The Howe Improved Family Sewing Machine, advertised on page 288, has won golden opinions from many who have used it, and Gold Medals from those authorized to award them, when placed on exhibition in competition with other machines. In the opinion of good judges there is no machine that for all kinds of work can successfully compete with it. Mr. J. Crawley, of Norwich, is the agent for this machine, and will be pleased to explain to all customers the points of superiority which it possesses over others, and show them samples of work done. Mr. Crawley keeps all kinds of needles and other articles to accompany the machine, at his Jewelry store. Let all interested call and see for themselves.

    G. W. Silcox, Engraver, Lithographer and Letter Press Printer, whose card appears on page 294, is prepared to execute, with neatness and dispatch, all work entrusted to his care. Those wishing anything in his line cannot do better than to call at 67 South Salina Street, Syracuse, and examine specimens of his work.

    C. C. Shaver, Manufacturer of Solid Silver Ware and dealer in Plated Ware of all kinds, No. 9 Broad street, Utica, N. Y., advertises on colored page 299. Mr. Shaver keeps a splendid assortment of first-class goods which he sells at prices which cannot fail to satisfy. Cash paid for old silver. Call and see his splendid Tea Sets, and other elegant goods.

    The Warrior Mower Company of Little Falls, successors to Bramer & Pierce, of Fabius, advertise inside first cover. The Young Warrior Mower of their manufacture has been gradually growing in favor with the public since its first introduction, five years ago, and the improvements which have been suggested by its use have made it one of the most perfect and reliable machines ever offered to a discriminating public. At several trials of Mowing Machines during the past season, the Young Warrior was declared by the judges superior to the others. It has very light draft and does its work well. The Company hope by their increased facilities for the manufacture of this machine to keep pace with the increasing demand.

    C. B. & H. Babcock, dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries, Hardware, Boots and Shoes, Ready Made Clothing, Hats, Caps, Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils, &c., South New Berlin, N. Y., publish a card on page 204. This establishment has long been conducted by the above firm, and given unexampled satisfaction to the trading public. They are fair dealers and sell so low that none can undersell them. Give them a call.

    Simmons & Day, Marble workers and wholesale dealers in Marble, Limestone, Free-stone and Granite, at Nos. 21 and 28, Bleecker street, Utica, are without doubt the largest dealers in their line of goods in Central New York. Being agents, they have peculiar advantages for obtaining the best Scotch Granite, direct from the granite beds of "bonnie Scotland," and can supply dealers at a discount from New York city prices. In a brief notice like this, it would be impossible to detail the many advantages to be derived by purchasing either finished work or the raw material of this enterprising firm. To the dealer we would suggest that as Messrs. Simmons & Day are the most extensive buyers in this section of the State, they undoubtedly buy cheaper than others, and consequently can afford their goods at the lowest market rates. To those who desire to erect a monument or tomb stone to the memory of some dear friend, we would remind them that here they can find a large number of monuments, stones, &c., cut from the various grades of Marble, Free-stone and Granite, comprising various styles, and of size and price to suit the taste of all customers. They employ a large force of experienced workmen, and keep constantly on hand an immense stock of finished work. They are also very extensive dealers in Limestone, and have filled many orders for cut stones for banks, stores, churches and private residences in many places in and outside the limits of Oneida County. See advertisement colored page 297.

    D. Wait & Co., Lumber dealers, Norwich, N. Y., publish an advertisement on colored page 2. Their stock of seasoned Lumber is large and of great variety, and will be furnished to order either dressed or rough. They superintend the manufacture of Doors, Sash, Blinds, &c., made at their mill, and will not allow defective work or poor materials to be passed off upon an unsuspecting public. Persons wishing lumber dressed to order will be accommodated at short notice, and those who may wish Drafting or Designing will find Messrs. Wait & Co., ready to execute all orders promptly. Their mill is on Mitchell Street, near the canal bridge.

    W. B. Race, D. D. S., a practical and scientific Dentist, is doing a good work for those who are so unfortunate as to lose the teeth with which Nature has provided them. A thorough knowledge of his business, both theoretical and practical, enables him to insert teeth, from one to a full set, upon any base required. Dr. R. gives special attention to filling decayed teeth, thereby rendering them serviceable for a long time. See card, page 180.

    Robinson's Infallible Dysentery and Cholera Syrup is advertised on page 298. This valuable remedy is manufactured by Dr. E. Robinson, of Fairport, Monroe Co., N. Y. Those who have tested its qualities pronounce it excellent. Thousands die every year for want of some safe and mild remedy for the diseases incident to the warm season, and thousands of others suffer untold misery from the same cause. Keep a bottle of this Syrup in the house and take it as it is needed. Dr. R. is prepared to receive at his house those suffering from chronic diseases of any kind, where they will receive the necessary treatment on reasonable terms.

