbridge,) lot 69, farmer leases 19.
    Howe, James, (Bennettsville,) lot 83, farmer 175.
    HUMPHRY, AUSTIN N., (Bainbridge,) (with Nelson A.,) lot 75, farmer 131.
    Humphry, Charles M., (Bennettsville,) lot 87, wagon maker.
    Humphry, Hiram R., (Bainbridge,) lot 43, farmer 79.
    HUMPHRY, NELSON A., (Bainbridge,) (with Austin N.,) lot 75, farmer 131.
    Humphry, Samuel B., (Bainbridge,) lot 82, farmer 49.
    Hyde, D.H., (Bainbridge,) (with Geo. F. Hard,) lot 44, farmer 112.
    Hyde, Ira, (Bainbridge,) lot 77, farmer 125.
    Ireland, Alexander, (Bainbridge,) lot 39, farmer 185.
    IRELAND, CORSMAN, (Bainbridge,) lot 39, farmer 127.
    Ireland, Harvey, (Bainbridge,) lot 38, farmer 225.
    Ireland, John A., (Bainbridge,) lot 39, farmer.
    IRELAND, WILLIAM, (Bennettsville,) lot 84, farmer 114.
    Jenkins, Stowell, (Bainbridge,) lot 65, farmer 94.
    Johnson, Davis, (Bainbridge,) lot 73, retired.
    Johnson, Jefferson, (Bainbridge,) lot 66, farmer 124.
    JOHNSON, MARCUS T., (Bainbridge,) lot 41, farmer 200.
    Juliand, Joseph 2d., (Bainbridge,) lot 73, supervisor, village trustee and farmer 106.
    JULIAND, RICHARD W., (Bainbridge,) lot 73, farmer 200.
    Kelley, John, (Bainbridge,) lot 41, farmer.
    KELLEY, J.R., (Bainbridge,) lot 73, boot and shoe manuf. and dealer.
    Kelley, William, (Bainbridge,) lot 45, shoe maker and farmer 53.
    King, George, (Bennettsville,) lot 92, farmer.
    Kirby, Joseph, (Bainbridge,) lot 73, retired farmer.
    Kirby, Pliny, (Bainbridge,) lot 82, farmer 343.
    Lane, Luman L., (Bainbridge,) lot 45, farmer 104.
    Lane, Shepard, (Bainbridge,) lot 41, retired farmer.
    LANE, SMITH, (Coventryville,) lot 44, farmer 80.
    Lathrop, Aaron, (Bennettsville,) lot 87, cooper.
    Leadbetter, George, (Bainbridge,) lot 73, house painter.
    Lee, H.W. Rev., (Bainbridge,) lot 73, Presbyterian minister.
    Leonard, Cebina, (Bainbridge,) lot 43, farmer 130.
    Leonard, George C., (Bainbridge,) lot 43, farmer.
    LILLEY, JOHN H., (Bainbridge,) lot 73, general merchant.
    Livingstone, Lewis, (Bennettsville,) lot 87, physician and surgeon.
    Lloyd, John, (Bennettsville,) lot 87, farmer 212.
    Loche, Hiram, (Bainbridge,) lot 71, farmer 175.
    Loomis, Alonzo, (Bainbridge,) lot 38, farmer 90.
    Loomis, Edward, (Bainbridge,) lot 39, farmer 66.
    Loomis, Philander, (Bainbridge,) lot 38, prop. of saw mill and farmer 50.
    Lyon, Ambrose Mrs., (Bainbridge,) lot 73, retired farmer.
    LYON, BRIGGS, (Bainbridge,) lot 45, farmer 90.
    LYON, CHARLES L., (Bainbridge,) lot 41, farmer.
    LYON, ELI R., (Bainbridge,) lot 49, farmer 176.
    LYON, HIRAM, (Bainbridge,) lot 45, farmer 125.
    LYON, HORACE, (Bainbridge,) lot 45, farmer 125.
    Lyon, Isaiah, (Bainbridge,) lot 45, farmer.
    Lyon, Israel 2nd, (Bainbridge,) lot 41, farmer 66.
    LYON, JOEL C., (Bainbridge,) lot 41, farmer 26.
    Lyon, Marcus, (Bainbridge,) lot 45, farmer 60.
    Lyon, Spardon, (Bainbridge,) lot 42, farmer 100.
    Madison, Morgan, (Bennettsville,) lot 92, farmer 175.
    Marshall, Hiram, (Bainbridge,) lot 73, basket maker and clock repairer.
    Mead, Albert, (Bainbridge,) lot 38, blacksmith and farmer 79.
    Mecham, J.D., (Bainbridge,) lot 33, physician and surgeon.
