Agricultural Implements. Commission Merchant.
(See also Mowers and Reapers.)Page, C. S., Earlville,180
Gilbert & Bixby, Bainbridge 148Contractors and Builders.
Hollingworth, G. T. & Bro., Utica 212Metcalf & Dering, Utica204
Lyon & St. John, Greene 195Dentists.
Architects and Builders. Eccleston, C. H., Oxford192
Metcalf, Wm., Utica204 Ireland, Dr., Afton140
Puffer, Stephen, Oxford240 Mann, T. M., Sherburne160
Billiard Rooms. Race, W. B., Sherburne180
Payne, G. W., Bainbridge148 Dining Rooms.
Blacksmiths. Payne, G. W., Bainbridge148
DeMarse, Henry E., Sherburne264 Dysentery and Cholera Syrup.

Shaw, Oliver T., Coventryville

256 Robinson, E., Fairport298
Books, Stationery Etc.Engraver and Printer.
Kelsey & Dunlap, Norwich164 Silcox, Geo. W., Syracuse294

Weller, John W., Norwich

104 Fertilizers.
Boots and Shoes. Hollingworth, G. T. & Bro., Utica212
Bradley & Nash, Norwich224 Fork, Hoe and Broom Handles
Brasse, J. W., Earlville180 Sabin, Chas. H., Sherburne294
Fox, Noah, South New Berlin204 Furniture Dealers.
Rogers, T. & Son, Norwich220 Hoyt & Farr, Greene 176
Stoughton, J. C., Bainbridge240 Plumb, Isaac, Sherburne156
Calcined Plaster, Finishing
Lime, Etc.
Watkins, N. B., Norwich164
Munson, A. H., Utica216 General Merchants.
Cancer Doctors. Babcock, C. B. & H., South New Berlin204
Bishop, D. F., Lockport192 Baldwin, A. J. & W., Lincklaen292
Henion, J. B., Rochester232 Bancroft & Leonard, Earlville280
Kingsley, W. J. P., Rome1 Chapman, W. H. & Co., Norwich135
Carriage Makers. Clarke Bros., Oxford166
Graves, Geo. F., Mount Upton188 Davis & Sherwood, Bainbridge144
Mead, H. D., Oxford86 Elsbre Bros. & Co., Sherburne160
Carriage Trimmings. Harrott & Erkson, Guilford140
Mead, H. D., Oxford86 Peeso & Burgin, Bainbridge156
Cheese Box Maker. Sherwood, Hosmer M., Guilford192
Dow, Edmund G., Sherburne264 Welch, Wm. G., Greene195
Clothiers. Gents’ Furnishing Goods.
Deverell, J. C., Oxford240 Bradley & Nash, Norwich224
Rogers, T. & Son, Norwich220 Ford, Chas. E., Sherburne160
Coal Dealers. Rogers, T. & Son, Norwich 220
Clarke Bros., Oxford166 Gloves and Mittens.
Page, C. S., Earlville,180 Stoughton, J. C., Bainbridge240
Page 12
Groceries and Provisions. Paper Dealers.
Gilbert, D. D. & Co., Guilford182 Garrett, J. & F. B., Syracuse292
McCullough, J. H. & J., Norwich 150 Tremain, Chas. & Co., Manlius216
Rogers, Decalvus, Norwich220 Paper Hangings, Window
Shades, Etc.
Hardware. Kelsey & Dunlap, Norwich164
Gilbert, D. D. & Co., Guilford182 Weller, John W., Norwich104
Harness Makers. Patent Right Dealer.
Carrier & Tuttle, Sherburne180 Puffer, Stephen, Oxford240
Harrison, A. M., Smithville Flats280 Photograph Artists.
Hats, Caps and Furs. Frost, D. V., Sherburne256
Bradley & Nash, Norwich224 Merchant, Pascal, Guilford192
Fox, Noah, South New Berlin203 Parker, H. R. Sherburne156
Rogers, T. & Son, Norwich220 Wood, F. D., Greene176
Stoughton, J. C., Bainbridge240 Physicians.
Horse Rakes, Wagon Hubs Etc.Bishop, D. F., Lockport192
Sabin, Chas. H. Sherburne294 Henion, J. B., Rochester232
Hotels. Kingsley, W. J. P., Rome1
Atwater, Or., Bainbridge140 Robinson, E., Fairport298