    Sternberg, Hall & Co., the proprietors of the Steam Planing Mill, East Main Street, Norwich, N. Y., keep a good assortment of Lumber, Pickets, Shingles, &c., and manufacture Doors, Sash and Blinds, and everything necessary for finishing a first-class house. They are enterprising and energetic men and can be depended upon to fulfill whatever they promise. Being Architects and Builders themselves, they know just what is wanted for a house and how to prepare it. Give them your patronage if you would have everything in first-class style. See advertisement on colored page 103.

    Chenango House, East Main Street, Norwich, N. Y., is well fitted up and furnished for the accommodation of the public. Mr. Henry Peck, the proprietor, gives his personal attention to all departments of the house and spares no pains to supply the wants of his guests at reasonable rates. See advertisement on page 104.

    Gilbert & Bixby, Wood and Iron Workers, Bainbridge, N. Y., call attention to their manufacturing establishment, in a card on page 148. Their facilities for furnishing Plows and all kinds of Agricultural Implements are unsurpassed in this region. Brass and Iron Castings furnished to order. Give them a call.

    J. W. Brasse, Boot and Shoe dealer, Earlville, Chenango Co., N. Y., publishes a card on page 180. This store is stocked with a choice lot of all kinds for men, women and children, which he will sell to all who desire, at such low prices that every sensible man will prefer to buy a good article though it cost a trifle more than a poor one at first. All work warranted. Give him a call.

    Earlville Hotel, Earlville, Chenango Co., N. Y. is now doing business under the management of William H. Jones, whose administration is generally admitted to be such as to commend it to the patronage of the traveling public. Persons arriving on the cars will find carriages in readiness to take them to the Hotel, where they will find comfortable quarters at moderate prices. See card, page 256.

    T. M. Mann, Surgical and Mechanical Dentist, Sherburne, N. Y., advertises on page 160. Dr. Mann will perform all work relating to his profession, in the best manner. Teeth filled with Gold, Silver, and all other reliable material used by the profession. Those who wish for false teeth can have any number from one to a full set. Let the toothless and afflicted call.

    Decalvus Rogers, Wholesale and Retail dealer in Groceries and Provisions, No. 25 North Main Street, Norwich, N. Y., publishes a card on page 220. His stock of Flour, Meal and Meats is of the best quality. His Wood, Willow, Stone Ware, &c., is such as is needed in every family. His prices are as low as any other dealer in the town, and he is prepared to do justice to his customers. Give him a call.

    H. R. Parker, Photographic Artist, State Street, Sherburne, N. Y., carries on the business in all its branches, as will be seen by referring to his card on page 156. Every kind of picture and frame is to be had at this establishment, and he who cannot find something to his taste must be hard to suit. We commend him to the patronage of the community.

    C. S. Page, Storage, Forwarding and Commission Merchant, Earlville, N. Y. Mr. Page is an active, energetic man, who will deal honorably and fairly with his customers. He deals largely in Grain and Country Produce generally, and will make it an object for dealers and others to order through him. For particulars we refer our readers to his card on page 180.

    Marsh House, Bainbridge, N. Y., under the proprietorship of Boalt & Fletcher, is furnishing good accommodations to all who favor them with their patronage. Stages leave for various points daily, and good horses and carriages are furnished at short notice. Their card appears on page 148.

    Hayden Brothers, proprietors of the Retail Woolen Mills, at Port Byron, have long been celebrated as being manufacturers of desirable and reliable goods. The establishment was started in 1824 as a small custom mill. Since then the greatly increased business has called for extensive additions and improvements, which have been made; and to day their cloth is known and worn in every county in the State and every State in the Union. They use only the best qualities of wool, entirely free from waste or shoddy, and employ only experienced and careful workmen who strive to maintain the reputation their goods have ever borne among their retail customers. Two years ago they opened a store at No. 29 Warren street, Syracuse, where they keep full lines of all goods of their manufacture. Farmers, mechanics and business men generally, can make good bargains by calling at the store, where Mr. J. W. Gates, the manager, will be pleased to give them good goods at advantageous terms. See card, page 192.

    The Reynold's Steel Tempering Works, Reynolds, Barber & Co., Proprietors, at Auburn, are largely engaged in the manufacture of Reaper and Mower Knives, Plane Irons, Chisels &c. The process by which they temper steel is a peculiar one, and as patented by Mr. Reynolds, is the result of over forty years labor. This gentleman always worked on the plan that tempering steel was simply changing it from a fibrous to a granular state. He certainly has succeeded in producing a finer granulation (temper) than has ever before been produced. Messrs. Reynolds, Barber & Co., control the patents for these processes, and are applying them successfully in all their manufactures. - Their establishment is capable of turning out an immense amount of work, yet their orders are now, and have been for some months, accumulating far in advance of their present ability to supply; a circumstance which they will not long allow to be the case. We predict that the time is not far distant when all Mower and Reaper Factories and farmers will use their improved sections. See their advertisement on page 6, fronting the Introduction.