    Medbury, Enos, (Bainbridge,) lot 73, painter.
    MERCHANT, ALONZO R., (Bainbridge,) lot 73, life insurance agent and town collector.
    Meritt, Richmond, (Bainbridge,) lot 78, carpenter, gunsmith and farmer 84.
    MOODY, ALEXANDER R., (Bainbridge,) lot 74, farmer 87.
    Myers, Benjamin, (Sidney Plains, Delaware Co.,) lot 72, farmer 190.
    NEFF, CHESTER W., (Bennettsville,) lot 84, farmer 132.
    Neff, Erwin, (Bennettsville,) lot 84, farmer.
    Neff, Luther, (Bennettsville,) lot 84, farmer.
    Neff, Samuel P., (Bennettsville,) lot 84, farmer.
    NEFF, WILLIAM H., (Bennettsville,) lot 84, farmer 142.
    Newell, John D., (Bainbridge,) lot 73, justice of the peace.
    Newton, Charles, (Bainbridge,) lot 73, carpenter and joiner.
    Newton, George W., (Bainbridge,) lot 45, farmer 106.
    NEWTON, JAMES M. & L., (Bainbridge,) lot 45, farmer 125.
    Newton, Thaddeus, (Bainbridge,) lot 78, farmer 42.
    Newton, Thomas, (Coventryville,) lot 44, retired farmer.
    Newton, W.M., (Bainbridge,) dealer in flour and feed.
    Nicholas, Frederick F., (Bainbridge,) lot 41, farmer.
    Nichols, Thomas, (Bainbridge,) lot 41, farmer 140.
    North, Samuel, (Bainbridge,) lot 73, general hardware and stove dealer.
    Northrop, Clark, (Bainbridge,) lot 73, carpenter and joiner.
    Norton, Leonard, (Bainbridge,) lot 66, farmer 65.
    Olmsted, Daniel, (Bennettsville,) lot 87, farmer.
    OLMSTED, JOHN, (Sidney Plains, Delaware Co.,) lot 76, farmer 137.
    Packard, Peter, (Bainbridge,) lot 73, stage proprietor.
    PALMER, ABEL S., (Bainbridge,) (Bacon & Palmer.)
    PARSONS, JOHN D., (Bainbridge,) lot 65, farmer 290.
    Parsons, Nelson, (Bainbridge,) lot 73, constable.
    PATRICK, ALBERT D., (Bainbridge,) lot 73, harness maker,
    PAYNE & BAKER, (Bainbridge,) (Warren L. Payne and Erastus Baker,) lot 73, prop. of grist mill and farmer 5.
    Payne, Dennis, (Bainbridge,) lot 66, wagon maker and farmer 25.
    Payne, Elmer, (Bainbridge,) lot 73, farmer 95.
    *PAYNE, GEORGE W., (Bainbridge,) lot 73, Arbor Billiard Saloon.
    PAYNE, HIRAM, (Bainbridge,) lot 74, farmer 250.
    PAYNE, WARREN L., (Bainbridge,) (Payne & Baker.)
    PEARSALL, DAVID, (Bainbridge,) lot 46, farmer 94.
    PEARSALL, HENRY, (Bainbridge,) lot 40, farmer 180.
    PEARSALL, ROBERT, (Bainbridge,) lot 71, farmer 140.
    Pearsall, Samuel, (Bainbridge,) lot 40, farmer 44.
    PEARSALL, SHERMAN H., (Bainbridge,) lot 40, farmer.
    Pearsall, Smith, (Bainbridge,) lot 43, farmer 60.
    Pearsall, William, (Bainbridge,) lot 43, farmer.
    PECKHAM, EDWARD M., (East Guilford,) lot 68, farmer 209.
    *PEESO & BURGIN, (Bainbridge,) (Melvin M. Peeso and Levi C. Burgin,) lot 73, general merchants.
    PEESO, MELVIN M., (Bainbridge,) (Peeso & Burgin.)
    PETTYS, ISAAC, (Bainbridge,) lot 73, cabinet maker and farmer.
    Pettys, Nelson, (Bainbridge,) lot 73, cabinet maker.
    Pettys, Stephen, (Bainbridge,) lot 73, teamster.
    Pettys, Thomas S., (Bainbridge,) lot 69, farmer 6.
    PHILLIPS, ISAAC, (Bainbridge,) lot 78, farmer 116.
    Phinney, Anson, (Bainbridge,) lot 73, retired blacksmith.
    PHINNEY, CHARLES, (Bainbridge,) (with Franklin,) lot 73, blacksmith.
