Chenango County, NY

A station on the New York, Ontario & Western Railroad, distant 11 miles from Norwich and 89 miles from Oswego

Ace Rev. G. F. pastor M. E. Church h Norwich rd
Atwell Geo. B. section hand, N.Y., O. & W. R. R. h Norwich rd
Atwell John H. retired farmer, h Norwich rd
Avery Frank W. clerk, h Main
Avery Orlando W. music teacher, h Main

Babcock Willis R. trav. Salesman, h Main
Bassett Ellis, farmer, h Main
Bassett Epenetus R. carpenter, h Main
Beldon Rev. F. C. pastor Baptist Church, h Hamilton
Boyden Murray, cooperage, Main, h do
Billings Erastus C. druggist, Main, h do. (See adv.)
Billings J. Munroe, retired farmer, h Main
Billings Pomeroy T. farmer, h Main
Billings Miss Susanna D. h Main
Briggs William P. boots and shoes, hardware, stoves and ranges, also gen'l merchandise, Main, h do. (See adv)
Brooks Mrs. Thomas, wid, h Main
Brown Solomon, lab, h opp Opera House
Buckley Miss Charlotte A. h Main
Buel Rev. L. F. pastor Congregational Church, h Depot st

Card E. M. mgr creamery, h Main
Chapin Mrs. G. wid, h Norwich rd
Clark George D. barber, Main, h Norwich rd
Cleveland Mrs. Elizabeth, wid Alexander, h Main
Cleveland Herbert, lab, h Main
Collier Alec, lab, h Main
Collier Mrs. Cynthia, wid Isaac, h Main
Collins Levi, clerk, h Main
Comstock Abel (A. Comstock & Son), h Main
Comstock James T. (A. Comstock & Son) h Main
Comstock A. & Son, druggists and groceries, Main (See adv.)
Comstock, William H. postmaster, h Main
Conkey Benjamin, farmer, h Main
Conklin John, farmer, h Main

Dixon Brothers (Herbert M.) general merchandise, Main, agent for Leahy's Laundry
Dixon Herbert M. (Dixon Brothers), h Main
Dixon Joseph W. clerk, h Main
Dixon Mortimer C. bookkeeper, h Main

Eldredge Nathan, horse dealer, h Main

Fagan Patrick, blacksmith, h Main
Ferris Cortland L., (Lyon & Ferris), h Norwich rd
Ferris Courtney E. clerk, h Main
Fowler Arial, clerk, h Main
Fredenburg DeWitt, farmer, h Main
Fredenburg Mrs. Harriet, wid Eli, h Main
Frink Mrs. A., wid, h Main

Garvitt Miss Julia A. h Main
Goodrich Elizur, retired farmer, h Main
Goodrich Miss Jane L. housekeeper, h Main
Griffin James W. mason, h Main
Grilley Norris, lumber dealer, h Main

Hecox Austin, drayman, h Main
Hecox Eugene, lab, h nr Main
Hitchcock Dr. Frank J. physician, Main, h do
Hitchcock Herbert S. clerk, h Main
Holley Miss Ann, h opp Opera House
Hunt George, tinsmith, h Norwich rd

Isbell Mrs. Mary, wid Hiram, h Main

James Mrs. Hannah, h Main
Jones Mrs. Lozette, wid Lewis, h Main

Karr Miss Ella L. h Main
Karr Huse, music teacher, h Main
King Erwin L. clerk, h W. Main

Lawson Charles H. farm hand, h Main
Lawrence Mrs. Elizabeth, wid Dr. George E. h Main
Lawson Frank D. cheese maker, h Main
Lawson Samuel D. lab, h Main
Lyon & Ferris, hardware, stoves, ranges, tinware, paints, oils and carriages, Main. (See adv)
Lyon Wm. W. (Lyon & Ferris), h Main

McCotter Ellis, meat market, Main, h do
Messenger House, M. K. Messenger, propr. Main. (See adv)
Messenger Lee, architect and builder, also dealer in logs and lumber, h nr Main. (See adv)
Messenger Manson K. propr Messenger House, Main
Minor Edward L. clerk, h Main
Minor G. L. farmer, h Main
Mowers Thomas, lab, h Main
Munson George A. justice of the peace, h Main
Munson John, retired, h Main

Nearing Horace T. retired merchant, h Main
Nearing Marshall E. commercial traveler, h Main
Northrup Miss Martha, h School
Northrup Mrs. Susanna, h Main

Packer Flavius B. medical student, h Main
Packer Dr. Thurston G. physician and surgeon, Main, h do
Pier Augustine, h Main
Preston John M. retired, h Main
Preston Orville J. painter, h Main
Pudney George P. lawyer and district attorney, h Main
Pudney John D. drayman, h depot

Rafferty Daniel T. restaurant and news room, Main
Reynolds Mrs. Jane, wid, h Norwich rd
Rexford Frank D. agent Davis Sewing machine, h Norwich rd
Rosebrooks Darwin, lab, h Main
Rugg Adelbert, tannery, Norwich rd, h Main
Rugg Frank J. tanner, h Norwich rd

Scarritt Mrs. Avis A. wid Alonzo, h Main
Scarritt Nelson J. flour and feed, h Main
Shepardson Hon. Andrew, h Main
Shepardson John W. station agent, also flour, feed and coal, Depot, h Main (See adv)
Simons C. W. miller, h School
Simons Jerome, lab, h School
Simons Obed, shoemaker, Main, h do
Simons Mrs. Obed, seamstress, h Main
Smyrna Creamery Co. E. M. Card, manager, opp depot
Sprague Ervin H. retired farmer, h Main
Stanbro Gardner, shoemaker, h Norwich rd
Stanton Frank J. printer, Main, h do
Stebbins Elisha J. hostler, h Main
Stover W. E. drug clerk, h Main
Sweet Mrs. Amelia, wid Leroy, h Main

Tallcott Leon, farmer, h Norwich rd
Taylor Frank R. farmer, h Main
Tinker Hubert C. night telegrapher, O. & W. h School
Towner Arthur, h Main
Towner George B. h Main
Towner & Towner, milliners, Main
Towner Leonard, blacksmith, h Main
Towner Miss Sarah, milliner, h Main

Wilbur Mrs. Lillie, h 3 Main
Volmer Anthony E. track hand, N. Y., O. & W. R. R. h Railroad
Volmer Joseph, section foreman, N. Y., O. & W. R. R. h Main
Wade Isaac D. farmer, h Main
Wilkins Thomas, section hand, h Norwich rd
Wilcox James P. farmer, h Norwich rd
Wilcox John, furniture and undertaker, Main, h do opp
Wilcox Robert G. cheese maker, h Norwich rd
Wilcox Mrs. Samantha, dressmaker, h Main
Wilcox Walter G. farmer, h Main

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