    Clarke Brothers, dealers in Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods, &c., Oxford, N.Y., publish a finely displayed advertisement on page 166. The store is a fine stone building, on the west side of the canal, with a large Storage and Forwarding house in connection with it, where all kinds of merchandise and country produce are sold and shipped in large quantities. Every advantage is afforded to shippers, and those who wish to buy, or those who have anything to sell may be assured that there is no place in the County where they can do better than at Clarke Brothers. Their stock of goods is always large, bought for cash, and can be sold so low as to defy competition.

    Dr. J. B. Henion, No. 22 and 24 North St. Paul Street, Rochester, N. Y., advertises on page 232. It is with pleasure that we call the attention of our subscribers to the Doctor's advertisement, believing that we are thereby rendering essential service to the afflicted by informing them where they will find relief. To be convinced that the Dr. performs what he promises, a person has only to look into his office and see the crutches, canes, &c., left there by those who have been so far benefited as to have no further use for such assistance. We would say to all who need medical advice, that Dr. Henion is prepared to give it, and to render essential aid in all cases where there is any hope of relief. If their case is past hope the Dr. will be honest and tell them so.

    Important Knowledge. --- As music is now an indispensable necessity in every household, any reliable information is valuable as to the best place to buy musical instruments. We have been acquainted for years personally with the firm of Redington & Howe, and have known of their business facilities. We know that no House between New York and Chicago can compete with them successfully, as their facilities are unequaled. In addition to the immense capital at their control, they have special contracts with several leading first-class manufacturers, whereby they buy cheaper than any other dealers in the United States anywhere. Their immense trade requires only a small profit on each one of their many transactions to ensure them a handsome income. Their terms are most highly liberal. And another important consideration is that their treatment of their customers is perfectly honorable, a very important matter in the purchase of such a complicated affair as a musical instrument. Their recommendation of instruments can be depended on implicitly. --- This we know from an extensive acquaintance among hundreds to whom they have sold instruments. We advise our readers to give them a call, or certainly to write to them before deciding on the purchase of a Piano Forte, Organ or Melodeon, or any musical merchandise. See card on Co. Map.

    The Chenango Union, published at Norwich, N. Y., by G. H. Manning, is one of the best sustained papers in the County. Its weekly issues contain a summary of general news with a large amount of local and miscellaneous matter, making it a welcome visitor to many homes. The job department is supplied with facilities for doing all kinds of work in good style. See advertisement on page 228.

    Oliver T. Shaw, Blacksmith and Carriage Ironer, Coventryville, Chenango County, N. Y., publishes a card on page 256. Mr. Shaw is a workman who understands his business and will shoe your horses, repair your Reapers and Mowers and perform all other work in his line in the best manner. Try him.

    A. H. Munson, Water Lime, Calcined Plaster, &c. --- The WATER LIME sold by him is the genuine Onondaga Cement, where the best Lime Quarries in the Country are found. He also has the "ROSENDALE CEMENT," specially adapted for Water Works, Cisterns and the strongest masonry. It is necessary in purchasing these articles, to be particular in selecting the brands, as there are several kinds of an inferior quality. Having made arrangements with the best manufactories to receive these articles fresh daily from their works, he is enabled to effect shipments direct from them, or from his own establishment, at the lowest market prices. He is also daily receiving the choicest brands of Finishing Lime, viz: "BALD MOUNTAIN," GLENS' FALLS and "ROCKLAND FINISHING." Masons, Bleachers, Sugar Refiners and Chemists will do well to call and examine for themselves, as he is confident of giving entire satisfaction. He is prepared to furnish CALCINED PLASTER of extra quality for Stucco and Ornamental work; also brands for CASTING and for DENTISTS' use. MARBLE DUST for extra finish, and the BEACH SAND for ordinary use, need no commendation. See advertisement on page 216.

    Dr. Kingsley, of Rome, justly celebrated for the many cures he has effected of that most distressing disease, Cancer, publishes a notice on page 1. He is prepared to treat all scrofulous diseases, and others of long standing, and assures his patients that they will not be charged a heavy bill and dismissed without receiving any benefit. Persons who cannot conveniently call upon him in person, can address him by letter, and will receive prompt attention. Dr. K. is a graduate, with an experience of over fourteen years in the practice of medicine. Let the afflicted give him a call.

    Howe's Never-Failing Ague Cure and Tonic Bitters, and Howe's Concentrated Syrup, are prepared under the personal supervision of Dr. C. B. Howe, the proprietor, at Seneca Falls, N.Y., for ague and fever, and all periodic diseases, rheumatism, paralysis, etc. The "Ague Cure" has produced wonderful cures. The "Syrup," for the blood, liver, skin, digestive and uterine organs, has cured many cases of scrofula, cancer, tumors, goiter, salt rheum, scaldhead, and many other diseases too numerous to mention in this place. See card, page 20.