    PHINNEY, FRANKLIN, (Bainbridge,) (with Charles,) lot 73, blacksmith.
    Pratt, James B., (Bainbridge,) lot 73, molder.
    Price, Almira A. Mrs., (Bainbridge,) lot 46, farmer 53.
    Price, Matthew, (Bennettsville,) lot 78, farmer 5.
    Prince, Czar, (Bainbridge,) lot 71, farmer 190.
    Prince, Eli E., (Bainbridge,) lot 71, farmer.
    PRINCE, GERVIS, (Bainbridge,) lot 74, retired physician and farmer 27.
    PRINCE, JOHN H., (Bainbridge,) lot 71, farmer.
    Prince, Wm. E., (Bainbridge,) lot 71, farmer.
    Quackenbush, Jacob, (Bainbridge,) lot 80, farmer 2.
    Redfield, Henry, (Bainbridge,) lot 84, farmer 60.
    Redfield, Pardon, (Bainbridge,) lot 80, farmer 90.
    Richards, Mrs., (Bainbridge,) lot 42, farmer 60.
    Roberts, J.M., (Bainbridge,) lot 73, baggage man, A. & S. R.R.
    Robinson, James A. Rev., (Bainbridge,) lot 73, Episcopal minister.
    Rogers, Perry P., (Bainbridge,) lot 68, farmer 160.
    SANDS, JEROME B., (Bainbridge,) lot 82, farmer 1,100.
    SAYRE, WILLIAM, (Bainbridge,) (Sayre & Windsor.)
    SAYRE & WINDSOR, (Bainbridge,) (William Sayre and Geo. H. Windsor,) lot 73, attorneys and counselors at law.
    Saxe, Charles, (Bainbridge,) lot 78, farmer 19.
    Schrom, Hiram, (Bainbridge,) lot 73, merchant tailor and dealer in dry goods.
    Scofield, Phineas, (Bennettsville,) lot 87, farmer.
    Scofield, Samuel, (Bennettsville,) lot 87, drover.
    Scott, Dwight C., (Bainbridge,) lot 73, carpenter and joiner.
    Scott, Horace, (Bainbridge,) lot 73, retired farmer and justice of the peace.
    SCOTT, LEVI, (Bainbridge,) lot 73, retired farmer.
    Scott, Treat M., (Bainbridge,) lot 73, carpenter and joiner.
    Searles, Abner, (Bainbridge,) lot 43, farmer 70.
    Searles, Arvine G., (Bainbridge,) lot 40, farmer.
    Searles, George R., (Bainbridge,) lot 73, prop. livery stable.
    SEARLES, REUBEN, (Bainbridge,) lot 40, farmer 240.
    Searles, Thomas, (Bainbridge,) lot 40, farmer 145.
    Seeley, Judson, (Bainbridge,) lot 73, whip peddler.
    Seely, Eli, (Bennettsville,) lot 87, shoemaker.
    SHEPARDSON, ALFRED, (Bainbridge,) lot 44, farmer 106.
    SHERWOOD, GILBERT, (Bainbridge,) (Davis & Sherwood.)
    SILL, BLIN S., (Bainbridge,) lot 73, physician and surgeon, and postmaster.
    SIMMONS, WM. H.D., (Bainbridge,) lot 78, farmer 100.
    SINGHI, WELL G., (Bainbridge,) lot 73, photographer and dealer in photograph goods.
    Slater, Nathan, (Bennettsville,) lot 87, carpenter and joiner.
    Smith, A.B. & Son, (Bainbridge,) (Geo. A.,) lot 73, blacksmiths.
    Smith, Geo. A., (Bainbridge,) (A.B. Smith & Son.)
    SMITH, GILES S., (Bainbridge,) lot 70, farmer 130.
    SMITH, JAMES D., (Bainbridge,) lot 73, deputy postmaster and dealer in yankee notions, stationery, &c.
    SMITH, JAMES W., (Bainbridge,) lot 45, prop. of cider mill and farmer 117.
    Smith, Joseph P., (Bainbridge,) lot 76, farmer 130.
    Smith, Leroy D., (Bainbridge,) lot 87, farmer 30.
    Smith, Samuel G., (Sidney Plains, Delaware Co.,) lot 76, farmer 100.
    Smith, Sidney, (Bainbridge,) lot 80, farmer 47.
    SOMBORGER, MARTIN, (Bennettsville,) lot 87, prop. grist mill.
    Spellman, Mark R., (Bainbridge,) lot 73, station agent and telegraph operator, A. & S. R.R.
    Spencer, Jonathan E., (Bainbridge,) lot 80, farmer 88.