Boalt & Fletcher, Bainbridge148 Pianos, Melodeons, Organs, Etc.
Jones, Wm. H., Earlville256 Dodge & Lord, Ithaca200
McKay, A., Sherburne160 Parker, A. S., Oxford244
Peck, Henry, Norwich104 Redington & Howe, Syracuseon
Howe’s Ague Cure Etc. Pictures, Picture Frames, Etc.
Howe, C. B., Seneca Falls20 Kelsey & Dunlap, Norwich164
Insurance Agent. Parker, H. R., Sherburne156
Bancroft, Wm. O., Earlville280 Wood, F. D., Greene176
Iron Founders and Machinists.Planing and Saw Mills.
Bradbury, A. Guilford182 Dow, Edmund G., Sherburne264
Gilbert & Bixby, Bainbridge148 Gilbert & Bixby, Bainbridge148
Lyon & St. John, Greene196 Metcalf & Dering, Utica204
Knife Manufacturers. Sabin, Chas. H., Sherburne294
McMoran, R. G. & J., Greene176 Sternberg, Hall & Co., Norwich103
Lawyer. Wait, D. & Co., Norwich2
Killian, B. Doran, Norwich224 Plaster Sowers.
Leather and Findings. Roberts, Russel, Greene172
Stoughton, J. C., Bainbridge240 Porcelain Teeth Manufacturer.
Lumber Dealers. Eccleston, C. H., Oxford292
Balcom, Albert, Sherburne156 Printing Offices.
Dow, Edmund G. Sherburne264 Chenango American, Greene168
Gilbert & Bixby, Bainbridge148 Chenango Union, Norwich228
Metcalf & Dering, Utica204 Home and Abroad, Bainbridge184
Skillman, Frederick A., Greene280 News, Sherburne272
Sternberg, Hall & Co., Norwich103 Pioneer, New Berlin208
Wait, D. & Co., Norwich2 Silcox, Geo. W., Syracuse294
Marble Works. Telegraph, Norwich284
Simmons & Day, Utica297 Times, Oxford152
Mowers and Reapers. Produce Dealers.
Warrior Mower Co., Little Falls Clarke Bros., Oxford166
inside first cover Page, C. S., Earlville180
Mower and Reaper Knives. Pumps, Etc.
Reynolds, Barber & Co., Auburn6 Hollingworth, G. T. & Bro., Utica212
Music & Musical Instruments.Raspberry Plants.
Redington & Howe, Syracuse
Wight, Warren, Waterloo200
on map Reed Tuning Pipes.
Weller, John W., Norwich104 Merchant, Pascal, Guilford192
News Depots. Saddlery Hardware.
Ford, Chas. E., Sherburne160 Harrison, A. M., Smithville Flats280
Weller, John W., Norwich104 Weeden, H. F., Norwich224
Page 13
Sash, Doors and Blinds. Trunks, Valises Etc.
Metcalf & Dering, Utica204 Weeden, H. F., Norwich224
Sternberg, Hall & Co., Norwich103 Undertakers.
Wait, D. & Co., Norwich2 Plumb, Isaac, Sherburne156
Sewing Machines. Watkins, N. B., Norwich164
Crawley, J. Norwich288 Watches, Jewelry, Etc.
Parker, A. S., Oxford244 Crawley, J., Norwich288
Silver Ware Manufacturer. Gerard, James & Co., New York
Shaver, C. C., Utica299 on map and page 20
Spoke Factory. Merchant, Pascal, Guilford192
Cornwell, A. & Son, East Guilford140 Water Flame Chemical Lime.
Storage and Forwarding. Guile, Smith, Norwich148
Clarke Bros., Oxford166 Wooden Ware Manufacturer.
Page, C. S., Earlville180 Balcom, Albert, Sherburne156
Stoves, Tinware, Etc. Wooden Water Pipe.
Gilbert, D. D. & Co., Guilford182 Hollingworth, G. T. & Bro., Utica212
Thimble Skeins and Carriage
Woolen Mills.
Amsden, David R., New Berlin144 Hayden Bros., Port Byron and Syracuse192
Tobacconist. Hill, Daniel, Sherburne256
Ford, Chas. E., Sherburne160 Rockwell, Chester W., Mount Upton85

1868-9 Gazetteer
Chenango Co, NY Page
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