    The Sherburne News is published by LaMonte G. Raymond, at Sherburne, N. Y. It is an "Enterprising Sheet," and judging from its extensive circulation in all parts of the United States, its merits must be appreciated. Few country papers can boast as much. As an advertising medium it is unsurpassed by any paper in the vicinity. Those who wish to keep posted in home matters will take the paper of course. See advertisement on page 272.

    J. & F. B. Garrett, Wholesale and Retail dealers in Printing, Writing, Wrapping, Tissue, Roll and Fancy Papers, Printers' Supplies, Shipping Cards, Blank Books, &c., at No. 3 West Fayette street, Syracuse, have built up a heavy trade in their line, extending from Harrisburgh, in Pennsylvania, to the Canadian border. We have dealt considerably with this establishment, and have invariably been gratified in having our orders promptly filled, and always with just the article required. See card, page 292.

    Warren Wight, Propagator and dealer in the celebrated Seneca Black Cap and Davison's Thornless Raspberries, Grape Vines, Strawberries, and other small fruits, at Waterloo, Seneca Co., published a card on page 200. His experience in the business is large, and his soil is excellent, probably no better can be found in the State for the purpose he uses it. We advise our friends to peruse his advertisement and purchase their supplies of him. He uses great care in packing for shipment, and sends out none but first-class plants. It would do no harm to address him for a circular, and might be the means of affording you an abundance of his delicious fruits.

    Chas. Tremain & Co., manufacturers of Rag, Book, News, Tea and Wrapping Paper, at Manlius, publish a card on page 216. Publishers and paper dealers will find them fair and honorable men to purchase from. In the manufacture of book and news, they use only domestic stock, which is conceded to be superior to imported rags. They employ experienced paper makers only, and having improved machinery, they can insure a superior article in all cases. We use their paper in the publication of our directories.

    Fred A. Skillman, manufacturer and dealer in all kinds of Lumber, Smithville Flats, N. Y., advertises on page 280. His mill is located at Cincinnatus Pond, three miles north of Smithville Flats, where a great variety of lumber can be found. --- His yard at Greene is stocked with lumber of all kinds suitable for the market. Give him a call.

    Stephen Puffer, Architect and Builder, Oxford, Chenango Co., N. Y., is the proprietor of several valuable patents, for which he will sell Town, County and State Rights. Persons wishing to invest in a paying business will do well to call and examine his patents, or address him by letter. See card on page 240.

    B. Doran Killian, attorney and counselor, Norwich, N. Y., publishes a card on page 224. Mr. Killian has already achieved a national reputation, and we doubt not he will receive the patronage his energy and talents merit. We congratulate the citizens of Chenango County in their good fortune in securing so able an attorney in their midst.

    Singer's Improved Sewing Machine, is advertised by the agent, A. S. Parker, Oxford, N. Y. The Sewing Machine has become an indispensable article of household furniture, and the only question is "What machine shall I buy?" With many the "Singer" is the favorite. By calling on the agent you will learn its superior qualities. Mr. Parker is also agent for the sale of Pianos, Organs and Melodeons of the best manufacture in the country, and will be pleased to have you call on him. See advertisement on page 244.

    D. F. Bishop, M. D., Lockport, N. Y., advertises on page 192. It is with pleasure that we are permitted to call the attention of those afflicted with Cancer, to Dr. Bishop's mode of treatment. --- Past success is the best recommendation that can be given in favor of his mode of treatment. Let the afflicted give him a call.

    Metcalf & Dering, Lumber dealers, Contractors and Builders, Utica, N. Y., are prepared to do Planing, Sawing and all work usually performed at a first-class mill. Mr. Metcalf is an Architect and Designer, and will draw plans and attend to all work in his department. Their office is at the corner of Culver and Fulton streets. See card, page 204.

    G. T. Hollingworth & Brother, agents for the Economy Rake, publish an advertisement on page 212. This Rake appears to be one of the most valuable inventions in use by farmers. All the most valuable Fertilizers are kept by Messrs. Hollingworth & Brother, and sold in quantities to suit purchasers. They are agents also for an excellent article of Wooden Water Pipe and the celebrated Anti-Freezing Stone-Ware Barrel Pump, which for cheapness and durability is unsurpassed. This pump is very simple in construction and easily put in working order. Call at 61 Catharine, or East corner Albany Streets, Utica, N. Y.

    The Chenango Telegraph, published by Kingsley & Berry, at Norwich, N. Y., is devoted to Domestic and General Intelligence, Agriculture, Politics and Literature, in each of which departments one may always find something to entertain and instruct. For forty years, with a slight change of name, the paper has made its weekly visits to the homes of many who would not willingly do without it. It is one of the best papers in this part of the State. See advertisement on page 284.

    J. C. Deverell, Merchant Tailor, Oxford, N. Y., publishes a card on page 240. Mr. Deverell shows good taste and judgment in the selection of goods, and equally good taste in making them up. If you want a good, neatly fitting suit, that will be worth the money which you pay, call at Deverell's. Dress does not make the man, but after he is made, he looks a great deal better well dressed. "A word to the wise is sufficient."