    STERLING, ISAAC, (Bainbridge,) lot 73, general agent for Samuel North, hardware dealer.
    STEVER, ELIZABETH Mrs., (Bainbridge,) lot 70, farmer 150.
    Stockwell, Raymond C., (Bainbridge,) lot 73, harness maker.
    *STOUGHTON, JOHN C., (Bainbridge,) lot 73, manuf. and dealer in boots and shoes, also dealer in hats, caps and furs.
    STRONG, GEORGE, (Bainbridge,) lot 71, farmer 102.
    Summers, O., (Bainbridge,) lot 81, farmer 100.
    Tarbell, Thurston, (Bainbridge,) lot 73, side walk maker.
    Thomas, Edward, (Bainbridge,) lot 73, tailor.
    THOMPSON, MERITT N., (Bainbridge,) lot 73, hair dresser.
    TREADWAY, CHARLES B., (Bainbridge,) (J.W. Treadway & Co.)
    TREADWAY, JOHN W., (Bainbridge,) (J.W. Treadway & Co.)
    TREADWAY, J.W. & Co., (Bainbridge,) (John W. and Charles B.,) dealers in harness, trunks, &c.
    Tucker, Edward, (Bainbridge,) lot 73, meat market.
    Tucker, N.E. Mrs., (Bainbridge,) lot 73, dress maker.
    TYLER, OZIAS B., (Bainbridge,) lot 73, farmer 98.
    Underwood, Paul C., (Bainbridge,) lot 80, farmer 110.
    Utter, Hiram, (Bennettsville,) lot 92, farmer 140.
    UTTER, JULIUS A., (Bainbridge,) lot 76, farmer 92.
    Vancisco, Delos, (Bainbridge,) lot 38, farmer 50.
    Vanderhile, Samuel, (Bennettsville,) lot 92, farmer leases 395.
    Vanderwerker, Sarah A., (Bainbridge,) lot 37, milliner.
    VANHORNE, BENNETT P., (Bainbridge,) lot 73, dealer in real estate and speculator.
    Vincent, Michael, (Bainbridge,) lot 67, farmer 119.
    WADE, GARNER, (Sidney Plains, Delaware Co.,) lot 72, farmer 155.
    Warner, Martin, (Bainbridge,) lot 68, farmer 50.
    Warren, Priscilla Mrs., (Bainbridge,) lot 67, farmer 140.
    WARREN, SIMEON W., (Bainbridge,) lot 73, music teacher.
    Watrous, William, (Bainbridge,) lot 39, farmer 125.
    Welch, William, (Bennettsville,) lot 87, carpenter and joiner.
    WELCH, WM. H., (Bainbridge,) lot 78, carpenter and joiner.
    Wescott, Jerome, (Bainbridge,) lot 40, farmer 73.
    Wetmore, James K., (Bainbridge,) (Butts & Wetmore.)
    White, Mary Mrs., (Bainbridge,) lot 73, tailoress.
    White, W.C. & Co., (Bennettsville,) (Wm. C. and Wm. Corbin,) general merchants.
    White, Wm. C., (Bennettsville,) (W.C. White & Co.)
    Wicks, Julius, (Bainbridge,) lot 42, farmer 46.
    Wilcox, Albert, (Bainbridge,) lot 73, farmer 73.
    Wilcox, George, (Bainbridge,) lot 65, farmer 170.
    WILLIAMS, RUSSELL D., (Bainbridge,) lot 74, farmer 82.
    Wilsey, James, (Bainbridge,) lot 73, cooper.
    WINDSOR, GEO. H., (Bainbridge,) (Sayre & Windsor.)
    WINSOR, OLNEY J., (Bainbridge,) lot 70, farmer 170.
    WINSTON, TIMOTHY B., (Bainbridge,) lot 75, farmer 113.
    WOODWARD, HEMAN, (Coventryville,) lot 44, farmer 100.
    WRIGHT, J. WALLACE, (Sidney Plains, Delaware Co.,) lot 80, farmer.
    Wright, Laura A. Mrs., (Sidney Plains, Delaware Co.,) lot 80, farmer 40.
    YALE, A.J. & I.D., (Bainbridge,) (Asa J. & Isaac D. Yale.)
    YALE, ASA J., (Bainbridge,) (A.J. & I.D. Yale.)
    Yale, Elem, (Bainbridge,) lot 75, farmer 140.
    YALE, ISAAC D., (Bainbridge,) (A.J. & I.D. Yale.)
    YALE, JOHN Dr., (Bainbridge,) lot 73, dealer in drugs, medicines, paints and stationery.
    Youngs, Cole, (Bainbridge,) lot 73, teamster.
    Business Directory
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