    Dodge & Lord, manufacturers of Melodeons and Reed Organs, at Ithaca, N. Y., were formerly connected with Syracuse manufactories. They have since moved their business where lumber is cheap, and expenses less than in the larger cities, like New York, Boston, Albany or Syracuse. The styles of their organs are particularly their own, possessing all modern improvements, and some unknown to other manufacturers. They have found market for their instruments in every county of the State, and in Northern Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and have an increasing trade with the West, in all of which places they are brought into successful competition with the first Eastern manufacturers. They are both practical men, and have secured workmen of long experience and tried abilities. Situated midway between the Erie and N. Y. C. railways, they can ship conveniently to all parts of the country. See card, page 200.

    G. A. Dodge, has Printing Offices at Bainbridge, Unadilla and Oneonta, at which all kinds of Job Work is executed in good style. He also publishes a Weekly Literary Journal, Home & Abroad, which is taking its place among the most spicy of the class of journals to which it belongs. See card, on page 184.

    T. Rogers & Son, at No. 28 North Main Street, Norwich, N. Y., keep a fine stock of Clothing, Gents' Furnishing Goods, Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes, &c., which they are furnishing to their customers at prices which cannot fail to suit. Let no one fail to give them a call as the best of fits are to be obtained here at the lowest prices. See card, page 220.

    H. F. Weeden, at No. 22 North Main Street, Norwich, N. Y., keeps a very large assortment of Saddlery Hardware which he sells at rates so low that no one will need to go out of town for anything in that line. For Trunks, Bags and Valises give him a call; you cannot do better. His card appears on page 224.

    D. D. Gilbert & Co., dealers in Foreign and Domestic Hardware, Groceries, Provisions, &c., Guilford, N. Y., advertise on page 182. Those who will take the trouble to look into the store of Messrs. Gilbert & Co., will find an extensive variety of goods suited to the country trade.-Every utensil needed in the dairy or farm house may be procured here, and at low rates. Farm produce taken in exchange for goods and the highest market price paid.

    Pascal Merchant, Photographic Artist, Guilford, Chenango Co., N. Y., is prepared to take pictures of all styles and sizes to suit his patrons. He has a fine assortment of Frames which he will dispose of at low rates. He has the agency for Chenango Co., for the celebrated Roskopf's Patent People's Watch, which requires no key to wind it, and is warranted to keep correct time. For further information see his card, on page 192.

    Improved Gerard. --- Read the advertisement headed "The celebrated Oroide Watch." The advertisers (Messrs. James Gerard & Co.,) are actually selling these Watches at twelve dollars, fifteen dollars, and twenty dollars each; and that they strictly RESEMBLE gold we KNOW --- that they wear like gold, a friend of ours, who has WORN ONE SIX MONTHS, assures us; and that they are, therefore, (in the words of the advertisement,) "as good as gold, in all respects, except intrinsic value," we have reason to believe. Every watch is GUARANTEED by special certificate. --- Elizabeth (N. J.) Journal. See card, page 20, also on map.

    W. H. Chapman & Co., General Merchants, Norwich, N. Y., keep a very large assortment of almost everything to be desired by the citizens of Chenango. Their facilities of buying cheap are unsurpassed, and as they are disposed to give their customers the benefit of their good bargains, no one who understands his own interest will fail to call. To see the large bundles of goods carried away daily, we wonder how their stock can be kept up without a railroad direct to the Metropolis. See advertisement on page 185.

    Carrier & Tuttle, Harness Makers, Sherburne, N. Y. publish a card on page 180. No better Harnesses are made in the County than come from the shop of Messrs. Carrier & Tuttle; they use the best of stock and will furnish any kind of trimmings to suit customers. For any kind of harness, light or heavy, call and satisfy yourself of the truth of what we say.

    Charles H. Sabin, manufacturer of Premium Horse Rakes, Forks, Hoe and Broom Handles, Wagon Hubs, &c., Sherburne, N. Y., has facilities for doing a general business in Sawing, Planing, Turning, &c. Call on him for anything in that line. His card appears on page 294.

    Charles E. Ford, News dealer, Sherburne, N. Y., keeps a good supply of the popular literature of the day, with a general assortment of Stationery and fancy articles. Tobacco and cigars for those who use the weed, can always be found at Ford's. If you want anything, and do not know where to get it, go to Ford's. He has started out with a good motto, and we hardly think he will allow anybody in Sherburne to undersell him. Call and see. His card appears on page 160.

    Noah Fox, of South New Berlin, N. Y., advertises his Boot, Shoe, Hat and Cap store, on page 204. Having been for a long time successfully engaged in the business, he is able to understand the wants of the community, and his acquaintance with some of the leading manufacturer of the State, enables him to supply the wants of this part of the County at such low prices as will prevent the people from buying elsewhere when they once learn how cheap they can buy of Fox.

    The New Berlin Pioneer is one of the best family papers published in the County. Being situated near the border of Chenango and Otsego Counties, and circulating where no other county paper reaches, it is without a rival as an advertising medium. The publisher has a sales-room connected with the office, and is prepared to take the goods of responsible parties at wholesale prices, in payment for advertising; thus doing the double work of advertising and introducing goods. This is a new but good way of introducing a new article. The advertisement appears on page 208.

    D. R. Amsden, whose card appears on page 144, offers to the farmers and others of Chenango County a really valuable improvement by diminishing the draft of all kinds of wagons. We understand that the advantages claimed by the use of the skein and axle which he offers to the public are as follows:
    1st. The bearing on which the wheels travel.
    2d. Brass or Babbit and iron run with less friction than any other metals known.
    3d. The boxes are bored to fit and run as true as machine boxes.
    4th. They will carry enough lubricating material to run five hundred miles.
    5th. The oil is let down only as fast as the journal requires.
    6th. The flanges prevent dirt from entering the bearings.
    7th. They are warranted to be made of the best Lake Superior pig iron.
    Mr. A. has a large experience in the manufacture of wagons, and will now be able to furnish his patrons with superior running carriages.

    Hoyt & Farr, Furniture dealers, Greene, N. Y., have a large assortment from which may be selected everything needed for the Parlor, Bed-room, Dining-room or Kitchen. Those who have not visited their Ware-Rooms will be surprised to see the splendid stock and the extremely low prices at which it is offered. They advertise on page 176. There is no need of going out of town for furniture so long as Hoyt & Farr are in town.

    Page's Celebrated Water Flame Chemical Lime is advertised on page 148. This valuable article is said to be far superior to any other kind of lime, for Mortar, Cement and all purposes for which common lime is used. Mr. Smith Guile, of Norwich, N. Y. is prepared to furnish it in any quantity required.

    F. D. Wood, Photographer, Greene, N. Y. has very pleasant rooms, where he is daily catching the shadows as they fly and transferring them to paper, to the great delight of all who favor him with their patronage. He keeps a general assortment of Albums, Frames, &c., which he sells at low rates. His card appears on page 176.

    Peeso & Burgin, dealers in Dry Goods, Clothing, Groceries, &c., Bainbridge, N. Y., believe that "A nimble sixpence is better than a slow shilling," and are acting upon that principle, as every one must see who calls at their store and sees the amount of goods that are daily disposed of, and the unprecedentedly low prices. All they want to induce them to continue their course, is the continued patronage of their fellow citizens. See card, page 156.

    John W. Weller, Stationer, Wholesale and Retail dealer in Wall Paper, Music and Musical Instruments, and all articles kept at a first-class Stationery and Music Store, is located in the Hughson House, where he is daily supplying the citizens with the latest publications, from the daily newspaper to the ponderous bound volume just issued from the press. Anything in this line to be procured, in the United States will be furnished at short notice. --- Call and see. His card appears on page 104.

    R. G. & J. McMoran, manufacturers of Knives, Greene, N. Y., publish a card on page 176. They are the successors of D. McMoran & Son, and are manufacturing a great variety of Knives of the best quality for various uses, either in the shop or kitchen. As all their work is warranted, persons can hardly do better than to patronize them.

    Lyon & St. John, proprietors of Foundry and Machine Shop, Greene, Chenango Co., N. Y., advertise on page 196. They manufacture some of the best Agricultural Implements to be found in the County, and their Iron Fencing cannot be beat. A general assortment of common castings on hand. Any others made to order at short notice.

    The Atwater House, Bainbridge, Chenango Co., N. Y. has recently been enlarged and refitted, and is now one of the best houses in the County. Travelers will find kind and obliging servants who will minister to their wants, while no pains will be spared on the part of the gentlemanly landlord to make his guests feel at home. Horses and Carriages at the command of the guests of the house at all times. See card, page 140.

    J. C. Stoughton, dealer in Hats, Caps, Furs, Boots, Shoes, &c., corner of South and East Main St., Bainbridge, N. Y., declares that he will not be undersold by any dealer in Bainbridge or elsewhere. Walk right up ladies and gentlemen and purchase any article found in his store at a cost that will astonish you. Call and test the truth of his statement before purchasing elsewhere. His card appears on page 240.

    Davis & Sherwood, dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries, &c., Bainbridge, N. Y., keep a large stock of goods, such as are wanted in every community, and which they will sell at the lowest living rates. Understanding the wants of the community in which they live, they are able to supply them at a trifling advance upon the first cost. Their card appears on page 144.

    Hosmer M. Sherwood, General Merchant, Guilford, N. Y., keeps a good assortment of all articles usually found in a country store. His goods are selected with special reference to this market, and all interested will find good goods at fair prices. See card, page 192.

    Edmund G. Dow, manufacturer of Cheese Boxes, Sherburne, N. Y., is prepared to do his part towards supplying the demand for that indispensable article, the cheese box. Being also the proprietor of a Custom Saw and Planing Mill, he will execute all work in the most satisfactory manner. Mr. Dow will attend promptly to all orders, and fill them on reasonable terms. See card, page 264.

    The Chenango American, published by Denison & Roberts, at Greene, Chenango Co., N. Y., circulates in this and adjacent counties. It is a welcome visitor to many homes and would not willingly be dispensed with. As an advertising medium, the merchants who are up to their own interest, fully appreciate it. All kinds of Job Printing executed at the same office. See advertisement on page 168.

    Kelsey & Dunlap, dealers in Books, Stationery, Wall Paper, Window Shades, &c., No. 6 South Main Street, Norwich, N. Y., have one of the finest assortments of goods to be found in the County. People in this vicinity will find a large stock from which to select and will be able to secure their goods at the lowest price consistent with living. They are agents for the celebrated Morton Gold Pens. School books always on hand. See card, page 164. --- Since printing their advertisement, Mr. Kelsey has retired from the firm and the business is now conducted by Mr. Dunlap.

    N. B. Watkins, manufacturer and dealer in Cabinet Furniture, West Main Street, Norwich, N. Y., publishes a card on page 164. Persons refurnishing their houses will find Mr. Watkins ready to aid them in selecting the most substantial and stylish furniture to be procured in these parts. Should any of his friends need the services of an Undertaker, Watkins will serve them in a manner equal to the best. A full supply of undertaking goods constantly on hand.

    Mount Upton Carriage Factory. --- We take pleasure in calling the attention of our patrons to this establishment, feeling assured that by so doing we are serving them as well as Mr. George F. Graves, the proprietor. Persons in want of a good carriage can procure it of Mr. Graves, made in a style to suit, and of the very best materials. We congratulate the citizens of this part of the County, in having a first-class manufactory established in their midst. Let it receive the patronage it deserves. The advertisement appears on page 188.

    The Farmer's Exchange Factory, of Sherburne, N. Y., is constantly turning out Cloths, Cassimeres, Flannels, &c., of an excellent quality, and exchanging them for Wool or Greenbacks as may suit customers. Mr. Daniel Hill, the proprietor, is rendering himself a public benefactor by the manufacture of such goods. Give him your patronage. His card appears on page 256.

    Albert Balcom, Manufacturer and dealer in Lumber, Wooden Ware, &c., Sherburne, N. Y., keeps on hand a good assortment of Lumber, and saws to order anything required. His wooden ware is worthy of attention, as it is of the best material, and well made. His card appears on page 156.

    Oxford Times, published by J. B. Galpin, Oxford, N. Y., was started in 1836, and is too well known in Chenango and adjoining counties to need any recommendation. As a local paper it is unsurpassed, and its circulation renders it a valuable medium for advertising. See advertisement on page 152.

    Russel Roberts, Greene, Chenango Co., N. Y., agent for Seymour's New and Improved Plaster Sower, advertises on page 172. This machine appears to be a valuable acquisition, and one that will supply a need that has for a long time been felt. Those who have tried it speak in the highest terms of its success. One man says: "It is a most excellent machine, can be graduated to sow any amount, never clogs, appears to be very durable and gives me entire satisfaction. Others in this vicinity who have used it express the highest satisfaction."

    A. M. Harrison, Harness maker and dealer in Leather, Smithville Flats, N. Y., keeps constantly on hand a good supply of Harnesses of all kinds made of the best materials and by first-class workmen. Mr. Harrison will supply the trade with Saddlery Hardware and Leather to any extent at short notice. Give him a call. His card appears on page 280.

    Wm. G. Welch, dealer in Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods, Groceries, Wall Paper &c., Greene, N. Y., publishes a card on page 196. Mr. W. keeps a good stock of goods and sells at low rates.

    G. W. Payne, proprietor of the Arbor Billiard and Eating Saloon, Bainbridge, N. Y., is prepared to furnish his customers with all the delicacies of the season, cooked up in a style to suit the palate of an epicure. Separate rooms for ladies, where they will be waited upon and their wants supplied at short notice. His card appears on page 148.

    Dr. E. D. Ireland, Dentist, Afton, Chenango Co., advertises on page 140. He is prepared to do all work belonging to his profession in the best manner. Those in want of any number of teeth, from one to a full set, can be accommodated, and have them mounted on Gold, Silver, Vulcanite and Iodized Rubber, or the new Alluminum basis. Those unfortunate beings who have tooth-ache can have them extracted without pain, by the use of any of the Anæsthetics now in use. Let all the afflicted take notice.

    J. H. & J. McCullough, dealers in Groceries and Provisions, Nos. 28 and 30 North Main Street, Norwich, N. Y., publish a finely illustrated advertisement on page 150. Their stock of goods has been selected with a view to the market, and their former patrons know how well they have succeeded in the past. Farmers will find this a good place to exchange their butter, cheese and eggs for tea, sugar, coffee, fruits, flour, or anything else usually kept in a first-class store. The highest market price always allowed for farm produce.

    Bancroft & Leonard, General Merchants, Earlville, N. Y., publish a card on page 280. It will be seen by referring to their card that they keep a general assortment of goods usually found in a country store. Their Prices are such as to remove the necessity of going to the city for anything in their line.
    Mr. Bancroft is the agent of the American Popular Life Insurance Company, and will be pleased to fill out an application for a Policy at any time.

    The Union Hotel, Sherburne, N. Y., under the proprietorship of A. McKay, is a good house and conveniently located for the accommodation of travelers. Mr. McKay is a gentlemanly landlord and will spare no pains to render his house a pleasant home for all his patrons. See card, page 160.

    Henry E. DeMarse, Blacksmith, Sherburne, N. Y., whose card appears on page 264, is prepared to do all work connected with the general Blacksmithing business. From his large experience, and thorough understanding of the structure of the foot of the horse, he is able to set the shoes in such a way as to protect the feet and remedy the evil effects of previous bad shoeing. Mr. DeMarse refers to several of the leading men of Sherburne and other places.

    A. Bradbury, proprietor of the Guilford Foundry and Machine Shop, has facilities for manufacturing all kinds of Mill Gearings, Waterwheels, and various other articles of use in almost all manufacturing establishments. Orders for any kind of work will receive prompt attention. See advertisement on page 182.

    Elsbre Brothers & Co., dealers in General Merchandise, Sherburne, Chenango Co., N. Y., publish a card on page 160. Their store contains a good selection of goods for the country trade, all of which will be disposed of at low prices. Let those interested call and examine their stock.

    D. V. Frost, Photograph Artist, Sherburne, N. Y., is prepared to take pictures of all styles and sizes. Mr. Frost has had an experience of twenty-five years, and when we say that he has kept up with the improvements that have been made in the art, you will readily understand where to go for your pictures. His card appears on page 256.

    Chester W. Rockwell, proprietor of the Wholesale, Retail and Custom Woolen Mills, Mount Upton, Chenango County, N. Y., advertises on colored page 85. This is an old and well established manufactory that has gained a wide reputation for manufacturing good all wool goods. Experience has taught most of us that it is better to buy good cloth, though it cost a little more, than to invest in shoddy that will not pay for making. A word to the wise is sufficient.

    A. J. & W. Baldwin, dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries, &c., Lincklæn, N. Y., publish a card on page 292. They keep a general assortment of all goods usually kept in a first-class country store, and will supply the wants of the community in which they are located, on as reasonable terms as any dealers in the County. Call and see.

    The Oxford Carriage Factory, H. D. Mead, proprietor, is one of the largest and best managed establishments in this part of the State. Carriages, wagons and sleighs, of every description, are made to order, and a good assortment of the most desirable styles are kept constantly on hand. Mr. Mead selects the best of stock and employs the best of workmen to manufacture it. Those who have proved his work, as hundreds have, know that it can be depended upon. He employs nearly fifty men and his carriages are sent to all parts of the country. Trimmings and other materials for carriages are kept on sale. See his advertisement on page 86.

    Harrott & Erkson, dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries, Provisions, &c., Guilford, Chenango Co. N. Y., are enterprising and honorable business men, who will not allow their customers to leave their store dissatisfied, but will give them their money's worth every time. See card, page 140.

    Bradley & Nash, dealers in Hats, Caps, Gents' Furnishing Goods, &c., Norwich, N. Y., publish a finely displayed card on page 224. Their assortment of Hats of all styles and prices is very large and suitable for all heads, from that of a two years old boy, to the philosopher of three-score years and ten. For anything to "keep the head cool and the feet warm," call on Bradley & Nash.

    The Midland Spoke Factory, at East Guilford, N. Y., under the proprietorship of A. Cornwell & Son, is turning out some of the best spokes ever put into a wheel. They are of the best white oak timber and of all sizes. Carriage makers will do well to give them a call, as all orders are promptly filled. See card on page 140.

    Isaac Plumb, manufacturer and dealer in all kinds of Furniture, Sherburne, N. Y., publishes a card on page 156. This establishment is fitted up and stocked with a great variety of Furniture to suit the tastes and pockets of all, from the elegant Parlor Furniture to that of the Kitchen. One must indeed be hard to please if he cannot find something to satisfy him. Call and judge for yourselves.

    C. H. Eccleston, Dentist, Oxford, Chenango Co., N. Y., publishes a card on page 292. Dr. E. is the patentee of Eccleston's Patent Loop Pin for securing artificial teeth. This is claimed by good judges to be the most efficient means yet invented for fastening the teeth to the gums. Those who are so unfortunate as to lose the teeth which nature has given them, can procure the most beautiful of artificial teeth by calling upon Dr. Eccleston.

1868-9 Gazetteer
Chenango Co, NY Page
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